Thursday, July 20, 2017

No More Blogger App

The blogger app began to get really glitchy in the last year. Whenever I started typing it would shut down, without saving and I would have to start again. This made it really difficult for me to blog from my phone. Well not difficult, impossible. Somtimes I could type two or three words and hit save before it would quit. But that's not really a way to write anything useful.

I would still use it to upload pictures, because those were already on my phone and it didn't shut down while doing that. So I had to type all my posts at work (I don't have a home computer) and I had to upload all my photos on my phone.

Then I needed space on my phone - because I have apparently used up every inch of space. I needed to download a new app in order to watch TV at my house (don't get me started on why I have to have space on my phone to now watch TV.) So I deleted the Blogger app with the intention of reloading it when I needed it again. I often live in a delete-one-app-to-download-a-new-one cycle. It sucks. But I am not about to spend more money on a new phone.

You may have noticed that I have 1) not been blogging as often, and 2) not had any pictures recently.

After my vacation, I went to reload Blogger back on to my phone so I could upload all my pictures. I couldn't find it. It wasn't listed at all. So I did some research online and apparently you can't get it on iPhones any longer. There are some third party apps, but I am scared to put those on.

Boy that makes it difficult to upload photos now. You have to use the web browser. On your phone. I need something better. Or just get used to that method!

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