Monday, July 24, 2017

Launches, Birthdays and Cars

This is what my weekend was filled with! Saturday morning was the new BodyCombat Launch. I usually don't like to go to those because they are too crowded. But I had missed last week while I was on vacation, and my need to punch stuff outweighed my need to not be so close to people. It turned out to not be crowded at all, so I am more than happy I went. I even won a t-shirt. Not that I can see myself wearing it...

Then I got some errands run, ate some lunch, showered up and headed out to meet Jennifer as we were going to Omaha for our friend Jen's birthday. But as soon as I started driving, my car started making a bad noise. Some sort of scraping a long the wheel, brakes area. I freaked out and made her come get me instead of meeting them. Then I tried to forget about it and celebrate Jen's birthday.

I ate too many snacks and didn't really show any restraint. But we did leave before the cake came out. Which, as much as I love cake, I hardly need to be eating more.

Then I could hardly sleep Saturday night. Worried about my car. Not knowing if I should try to drive it again, if I was ruining it, if the tire would fall off. If we'd all die! After some research, and asking people I know, it seems to be the wheel bearing. That's probably a $500 repair. That's not cheap, but I am not too worried about it.

What I hate, is that I am literally in the process of researching, test-driving, and buying a new car. I know my car is only valued at $1500-$2000 trade-in, so paying a $500 bill the week before I turn it over just sounds sickening. And there seems to be quite a bit of back and forth on if I should drive it the six miles across town to my mechanic.

So I was stuck at home on Sunday. I mowed the lawn in brutal heat and was depressed about my situation. Eventually, my mom came over and we went and got pedicures, looked a couple of new cars for me, and I drove her around in my car to hear the noise.

By the end of the night, she had decided that I shouldn't drive it across town, that Steve (her boyfriend) would come and look at it this week, and that I could borrow her car (she has two) until I have mine fixed.

Alls well that ends well. But I still didn't sleep great on Sunday. Just worried about it. I have high-anxiety about not feeling safe. And my car and my house are the two places I expect to feel some safety. So when my house is leaking or my car is growling, my whole life is in tatters.

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