Friday, July 7, 2017

My Week in Workouts

I haven't posted my workouts in three weeks. And the last two weeks they have been paltry. So there's not a lot to report. And I'd like to come on here and say I have a great new plan, but I am leaving on vacation next Thursday, and I don't want to start anything new until I get back.

Right now I think I want to focus on running. Tracy is taking a running class one of the running clubs in town offers. I didn't sign up for it (even though she asked me to several times) because it's on Wednesday evenings, which is just not good with my summer schedule. Any other night and I would have. But it's got her re-inspired. And I want to take advantage of that.

She is going running four times a week. And even though I don't want to do that schedule, I want her to motivate me and us to push each other. I need to get back to one run with her and one on my own each week. And then I need to add sprints or treadmill runs to one or two of my weight days.

This week I just need to get back to working out in general. Tracy is on vacation so the only thing that is motivating me is BodyCombat and lawn work.

But at least I have my eating back in check from the holiday.

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