Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wednesday Weigh-in: Week 2

Starting Weight: 12.2
Week 1 Average: 9.1
Week. 2 Average: 8.4
Week 2 Lowest: 7.2

This has been a weird week. My weight's been very steady in the 7-9 range. So it still shows a lost from last week's average, but the low isn't as low as last week.

I'm just happy to never see that 10 spot again.

I have stuck to my numbers well this week. Or I should say, I have stayed under my numbers well this week. And I am wondering if that's why it's a bit higher. I haven't always hit my carbs or proteins, and I just settle for being under. I don't know if actually hitting my protein every day helps, but staying consistent is probably important.

I've been doing okay with my workouts. I did buy a car. Which was a stressful part of my weekend. Then Samantha started Kindergarten, which was a stressful part of my Monday. Then my back has been hurting off and on. But I have gotten in some good workouts.

I have a four day weekend this week and a five day weekend last week. And I am super-looking forward to those.

Plus my first goal was to make it two 14 days of macros, and I am on thirteen and feeling good. I thought I might not make it through the weekend (with a family-reunion type thing) but it has turned out to only be one family meal together, and I am pretty sure I can make that fit!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 1

Starting Weight: 12.2
Average Week 1 Weight: 9.1
Lowest Week 1 Weight: 6.8

My weight steadily fell this week. After sky-rocketing to 13 pounds from my goal weight, it started heading back down rapidly 11,9.6,8.2,7.8,7.2, and this morning 6.8.

I am very happy with this. Part of my hopes that it just keeps plummeting. But I am pretty sure this is where it will stall for a while. That's okay.  I was very happy to see that six back on the scale. If I could get back to 3 or 4, I would be back to my low before the chaos of Summer Reading ensued.

I am back to my workout schedule too. Having both food and workouts on track, really helps keep my life in order. I am excited about working out, since I have new things to work on. That's exciting too. Somehow, I need to make sure my weights don't fall by the way-side during this 8 weeks of running. I still have pull-ups I need to do.

I also need to buy a car. I am in a little bit of a limbo, but it's going to happen soon. Hopefully. I know what kind I want now, and I just need to decide how much I am willing to spend. And find one that passes all the tests. And wait until Steve can take a look at it for me.

I am also doing well on my more sleep plan. Though I currently feel like ALL I do is work, workout, eat and sleep. But I definitely feel better when I get more sleep. And sometimes I wake up just a minute before my alarm goes off, which is awesome.

I am finishing up seven days of macros today and planning on 15 straight before I head to Columbus for a family reunion of sorts.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Five Days in a Row

I finally have my eating back on track. Last Wednesday, I told you that I had to get it together. And I didn't. I spent the day with Samantha, and we ate out and ate french fries and it wasn't good.

Then my weight was up to 13.2 pounds on Thursday.

Basically, I was gaining one pound a day, and it was a bad direction.

So Thursday I got it together.

And I had a healthy Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

We ate out a couple of times, but I logged it all. I stayed at or below my macros. We had a picnic, and packed healthy meals. We went grocery shopping, and I actually got things I need. I did some meal prepping, so I have plenty of chicken for lunches this week.

And my weight steadily fell. Until this morning, it was back to the 7 pounds it likes to stay around. Without trying to hard.

Which makes me feel much better.

Like I am going in the right direction, and like I can do this.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Four Miles was Hard

I made up my own eight week running plan. It looks like this:

I am still not sure if there's a reason to do the 6 mile race. Though having Sammie watch me complete a race is appealing. Though she already thinks I am so strong I could be the next America Ninja Warrior. So I guess I have nothing to prove to her. Do I have anything to prove to myself?

For now, I just need a plan and I want to run more. You know I love a chart. And "take another Combat class" doesn't really need a log. So I am going to try this. I completed Week 1 last week:

I skipped my weight lifting day and I took a Combat class instead of running the first three miles (but I thought that was a good "heavy cardio" replacement!) So I am already slacking. Other than that, I got my 5k with Tracy done on Friday. We did 3/2 intervals and my phone totally acted up and said we ran 6 miles. Luckily, we know where our path turns around and ends, so we knew we'd done 3.1 miles, and that was the approximate time.

On Sunday I was excited (yes, excited!) to run 4 miles. I wanted to see how easy it was. I added two more intervals to my run plan (taking me up to 11 intervals - 55 minutes) and was planning on about an hour workout. I started off fine. But that last mile was brutal. My run times went from 12:00 miles to 13:00. And my walk speeds slowed down too. It was my legs that were dead, not my lungs. The two minutes was enough time to get my heartrate down. I just felt like my feet weren't moving any more. I am sure it will take a few weeks to get used to higher mileage. My legs were saying, ummm, we just did this the other day. We're supposed to take a week off!

I listened to an audiobook. A lot of people have suggested this, and in the past it hasn't worked for me. I need the music to break up the workout and to give me a beat. It worked pretty good this time though. I think the intervals broke up the workout more. And I told myself it didn't matter how slow I went so I wasn't concerned with my step pattern. I thought I would have to turn it off half-way through and start my music. But I didn't.

On the other hand, maybe the run would have felt better if I had music. Or maybe I am just not used to being out there for an hour by myself. With nobody to talk to. People say running is this great "me time". Those people must be introverts.

I sent Tracy a link to the 10k. I said I *might* be interested. She said she *might* take a look and let me know. I'm not ready to commit to being a runner again.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

IF I were training for a race...

I may have stated earlier this week that I was considering following some sort of training plan. For running. A half-marathon. I know. That was crazy, right? Then I saw this interesting 10k coming up in September. I could run a 10k again. That's the sort of distance I could get behind. But it's only four weeks away, and most 10k training plans seem to be 8 to 10 weeks long. And assume I am already running 10-15 miles a week. I am not. 

The thing is: running intervals, is totally different than running straight. The first time I ran, I completely concentrated on running three miles without stopping and then running four and running five and finally running six. But running doesn't have to be that way. 

When I finish running a slow 3/2 interval with Tracy, I am ready to be done because sitting is more enjoyable than running, but I am not so dead tired that I must lay down. I could easily go another three intervals. And that would be 4+ miles. I'm sure I could do 3/2 intervals for an hour. And that would be close to 5 miles. So if it were race day, I could power through to six. 

But if I could already do it, than what am I training for? Speed I guess. And I don't want to worry about that. Really I just want the training plan to give myself a schedule. 

So here's what I found. A beginner's plan for running a half-marathon. It has three days of running. One long run and two other days that are 3-5 miles. I could easily add those into my week. It has a cross-training day that I would love to make my BodyCombat class. And then it has a second cross-training day that I could do HIIT and arm weights at the gym. It still has two days off. I feel like I could do this. Though I would never do the long run on my own. More than an hour out there and I would be bored out of my mind. 

I am nearing the best thirteen weeks of weather this state ever has. If I am going to devote time to hitting the pavement. It is now...

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Weigh-In Wednesday

Starting Weight 12.2

I am embarrassed to type that. But maybe putting it in writing will get me to act on it. I have to do something. Well the something is, I need to stop eating. Way too many untracked, unmeasured meals. Way too many handfuls of M&M candies on the counter. Way too many meals out to eat because I can't make time to go get groceries.

It has to stop today. I already ate a piece of pizza for lunch. Because that was free at work. But I can make that fit. I can turn it around.

I have to.

I need 14 straight days of perfect macros. That will get me back in the habit again. Then I am out of town for a family weekend. But I will get right back to it when I return.

I have this. I can do hard things.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August 2017

As of today, Summer Reading 2017 is officially over. This is always such a relief. And it has left me with a clean slate. I have a fresh start to finish summer strong. I am excited that nicer weather is on the way and I have several days off to enjoy the summer fun after the kids are safely back in school. I am currently about 4 pounds higher than I started Summer, and I am not about to end that way. So here's to a fresh start.

Here are some of the goals, or things I have been thinking about for August:
  • I want to run more. I am contemplating following some sort of training plan. Our city is thirteen weeks away from a half-marathon, so several people I know have been gearing up to start their training. I have to admit: I have looked at the plan and considered following it. I have maybe (just for a second) contemplated running it. Could I do the whole thing in 3/1 intervals? Could I run for almost three hours? Do I want to? Would I want to? Would Tracy do it with me? If I mention it to her could I still back out? Why would I come out of running retirement for that? Why would I spend $90 to run? Could I train with her, and then not actually run the race with her? Wouldn't I feel cheated? So many thoughts. And then I remember, I hate running. But I need something new to focus on.
  • I absolutely need to get back to tracking and carb-cycling. I have started and stopped this so many times in July. I can't seem to get back in a pattern. But I know it works. I like my numbers. I just need to commit. 
  • I need to sleep more. Last night I got eight hours of sleep and it felt so amazing. I made this a goal for June, and I really did a good job. So I am listing it again. I mean, I woke up on my first alarm and didn't feel like death. Eight hours is a thing of beauty. The only days I can't get 8 hours is when I am working out in the morning. And I guess I am willing to sacrafice for that. I don't need to sacrifice for HGTV.
This is me, at my last program yesterday. Happy because it's almost over, but also holding back tears, because 265 people came to the program and it was chaos! Good Riddance Summer Reading 2017!