Thursday, April 27, 2017

Wednesday Weigh-In: Carb Cycling

Current Weight: 7.4 pounds from goal

Things have gotten out of hand. I can not seem to get past four days of healthy eating before I just don't care. So I reached out for help. My fit sisters were there. As they always are. And just writing it down: I need to make a change. helps to.

They suggested new numbers. Because my old numbers weren't working if I can't stick to them. I kind of like my old numbers, but agreed because having something new to work on definitely re-focuses me.

So I am going to go back to carb cycling. Though not quite as much as before. Nice and Easy. I am just going to alternate every day. Low-Carb/High-Carb/Low-Carb/High-Carb. And I am going to keep my calories the same every day. Last time I was doing three sets of number (low, medium and high) and I was cycling my calories just a bit. And if something fatty comes up and I want to have a second low-carb day and switch days around, I am just fine with that.

So my numbers will look like this:
High-Carb Days 1900 calories: 140p/210c/55f
Low-Carb Days 1900 calories: 140p/182c/68f

What else is going on? I've been working out, but not hard-core. I have been battling a cold. Two colds actually. Work is crazy busy. I am setting up all of our School Visits to promote summer reading. And my library is closed next week to get new carpet. Which seems nice, but it is not nice to make sure you have everything you need for work all in the trunk of your car, plus everything that you leave on your desk not breakable.

Anywho. I am here. I am alive. I haven't done great for weeks. But I really do feel like I am back on track now. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday Weigh-In

Average Weight: 6 pounds

I am pretty much lost right ow. I'm still here flailing around. For the most part, I had five good days in the last week, and then Easter came and it was untracked, but it wasn't awful. And then I had Monday off so it was mostly untracked but not truly awful.

But any untracked days seem to set me back 3-4 good days. So I am just maintaining.

Which is really where I said I meant to be.

I just wanted to maintain at 2 pounds from my goal. Not six.

And slowly moving down toward zero. Not up.

But I am living life too. And I guess that's kind of nice. Five days of heavily tracked, high protein days, and then two of a few nachos and a doughnut.

And obviously I am prioritizing that life.

Though I keep hoping that this will be the week when I will pull it together for a solid seven.

Fingers crossed.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

My Week in Workouts

I did work out this week. I was dragging most of the week (from my cold) and sometimes I just went through the motions. But I got six workouts in. And I worked a lot of hours and crossed a lot of (work) things off my list. So I guess I should be proud of myself this week. I could have just skipped working out.

Saturday I went back to BodyComabt. I felt no ill effects after taking thirty minutes of it last week. So I ready to stay for more of it. Then the teacher announced she'd be playing music from "back in the day" and it was everything we used to do at Gold's Gym and I ended up staying for the whole thing. The usual ab/push-up track at the end was a butt blaster. I remember we did this one with Mary one time. But my butt hurt so bad the next day. I wish they would bring that track back at the end and stop with all the push-ups.

Sunday I wasn't feeling well, but I knew I needed to get a workout in. Dan agreed to go on a two mile walk with me. It wasn't fast, but it was the required thirty minutes (thanks pact app!) And then I wanted some help setting up my pull-up band. I found a perfect park, and a place where I could place the band and still reach it. I may make this part of my Sunday routine. Much less embarrassing doing pull-ups at the park than in the middle of the bigman weight room. I am still only able to do like three at a time. I am either going to try to add the purple band on, or think about ordering the one that makes it easier. I am sure I could keep doing three over and over. But I really want to be able to crank out ten for a while.

Monday I had an event in the evening, but I didn't have to work until 11. I needed to get a workout in despite not feeling great. I did it. I only burned 180 calories. But at least I got there. I did the shoulder work I skipped on Saturday.

Tuesday I only had to work until 2:00. Finally I got some time off. I used my time productively and went to the evening Combat class. I can never make it there when I have to work. It was much better than I remember it. Or it was such a nice day that people were outside instead of at class. Then I stuck around and did the chest and tricep work I am assigned on Tuesdays.

Wednesday was my first leg day in nine weeks. And by legs I really mean hamstrings and glutes. I did my first set of straight deadlifts and my hamstring cramped up. Or I pulled something. It wasn't good. But it wasn't by my knee. Just my hamstrings saying WTF? Lots of low weight, high rep work. My hamstrings took a couple of days to heal, but I didn't feel it otherwise. Really trying to get my glutes to activate before I go back to squatting.

Thursday was finally my day off. Dan and I went out to dinner. I am trying to make it special to have a night away from the gym.

Friday I was off of work, but I needed to do Saturday's workout. There was no Combat to use for my cardio, and I couldn't talk myself into running on the treadmill (and it was raining outside.) So I used the elliptical and it just was not the same. I did have more energy for my shoulder workout though. So I guess there are some benefits to mixing things up.

I am proud of myself for doing six workouts. I only burned (maybe) 2500 calories. Which goes to show I wasn't working super hard. And I didn't run at all. I just didn't have the energy. My cold/sinus congestion is on its way out, and work is dying down for a couple of weeks. So I hope to get things back in gear all around.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Weigh-In Wednesday

Average Weight : 6 pounds

Well, things went so-so this week. The roller coaster pretty much kept on chugging along even though I declared an end to it last Wednesday.

I didn't get it all together right away. Wednesday was a perfect day. But Thursday was one of my most stressful days of the work year (High School Art Show) and I ended up eating too many crackers and cookies and punch. Friday I was back on track. Saturday, not so much.

Sunday I had had enough. My weight was up to eight pounds. I was not okay seeing that number. So I put a stop to it. Now I have had three good days in a row and I am back to six pounds this morning. And even though I am not happy with that number, I am feeling better.

It seems sad that I am happy with three whole days in a row. But since I wasn't making it past two before, it's a big flippin' deal. Plus I feel like I have my head back in the game. Which is really the key. Not just saying I want to skip the cookies. But understanding that I want to skip the cookies.

You have to want to lose weight/not gain/not outgrow your pants/be better than you want that cookie. I can't explain that motivation. But that's what it all comes down to. You have to want that thing more. Over and over again. Day after day.

And that gets exhausting.

And this week I have a little cold I am battling. Which is more exhausting.

And work is extra stressful right now because we don't have enough staff and I need more time to do all the things leading up to summer. I have worked more than 40 hours this week. And that is more exhausting.

But I want to be in good shape for summer. And not wearing fat pants. And comfortable in my own skin.

And I want it more than I want that cookie on the breakroom table, or the fries off of Dan's plate, or the easy Burger King lunch.

I feel like I am in the right place. I felt like that last week too. But a little more now. And that's all I can do I guess.

Friday, April 7, 2017

My Week in Workouts

I had an average week of workouts but I am so worn out that I feel like I must have worked out hard corp. Unfortunately I didn't.

I started the week off with my new plan. And that new plan included: BodyCombat class. I almost teared up when the music started playing. It had been nine weeks since I had attended a class. I stayed for half of it. I am hyper-aware of my knee and didn't want to put too much stress on it. If I stayed through track five, I can miss out on the second leg track. Plus, I wanted to add shoulders to my morning routine, so I don't want to stay for all of it anyway. I have a hard time telling if my tendinitis was flaring up or if that's just my hamstring being tired because i am working it. But I loved the class, and I love working shoulders. 

Sunday was another great workout. I ran two miles in intervals on the treadmill. I am hoping to use these treadmill miles to work on my speed. So ran for three minutes and walked for two. I kept all the runs somewhere between 10-11 minute miles. Then I braved the busy cable machine and did some pull up work. My back and biceps were already so tired from Combat class though. I really couldn't pull myself up this week (it might be how far down I was from the bar) so I just jumped up and held myself there for five seconds. I did it five times. I sure hope I start to see some improvement there. But I also think maybe I need to get a band with a little more help. 

I guess Monday was a great workout too. I did my "long run" which just means my three miles without stopping. I did cut 21 seconds off my time, but I also paused at the streets (and there were more of them because of the route I ran). I felt like I pushed myself just a little too hard. My knee hurt and I was dead the rest of the night. Next week I am just going to let myself go out there and  do an easy three miles. No killing myself.

Tuesday I should have worked out. But I did not feel well. It might have been the 10 espresso beans I ate. It might have been the additional sugar I consumed all day. It might have been the run the night before. Or it might just be that Tuesdays used to be my rest days and I can't wrap my mind around going to the gym after work. So I came home and laid in bed for hours instead.

And Wednesday I did Tuesdays workout (and skipped Leg day Wednesday.) This wasn't a good workout. I went through the motions and quit early. But at least I didn't let myself skip out.

Thursday morning I got up and ran with Tracy. She was battling a cold but I had an eleven hour work day ahead of me, and I wasn't about to cut my workout short after dragging myself out of bed. The sun is finally coming out after about 12 days of rain and gloom and it is turning my whole outlook around. 

Friday I rested. 

And now I am ready to do it all again!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

For Three Minutes on Monday

My knee hardly hurts anymore. Which is awesome. Except when I try to sit criss-cross. Which isn't awesome. But since I became a PT drop-out, I don't actually try to sit like that any more. My body has adapted to sitting different ways, and jumping into bed different ways.

I used to try to make it hurt every day just so I could tell the Physical Therapist, "it hasn't hurt since Tuesday!" But it always did. And now I just don't ever try it. And for the most part, I can forget about it.

Except for three minutes on Monday.

When I was trying to run a fast 5k.

And I was sprinting at the end.

And suddenly my knee really hurt.

But in a strange spot. More like the front inside. On my shin. But definitely in a place that could lead to that side knee area.

And it was a bad kind of pain.

The kind that made me think, whatever was almost torn is now torn for sure!

So I hobbled back. And sat down. And rubbed it a little.

And then it was fine.

And completely back to normal.

And hasn't hurt even a minute since.

Except to sit criss-cross.

But I am a tad scared to do much sprinting.

I had been putting too much pressure on myself to run each 5k faster.

So next week I just want to go out and have an easy 5k run. I want to run my fastest 5k some day when I do not hurt myself.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Weigh-In Wednesday

Average Weight: Too much

Truth: I can't get my shit together. I will have two good days of eating and then I am on my fourth cookie off the break room table and going out for chips and salsa for dinner.

And until I do, I am just staying off the scale because we can't be friends. I saw an eight.

And now I am back on track. For two whole days anyway. And really determined to kick it into gear this time.

Because this is a bad habit to get sucked into. This roller-coaster.

And I have big goals for this summer.

And long story short: Here's to a fresh start.

Monday, April 3, 2017

April 2017 Goals

I did pretty well with my March goals. I have definitely increased my water drinking on the weekend, though I still have to really think about it and count. I started using a 33 oz. water bottle. That allows me to just drink 3.5 bottles and I know I am done. It's a lot easier than counting 16-20 oz at a time and trying to remember if I was on 4 or 5 or 6. Three refills is pretty easy to remember. Fill in the morning, fill for lunch, fill at breaktime/on the way to the gym and a little extra for dinner in the evening. I don't like to drink too much after work, because I don't like getting up in the middle of the night to pee. But sometimes, I still find myself chugging 8 oz at bedtime.

I packed my lunch four times a week. Which is seriously awesome. It's still not really a habit yet. I still have to think about it every morning and I still have to talk myself out of breaking my goal and just eating out. I think it will always be easier to not pack a lunch. But it's easier to not brush my teeth too, so... when will be natural?

I also met my goal of running three straight miles. Three times actually. And I am proud of that and planning on working on that more this month. This was really a mental hurdle I needed to get through, not a physical one. But it was a big one. And one I am glad I made a priority.

Macros I was not good with. I would hit them for three or four days and then I would not. When I am not planning on losing weight, it's easy to get into a mental space where what does a few extra chips matter? Or it doesn't matter if I eat a few extra carbs. So I need to get back to focusing on that. My weight has been increasing a bit and I don't like it. I am doing well with my workout plans, I need to make sure I don't ruin it with my nutrition.

So what are my goals for April?