Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Weigh-In Wednesday

Starting Weight 12.2

I am embarrassed to type that. But maybe putting it in writing will get me to act on it. I have to do something. Well the something is, I need to stop eating. Way too many untracked, unmeasured meals. Way too many handfuls of M&M candies on the counter. Way too many meals out to eat because I can't make time to go get groceries.

It has to stop today. I already ate a piece of pizza for lunch. Because that was free at work. But I can make that fit. I can turn it around.

I have to.

I need 14 straight days of perfect macros. That will get me back in the habit again. Then I am out of town for a family weekend. But I will get right back to it when I return.

I have this. I can do hard things.

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