Friday, March 31, 2017

My Week in Workouts

I am trying to move from two rest days per week to one. And it is exhausting. There's something wonderful about taking a day off during the week that you don't "need" but that you earn. Or take for yourself. But I have big goals and I am not going to reach them just sitting around on Tuesday evenings. Plus, I consider my Friday morning run kind of a active rest day. 

Saturday morning I was up early and got it one. Well, not super early. But I started week 6 of my arms plan and mixed it with three different cardio bursts: treadmill, elliptical, spin bike. That was fun to mix things up. I also attempted to do my pull ups. Despite the fact that I had to do them in front of 15 people all on the treadmill with nothing to do but watch me flail around. Fun times. I couldn't do many. Maybe three. And then I just spent time jumping up and hanging and lowering myself slowly. I am excited to get into a routine and start seeing improvements.

Sunday I did not get it done in the morning. I did a bunch of productive things around my house (taxes, groceries, laundry) and finally dragged myself there. This is my favorite routine: low-weight arms. I mixed it with three bouts of the spin bike because I had a bruise on my booty that hurt so bad if I tried to walk on the treadmill. 

Monday I ran my straight three mile run. I was happy with my time. I told you all about it here!

Tuesday, my body knew it was supposed to be a rest day, so it was very baffled at why I was making it go to the gym. I was dreading it so much, that I promised myself zero cardio. And I don't lie to myself. So I just did heavy back and chest day. I still got a pretty good calorie burn, seeing as I only spent five minutes warming up on the treadmill. 

Wednesday I finished week six of all-arms. The gym was so busy, I wasn't able to do these in the circuit I prefer. But oh well. I seem to have maxed out my tricep press weight, but I am amazed that I can do 60 pounds on that. I haven't been able to increase my overhead press yet because the bars I like to use are always busy. I was hoping my biceps would be more ripped by this point. 

Thursday was my rest day, but I had to go pick up my car from the oil change place on my lunch break. So I might as well track the distance. 

Friday morning I ran with Tracy. I knew the path we usually take would be covered with water and there would be big mud patches in several of the underpasses. So I talked her into trying a new way. But she had even better ideas and we ended up only doing two miles. Oh well. I worked enough this week. 

I burned over 3000 calories. I'll take it. But I am ready for something new to start next week. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Running and Lifting and Combating and Resting

For the last eight weeks I have been doing a program where I lifted arms twice a week and chest/back twice a week - one day heavy, one day light. I can't say I have seen huge improvements. And I am kind of surprised by that. I did hit my Overhead Press PR (45 pounds!) but I haven't moved past that.

But now it is time for a new program. For the next eight weeks I am going to continue to work on my upper body, I am going to add in a run each week to hopefully get faster at that, I am going to add back in a light leg day to work specifically on my weaker areas that might be contributing to my knee pain, and I am going to bring back Combat class!

And how am I going to accomplish all that?
Like this:

  • I'm mixing up the body parts I work together. 
  • I'm hoping the gym is dead on Sundays and I can do pull-ups without embarrassing myself. 
  • Or I can run down to the park and do my workout there, and with hand-weights at home.
  • I am hoping the two mile runs (usually on a treadmill) will be me working on speed work or hills or different intervals. 
  • Man, I miss BodyCombat. I hope I can make it through!
  • And don't re-injure myself. 
  • Mondays will be where I try to beat my three mile time.
  • Fridays will be where I chat with Tracy.
  • Thursday will be my only rest day. I am already tired.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Weigh-in Wednesday

Average Weight:
4.2 pounds if I am sticking to my macros
7.0 pounds if I am not.

I am in a bad place. I started eating junk food and I can't stop. It began last Friday. We babysat some kids, and the mom ordered pizza for us. So that's what I ate. And some dessert. And the bread-sticks. Then Saturday I had a family event and suddenly I have eaten a cinnamon roll. I don't even like cinnamon rolls. Plus, like four cookies. Monday was March birthdays at work, and I had no restraint, mixed with a lunch date I had with Samantha, which include McDonald's. I just walked in there like it was 2004. Ordered my meal, with fries and everything. And then I just ate it. All.

I have a couple healthy meals here and there and then I just stop caring. Nothing that fit my macros sounded good last night, so I just had cereal and went to bed. But my numbers haven't been on since last Thursday.

And when I am not limiting my carbs, my scale shows 7 pounds from goal. And then I get back on track for a few days and it returns to 4. And then the whole process starts over again.

I guess it's good that it hasn't climbed to nine. Must be something magical about that seven! But I don't want to test it.

And I like to think that I am on a better page today, but I have had three bites of brownie from the breakroom. I better track those. And then I'd better have some grilled chicken for dinner and get right in the head.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Workin' on my 5k

One of my two 2017 Fitness-Resolutions was to run my fastest 5k this year. My current best 5k came last April when I ran it in 35:53. So running my fastest 5k of all time would be anything under that. Yet, somehow I got in my head that my fastest would be a 34 minute 5k.

Honestly, I'd be happy with 35:52!

But lately I have been so far away from that number that my hope was dwindling.

All I have been doing is running intervals. Usually slowly with Tracy and sometimes fast by myself. But even fast isn't ten-minute miles. And I don't think I have run three straight miles since last April.

So I set a March goal to run three straight. I needed to get over the mental aspect of it. And believe me, it was daunting. I didn't care how fast I went, I just needed to keep shuffling until my 3.1 miles was complete.

I had to try it twice. The first time I shut down after the first 20 minutes. It had been going just fine, but when I realized I still had half to do, I just couldn't make my body do it. So I tried again the next day. I was so determined. But I picked a horribly windy day. It didn't matter. I didn't care if I was "running" 15 minute-miles, I just couldn't stop to walk. I hit a wall at 25 minutes. But I talked myself through it by thinking of all my fit-sisters and how they do hard things. And when I was done listing them all, I started over. And finally I was done. And it took me 42:34. Six minutes and 42 seconds longer than my goal.

I met my March goal though. To run the whole thing. Now I knew I could do it. So I made the goal to run it each week and see how much I could improve.

It was either too cold, or my schedule didn't work for me to do it the next week. But I tried again two weeks later. My goal for this round was to break the 40 minute mark. And I didn't quite accomplish it. I still thought I had a ways to go when I looked at my phone and it was over. So I didn't have a chance to sprint at the end. But I was happy that I shaved over two minutes from the week before. I was also proud of myself for running the third mile faster than the first two, which tells me I was holding back a bit. I knew I could go faster. I was still 4 minutes and 26 seconds away from my goal. 

So I tried again the next week. It was perfect weather. That definitely helps. And I had quite a bit of energy from the donut I had indulged in on my break. Everything was in my favor. Except for this giant bruise on my booty that hurt with each and every step I took. I really pushed myself. I was winded most of the run. But I did it in 37:31... shaving another 2 minutes and 47 seconds off my time. Now I am just 1 minutes and 39 seconds away from my goal. I was really proud of myself. Plus look, that third mile is my fastest and I definitely sprinted that end!

I am certain I will be able to meet this fitness goal. Even though I am worried that I will get "test anxiety" and choke. Even though I am scared that the peak running season is April, and I only have four weeks to accomplish it before it gets too hot and muggy to PR. Even though I still have to shave almost two minutes off my time, which already seemed like a struggle. I know I can. And I will. 

I don't imagine that I'll be able to shave one to two minutes from my pace each week. I would guess I will even have set-backs, where my time gets worse one week. But I am just going to keep working. If I can get 10-15 seconds better each time, I will be proud.

As much as I want to see that 35:52 clock, or that 34 minute 5k, I really just want to become a faster runner. I am not training for a race. I am training for life. 

And that's something I need to remember in every aspect of my life. I'm in it for the long run!

Monday, March 27, 2017

New Routines

Eight weeks ago I started Physical Therapy. And I changed up my routine.

I haven't gone to BodyCombat in eight weeks. 

I haven't done squats or any heavy weight machines in eight weeks.

I have just worked my upper body, run, used the spin bike, and the elliptical.

Now it's probably time to mix things around again.

A little update on my PT:
Since February 16th, my tendonitis seems to be fixed (that's the pain in my knee pit and the reason I went in.) It only took two weeks of intense work to fix it. Just like she said. But it uncovered a second knee pain (the inside-middle) that she thinks is my MCL. But I don't think that's what it is. And I don't think anything she's doing is fixing it. And more importantly it doesn't hurt in real life. It only hurts when I sit a certain way, or squat down to the floor too quickly. It is not worth $25 a week for me to go in and work on building up my other muscles. 

I can do that for free. 

So I kind of abandoned PT. And I don't think I am going to go back unless things get worse. I think where I am right now is: if you want that pain to go away forever, you have to get a cortisone shot. And hope that takes care of it. But probably you can just live with it. 

That makes me kind of sad. Like I am admitting defeat. Or that I am just getting old and will have pains now. That I will never sit criss-cross applesauce with my right knee closest to my body. 

But instead of being sad, I am thinking of mixing up my routine. 

I am ready to go back to Combat. I think 9 weeks is plenty of time to let my tendons settle down.

And I need to add a light leg day where I do work on my glutes and strengthening my hamstrings and my calves. Those are all the things she has me doing as PT homework. If I can strengthen all those areas my quads and knees won't work so hard. 

And I would like to add a third running day to my week, because my goal is to get better at that. And this is the time of year to do it. I would love to have a three mile run, a slow interval run with Tracy, and a faster interval run on my own.

But I am doing great things with my arms and I don't want to give any of that up. I just learned how to use the pull-up band.

So four arm days, three run days, a leg day, BodyCombat, and one or two rest days. How can I make that all fit.

And on top of that, there's this 6-week challenge at a crossfit gym close to my library. I would love to do that instead. It's $250 and they do body fat testing, give you a nutrition plan and you can come do their bootcamp style classes. But I will never sign up alone and I will never find anyone to talk into going with me.

Stay tuned for what my new routine looks like.

Friday, March 24, 2017

My Week in Workouts

Another good week of working out. I was on track for six workouts, when rain kept Tracy and I from meeting on Friday morning. So just five workouts, but I'll take it.

Saturday, I worked arms. Surprise. Surprise. I really love this low-weight, high-rep arm workout. I think it's my favorite day of the week. And I really love mixing my weights in with my cardio. I never get bored and I get a great burn. 

Sunday was such beautiful weather. I had afternoon plans, so I needed to get my workout in during the morning. I wanted to get outside and I chest/back day was up. I also wanted to try to use my new pull-up bands. So I decided I would run down to the park (about one mile) and then do a bunch of pull-ups and then run back. That would be a perfect workout. Except there was no where to do the pull-ups. And I forgot how hilly my neighborhood was. So I ran/walked and I tried to do pull-ups and failed. Later in the day, I found a different park and was able to crank out a few. But it wasn't the amazing workout I imagined. Also I ran carrying my band. I drew the line on bringing my lifting gloves. But my hands were rough the next day!

So Monday I had to do chest and back work. I am having such a hard time increasing my bench press weight. I wish I had a spotter. But I am not about to ask one of the 20 year old jocks in the men's room to stop talking about how wasted he got this weekend, to help me. I just don't like working back in general. I miss kickboxing.

Tuesday I ran after work. Alone. My goal is every week to run three straight miles and see if I can start working on my time. I wanted to beat 40 minutes today. But I didn't realize how close I was to the end, and wouldn't have been able to make up 15 seconds anyway. I still shaved over 2 minutes from last week's run. My goal for 2017 was a 5k in 34 minutes. So I just have six more minutes to work off of there! Ha! Good to note, I ran my third mile faster than the first two, which means I was holding back. I never want to get too tired and not be able to finish.

Wednesday, I was back for arms again. Heavy this time. And the gym was crowded, which meant I couldn't cycle things like I like to, and I couldn't do everything in my usual order. That was frustrating. But I got the workout done. I think this finishes up week five of all-arms.

Thursday I worked a ten hour day. But I was planning a rest day anyway.
Friday we were supposed to run in the morning, but it was raining, and I was happy to pass. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Weigh-In Wednesday

Average Weight: 4.2 pounds

This is a false data point. I told you last week that I had a cheat weekend (this was 11 days ago now) and that my weight was up a couple of pounds. Then I was having some tummy troubles and that added on a pound or so. Then came "that time of the month" which is always a higher weight for me, add on another pound. Plus, there was this popcorn on the breakroom table that I ate for about three days. I tracked it, but it seemed extra salty. I was bloated for five different reasons. That left me at 7 pounds from my goal. And I stayed there for a week. Usually these things would only last a few days each. But apparently compounded, they last for 8 days.

I was actually starting to worry. Like eight perfect days of eating and I am gaining weight?

This is why scales are nonsense.

Then, finally, my weight was back to 4.2 pounds on Tuesday. Just like that. Seven to four and I didn't do anything different. It was at 4.2 again this morning.

So that's the data I am going to use. I don't need some combination of circumstances runing my mojo. Things are going just fine and I am right where I am supposed to be: working on running a faster 5k and doing a pull-up.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

No Where to Pull Up

I want to get serious about my pull-up goals. So I bought a pull-up assistance band off of amazon. I had a hard time deciding which one to get. They come in six or seven levels. They had a chart, but I didn't want to get one that provided too much assistance. I still wanted to be working. Otherwise how am I going to get better. And I also wanted one that I knew I'd be able to use for a while.

I got a two piece set. One is a green band, which is what the recommended for those of us that could do zero pull-ups on our own. And then I got a purple band, which is the next level up. For when I am able to do lots with the green band, but still need a little assistance to do one.

Sunday I was eager to try it out. I was going to bypass my usual Chest and Back workout for a great session with my bands. I ran down to the park in my neighborhood. I carried my green band with me. But there was no where to put it. There are bars. But I need to be able to hook the band around it without using a ladder. And then I need to be able to get my foot up and in it, without breaking my neck. It would help if I could do a pull-up so I could get up there. But alas, that is the whole point.

Plus, there were all these kids around. And I was the creepy lady with a green band. I even said, "Am I in your way if I try to do a pull-up here?" to a couple and their three-year old. But it didn't work out there. I manged to tie it on to one bar and then kind of contort my body to another bar to use for my hands. But it wasn't a real pull-up experience. Then I walked home in defeat.

Later that afternoon I took my pull-up band with me to a different park, where I was meeting Jennifer and the girls. I hooked my band on the Monkey bar set and was able to stretch my foot up there and get it to work.

I thought I'd be able to crank out a bunch of pull-ups.

I could do two. Maybe I did three. I did to sets.

It's still hard.

No way will the purple one work.

And when Samantha got out of the car she yelled, "Karrie, what are you doing?"

The problem is, I could do them every day at that park. But it's 25 minutes away from my house. I need to find a place a little closer.

I have two options at the gym, either right in front of all the treadmills, which is always a busy place. Or right in the middle of the big-men's weight room, like in the middle of where they all stand to look at themselves, and I'd need a boost there (or a step). I am a little embarrassed by my lack of pull-up skills and neither of these sound like ideal locations to learn how to one. Or even better, five.

Should I get a bar for my own house? You know I am never going to hang that. I am still waiting to hang my towel holder in the bathroom. For the last two years.

I'm just going to have to buck up, or find a closer park. With less kids.

Friday, March 17, 2017

My Week in Workouts

I had a pretty perfect week in terms of workouts. A good mix and even set a PR. But I am feeling like I am in a bit of a rut. I have been doing my arms-only thing for six weeks now (even though I am just finishing week 4 of the program!) and have been thinking of mixing some things up. But maybe consistency is exactly what I need right now.

Saturday I ran two miles on the treadmill. It seemed like a long time. But I was happy with that pace. Knowing that I can run two solid miles in under 12 minutes each. On a treadmill. Gives me hope that the next time I attempt three solid outside, it will be a bit faster. Then I did some heavy chest and back work. 

Sunday, I set a PR on my overhead press. Forty-five pounds. It doesn't sound like much. A year ago, when I was lifting with Erin, we were using the seated overhead press machine. And with her spotting me, I could get up to 55 pounds. But I felt like I was using a lot of my heels and back (digging into the seat and floor.) So when I stopped having her to help me, I started using the smith machine to build up my standing overhead press. Since I could only do 30 pounds, I couldn't even use a real bar. But after moving to a free standing one this week, I got such a better shoulder workout. They were sore for days. I never get sore shoulders! Also, remember my bodypump days, I could never get over 12ish pounds on overhead press. Sure, we did 24 reps, but I did 25 this week!!! Interestingly (though not surprising) I went up on my bar curl weight - couldn't complete them all yet - and then was not able to do the same amount on dumbbell curls that I was able to do last week. Order really does matter!

Monday I had to work until 8:00, but I was set to hit the gym afterward. Dan was supposed to have friends over, and it's easier to go when he's busy. But he texted that his friends had cancelled. Boy, it was tough to drag myself to the gym anyway. Still, part of me had been looking forward to this workout. It has been a long time since I just went and used a treadmill for an hour while I watch a show on Hulu. I ran/walked in .25/.15 mile increments. I actually thought my time would be better than that. I did all my running at 5.5 mph which is faster than an 11 minute mile. Next time I might do .30/.15 or if I am really brave, take the walk break down to .10.

Tuesday and Thursday were my rest days. 

Wednesday I was back for low-weight chest and back day. I love to intermix the cardio, so my heart rate stays a bit higher. This was the start of week 5 of my program. I mixed up a few exercises. I had been doing pull ups and push ups, but I added in two different machines. I ordered pull-up bands from amazon, so I can start working on doing actual pull-ups with out the machines. I am excited to work on that more. 

Friday morning was great weather, and Tracy and I took advantage of it with an early morning run. But the time change has left us in the dark again. Doesn't matter. The weather makes me so happy!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

BBQ Chicken Pizza

One of my favorite foods is BBQ Chicken Pizza. Or maybe I should say my favorite pizza is BBQ chicken. Because I don't really like pizza. But I do like to go to pizza places that offer a variety of pizzas and always try the BBQ Chicken.

For years I would get the BBQ Chicken Lean Cuisine and eat it on my lunch break. It's so delicious. But it's also full of carbs and very little protein. So I stopped buying those when I started counting macros.

But this week I made my own BBQ chicken pizza at home.

With all the real and delicious ingredients

Flatout Pizza Crust
Shredded BBQ Chicken
Reduced Fat Blue Cheese 1 oz.
Shredded Sharp Chedder Cheese 1 oz.
BBQ Sauce 30 grams
Red Onion

540 calories: 50p/42c/16f

And this was only half of it. It didn't all fit on my plate so I went back for seconds. Wonderful. I used up my last pizza crust though, and now I can't remember where I got those, and can't seem to find them again. You can use a tortilla, but these are just perfect.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Weigh-In Wednesday

Average Weight: 4.5 pounds
Lowest Weight: 3 pounds

I did something bad this weekend. I had two untracked days. Well, I tracked, I just didn't hit my macros. I planned one cheat day for Friday: Mexican food date night with Dan, complete with Margaritas. But then Friday turned into Saturday, and I found myself eating Ice Cream Sundaes with Jennifer's family. And later realizing that was an extra 800 calories. Ouf!

But I did get back on track on Sunday. However, that leaves my scale up for a couple of days.

On top of that, I have been having a bit of a stomach issue this week. In that things are not moving through fast enough. TMI! So that is making my scale climb a little. And while we're in the tmi paragraph, I'll just throw in that it's that time of the month, which is always a pound or so higher.

Next week should be better.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Sleepy Sleepy

I was tired this weekend.

And it was dreary weather.

And we didn’t have many social plans.

And those things worked in great tandem, to allow me to sleep so much.

Like I must have made up for weeks of not enough sleep.

Or a few days.

Friday I was up early to run with Tracy. And that always makes me tired by Friday evening. I hate that, because it really does limit my social activities for Friday night. If I am invited to a movie that starts later than 8:00, there’s a good chance I am not going to make it through. This Friday, Dan and I went out to dinner and then went to for coffee afterward. We got home about 9:30 and I fell fast asleep on the couch. I woke up briefly at 11:30 to change clothes and go to bed. But it was pretty much a sleep walk. I woke up the next morning at 8:30, which is my normal wake up time.

Eleven hours of sleep!

Saturday evening I was up until my regular weekend bedtime. A little past midnight. It was a rare occurrence when I had no reason to set an alarm for Sunday morning. So I planned to sleep as late as I could. Usually that’s about 8:30. I generally sleep for eight hours and wake up. I told myself I’d get up and go to the gym. Be productive with my morning. But suddenly I awoke it my clock said noon. Yes, noon! I felt very lazy. The time change was responsible for one of those hours, but still...

Eleven hours of sleep!

Obviously, I was needing some sleep in my life.

It felt good to get caught up.

I just wish I had been more productive with my actual awake hours.

My goal for this coming week is to get eight hours of sleep every night. No more falling behind.

Friday, March 10, 2017

My Week in Workouts

This week was dominated by running. I don't know what's up with that. I did five workouts, but only two lifting sessions. That left three days of running. Winter is returning this weekend, so apparently I needed to get outside while I could.

Saturday I was feeling good with my weight lifting. I started my fourth week of arms with heavy Back and Chest work. I mixed in some rounds of the elliptical and it kept my heart rate up. 

Sunday it was pretty good weather. I thought it would be a great day to try out running three solid miles - my March goal. I haven't done that in almost a year. I have just been running intervals since last May. Sometimes I run a mile at the gym, but never three. I was pretty certain I'd be able to do it though, I would just slow down. But running is a mind game, and the mental side that told me I couldn't do it, was stronger. When I hit the half-way point (20 minutes) and realized I was only half-way done and had to do it all again, I just shut down. I thought that I would just walk for a bit and start again, but I couldn't get my legs and mind going. So I just quit. Some days are like that. 

By Monday I had something to prove. It was warm but windy. So windy. Like a wind-advisory. And shingles were blowing off houses. Limbs were blowing off trees. But it was a south wind, and the trail by my library runs East to West and is sheltered a bit by houses and trees. So I thought I might be okay. More than anything I was determined. I just kept going. And at 25 minutes in I felt like I couldn't go a step further. But I spent a while thinking about each my my fit sisters and how much they inspire me. And when I got done, I thought of them all again. And sometimes it was so windy I wasn't even moving forward. But I was still giving it my all. And when I was done, I was super proud of myself. Despite the fact that I can do three miles faster in intervals. I achieved my March goal. And now that I know I can do it, I just have to get faster. 

Tuesday and Thursday were my rest days this week. Which is perfectly spaced out!

Wednesday I was back in the gym for some arm weights. I am really trying not to run every day, so I walked some hills. It didn't keep my heartrate as high. And I felt weak during my lifts. 

Friday morning Tracy insisted on running. Depite the fact that it's colder than I have ever run. But really, once it's below freezing, it's all the same. My eyes were tearing up, my nose was running. We ran 3/2 intervals so slowly I think we could have walked faster. My heartrate monitor didn't work. It was probably just too cold. I'm surprised my cell phone didn't turn off. 

My plan for future weeks is to do one solid run by myself, trying to perfect that time, and then one interval run with Tracy each week. That allows me three days of lifting and won't wear out my legs so much. I am still having that knee pain and getting so frustrated at the whole situation.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Top Five Things About This Week

1. I met may March goal of running three straight miles. It took me a long time and it was insanely windy (like shingles were flying off of houses that night.) But now I know I can do it. And next week I will do it faster. And the next week even faster. And if I shave just 10 seconds off each week, I will reach my goal of doing the whole thing in 34 minutes... by like, the end of the year!

2. I made pulled pork in the crock pot. I had gotten in a rut of only eating the same things over and over. I have never made pork in my entire adult life. My mother used to make me eat pork chops which were disgusting. But I like pulled pork sandwiches. Like when someone brings it to a potluck. So I did a bit of research, got the right cut of meat, and it's gonna be ready for me when I walk in the door.

3. I did some online shopping. I never shop any more. I almost hate going to real stores. And then sometimes I think about buying things online but I never get anything put together. And finally, now that I am wearing my smaller jeans, I've decided I need more jeans in this size, some in darker colors and also some new spring shirts. And according to the fedex website, my package arrived today. I can't wait to get home and try some new things on.

4. A week ago I had to stand up at work and defend my employees, but in doing that I had to speak against the administration. And speaking truth to power is important. But difficult. And earlier in the week I was second guessing myself and feeling sick. But it looks like things have settled down and maybe some good will have come from the situation.

5. I was actually able to come up with five things. Kinda. It's been a long rough week. And it's still only Thursday.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Weigh-In Wednesday

Average Weight: 3.8 pounds
Lowest Weight: 2.8 pounds

Right on track. I have had seven perfect days of tracking. One was a bit estimated, the others were weighed and measured precisely. And my weight has stayed right in the the 3-4 range. Which is exactly what it is supposed to do.

I mean would I complain if I lost three pounds this week? No Way. But I also like not having any expectations and being happy with where I am.

I would like to get my Body fat tested. That might give me something to actually work towards. But it's not that easy. I've yet to find one in town, so it seems a bit daunting.

So instead I have just been working on my running. I ran three straight miles this week, which was one of my March goals. I did it in 30 mph winds. I am eager to try it again in better conditions. I am still working on my upper body as well. In fact, right now I am going to look into buying pull-up bands so I can start really pushing myself in that area.

I can't remember where I read this, but it really struck home with me. Someone had finished losing weight, or has stopped weighing herself and she said something like: I don't care what the scale says, I'm chasing other numbers now. That's my mantra. Looking for faster mile times, more dumbbell weight!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Looks Like You've Made It

You know when someone else takes a picture of you, and you aren't in control of the angle? Or your double chin? Or your fat arms. And you can't look at it and ask them to retake it because that would be weird. And then that's the only picture you have to commemorate your event. Forever.

Pictures don't lie.

But yet, they can be so manipulated.

And so a photo taken by someone else. One take. That's it. That's the truth right there.

And this weekend, someone took this photo of me.

Well, us.

No time for posing. She'd already taken several photos with several other people. She was exhausted from a long day of play production.

It was a one shot deal.

And I loved it.

No fatty arms. No double chin. No bulging muffin top. No plump thighs.

I looked at it, not hoping for much, and I thought: Wow, you look skinny.

I don't remember thinking that before. Some times Jennifer tells me I look skinny in a photo I post to Facebook. And I look back on it and wonder.

But I don't remember ever seeing a photo taken by someone else and thinking such nice things.

Wearing size 9/10 pants, looking good in photos and being proud of how hard I worked, has really been my goal in all of this all along. Looks like I might just be there!

Friday, March 3, 2017

My Week in Workouts

Another week of five workouts, but I had to really scramble to get them all in.

Saturdays are so hard now that I don't have a class to go to. I need to make myself get up and go to the gym right away. But I didn't and then I end up procrastinating until afternoon. I had a good workouts of arms mixed with some half mile runs. 

Same story on Sunday. I didn't go in the morning and then I just wait around all day. When I didn't have more chores I could do instead, I made myself head in for Heavy Chest and Back day. I warmed up with just ten minutes on the treadmill and never could get my heart rate up. Part of me felt like I burned more calories doing all the laundry and cleaning that afternoon. But I was proud of myself for attempting a pull-up (nope) but being able to hang from the bar for ten seconds. 

Tuesday morning I got up early to meet Tracy, and she overslept. I was so close to driving back home and crawling back into bed for 45 minutes. But I didn't. And I am really proud of myself for that. I still did the 3/2 intervals, but was able to do them at my own speed. Which actually made me get a bit warm. It wasn't as fast as the last time I did those intervals on my own. Just shows that I have a lot more energy later in the day. 

Wednesday ended up being my rest day. Work was stressful and I was having a pinched nerve in my hand which made it difficult to grip. But those were all excuses. I just needed to relax for a while. 

So Thursday I hit the gym after PT. I did the eliptical for ten minutes and then finished up my third week of Arms. I think I am starting to set some records here. I have never added weight to the bar for tricep pressed (close grip) so that 50 has to be a record, and I did all five of them. And 45 is the most I've done with standing overhead presses. This means I can stop using the smith machine and move over to the squat rack. That same 45 will be harder with a free bar, but I think it's time. 

Friday I had to get something in thanks to my Pact Ap. But I had plans after work and it was too cold to run in the morning. It was supposed to be a nice (but windy) afternoon, so I told myself I could just go on a nice walk on my lunch break. I even wore my coat. Nothing much, but got active on a day I otherwise wouldn't.

I feel like I haven't had a great workout in a while. Like sweaty, hard-core. I guess that's because it's been five weeks since I've been to kickboxing. Running is good too, when I go by myself, but the right now I am waiting for the weather to be on my side. Maybe Sunday. 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

March Goals

First, I did so awesome at my 4 packed lunches in January and February. I didn't fail once. Do you know how much money I am saving? Let's say I am eating out two less times per week (which could be an understatement) and let's say I spend 7.50 a lunch on average. That's $15 a week. Times eight? $120 so far. That's something really nice I could buy myself! 

My other two February goals were doing a 1600 calorie cut for two weeks. Which I did. And hated it. And lost no pounds from. But I've told you all about that. And also, not taking bites from the breakroom table which I failed miserably at. Like couldn't even make it a week. That's not even one I want to try again. 

But I am sticking with that packed lunch goal. It is a lot of work. I am pretty used to it now, and it's still a lot of work. There's a lot of planning that goes into it and sometimes I don't want to eat the things I packed. And sometimes I have to get up five minutes early, and sometimes I have to go to the grocery store when I don't want to. And sometimes I just eat weird stuff I've thrown together. But it's healthier and I'm saving so much money!!!

My second goal should be easy. Hitting 1900 calories in my macros isn't hard but I just need to be consistent. 

I tend to drink about 100oz of water or more. But I want to work on drinking 125 and making sure I am doing every day, especially on weekends. 

Oh running! I haven't run straight since last April when I started running with Tracy. I need to build back up to three solid. Nice and slow. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wednesday Weigh-In

Average Weight: 4 pounds
Lowest Weight: 2.4 pounds

After my first full week of 1900 calories I am sitting exactly where I was before. I am a little lower than my average last week, and my lowest weight is new low I haven't seen in a while. But since the weekend I have been a little higher than I would like.

We had two more birthday celebrations for Dan this weekend, which meant two more restaurants, neither of which list their nutrition, so I estimated. Plus desserts I had accounted for changed and I just didn't have control over what was served. Even when I try to stay below my calories, eating more fat or carbs always gets my scale to jump up.

Anyway, I am right in the 3-4 range that I feel comfortable. Not that I was going to cut my calories if I wasn't. But on to another week. I am definitely enjoying eating more. On days that I do not have plans to eat out for Dan's birthday, I feel like I get to eat all the time and always end the night with a treat!

Short and sweet!