Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Summer Vacation

I just returned from my summer vacation. We went to Utah for a family reunion. Though Utah is probably not my most preferred place to vacation, it was actually really nice to get away. And we definitely found fun things to do while we were there.

Dan and I flew out of Lincoln on Thursday evening. It was the perfect time to travel. I worked 9-1 in the morning (so I got to do my favorite Storytime of the week!) I got home and ate lunch, took a 40 minute nap, packed and had a friend take us to the airport. We spent 4-11 flying and making connections, but it didn't ruin the whole day like flying 7-3 might. We arrived in Utah at 11:00, checked into our hotel and then slept for like 4 hours!

The next morning we were up at 5am for a hike!

We hiked up a mountain to Timpangos cave. The Park Ranger said it was a "moderate hike". I am not sure if I have really climbed a mountain before. I am sure we did some exploring in Estes Park once and somewhere else in Colorado with my friend Russ. But this is the first time I ever remember making it to the top. I was out of breath a few times, but no more than while running, and my legs didn't hurt at all. I was so proud of my mom for making it. She had to take a lot of breaks. But a year ago, her hip would have hurt too much to walk even half of it. Now if I could just keep the momentum with her and exercise. This was my favorite part of the vacation. We all made it to the top. Going down was the hardest part for me. It really worked my shins to slow down. If I wasn't trying to wait for others I might have gone faster, but I'm not sure that would have felt that much better. 

So for lunch I rewarded myself with this chocolate dome. I mean, when on vacation...

That afternoon we went to check out the Salt Lake City library. I got to meet Wonder Woman. 

Satruday morning we were up early again to take in a Farmer's Market. It was cute. And my mom family loves to go to markets when they're on vacation. But if you can't buy fresh fruit and veggies, I am not certain I understand the point. I did get the best little souvenir: a journal made from the pages of a children's book. Hand made. I chose The Cat in the Hat. I'm not sure if I will really use it, or just look at how cute it is. 

Saturday afternoon we went to the town of Park City. This is where the Winter Olympics were held. So there is a lot of skiing in the winter. In the summer you can zipline, slide down a super-long slide (the luge track!) and do gondola rides over the moutains. I was with people who weren't interested in those things. But I could be talked into going back. Well, not for ziplining! The town itself is just an Old Market kind of area full of tourist shops: art, food, bookshops, gift shops, ice cream, etc. I love these kinds of places. 

The people I was with weren't the kind that wanted to zipline. They were the kind that wanted to drink wine. And that's okay too. In the evening we had a family dinner event at one of my mom's cousin's house. The night before they only had white wine to drink. Dan wanted red wine and I wanted margaritas, so we stopped at Target on the way. I looked up and down the aisles for a good ten minutes before I asked a clerk. She informed me that you can only buy alcohol from state stores. There are like seven in town. None close to us. So much for drinking at this family gathering. 

On Sunday I got to meet Wendy. She's one of my fit sisters and she lives there. Though there are about 30 gals in the group, I would probably only call up 5-10 of them if I was visiting. She is definitely one I wanted to meet. I would have loved to workout with her while I was there. But we didn't have a car, we were 25 minutes from where she lives and my time was pretty booked up. So we settled for lunch. It was so fun. It gives me hope that all the sisters can have a meet up someday. Somewhere. 

The rest of the time was spent with my family. Playing cards. Talking about the "old days" learning about my second cousins and what they're up to in life. 

Like I said, it was fun. We hardly slept and I am sure I gained some weight. But we also hiked up a mountain and did a lot of family bonding. A perfect little summer vacation. 

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