Friday, February 24, 2017

My Week in Workouts

Okay, it finally happened. I only got four workouts in this week. I really only have myself to blame because I was lazy this morning and slept in when I should have gone to the gym. But I'm not beating myself up over it. I am still going to get my five sessions for my Pact. It's just the way "weeks" align.

Saturday I was got up at my normal time (which I usually do anyway) and met Tracy for a run. It was great weather. Sunny and above freezing. I didn't even have to wear a scarf. I did my first run in my new shoes. They felt pretty good. Didn't seem to be slipping off my heel like they did at the gym. Just a little clunkier than my other running shoes. We actually ran a better time for once. We had been getting slower, so I am hopeful that the better weather and sunshine is pushing us. Also Tracy has been running without me which definitely helps her stamina.

I planned for Sunday to be a rest day. We had a sleepover at Samantha's the night before and though we woke up plenty early, we had a lot of things to get done with our day: exploring on the McGeese farm, playing outside and breakfast out together. Then Dan and I headed home where I got some laundry done and took a nap before we headed out to Omaha with our friends for a dinner event. 

Monday I had the day off for President's day. I let myself sleep in, for once. And then Dan and I went out to lunch. I finally made it to an empty gym around 2:00 where I did a heavy arm workout. I finished up two weeks on my all-arms-all-the-time plan. I don't think I notice a difference yet, but I think it's coming any day now. 

Tuesday I had the day off because I was still on vacation for Dan's birthday. It was a beautiful day. Already 61 degrees by 11 am. I did a run on my own and it was pretty great. I am so used to running intervals with Tracy that even though I wanted to see if I could still do one or two miles, I couldn't wrap my head around that. (Note: I do run one mile straight on the treadmill, and the outdoors has got to be better!) So I decided to follow the 3/2 pattern we've been running on my own. I kept all my run intervals under 11 and was pretty proud of my time considering I walked 2/5 of it! I need to try to run more on my own. And I could since it is finally getting nicer. But a blizzard came today!

Wednesday I was back at work, but went straight to the gym afterward. I got some HIIT done on the treadmill for the first time in a long time. I used to be worried that was what was causing my knee pain. Then I started week three of my all-arms plan with a high rep chest and back day. I never could get my heartrate up. I must be so mellow from having five days off of work!

Thursday was my scheduled rest day. And Friday I didn't have to be to work until 1:00 so I planned to hit the gym. But it was icy and I am paranoid about the streets and convinced myself to sleep instead. And I probably don't plan to hit the gym tonight, even though we don't have any plans. It's okay. I had a good week none the less. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Weigh-In Wednesday

End of Cut Average: 3.8 pounds
Since Last weigh-in Average: 4.2 pounds
Five days into Maintenance Average: 4.6 pounds
Lowest Weight: 3.6 pounds

There's a lot of data to collect here, and none of it really matters. I finished up 14 days of 1600 calories on Thursday. My average for that portion was 3.8 pounds from my goal weight. That means in that time period, I lost about .2 pounds.

TOTALLY not worth sacrificing every day to eat 1600 calories. Granted, the 14 days took me 16 days to complete, so I had two cheat days in there. And we all know that can ruin every bit of hard work you put in. But that seems to be the trend, if you don't get to have a treat every single day, you break down after a week and need to indulge. Or maybe that's just me.

So on Friday, I went back to low-maintenance numbers: 1900 calories - 140p/182c/68f. I might choose to cycle these eventually. Or I might just stay right here. Right now it feels like a ton of calories, and that's awesome. Like I plan my whole day and still have 300 calories to treat myself. And that is exciting. My goal right now is to not fill that 300 calories with pure junk. Before I can have any cookie dough, I need to have some fruit. But that's still an apple and two cookies!

As expected, my weight jumped from 3.6 to 5 and then 5.2 after I started eating more carbs. But it was back down to 3.8 after four days and 4 again this morning. Right now, my goal is to just see this as maintenance. It might be true that I can lose a pound every two or three weeks. And it could be true that two months might go by and I am finally at my goal weight. But that's not really my goal right now. Right now I want to focus on having healthy food, lifting a lot of arm weights and running faster. The next two months is where I want to sculpt great arms for summer and work on reaching my Resolutions of doing one pull up and running my fastest 5k (35 minutes).

I will still do a Weigh-in Wednesday. I will put my average weight and my lowest weight. But I won't note a weekly loss. My goal is to stay at 3 pounds or lower.

We'll see what happens. Maybe March will come around and I will be ready to increase my numbers. Maybe I'll have gained a few pounds and need to lose again. There is no finish line. It's just me trying to be the best version of me every single day.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dan's Birthday Weekend

We celebrated Dan's birthday with a five day vacation from work. It was awesome. Monday was President's day, so technically, we only took two days off of work (just one for Dan!) and still had five days off in a row. It was pretty relaxing, though we ate out like every meal and that makes me nervous. But I had time to get chores done, workout, and enjoy the amazing weather that came this weekend. We set record highs four of the five days (73!)

Dan had a game night with friends, we had a sleepover with Samantha and family, we road-tripped to Omaha with some friends for dinner and a cool game store and we had our friends Derek and Erin and family over for dinner. We haven't even celebrated with the families yet. I kind of hate the "we need to take you out for your birthday" demands. I mean, I even hate them around my birthday. We don't need to eat food together all the time. Why can't people do other things?

I quit my 1600 calorie cut on Friday. I bumped my calories right back up to 1900 which is where I will probably leave them for a while. Like a month? That's what I was eating from October to December. I was losing about a half a pound per week there and even though that is mind-numbingly slow, it is still in the right direction. Plus it's a lot of calories.

It felt like a ton of calories this weekend, jumping from 1600, which was good, because it felt like all we did was eat. But after a few days of a bump in the scale, I am back where I started. I shouldn't see a real gain here, just additional carbs and water weight.

Celebrating the Big 3!

Out exploring in 50 degrees in February

Proudly wearing my size 9 jeans while heading to Omaha.

Dan eats donuts, I eat protein bars and chocolate milk. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

My Week in Workouts

I worked out five times this week. Even though last week I worked out six and said you should expect a four week. Nope, I got five. I still took my two rest days and I got two runs in plus three weight days. So things are nice and steady.

Saturday I had to work, but it was supposed to be nice in the morning, so Tracy said she'd get up and run with me before work. We did our 3/2 intervals and I really thought we were going faster than we had been. The running parts didn't seem as awful and the time flew by. The weather was so much better. Just not being freezing, made the run so much better. But it wasn't faster. It was the slowest 3/2 we've done. So now we're getting even worse at running.

Sunday ended up being a rest day and I moved very little. When I don't have two days off in a row, it makes me tired. It was nice to just sit and relax.

Monday, I worked until 8:00 and still made myself hit the gym after a long day at the library. I did ten minutes on the stairmill and then my high rep chest and back day. I tried to go up five pounds on all my weights. That's my goal every week with both my high rep and low rep days. It will just take longer on the high rep sessions.

Tuesday was Valentine's day, but Dan worked until eight, and we have official plans this weekend. So I hit the gym after work for a good workout. Five minutes of running on the treadmill (trying to spend less time on the treadmill to see if it helps my knee) and then all arms. Lots and lots of arms. Again, I tried to increase my weight. Some times I could only do 10 reps instead of the 12. So I will repeat those next week. But if I am successful at 12x3, I need to increase.

Wednesday it was warm enough, and light enough after work, that I could get a run in.My back had been spasming (or something) that day and I made sure to jog slowly so as not to mess with that. I knew that walking didn't hurt it, so if I needed to walk the whole thing, I could. I wasn't afraid of getting out there and being stranded. But it only spazzed one time, and I walked the rest of that interval. It wasn't a great time, but I burned a lot of calories. And that's what I care the most about. Right?

Thursday I rested. My back was sore. I was tired. And it was time for a rest day.

Friday I had the day off. Yay, vacation. So I went to the gym in the middle of the day. Trying to break in my new PT assigned shoes. I walked a mile, ran a mile and then did heavy weight chest and back. My back is really tight right now, from either the spasming or the PT who messes with my hips everytime I go. I was worried about working it, but it never hurt during the workout.

I am enjoying the arm workouts. My arms aren't quite as tired as they had been or were last week. And my knee has been feeling pretty good. Now if I can get my back and hips worked out, and these new shoes keep me running right, maybe my life can get back to normal. Also, it's sunny!!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

I feel like an old person

  • Yesterday I had a debilitating pain shoot through my back.
  • It's over, but it has left me really sore today.
  • Or maybe it's the Physical Therapy.
  • I am now certain that their plan is to make other things sore so you don't notice the pain you came in for.
  • Except my knee still hurts.
  • The Tendonitis is fixed. 
  • That was in my "knee pit."
  • But she's certain the pain on the side is my MCL. 
  • And we're working on strengthening my other muscles so they stop pulling on my knee.
  • So every time I go, she shifts my hips and thighs.
  • And gives me new exercises to work my weaker hamstring. 
  • And butt cheeks.
  • So my legs are always sore from these new exercises.
  • My hips are always sore from being manhandled.
  • My butt cheeks are sore from being squeezed.
  • By me!
  • My back is now out of whack. 
  • Probably from having my hips wrangled.
  • My upper body is always sore because I have never worked it four times a week.
  • Actually, my knee isn't that sore.
  • Comparatively. 
  • So today I am walking a bit hobbled over.
  • With everything aching.
  • I imagine this is what life will be when I am ninety.
  • If I make it that long.
  • How am I going to hang in there till 40?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday Weigh-In

Average Weight: 4.5 pounds
Lowest Weight: 2.8 pounds

I have officially made it to nine days of my 1600 calorie cut. It doesn't even seem like it should be a landmark. I mean I ate 1600 calories for several years without thinking one week was a triumph. But I am proud of myself and I deserve to brag for a minute.

My scale really hasn't moved though. I have been stuck at that 3-5 pound (with an average of 4) for the entire week. Finally this morning I saw the 2.8 and I hope that is a breakthrough. It's frustrating to put in all the work and not see any results.

But it's also prepared me for this fact: maybe I am done. This is my happy place. My body is happy here. I can eat a ton of calories and maintain this weight. All my clothes fit. Maybe this is where I am meant to stay.

So when my two weeks are over, I am ready to start reversing up again. I am ready to eat at maintenance calories and work on different things. Maybe my booty will shrink because I will run more. Maybe my arms will tone up because I will finally learn to do a pull up. Maybe I will find a place to get my body fat measured and then work on lifting for a year and try it again. But I won't spend any more time trying to get the scale to move further down than it wants to.

Today I am wearing a pair of size 9/10 jeans. And not mom sized 10 jeans. Junior-fitting sized 9 jeans. And that is all I have ever wanted from my body. I should be happy with that. I shouldn't be frustrated. I shouldn't skip chocolate on Valentine's day. I should enjoy life. And kick-ass at the same time!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

My Week in Workouts

I had a good workout week. Since last Saturday, I actually only took one day off. So six workouts this week. I a doing perfect on my five workouts a week New Years Resolution, so even though I got six this week, expect just four next week. My blogging weeks never line up with real life weeks. 

Saturday I couldn't go to Kickboxing. You know, because the doctor said I should quit that for a while. It was sad. But I am trying to set big goals to work toward while I try to stay away from punching fake people. So I started my arm workouts. I am trying to improve my running speed, but I can't seem to commit to a full mile of it, so I am finding just attempting one half mile at a faster speed than usual is a good compromise. And breaking my workout up into three sessions and three runs made the time fly by!

Sunday I was tired. Samantha spent the night at our house and I didn't sleep my best. But the super bowl was happening in the evening and I had to get a workout in (Thanks Gym Pact!) I just wanted to do some cardio but most cardio things bore me. I started with the spin bike, which I usually love. But it was hurting my knee (or more honestly, my knee was hurting extra bad when I got there and it wasn't helping.) So I did just 25 minutes and then went over for some rowing. I've never gotten much into rowing, and I probably need to do more research on what/where I should be feeling it. Then I finished up with some abs and a bunch of stretching. I didn't get a very good calorie burn for an all-cardio workout. But I just needed something to break up the arm weights. 

Monday I was back to work and back to arms and I feel like all I do is workout, eat and sleep. 

Tuesday morning Tracy met me for a run. It was the nicest weather day we'd had in over a week. It was good to meet up with her. And it got my workout over with and freed up my night to finally do laundry or sit on the couch and do nothing. We're loving the 3/2 pattern. But we're going to love it more when it isn't below freezing. 

On Wednesday evening I started my "heavy" weights portion of my arm plan: two low weight, two high weight. It's interesting that I can't do that much more weight even when I am doing less reps. For instance, I am benching 55 pounds when I am doing 12 reps, and only 70 when I am only doing five. I mean, that's half as many reps, so you'd think I could increase quite a bit. But nope. That's why I think this will be such a good routine. Worried I shouldn't be running as much, and quite sore from just leaving Physical Therapy, I just warmed up with 15 on the Elliptical. 

Thursday was my one and only rest day. And it was wonderful. Though I still have all these PT exercises and have to ice and heat my knee. It takes almost an hour anyway. But usually I am adding that onto my normal workout. 

Friday I had the day off of work, and was able to get in and do my Heavy Arm day. I added only one five minute run warm up and my heartrate was still elevated the entire time. This was a great workout!

Now my entire body is sore. My bottom half from being pushed into place and realigned in Physical Therapy and my arms because they have no idea what is happening right now. Muscles. That's what's happening!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Just Arms

The physical therapist said no more leg days. Which really didn't offend me, because I hate leg day anyway. But also no more kickboxing. And I am starting to get worried she'll take running of any kind away and probably spinning and maybe even the elliptical, because I am not getting better. But I am trying to look on the positive side of things:

This is the time I should devote to getting perfect summer arms.

So I am going to start working arms FOUR TIMES a week. That's a lot. And my arms are prepared to be tired. I am going to divide it up into Chest and Back day and Bicep, Tricep, Shoulder day. I am going to work each of them twice. Once with low weight and high reps and once with heavy weights and lower reps. I am hoping I won't get bored mixing up the patterns like that. And I am hoping that I start to see some great gains there. Those should be some of the easiest muscles to increase..

Here is where I am starting. Think where I could be in just four weeks. Well on my way to summer ready muscles!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Take Two

What is wrong with me? I can not get motivated right now. Or I can not stay motivated right now. Like I can't even make it though a day, let alone a week.

Last Monday I decided to cut my calories down to 1600 for two weeks. It was really hard on Monday. I am just not used to eating that low of calories. Tuesday was a bit easier. Wednesday I went out for lunch to Subway, forgot that I don't have very many carbs anymore and by dinner time I was super groucy. Thursday I worked an 11 hour day and even though it was only the 2nd day of the month, I broke my vow to not eat any food off the breakroom table. Three cookies later, my day was ruined too.

Friday our friends Erin and Derek invited us over for dinner. And served pasta. It was delicious but it ruined my carb and protein ratios. I can not turn down social outings because I can't get my macros in check. That just has to be okay. And it would be if it were just one day of seven. But Saturday my fat ratios were messed up and Sunday I just didn't even really track. We had breakfast out for Dan's birthday month and then Super Bowl snacks.

I haven't weighed in the last two days because I don't even want that disappointment. Not that it will jump up that much. I just prefer it to always be predictable.


But today is the start of a new week. And even though I had planned on just doing a two week cut, I am starting those two weeks over today. It's only fourteen days. I can do anything for fourteen days. Though now it's going to take us through Dan's birthday weekend. I may not be able to hold through that, depending on what's going on. But I'll give it my best shot.

I don't know why I can't commit to anything right now. I am so close. I just want to reach my goal weight. But, there's like a mental and physical barrier keeping me from it. I just have all these excuses and I need to lose them.

Or I just need to accept where I am and settle in.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

My Week in Workouts

It was an average week of workouts. I did all my workouts in the first five days and then took the last two days off. That's kind of how my life is right now. Until I can get back to running on Friday mornings, it's hard to use Fridays as my workout days. I just have to be flexible with the weather and my workouts and my plans. Spring might come some day. But according to the Groundhog, it's not going to be for a while. 

Saturday I took a BodyCombat class. It was good. There was a new teacher, trying to get certified and she was actually really good. But she did all new music which I don't love. Had I known it would be my last combat class (at least for a while) I might have respected it more. Honestly though: I had take two weeks off from Combat (because of the new Release and having to work) and I had been noticing my knee feeling better. So as much as I hate to admit it, it might be too hard on me.

Sunday I was really sore, so I did a low-key day. I walked on the treadmill some and then did Chest and Back. I didn't do the circuit program, just went through the moves. 

Monday was the most bueaitful day. Randomly 52 degrees amid a sea of 30 degrees. So I really wanted to get out on my lunch break. But I was doing interviews at work, so I needed to keep it short, and I needed to not sweat. So mostly a walk with just a few sprints thrown in. I got to enjoy the sunshine and burn 300 plus calories. 

Tuesday I had my first Physical Therapy appointment and because it got done early, I was able to go workout right after. My legs were a little heavy from the PT so I just walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes, hoping to get the blood flowing in there. Then I did the She Sweats upperbody plan. Because I was there after work it was too busy to circuit the weights. So again, I just did them one at a time. 

Wednesday was lower body day. My right hamstring was really sore from whatever they had done to it. And although, the PT lady didn't tell me I couldn't do weight lifting, I was concerned that she might not understand exactly what I was doing. I was given this excercise to do where I press my feet into a wall. I am only supposed to do it five time, so as not to tire out my muscles. So it didn't make a lot of sense to quit doing that, to go leg press 200 pounds instead. I did three or four leg machines that only used my quads, and then I did the treadmill for 30 minutes.

I took Thursday and Friday off.

Nothing revolutionary this week. No PRs set. I am just taking it easy. I am hoping that these next two weeks can heal me up nicely and I can return to bigger and better PRs later. I think that last meme sums it up nicely: If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won't have to hear it scream!

Friday, February 3, 2017

My Bum Knee

Way back in November, I told you I had Tendonitis. I still do. And the road has not been easy.

Here are my symptoms: The back of my knee hurts. The knee pit if you will. The pain leads into the inside of my right knee. For the most part, it is just a dull pain. Some days it's worse than others, don't I don't really notice a pattern. It's always a little stiff when I get up from a chair and then I limp a little until it gets going. But it impacts me because I can't sit criss-cross applesauce. Which means I can't really sit on the floor unless my legs are out straight. That makes it very difficult to wrap Christmas presents and very hard to play games with my favorite girls. I can't sit on my knees very comfortably either. This makes it difficult for me to do any work on the floor, which is an important aspect of my job. It's also just not normal and I want to be normal again.

In November, the Urgent Care doctor told me to take Aleve and to elevate and heat it. I did. For two weeks. It was feeling better. But as soon as I stopped the Aleve it came back.

So I knew I needed more help.

I scheduled a visit to my doctor, but she takes a long time to get into see. So in the middle of December I saw her. She took X-rays. She said I had some arthritis and told me maybe I was getting old. But if I wanted I could see an Orthopedic Knee guy.

Yeah, I am not getting old, and I only went to her so she'd refer me to an Orthopedic guy anyway.

So I waited another three weeks to get into see him. He ruled out all joint things. No ACL tares. But he was worried I might have a torn meniscus. He said I could get a cortisone shot, or I could have an MRI to rule out anything bad. Well, I didn't want to just mask the pain, I wanted to figure out what was wrong with me. So I scheduled an MRI.

Three weeks later, I finally got in for that. No tears! My knees looks great. Not very much arthritis at all. Take that regular doctor! Again he offered me a cortisone shot. I have decided that cortisone shots are the antibiotic of the joint world. Sure they work, but people just go to doctors for a quick fix.

I don't need a quick fix, I have been in pain for five months now. I need to figure out what the heck is wrong and get fixed for good. So he sent me to Physical Therapy.

It only took a week or so for me to be able to get in to see her. And my life changed.

Up to this point, I felt like nobody was listening to me. They would only look at my right knee. They would move my knee cap around a bunch. They would push and pull. Does this hurt? No I told you exactly what hurts. They would have me lie on my back, so they could see the top of my knees. That's not the problem.

As soon as I sat down on the Physical Therapist's table, she asked to see both knees. She could tell me immediately where it was swollen (though it just looks fatty to me!) and then she immediately pushed where it hurt. She had me lie down on my stomach so she could actually see the back of my leg.

The Urgent Care guy was right, I have Tendonitis. But usually it would fix itself by now. And something has gone wrong. So the PT lady is going to fix me.

She hooks me up to these machines to get the blood flowing down to my knee better. An ultra-sound machine breaks up the scar tissue and electrical pulses push things around. She thinks I will be less inflammed and pain free in four visits.

Then I need to work on building up my right glute muscle so that my hamstring isn't doing all the work. That part I am not so sure about. She already has me doing an exercise, but I don't think I'm feeling it where I am supposed to feel it. Can I just do deadlifts please?

My desire to only do the exercises I like might be what got me here in the first place.

Speaking of exercises I love, she told me to stop Kickboxing. At least for a while. Kicking without resistance is bad for tendonitis. That's why people get injured playing the Wii so much. I am a bit sad. But I was also thinking of switching gyms and maybe this is the time. I am paying $37 extra a month just to have a gym with BodyCombat. And a pool. I might have to start swimming laps.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

February 2017 Goals

I actually did really well with my January goals. Which is hard to believe, because I feel like January has been a wash, and I didn't improve my life in any way. My January goals were:

  1. Workout 5 times per week. And I did!
  2. Start the lifting/run-building program: SheSweats. I did. And I have stuck with it. 
  3. Only one lunch out per week (with Jennifer!) This was most impressive goal. I packed my lunch every other day of the week and limited my eating out to only once per week. It was hard at first. I am so used to running out of time and not grabbing lunch on the way out the door. But I planned ahead each weekend so I would have a few easy meals ready and then I always had supplies for sandwiches. 
So I have made some lofty goals for February. 

1. I started a two week cut on Monday. I am limiting myself to just 1600 calories. This has been really hard the first three days. But it's only because I am used to more. I ate at this level or lower for several years. But right now I am feeling like I am deprived of anything yummy. Even my Subway sandwich yesterday used up all my carbs.

2. Only one lunch out per week. This worked really well last month and I am eager to keep going. It saves so much money ($2-$3 vs. $7-8 every meal!) and it is definitely easier to keep my calories in check. Which will be even more important with my new cut.

3. No bites from the Breakroom table. People bring snacks. That's awesome. And I have this aweful habit of just having a bit of brownie, because a bite doesn't count. But it does count. And all that adds up. And then I see no results.

Ultimately, I need my scale to move. I would love to lose just four pounds and then I would be happy moving up to maintenance calories for a while. Either this 1600 calorie cut will do that, or it won't. Either way, I am not going to keep cutting. If my scale is going to stay at the 4 pound mark, I might as well be eating more food.