Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Weigh-In Wednesday - Macro Cycling

Starting Weight: 7.4 pounds
Week Five Average: 7.0 pounds
Week Five Low: 5.2

As I mentioned yesterday, this weekend was bad to me. And it really skewed my data. That's the thing with averages. I hope this was just a bad week.

Because my eating wasn't that bad. In fact, my weight was dropping the five days in a row that I had high (but steady) carbs. I just need to get things under control on the weekend. I can't undo all my hard work. And, as I said yesterday, I am setting my macros a bit differently. More high carb days.

I also made a comment that said my average fat intake would still be the same. But that's not actually true. I lowered my fat intake average and upped my carb intake. And then I spread it out more so I do get more fat on high fat days, but there's a lot more low fat days during the week.

I hate that the scale is up right now (NINE pounds from my goal!) and I hate that I have no energy because Summer Reading is zapping it and that my pants are tight. But I am trying to not get discouraged. And drink 133oz. of water to wash that bloat away. And get more than 8 hours of sleep because I need it right now. Plus the added carbs should help with energy. I know if will be back down before I know it. It's just hard to see your hard work erased like that.

Perhaps I could remember that next time I am eating 48 chips and two brownies!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Fat Makes Me Fat

When I first started carb-cycling I was prepared for my scale to not be as consistent as it had once been. I had read the facts telling me that the more carbs you eat the more water you store and therefore, your scale might go up.

I didn't like the flucuation, but I understood what was happening. It actually made me become much more comfortable with weighing myself every day. And understanding that the number isn't a reflection of you or your hard work, it's a reflection of your liver and kidneys and the salt molecules and bodily functions. It definitely took the power away from the scale. And that was great.

But it never seemed tol follow a pattern where I have a high card day and boom the scale was higher the next day. It would be up in a couple of days or even lower the next day. And as math person, that really was confusing and baffling.

And then last week I started wondering if it was actually the high fat days that made my scale go up. So I had five low fat (high carb) days in a row. Just to get some consistency back. And it made my scale go down. Down again. Remain the same. Down again.

Hmmm... am I on to something here?

Then this weekend I allowed myself two high fat days (because fat is actually way more fun than carbs!) and my scale went up two pounds. And then two more pounds. Even though I was technically eating  low carb.

Then Monday came and I went to a BBQ and ate all kinds of thing and I am not happy with myself. But mostly it was chips and sodium. And too much of everything and I gained another two pounds.

So I am up six pounds from Friday morning.

But I think I have discovered something: fat makes me fat. Even if it's temporary. Those high fat days are probably not good for me.

So I am going to try a lower-fat carb cycle. I wish it wasn't even called carb cycling. Just cycling. Macro-cycling is what I am going to call it. I am going to have five high carb days and two high fat days a week.

There could be a lot of factors going into my non-scientific study: fatty things have more salt. I do more estimating on the weekends when I am eating my high fat days. I'm eating more chips off of Samantha's plate than I am counting.

But I do know that my scale was down last week, even though I was eating 210 carbs every day. And it's hard to limit myself to only 55 grams of fat, but sometimes you have to do hard things.

So here's my current plan:

Monday (high carb) -- Lifting Arms + TM :  140p/210c/55f
Tuesday (high carb) -- Lifting Chest and Back + TM :  140p/210c/55f
Wednesday (high fat) -- Rest Day : 140p/161c/77f
Thursday (high carb) -- Yardwork Day :  140p/210c/55f
Friday (high carb) -- Run with Tracy :  140p/210c/55f
Saturday (high carb) -- BodyCombat + Legs :  140p/210c/55f
Sunday (high fat) -- Run and Pull-ups : 140p/161c/77f

My problem up to this point is not changing My Fitness Pal and just winging it or letting myself have whatever day I prefer. But I am inputting the data today. So it's set.

I should also note, that I will be eating the same amount of fats during the week, they're just spread out. So maybe nothing will change. But all I can think is: I can't wait for peanut butter Sundays!

Friday, May 26, 2017

My Week in Workouts

So I know that nobody cares about my workouts but if I don't post them here, than I have no way of referring back to them. And most importantly, I have no shame in just skipping them, because who is even going to know? So I have to list them somewhere. Sorry if that's annoying or not of any interest to anyone but myself.

This week was a bad week. It is my busiest week at work. And I allowed myself to slack on the workout parts of life. I kept my attitude in check and didn't hit anyone this week. I didn't get fired this week. I hit my 10k steps every day, easily because I never sat down at work. And I really tried to get enough sleep this week and hit my macros every day. Which is saying something when I just want to go drink margaritas and vent to Dan about my day at work. But I didn't.

And all of those things are wins.

So these workouts were just icing on the cake. The cake that I had one small slice of and then never looked at again!

Saturday was easy because I had the day off of work. I had to head to Omaha in the afternoon for Josie's birthday party, but I got to make it to class. I don't know if I was just exhausted, dehydrated (I left my bottle of water in the car) or in a hot, windless place in class but I thought I was going to passout about half way through. I left after 30 minutes and went to my car to get my water bottle. I had to sit down and cool off for a few minutes before I could go work on some shoulder weights.

Sunday I went to class again. I felt like I had missed out my weekly dose of Combat. Plus, I needed to get my aggression out some way. It was a much better class. I stuck it out through my normal 50 minutes and then I worked my legs a bit. Still just concentrating on my hamstrings.
Monday - Wednesday I took rest days.

Thursday was the start of Summer Reading and I met Tracy in the morning for a 5k. It's the second year in a row that we've done that and I like that we've started a tradition. I always have a bunch of extra energy that day and I need someone to meet me if I am going to work out at all, so it was a win-win. We're still doing the 3/2 intervals which really seem to be good for us. We seem to be picking up our pace slightly. Hopefully that's a trend that continues. I think an interval run is better in a lot of ways. Especially as it starts to heat up this summer.

And that's all I got done this week. I didn't even have time to mow my yard -- plus it rained for like five straight days.

But Summer Reading has started, which is busy but not stressful. And we're headed into a three day weekend. I am looking forward to this:

Saturday - BodyCombat + Arms
Sunday - Lawn
Monday - BodyCombat + Shoulders
Tuesday - Solo Run + Back
Wednesday - Leg Day
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Run with Tracy

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Weigh-In Wednesday - Week 4

Starting Weight: 7.4 pounds
Week Four Average: 5.7 pounds
Week Four Lowest: 4.2 pounds

I finally had a good and consistent week. I promised myself as work got more stressful I would worry less about getting my workouts in, but I would worry more about sticking to my macros and getting enough sleep.

And that has worked. Not in making Summer Reading less stressful, but in getting the scale to finally start moving the right way. I am still only averaging less than a half-pound per week, but I am okay with that at this point in time.

I ate a donut for dinner the other night.

And still made it fit!

I am not liking that my weight fluctuates so much since my carbs fluctuate. It doesn't seem to follow a pattern, but it's all over from 4-7-6-5-4-7. This week I am trying to have more high-carb days (which aren't my favorites, I prefer high peanut butter days) because I think it will keep my energy high for work, and keep me eating fruit and I'd also like to see if my weight is stalling because I eat too much fat. Bye cheese on my sandwiches.

I am feeling good right now though. I drink skim chocolate milk every night and that satisfies my sweet tooth. And I am getting eight hours of sleep and working 44 hours this week. But it's going to be over soon. It always is.

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Four Day Consistency Hang-Up

Here's the deal: I eat right for four days and my scale starts paying attention. Maybe I even go a fifth. Or sixth! Then something happens and I don't eat right. Or I have too many carbs. Or really more often, too much fat. Because donuts! And then my scale jumps up two pounds. After a couple of days it might come back down one. But it takes four days for it to return to normal.

And then the cycle starts all over again.

And returning to normal is the exact direction I want the scale to be living. I want it to find a pattern of going downward.

So this morning, after having a great week, I was down to 5 pounds from my goal. Finally busting through that seven pound and then six pound plateau. In fact, I could tell that my scale wanted to show me a four, but thought a little better of it.

Now, it's the weekend again and I can not mess this up.

I have a birthday party to go to tomorrow. There will be cake. Cake is not the enemy. I can eat a piece of cake. I can not graze mindlessly on snacks, chips, drinks, cookies and then say screw it and have nachos for dinner.

And then I have to do it all again. And have another consistent week. That is how I will start to see changes.

Next week is going to be hard. I am working more than 40 hours. I have schools to visit, volunteers to train and a library to prepare. And then on Thursday, the chaos begins. And things start to settle down. But we're already preparing how to celebrate on Thursday night. And for some reason it involves food.

It's all about consistency. And wanting to see that scale move more than wanting another cookie.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Weigh-In Wednesday: Carb Cycling

Starting Weight: 7.4 pounds
Week Three Average: 6.7 pounds
Week Three Lowest: 5.2 pounds

This was a pretty bad week. And yet my average is down. But just .1 pound, which isn't really anything. Maybe a sock!

I am not really certain what is going on. Which makes it hard to correct. Here is what I know: I was having a great week last week and woke up Saturday morning down to that 5 pounds. Which was the first time I'd seen the five in a while. I felt like things were definitely headed in the right way.

I made really good choices at Sadie's birthday party: one serving of chips, stuck to water, and hung out outside so I didn't graze on food.

The next morning I was up two pounds. It might have been the sodium from the pizza.

Then it's Mother's Day and I am stressed out and I know I ate too many cookies. But not like a ton.

It's super hot in the house. And I didn't sleep well. I also have a super-early day on Monday. And I wake up another two pounds up. Like a high weight I don't ever want to see again.

It was gone by Tuesday.

So really, I don't know exactly what's going on. Yes, I eat too much sugar. Yes, I eat too much sodium. But something with the heat and sleep and stress and my body just seems to be retaining weight.

I'm just gonna keep going!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My 1000th Post

I have had this blog for well over six years. And today I am hitting my 1000th blog post. If I was famous I would do a give-away. But I am not. I get about seven people to read my blog every day. I assume about three of them are my friends. The other four must randomly come upon it.

A lot has changed in almost seven years:

  • My weight is down at least 16 pounds.
  • I think that I am down two jeans sizes.
  • Which is a lot for just 16 pounds
  • But I started lifting a lot more weight.
  • And that has transformed my body.
  • My way of eating is very different. 
  • I'm currently eating 400 more calories a day than I was at the beginning of this blog. 
  • And like 600 more than I was before that. 
  • But I am also eating a lot more protein and a lot alcohol.
  • I have switched gyms.
  • Gotten married.
  • Moved across town. 
  • I met a super supportive group of online ladies who are all focused on the same things. 
  • Found pro-biotics.
  • Stopped getting colds.
  • Became friends with an amazing little girl (now five years old.)
  • I'm slowly trying to win over her little sister.
  • I weighed exactly four pounds less than my friend Jennifer for one day of my life.
  • I started running again.
  • Though not racing.
  • I've started to set more physical goals (running times and pull-ups) rather than scale goals.
  • I think my relationship with the scale changed all around.
  • In the best way possible.
  • And that in turn has left me much more confident and happy with myself. 
So here's my give away to you:
If you are doing everything you can and the scale isn't moving. Who cares, you're amazing because you are doing every thing right. And if you're not doing everything you can, then do something more. Just one more thing. But it's not about your gravitational relationship with a number on a scale. It's about how hard you work every day to be the best you. That's what fitness is about. And that's what life is about. 

I am still on a journey to be the best version of me. Every. Single. Day. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Crazy Weekend Crazy Life

I left my desk on Friday afternoon and I feel like I haven't sat down until I returned to my desk on Monday after school Who would think that sitting at my library desk would be the most relaxing part of my life.

I do have like 23 emails to write and send and 45 things to get done around the building. But just to sit here a second feels heavenly.

Friday night we had a staff association event: Mini Golf. I don't love this event because you have a team of 4-6 people and then those are the only people you really get to talk to. I am too social for this kind of thing. Dan claims the introverts love it and that's why so many people show up. Then we go to a sports bar afterward and eat/play pool/talk. I like that part okay, except sitting at long tables and ordering food is the same: four people to talk to. I like to get up an move around, but not everybody does. And probably my waitress doesn't love it either.

My Golfing Team

We walked to the restaurant after mini-golf because construction was impairing our ability to drive there and we were in charge so we needed to get there first. When we returned at 11 o'clock, we discovered my car, locked in their parking lot. Totally frustrating! Luckily for me, I only live a mile or so away and I didn't have to be anywhere at 8 in the morning. So I was able to walk the mile back and retrieve Farley from the lot on Saturday. Still annoying. They won't be getting my business much.

I made it to Combat on Saturday, which made me happy. My weekend was so jam packed that I wasn't sure what all I would be able to fit in. It was a great class. I didn't follow up with shoulder work. My brain is so fried from work and life that I just went to have someone else tell me what to do. The idea of counting reps and figuring out what seat position I needed was too much for me.

Saturday afternoon was Sadie's first birthday. I jumped on the trampoline with Samantha for well over an hour. I ate well and had room for one cupcake. I didn't hit my protein for the day, but I did stay under my calories and carbs and fats. That's a true victory when pizza and chips were available in large quantities. It helped that it was a beautiful day and we hung out outside and away from the temptations.

Happy First Birthday Sadie

Sunday was Mother's Day and we had invited our moms (plus a few others) over for a luncheon. Dan and I were up early to get all the groceries and the house cleaned. Luckily I wasn't doing any cooking, so it was just a matter of making iced tea, and setting out the sandwiches. We had a variety of salads, and I think I ate fairly well. I definitely had too many cookies though.

I don't know why my eyes are squinty here. But it was a good photo of everyone else. 

And then I was so worn out from the week and weekend that I laid on the couch and fell asleep at 6PM. I woke up at 7 to do some yard work (plant a few more veggies and transplant some greenery.) Then I ate some cereal because nothing sounded good and I went to bed early. Never got a workout in.

This morning I had to be at a school at 8 o'clock for a presentation. Which really means like 7:45 because I need to find where I am going and set up. And I was there until 2:55. And then I finally feel like I can take a break. I am off at 4 (that's good news!) but I have got to workout tonight. I kind of hate the 5 PM crowd, so maybe home to relax for a minute, do some laundry and then head back there around 7. I just can't fall asleep!

Friday, May 12, 2017

My Week in Workouts

I am still working out. But I haven't posted about it in three weeks now. And part of me thinks maybe I shouldn't bother with that post. Does anyone really care what my workouts are. But maybe I do. It's nice to have them in one place. But usually they're nothing revolutionary.

Sometimes I come on and say if I've had a great run. Or I'll brag if I hit some heavy weight. But right now I am just putting in the work. Nothing fancy. I am doing pull-ups at the park once a week. This week I decided I needed a second band to help me and it made a huge difference. Instead of just flailing my body up over the bar two or three times, I am able to do 8-10 pull-ups using my actual pull-up muscles. My hope is that I can actually work those muscles until they get stronger and then I can lose one of the bands.

Tracy and I are still running once a week. The last two sessions we've actually had pretty good times. I used to be in charge of making us slow down (so that she wouldn't tire out so soon) but lately I've been pushing through and the 3/2 pattern we're doing allows enough time to catch our breath. At least once a week I've been running 30 minutes before I do pull-ups. I've been doing a variety of work with that run. Sometimes letting myself walk when I need it, sometimes doing 4/1 intervals. Next week I might do some distance intervals. And then once (or maybe every other week) I try to run a solid three miles. This is the workout that I skipped the most when I was feeling like I was getting sick. But I need to bring it back. Last week I did three and it was slower than my intervals this morning.

Then I am currently doing a lot of lighter weights and high reps in the gym. It gives me the most burn and is the most fun for me. The gym has purchased new equipment and moved everything around and it's taken me a little while to get back in a routine where I know what things I can super-set together. And I am still taking it easy on my knee: working mainly hamstrings and no quads. But it might be time to change that.

My workouts have honestly been the most consistent thing. I seem to be able to commit to them at least. Here's my current schedule:

Monday - Arm day: chest, triceps and biceps
Tuesday - Three mile run/REST
Wednesday - Two miles and Legs
Thursday - Mowing/REST
Friday - Run with Tracy
Saturday - BodyCombat and Shoulders
Sunday - 30 minute run and pull-ups

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Weigh-In Wednesday Carb Cycling

Starting Weight: 7.4 pounds
Week Two Average: 6.8 pounds
Week Two Lowest: 6.0 pounds

This was the weirdest week. I was at six pounds last Wednesday. I ate perfectly Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. My weight stayed in the 6-6.2 pound range. Frustrating.

On Sunday, our neighbors hijack us from our gardening and movie plans and made us drink margaritas with them on their back porch. And eat a cookie. And then we ended up going to a later movie and not eating dinner. So I didn't hit my macros. Then boom, my weight is back to seven pounds.

And then I am back on track on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday I wake up at eight pounds. And I am retaining so much salt that my fingers are puffy and my rings hardly fit. Which is super odd for me because most of my life my rings are too small.

So I don't know exactly what is going on. And it's not following much of a pattern. But I do know things got off for a day, and I have struggled with getting my carb-cycling pattern back. And then things went really wonky in the middle of the week.

But actually I was back down to six today. So maybe it's like this week never happened.

Or maybe my scale is acting up.

Either way, I have a had another busy and crazy week. Like I have to spend my lunch break getting everything crossed off my to do list because I don't have any free time in the evening. And I am preparing for a super busy weekend where I have absolutely no free time and a lot of eating indulgence options. But I am going to hold strong.

And I am going to get back to regular blogging. Any day now.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Bad Blogging

Life has been super chaotic the last few weeks. And I have been a bad blogger.

First, work was super busy trying to get things set up for Summer Reading and because we were closing for a week to get new carpeting. So every box of crap I had piled around the library needed to be stored or sorted or just thrown away. This wasn't really my top priority for April, but that's what it had to be done.

Then we closed. And I was misplaced and didn't have my own desk and felt like I was living out of my car. Or working out of my car. Except I am not allowed to work from my car, so I just bounced around locations every day and didn't know what I was doing. And that was awful. Plus, I should have been preparing my library for summer and I couldn't even get in the door.

And today, we reopened. And there are so many books to put away. And nobody know whats going on. And the customers are mad we've been closed for a week. And pretty demanding. But none of that concerns me, because I'm headed out to schools starting today.

Which makes me a little sick to my stomach. Presentations to 100 kids. Especially middle-schoolers. I mean I love it. But even after fifteen years, the first one makes me a little sick to my stomach. And then by the end of the next three weeks, I am saying it all in my sleep.

I did have a three day weekend and I was so productive. Mostly doing fun outdoorsy things though, not the things I really should have been doing. But I loved it.

But I haven't really sat down in a few weeks. And I might crash.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Weigh-In Wednesday: Carb Cycling

Starting Weight: 7.4 pounds
Week One Average: 6.2 pounds
Week One Lowest: 6.0 pounds

Week One was a successful week. The weight didn't just fall off like I wanted it too. Turns out it wasn't just extra water and salt. But I pretty much knew that, since I was stuck at seven forever and not just seeing it when I ate too many chips one night. But the weight did lower little bit by little bit. And has remained stead in the 6.4 --> 6.0 range. I was really hoping to see a five by this morning, but no such luck.

A 1.2 pound loss is completely satisfactractory. And I am happy with it.

I am also hoping to see the same loss for week two. I need some motivation here.

Not that I am stuggling. My food has been on point for the last nine days. And I haven't felt like I have had to make any sacrafices. Except turning down Mexican food every day that Dan mentions it. Which is way too often.

I was looking at making a May goal that was like "hit my macros 27/31 days" but why not hit them every day. What I do love about carb cyclinc is that I can look at my week, see that I have a kid's birthday party on Saturday, know that I am going to eat cake. Which will be high carb. So I can plan to have low-carb day the day before. It seems more flexible. Of course, you can't have high carb and high fat day, so if you're having cake, don't eat cheese and peanut butter. But still, cake!

In conclusion, I am feeling good about where I am at and the progress I am making. Things are going the right direction, Yay!