Friday, July 28, 2017

I Ran Today

I actually got up and worked out today. I can't believe what a huge accomplishment this feels like. I mean, I didn't do it without knowing Tracy was waiting for me. I'm not that crazy motivated. But hey, I didn't cancel either.

This summer, Tracy did a running class. It's called Beginner's Luck and it prepares you to run your first 5k. She's taken it before, and obviously she can already run a 5k. We do it every Friday. But there are motivational speakers and a chance to win a pair of shoes every week. And it has really re-focused her running.

She's follows the plan they gave her, which is an interval-based running schedule. She runs four times a week. And I can tell. Her endurance is growing, her speed is getting faster and she is absolutely hooked on running. It used to be that I kind of dragged her along and pushed her, but now I almost feel like she is pushing me. Which I love!

And it's totally motivating. I mean, I feel motivated. She posts it on facebook and all day long I think, Tracy got up at 6 AM and ran on her own, you should go running tonight. But then I don't.

I am reminded of the excitement of getting faster and going further. Which, let's face it, is the only good thing about running. And now I am starting to think, maybe I should start going further and faster. 

Today we ran a 5k, using our 3/2 intervals in 43:23. That's actually faster than we have gone in a year. And I feel like we could definitely go faster than that. But we could also start running 4/1 intervals. Tracy's class ended Wednesday, with an actual 5k race. Dan and I went to cheer her on. She ran it just under 40:00. So I know she's capable of pushing herself more. And I know that I can run a 5k in 36 minutes, with just a little push or more practice.

My 2017 goal is still to run my fastest 5k. Which would be something like 33 minutes. But I've got a long way to go. This would be the ideal time to take advantage of Tracy's running enthusiasm and motivation to drag myself along. If only I like running. With her, I think we could do an entire half-marathon at 4/1 intervals.

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