Friday, July 21, 2017

My Week in Workouts

I had a short week of workouts, but I am proud of myself for getting right back on the horse as soon as I returned from vacation. I often get a I haven't worked out for three days, why start now attitude, that is not good. So I hit the gym running my first day back. And I feel like I have a good pattern going. I still need to develop a new lifting routine, but I'll get there.

On Tuesday I went to the gym for HIIT and arm weights. I hadn't done HIIT on the treadmill in a long time. I started at 7.1 mph and 1.0 incline. I sprinted for 20 seconds and then jumped to the side for 40 seconds. I went up in speed each time (to 7.8) and then back down. I did 14 intervals. My heartrate was sky high and it was a great workout. My legs hurt for days. I can climb a mountain with no stress on my leg muscles, but sprint for 20 seconds and I am dead! Then I did an arm circuit of 3x10 on biceps, triceps and shoulders. 

Wednesday, the heat index was 108 when I left work. By the time I got home and cooled off, I didn't want to leave again. So I used my spin bike in the basement. It was nice and cool and dark and I didn't have to wear a shirt! I did a steady state 40 minutes while I watched a TV show on my phone. I must have forgotten to start my heartrate monitor, but I would guess I burned about 350 calories with the effort I was putting in. 

Thursday I worked an 11 hour day. I got my 10,000 steps in at work. I called that my workout. 

Friday morning Tracy and I were up early to meet for our weekly run. The humidity and the heat advisory definitely had me struggling. There was nothing easy about this run. But we got it done and now I am hiding inside the rest of the day. 

I am eager to get back to a full week of a routine! And I am planning on putting together some sort of lifting routine so I can keep progressing!

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