Thursday, June 22, 2017

Weigh-In Wednesday -- Macro Cycling Week 3

Starting Weight: 9 pounds
Week 2 Average: 6.3 pounds
Week 3 Average: 5.6 pounds
Week 3 Low: 4.2 pounds

This was a fair week. Another half pound down, makes me pretty happy. I was not as consistent, so I am happy with that number. I had a tough weekend: father's day pizza buffet!

I didn't go off the rails. Exactly. But I did have three pieces of dessert pizza. I mean. Three. Pieces. Who needs three pieces. One would have sufficed. Two would have been pushing it. But at least I didn't have that on top of overdoing it on regular pizza. I ate a light lunch so I could enjoy the pizza. And then I had a light dinner. I guess that's balance.

Anyway, my weight's been up since the weekend. And that seems to be a pattern I need to work on. But I am doing well and seeing a half pound loss is just dandy.

Sorry I have been a worthless blogger lately. All my free time is taken up with planning a July vacation, getting work done on my yard and car, and trying to enjoy summer. All my work time is taken up working. Ridiculous.

Plus, I'm a little our of things to run about. I mean, I'm just doing the same things. Over and over. Not really increasing my running or my weight lifting. Not eating differently. Just truckin' along.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Weigh-In Wednesday -- Macro Cycling Week 2

Starting Weight : 9 pounds
Week 1 Average: 7.7 pounds
Week 2 Average: 6.3 pounds
Week 2 Low: 4 pounds

I have been really consistent for the last two weeks. And it is showing. I had a good pound and a half loss this week. I saw a great low number four on Monday morning and I have settled into a routine.

That's almost a three pound loss in two weeks. Which is a little inflated because I was up from Memorial day. But it didn't just fall off in two days, so I'm not thinking it was all sodium. I'm definitely going to keep it up another two weeks and see if I can get myself down another couple pounds.

I can't say I love eating all those carbs. But I now fill my life with skim milk, and toast and cereal and limit my cheese and peanut butter. Luckily cereal and bread are cheaper than all that cheese and peanut butter I used to go through.

I do like that I have a couple of days where I can eat high fat. So I can do summer fun with Samantha by eating ice cream on Wednesdays and have donuts with Dan once a week on Sundays.

So far I am not noticing any change in energy level. I don't understand why I don't have more energy by eating carbs. And I don't really notice a pattern on the scale of when I eat more fats. It is not being very consistent right now, which I would have thought it would since I am going three days in a row with the same macros. But my stress levels and sleep levels have been all over the place.

I have done something dumb this week where I convince myself I am going to workout in the morning and then I wake up and change my mind. I reset my alarm and then I never fall back to sleep. That's the worst. If I am not going to workout I at least should be sleeping.

Looking back through some old photos I notice that last year at this time, I was at the final stages of my reverse diet. I was eating almost 2300 calories. It seems quite glorious. And makes me think maybe I should start reversing in July. If I could ever get down to my "goal weight" I definitely would. I just want to get stronger, I don't need to get smaller.

Friday, June 9, 2017

My Week in Workouts

I did a good job of working out a lot this week. Actually making the effort to get a workout in when I know I am going ot be busy or have social plans or be too tired. I should be proud of that. But I can't say I had any really good workouts this week. I am still just going through the motions. Not getting stronger or faster or feeling like I really kicked-ass at all. Just doing it.

And some weeks I guess that's enough.

Saturday I started off great. BodyCombat class. Then I stayed after for some Chest work. I hate working chest. I don't really see any use for having a strong chest, I don't notice it in my clothes, and I don't seem to get much stronger. So it's a good thing to tack on to the end of Combat, which I do love. I make myself do 5x5 heavy bench press and then 5x3 pushups and let myself call it a day.

Sunday I did my scheduled 4:1 interval run for 30 minutes and then pull-ups in the park. I slept in too late and the morning got away from me, and soon it was too hot. I did the runs, I just let myself go slow. Which is alright.

Monday I did leg day. But the gym was packed. And the squat rack (where I work on my deadlifts) were full each time I went and checked. Even the machines were busy. So I alternated a 50 rep lift with 5 minutes on the elliptical. It was a fine workout. And my legs were sore the next day. So I guess that's a win. I would like to start bringing squats back into my routine. Since dropping our of PT I don't really know what I am supposed to do. But I figure if I start light, I can take this opportunity to build everything up together. I haven't really done squats since January.

Tuesday I knew I needed to workout in the morning. But I couldn't convince myself to get up and go to the gym. So I made and at home work out. I told you all about it here!

Wednesday, mowing was my workout.

Thursday I took my rest day. Tracy was supposed to run with me in the morning, but she wasn't feeling great. So we postponed to Friday. I had evening plans to have dinner with friends. So I used it as my rest for the week.

Friday Tracy was sick. I went anyway! Started off so proud of myself. Then my GPS would not locate me. I can hardly imagine myself running without any stats. So I just went for a walk instead. People claim walking is a fine workout. But I jsut do not burn enough calories walking. I can't make my legs move faster. And walking is the only thing that hurts that spot on my knee. Might have been better to go back to sleep. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Weigh-In Wednesday -- Macro Cycling Week 1

Starting Weight: 9 pounds
Week 1 Average Weight: 7.7 pounds
Week 1 Lowest Weight:7 pounds

So I started over last week. Really committed. Ya know! With new numbers. Which I followed perfectly by the way. For eight straight days now. And my weight has come down. V-E-R-Y S-L-O-W-L-Y. So apparently those four pounds I had gained over the weekend last week wasn't just salt and bloat. It was real fat. Or something.

So I relisted my starting weight. I mean starting weight is arbitrary. But I need something to compare to. So I was nine pounds at the start of my new macro plan. And the start of June. As saddened as I am from that. At least it only lasted a day. And then I was back down.

But this week my weight went 9 - 8 - 8 - 7.4 - 7.2 - 7.2 - 7.2 - 7. That's the right direction, but obviously, not too speedy. I mean, to compare, last week my average was 7 pounds, and my average was 5.2. So...

It is was it is.

This week I did perfectly. Including the weekend. And it's been stressful with work. So I am really proud of myself for having a good week with food as well as getting in all my workouts.

I am getting more used to the low-fat life-style. Back to holding the cheese on my sandwiches and skipping the fries. I haven't had much peanut butter lately, but that's okay, I haven't missed it much. Skim chocolate milk has become my friend and luckily there are a lot of yummy summer treats that are just carbs - popsicles! And then the two days that I do get to have high fat, I am enjoying plenty of cheese and maybe a donut!

We'll see if my weight continues to fall. Even slowly. I mean .2 pounds a day is still a pound a week.And technically, I lost two pounds this week. I just see it jump up a pound or even two a day, why can't it also fall like that?

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

At Home Tuesdays

Tuesdays are my busiest days of work for the week. I do storytime in the morning for around 40 kids. And then in the afternoon we have our weekly Summer Reading events. We get such big crowds and have such a small space that we have back-to-back programs. The first program fills up an hour before it starts and I have to take care of crowd-management. That includes telling people the program is full and explaining that they can't come in. The second session is less busy, but I am usually so exhausted from arguing with parents about fire codes and their children's safety, that I am already drained. And who wants to watch the same act twice in a row. If I am lucky, I can talk a coworker into watching for me.

But it's not-stop all day. And I am too tired to work out after all of it.

So I knew that I needed to get up early and workout.

I didn't want to run on my own. And I didn't want to lose as much sleep as would be required to drive to the gym and workout for an hour.

So I decided to make up a workout at home: Spin bike and light arms.

And here are amazing things about working out at home:
1) You can wear the same outfit you wore to the gym yesterday.
2) You can wear as much or as little of an outfit as you wish. I mean, I considered not wearing a shirt. Then I considered not wearing pants.
3) You don't have to waste 30 minutes driving to or from the gym.
4) You don't have to use earbuds to listen to your music.
5) You can take ridiculous selfies of yourself with pony-tail bangs.

My goal was to do 10 minutes spin bike - 50 reps bis/tris/shoulders - 5 minutes spin bike - 50 reps bis/tris/shoulders - 5 minutes spin bike - 50 reps bis/tris/shoulders. But I ran out of time for the last set of 50. So I got 20 minutes of biking but only 2 different exercises.

I think I will do it again next week. And I will work up a playlist that is one song spin - one song triceps - one song spin - one song biceps - one song spin - one song shoulders... kind of like in bodypump. It's been so long since I took a bodypump class though I am not sure I remember any routines.

Have I mentioned that my brain is fried?

Monday, June 5, 2017

Now Summer is Making me Fat

So summer has arrived here. And I am not even talking about summer at the library. It. Is. Hot.

It was 90+ degrees yesterday. I even broke down and turned on my Air Conditioning. Which is not like me. I can usually take it until it gets much warmer. But my house is just so hot upstairs! Since one of goals right now is eight hours of sleep, I knew I'd sleep much better if it was cooler. And I knew I'd sleep much later if the birds and sunlight weren't waking me at 5 am.

I even ran outside yesterday. And it was hot. But I worked on my tan a bit, so that was nice. And I need to get used to the heat eventually.

But back to the point of my post: I am certain that this humidity and heat is causing me to retain water more. I mean, we are all aware of how our wedding rings slip off of our fingers in winter when we're cold, but fit much better when we're warm. Lately I have been waking up and they are tight. Like I am bloated. Like I ate a gallon of pop-corn. And I know I didn't.

So I did a bit of research on the interwebs. And it told me that your body holds on to water more in the summer. That it tries to prevent rapid salt loss, so it clings to that. And that you can add "several pounds" due to this water retention.

Honestly, I didn't need the internet to tell me. I can tell by how my rings and pants fit.

But I am trying to realize that it's also effecting the scale. So I don't need to be so hard on myself. I'm doing everything right. It's going to be 90% humidity until September, so I just have to keep working!

Friday, June 2, 2017

My Week in Workouts

I had a good week of workouts. Well, a full week of workouts. I guess they were good. I am most proud of myself for working out six days. Six day! Even though work is so busy right now that it's a workout itself. Some days I never sit down. I get my 10,000 steps without even needing to workout.

But I also had a holiday weekend which gave me a bonus day. And a night with 14 hours of sleep. So that helped.

Saturday I started the week out great. A BodyCombat workout plus chest day. I have been loving doing 50 reps right now. My muscles burn a lot. But obviously I am not setting any records doing this. This week I noticed that my chest muscles weren't as sore.  I might need to switch back to 5x5 for a while. It's probably best to do a routine for a few weeks and mix it up. If only for my sanity.

Sunday I mowed the lawn. It was a lovely workout and I hadn't done it for over two weeks. Thanks to a crazy busy work schedule and the fact that it was raining for five straight days. Boy did the lawn need it.

Monday was the Memorial day holiday so I took a bonus BodyCombat class. They made it extra long, extra tough and extra great. So I stayed for the whole thing!

Tuesday I went back to work and then went straight to the park afterward to run 30 minutes and do my pull-ups. I could not get my legs to run. Seriously. I was planning on 4:1 intervals, but after my first two minutes I was done. Then I walked for a minute and tried to run again. Still not having it. I decided to let myself run off an on when I needed it. Then about ten minutes in something stung/bit me and I was just totally over that workout. By fifteen minutes in, when I turned around, I needed to pee. And I still had to do fifteen minutes. I switched to 1:4 intervals, just running for one minute at a time, and that was plenty. By the time I got back to the park, I didn't know if I'd wet my pants and the park was full so I couldn't get in to do pull-ups. Fail for this one.

On Wednesday I went after work again. My hope was to run on the treadmill for a half a mile. Again, my energy level was so low that my legs wouldn't move. It must be the long and hard days at work. That's all I can chalk it up to. I'm even eating more carbs! I did arm day (biceps, triceps and shoulders) mixed in with the eliptical/stairmill as my cardio. It was a fine workout. I might need to do arms twice a week. There just isn't time.

Thursday I met Tracy in the morning. It was great. No faster than previous weeks. But the weather was perfect and I had more energy in the morning that I had in the evening. Plus talking to someone makes the time go by much faster.

Friday was my rest day again. But I am ready to kick it another week.