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I began this blog in September 2011 when I had recently gained a random 20 pounds and needed to get things under-control before I got to a bad place. I started looking back at my old running blog, which is full of great memories and very useful for record-keeping of my original weigh loss plans. But I realized that I needed a place where all my weights were documented and I could look back easily and see how far I have come.

Here is my weight-loss time line (it has been a long ride!):

November 2006: I am at the highest weight of my life. I make a weight-loss bet with Jennifer and Ryan and we all get serious about working out. This is not the first time I "got serious". This is just the first time it stuck.

Me with my bestest friends!
May 2007: I start running. I don't remember the first time I ran one mile, though I know it must have been difficult. I do remember the first time I ran two miles continuously. I was so proud of myself. I went straight to Jennifer's house to be congratulated. This was when I first felt an addiction to running. Well, not to running itself, but the pride it brought me.

Oct. 2007: I ran my first 5k. I wasn't fast. But I did it.

January 2008: I started a running blog. I wanted a way to stay inspired by Jen, who was a great runner. And I needed a way to hold myself accountable. The first time I post my weight I am 34 pounds from my goal weight. (*My goal weight has since changed, but we'll go with this number for now*) I have already lost almost 50 pounds by this point. I wish I had documented that first year!

July 2009: I spend the next 20 months learning to run (a 10k thank you very much!) and losing weight. It is not a fast process. But by August 1st I am exactly 3 pounds from my goal weight. I have been fueled by more weigh-loss competitions and Jen's upcoming wedding.

August 2009: I cannot maintain this weight (with all of the wedding celebrations) and end up around 10 pounds from my goal at the time of the wedding.

November 2009: Jennifer's wedding does not seem to give me quite as much motivation. I bought my dress big instead of small, and don't need to worry about my weight. I am right at 15 pounds from my goal during Jennifer's wedding. I am very happy at this weight and it is easy to maintain.

What? You all don't pose like this at every wedding?

December 2009: I write my last post on my running blog.

January 2010: I turn 30. I go to Vegas to celebrate. I weigh right around 15 pounds from goal. I love how I look. I fit into my smallest pants. I will refer to this as my "happy weight".

Spring 2010: I train for and run my last 10k. It is my retirement run. I absolutely hate running. I am not losing any weight by running this time around. I run the entire 6.2 miles with Brandy by my side. It is awful, but I do it. I cry when I cross the finish line. Was it pride? Or relief?

June 2010: I start dating Dan. I still weigh 15 pounds from goal. I am happy!

July 2010-January 2011: I gain 20 pounds. I know that happens when you get comfortable in relationships. I am still working out a lot, though not every day. I sometimes count calories but I am not very committed. But something seems wrong. I mention this to my doctor. She doesn't seem phased.

September 2011: I decide to get serious! Again. I start this blog. I change my goal. I realize that I was never able to get as low as I wanted and it was impossible to maintain. I increase my goal weight by ten pounds. I start my next journey 23 pounds from goal (Eighteen pounds higher than my happy weight, the weight I was at Jennifer's wedding, my 30th birthday, when I met Dan and what I maintained for almost a year.)

January 2012: I lose a few pounds but keep gaining it back. I really feel something is wrong with my metabolism. I tell my doctor again. She finally sends me to a dietitian. I get engaged. You'd think this would be a whole bunch of motivation. It isn't.

February 2012: The Dietitian tells me to eat more! And to not freak out when I only lose a little weight at a time. This doesn't sink in right away. Eating more makes me sick. Physically and mentally. I am not ready to listen to the slow-and-steady approach. I want results.

March 2012: My scale breaks. I have to buy a new one, which bumps up my weight five pounds. It is so hard to compare apples to oranges.

May 2012: I buy a wedding dress. This is the motivation I need. It is now or never. I start an eighteen week count down to my wedding at 27 pounds from goal (22 on the old scale, 32 from my old goal, almost exactly where I was when I started my running blog in January 2008. Sad Face.)

September 2012: My wedding. I have finally lost fifteen pounds. I am down to 12 pounds (7 pounds on the old scale, 2 pounds higher than my "happy weight".) I am happy. But I don't think I look as good as I did for Jen and Jennifer's wedding. As great as that day was, I will always wish I had lost more weight.

January 2013: My honeymoon and the holidays added on ten pounds. I start my journey again at 22 pounds from my goal.

April 2013: Again it is working slowly but surely. Yesterday I was a back to my wedding day weight. I am just two pounds away from my "happy weight" although I'd still like to lose ten more pounds. I do not feel as in shape as I was back then. It is probably just relativity. Losing ten pounds is not like losing sixty pounds. Being a better kickboxer isn't quite as rewarding as running six miles.Ultimately, the workouts I do now do not give me the body that running did. Or maybe I am just five years older.

2013-2014: Was the just the year I settled into life. It was the first year I was married. We were getting used to having a house and all the things that came along with that. And getting used to each other. It was the year that Sammie and I became best friends. It was a good year. But my weight just stayed the same. By the beginning of 2014 my weight is creeping up again and I am not able to make it budge. 

July 2014: I discover Macro counting (iifym) and my eating is forever changed. Counting my macros every day is more challenging than counting calories. But it's the first time that I see a scientific reasoning to eating. If they say food is fuel, then they can't let you eat as many candy bars as you can fit into a 1300 calorie diet. There has to be some logic to it. I am eating more calories this time around, usually 1600-1700, but the weight comes off really slowly.

June 2015: I am eating more protein than I ever imagined I would. And I learn to use heavy weights. All that cardio isn't needed to get a strong body. After a year of macros and heavy weights, I am down to just five to seven pounds from my goal. This is back to my happy weight. 

March 2016: I am able to maintain that happy weight for almost a year. I get as low as 2 pounds from my goal. But it seems that whatever I do, no more weight will come off. I am convinced to do a Reverse Diet. This is the first time in my life that I try to eat more food. Not for weight loss exactly, but to change my metabolism.

I do that for about 19 weeks. I end up gaining about six pound. Now it is time to cut again, but this time I am eating 1900 calories. 

That's where I am now. Still never reaching that elusive "goal weight." But what I have learned on this journey is that there is no stopping point. There will always be something to work harder for. A faster mile, a longer distance, those pull-ups. I will never quit working. I will always be a work in progress... 

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