Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August 2017

As of today, Summer Reading 2017 is officially over. This is always such a relief. And it has left me with a clean slate. I have a fresh start to finish summer strong. I am excited that nicer weather is on the way and I have several days off to enjoy the summer fun after the kids are safely back in school. I am currently about 4 pounds higher than I started Summer, and I am not about to end that way. So here's to a fresh start.

Here are some of the goals, or things I have been thinking about for August:
  • I want to run more. I am contemplating following some sort of training plan. Our city is thirteen weeks away from a half-marathon, so several people I know have been gearing up to start their training. I have to admit: I have looked at the plan and considered following it. I have maybe (just for a second) contemplated running it. Could I do the whole thing in 3/1 intervals? Could I run for almost three hours? Do I want to? Would I want to? Would Tracy do it with me? If I mention it to her could I still back out? Why would I come out of running retirement for that? Why would I spend $90 to run? Could I train with her, and then not actually run the race with her? Wouldn't I feel cheated? So many thoughts. And then I remember, I hate running. But I need something new to focus on.
  • I absolutely need to get back to tracking and carb-cycling. I have started and stopped this so many times in July. I can't seem to get back in a pattern. But I know it works. I like my numbers. I just need to commit. 
  • I need to sleep more. Last night I got eight hours of sleep and it felt so amazing. I made this a goal for June, and I really did a good job. So I am listing it again. I mean, I woke up on my first alarm and didn't feel like death. Eight hours is a thing of beauty. The only days I can't get 8 hours is when I am working out in the morning. And I guess I am willing to sacrafice for that. I don't need to sacrifice for HGTV.
This is me, at my last program yesterday. Happy because it's almost over, but also holding back tears, because 265 people came to the program and it was chaos! Good Riddance Summer Reading 2017!

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