Monday, October 31, 2016

Carb Cycling - Four Weeks Down

I started a carb-cycling plan four weeks ago. When I was one week in I didn't think I would make it. But I made a few tweaks and now I find myself done with almost a full month. I have enjoyed the last two weeks (since the adjustments) much more than the first two weeks. And this is something I think I will stick with for the time being.

These were the things I hated about it three weeks ago:
  • I hate low fat days. The fat is just too low. Even on the high days, it is lower than I used to be allowed. And if anything the reward for low carb days should be high fat days. My tweaks fixed this. Yes, there are still days when I have to hold the cheese and mayo, but the next day I get PB cups!
  • I think the carbs are too high. I am sitting around eating bananas and skittles to finish off my day. That's not really fun. My tweaks fixed this too. I still have days I eat more fruit, but it doesn't seem as disproportionate.
  • It's not flexibile. So if a party of dinner out comes up on a day I am doing low-calories, there's no adjusting I can do. This is still true. But I have told myself that I can switch days around if I need to, and it hasn't happened. Sometimes giving yourself the freedom is all you need.
  • My scale is bouncing all around. I was ready for that, but thought it would be higher the day after high carb days. So far, I have noticed no pattern. Just inconsistency. Yes, still inconsistent. But today I charted my work and as bouncy as it is, it is still making a downward trend. 
  • I don't understand the pattern exactly. Nope. But that's okay.
  • I am committed to doing it a certain way (that my friend set up for me) and must stick to it. Part of my would like to just cycle the carbs and leave the fats higher. Maybe that's what I'll try next. I gave it a good two weeks and then I allowed myself to change things. I think she can appreciate that I did what I needed to do.
  • Right now, I have a head ache thinking about being out of milk and wondering what I can eat that has only protein and carbs. Carbs without fats are yummy. Don't fool yourselves! Still true, I just buy milk and yogurt and cottage cheese more often. And I sacrificed some carbs for some more fats. So now I do get yummier things. 
And this is still the thing I like best about it:
  • It's pretty great mentally. I know I can have subway sandwiches on high carb day, but then I can have salads on high fat day. It's a good mix. 
In four weeks, my weight loss is 2.6 pounds. That's not huge but it is the right direction. And you can't really argue with that. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

My Week in Workouts

I finally got back into the swing of things. It was a good week of workouts. I did a little bit of weight lifting. I got outside a couple of times, I had a bunch of bad runs. I didn't burn a ton of calories. And I am even concerned that my heartrate monitor isn't as accurate as it once was. But I am just proud of the fact that I got five workuots in and got my life back on the workout train.

Satruday I got in a great BodyCombat class. I was hesitant to go becuase it was still week two of the new launch. I hate new music. I am stuck in a rut that way. Mostly, I just hate new moves. I get a better workout when I know the routine and know what's coming next. Best news ever: everyone hated the new release and we'd already gone back to old music. So it was a great class, and I followed up with some shoulder work. Still doing a bunch of heave overhead press work, and some accessories at lighter weights.

Sunday I went for a run while Dan walked behind me. He wanted to try out a certain trail and I agreed. But it was much too hilly for me. I was trying to do my 4:1 walk but then I would need to walk up a hill and it became a lot of walking and not as much running and my time suffered. But I always say: I was just there to burn the calories.

Monday I made myself go straight to the gym after work. I wanted to talk myself out of it, but I just made myself. I knew I would have to be harsh with myself. I did some HIIT on the treadmill and then followed up with Chest and Triceps. I hurt so badly the next day I couldn't raise my arms for the Itsy-Bitsy-Spider. Note to Self: don't take so much time off from weights.

Tuesday I went for a run straight from work. I am running out of time to drive anywhere before the sun goes down. So I used the limestone trail right next to the library. I don't love limestone. I know it's easier on your joints. But I am not used to it. It seems to absorb all my energy and every step is harder than it should be. I follwed the 4:1 pattern, but none of my run times were speedy.

Wednesday, I had planned on doing weights at the gym again. But my arms were so sore from Monday's weights. And my legs were so sore from either Monday's sprints or Tuesday's trail run that I couldn't imagine working that hard. I let myself do a nice paced walk. It got dark while I was out on the trail. That's a bit scary. And I had to pee so bad I had to quit early. Now my bladder is holding me back from workouts. 

Thursday is my rest day. I was ready for it after six official workouts in a row! Friday morning, Tracy had to cancel because of her work schedule. I let myself sleep in because I felt that I needed it. But I am ready for another great week: better runs and less soreness!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Weigh-In Wednesday

Lowest Weight: 5.8 pounds
Average Weight: 7.3 pounds
Weekly Change: -1.7 pounds
Carb-Cycling Change: -2.7 pounds

I saw a great low weight on the scale this week. I haven't seen a five since I was on my way up during my reverse diet in June. So that's exciting. But it only lasted one day. For the most part, I have been hovering around that seven mark. Which seems to be where I hover a lot. A happy place, perhaps. But it's lower than I was last week, by quite a bit. So I am happy. I've been carb-cycling for a little over three weeks and I am down almost three pounds. On average. That's great!

Since I changed around my numbers last week, I have had no problem hitting them perfectly. And I am a lot happier. The two low carb days are fine. I even went out to dinner for one of them, but fitting a steak and half a baked potato in made me just as happy as empty carbs would have. But the true beauty of the plan is: it's not just low carb. Sure, I have to have a steak and skip the roll one day, but the next day I get sandwiches at Subway, hold the cheese. Mixing it up always seems to help. So for now, I am enjoying this process.

Most importantly, my pants are fitting loser. That's always most important. I have to wear dress pants to an event this weekend, and I am not dreading it. In fact, I am almost worried they'll be too big.

Monday, October 24, 2016

I Love the Fall

  1. I love the way the air smells.
  2. I love the colors of the leaves.
  3. I love the change that happens. Day to day.
  4. I love the heat in the morning and ac in the afternoon.
  5. I love pumpkin patches.
  6. And apple orchards.
  7. And bonfires with s'mores.
  8. I love the crunchiness of every walk.
  9. I love the rainy days.
  10. And how beautiful the sun is.
  11. I love the lack of humidity.
  12. I love the sweaters.
  13. And boots.
  14. And scarves.
  15. I love finding my mittens.
  16. And pulling out my wool socks.
  17. I love fluffier blankets.
  18. I love that the bugs are dying.
  19. And the grass has stopped growing. 
  20. I love running without sweating.
  21. I love opening the windows.
  22. I love football Saturdays.
  23. When everyone wears the same color.
  24. I love picking out new planners.
  25. I love putting up fall decorations.
  26. Like painting pumpkins.
  27. And pinecones.
  28. I love baseball playoffs.
  29. I love Halloween candy.
  30. And kids ringing my doorbell.
  31. I love the Fall!

Friday, October 21, 2016

My Week in Workouts

I only have three workouts to report today. But I might as well start somewhere. Maybe it will encourage me to get my act together.

Last Saturday I dropped Dan off at work and went and ran some errands. An hour later I was sitting in the gym parking lot, just in time for BodyCombat class, when I talked meyself out of going in. I think I was still getting over my cold and felt like I had a fever. I was a bit clammy and didn't want to commit to a whole class. Of course, I told myself that I should just go walk on the treadmill, but I didn't. I took a nap that day instead. And finally started feeling better by Saturday night.

So Sunday I actually did a workout. I was going to run. But when I got out there it was windy and wet, which meant slippery leaves. I decided on just walking for a whole hour. It was a bit boring, but it was a good warm-up back into the world of working out.

However, Monday came and somehow I ended up back in the gym parking lot, talking myself out of going in because I wanted to get to Home Depot before they closed and because what's one more day?

I don't even remember what happened Tuesday, but Wednesday I finally made it back to the gym. I didn't want to go. Usually, I don't force it, because I figure I will want to go soon enough. But Wednesday I forced myself to go in. I watched a TV show while I walked incline hills on the treadmill and then I did 15 minutes of biceps and triceps. Nothing to write home about, but it got done.

Thursday is my usual rest day, and I didn't want to get off schedule. Ha!

Friday, I was considering telling Tracy I didn't want to run, but I didn't. We met up at 6:30 and it was till pitch black. She had to walk within five minutes and again within 10. At fifteen, she declared she wasn't feeling it today and asked if we could turn around. We ended up just walking back. I was disappointed. I hate getting up early, and I needed a stellar workout. But this wasn't it. Some days are like that.

I have got to get my head back in the game this week. My scale is actually cooperating for once. Think what it would do if I were working out as much as I was supposed to!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Weigh-in Wednesday

Lowest Weight: 7.4 pounds
Average Weight: 9.0 pounds
Weekly Change: 0.5 pounds

Well a half pound loss is definitely something. Plus I saw a pretty low number twice this week. As of Monday though, I was exactly the same as I was two Mondays ago. That must be the swing that happens with carb cycling. So I am going to try not to let it sway me.

However, as I described yesterday, I am changing my numbers a bit. Yesterday was a medium day and I felt so full and happy. I ate a peanut butter cup and still had PB toast as my bedtime snack. I haven't eaten cheese in two weeks and I am excited to bring it back.

I have been a slacker in regards to the gym though. I haven't done a great workout for over a week. I have been doing a lot of walking and getting my steps in, but I haven't been to the gym in ten days. I really have had no desire to get there. And for the most part, I try not to force myself to go. But now I am in a routine of not working out and it's time I intervened and pushed myself back there. Tonight's the night.

Eventually I need to get back to a lifting routine. But I have been enjoying not having a set requirement every day. I have been enjoying the beautiful autumn weather. But look where that's gotten me.

My goal for this week is to pack my lunch more. I have been eating out for at least 4 lunches a week. However, I am meeting Jennifer today, so that will have to start tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tweaking my Numbers

Officially, I have been doing the carb-cycling thing for two weeks now. And officially, my average weight from the first week was 9.6 pounds from goal and 8.7 pound for the second week. So I guess it might be working.

But I am not happy.

I like the concept of carb-cycling. But I can't eat that low of fat so many days per week. That is my biggest problem with my program. I get so many carbs on high carbs day, but no fat to enjoy them, which doesn't make them enjoyable at all. There are only three days per week when I get "higher" fats and even that, is less than what I was eating before. I didn't sign up for a low-fat diet.

So I am going to tweak my numbers. It am still going to follow the same pattern. I am just lowering the carbs on high carbs day and raising the fat on all the days. Here's what it will look like:

Monday - High - 2010 calories - 140p/232c/58f
Tuesday - Medium - 1900 calories - 140p/182c/68f
Wednesday - Medium - 1900 calories - 140p/182c/68f
Thursday - Low - 1790 calories - 140p/132c/78f
Friday - High - 2010 calories - 140p/232c/58f
Saturday - Medium - 1900 calories - 140p/182c/78f
Sunday - Low - 1790 calories - 140p/132c/78f

And I learned how to set My Fitness Pal so each day has a different goal. So I don't even have to think about it. I am hoping that this is enough of a swing to keep seeing movement on the scale. Monday morning, my scale was the exact same as two Mondays ago. So I need to remember that the daily number doesn't matter. Just the average. And stay consistent. Hopefully these new numbers are easier to live with.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wednesday Weigh-in

Average Weight: 9.5 pounds from goal

It's hard to say if my weight is up or down from last week. I don't have an average from last week. Last Wednesday when I weighed in I was at 8.6 pounds (so it is up!) but the day before that, last Tuesday I was at 10.2 pounds (so it's down!) And honestly, I don't have an average from last week to compare it to.

Also, I am eating a lot more carbs and even more calories than I was two weeks ago (on average) so it makes sense that my scale/water weight might be up just a little. I am hoping that another week will be easier to compare.

Which means I have to do this another week. And as I stated yesterday, I am not loving it. But I can put up with it for another week. And at maybe at that point I actually see the scale moving down. Otherwise, I will need to re-evaluate.

I really feel like I could live my whole life on lower carbs and higher fats. Yes, I won't eat many sandwiches, but peanut butter and steak trumps sandwiches any day. I've always heard about people doing "low-carb" and I think, I could never do that, I love carbs too much! While it's true that I could never limit my carbs as low as they do (20 grams a day) it's not as true that I love carbs that much. I actually love fat a lot more.

Anyway, another week and I will let you know what I really think.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Carb Cycling - One Week Down

I have completed one full week of carb cycling. And so far, I am not in love with it. I am going to give it another two weeks. I think three weeks is a fair trial of something. Here's how I am feeling about it one week in:


  • I hate low fat days. The fat is just too low. Even on the high days, it is lower than I used to be allowed. And if anything the reward for low carb days should be high fat days.
  • I think the carbs are too high. I am sitting around eating bananas and skittles to finish off my day. That's not really fun.
  • It's not flexibile. So if a party of dinner out comes up on a day I am doing low-calories, there's no adjusting I can do.
  • Same for if I get invited to have pizza on a low-fat day, there's no mixing things around. And pizza has a ton of fat. There are no other options.
  • My scale is bouncing all around. I was ready for that, but thought it would be higher the day after high carb days. So far, I have noticed no pattern. Just inconsistency.
  • I don't understand the pattern exactly. 
  • I am committed to doing it a certain way (that my friend set up for me) and must stick to it. Part of my would like to just cycle the carbs and leave the fats higher. Maybe that's what I'll try next. 
  • Right now, I have a head ache thinking about being out of milk and wondering what I can eat that has only protein and carbs. Carbs without fats are yummy. Don't fool yourselves!

  • I love low-carb day. Those are my happiest days. I get to eat chocolate and peanut butter and cheese and butter. If anything, I wish there were more low-carb days. There are only two of those a week. 
  • It's pretty great mentally. I know I can have subway sandwiches on high carb day, but then I can have salads on high fat day. It's a good mix. With my old program I would just mix high carb lunches with high fat dinners. So it might not be as different as before. 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Weekend Recap

We had a crazy busy weekend. In fact, the last few weekends have been so busy. I like being busy and I like having things to do. It seems like all the upcoming weekends are busy as well. Which becomes a little overwhelming and exhausting. But then winter will come and nobody will leave their homes, so I am okay with it!

Friday night Jennifer was getting ready for Samantha's birthday party. She had cakes to bake and decorate and a house to clean. So I volunteered to babysit. But now babysitting means two kids! Yikes. Dan was busy having friends over to our house for game night. So not only did I not have any where to take the kids, I also didn't have anyone to help me. I turned to my mom. She invited us over for dinner and cooking baking.

Turned five. Still loves dogs!
Friday was my super-carb and calorie day. It was perfect. I got to have pizza for dinner and two cookies. Everything went great. I am kind of a pro. I didn't get to take any pictures with the girls. My mom and Steve hogged the baby. But that's okay. Samantha and I played hide and seek, played with the blocks I had as a child, and read books.

Saturday was the big birthday party. I made sure to get a good kickboxing workout in and eat a healthy lunch. I knew there wouldn't be a lot of protein to be had with the pizza and cake at the party. Luckily, it was so nice outside and I was busy playing and holding babies to graze too much. 

Jennifer's amazing creation.

It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun playing outside. 

It was great to see our friends Jen and Josie!

And Sadie was excited to see Jen again, because she probably wasn't awake enough the last few times!

I got Sammie a Lip Gloss Truck. Cause that's what happens when you're five and watch TV commercials and are asked what you want more than anything. Your Karrie gets it for you. 

Last week Dan and I took her to lunch and the park for her birthday. She randomly told a lady that we weren't her parents, we're her friends Karrie and Dan. 

Karrie: Sammie, do you think other kids have grown-ups that like to spend so much time with them?
Sammie: [thinking a bit] Probably not as much fun as you guys!

Sunday we met Baby Yorick, Derek and Erin's new baby, but I forgot to get a picture. And Dan taught Xavier how to throw his ring... so there's that. 

For not having any kids, we sure spend our weekends with them!!! I wouldn't have it any other way.

Friday, October 7, 2016

My Week in Workouts

I haven't done a workout post in two weeks and right now it seems too daunting to look back over what I have been doing.

I can tell you this:

  • I have been working out.
  • Fairly often. 
  • At least five times per week.
  • But I have not been weight lifting.
  • At least not consistently.
  • I have been taking one BodyCombat class per week.
  • And running at least once per week.
  • Oh yeah, I did one one great run this week, where I cut two minutes from my best "recent time".
  • Meaning better than I have done since May. 
  • Since I have been running with Tracy.
  • But still two minutes slower than my fastest April time.
  • But the weather is so beautiful out and I know it will only last so long.
  • So I have been taking a lot of walks.
  • Mostly with Dan, which has been awesome.
  • But then my right knee started hurting.
  • Maybe because I was walking/running so much more than normal.
  • Or maybe because my new shoes.
  • And remember how my right foot was hurting?
  • Now I am scared that I am running differently (for whatever reason) and that is causing me knee pain.
  • So I made sure to hit the gym at least twice this week and try to mix it up with both the Elliptical and the Spin Bike. 
  • I probably need to put together a new lifting plan. But for most of October, I want to have the option of just being outside.
  • I want that to be okay.
  • In November I can get stuck inside again.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Weigh in Wednesday - Carb Cycling

Weight (9/21): 7.7 pounds from goal
Weight (10/5): 8.6 pounds from goal.

I'm up! But less than a pound from two weeks ago. And I guess I am all right with that. I did have about five untracked days there (last Wednesday to Sunday) and an anniversary celebration the weekend before. So I am feeling pretty good about that.

Still, I am going to try something a little different: Carb Cycling. One of my fit sisters has been trying to talk me into this since I stopped doing my Reverse Diet in June. I have been hesitant, because there were things I didn't think I would like about it. But I think mixing things up will be good for me. So I am going to try it for three weeks and see how it goes. I started on Monday, but since weigh-in day is Wednesday, I will consider those first two days just trial runs. The real thing starts now!

Here is what my week looks like:

Here are some things to know:

  • I am still counting macros. In fact, even closer than I was before. There is no swapping carbs for fats and there's no missing macros because I am full and going to bed. Each day has it's own numbers and I must adhere to them to make the process work. Even though it is called Carb Cycling, it is not low-carb. It is actually higher carbs (on average) than I have been eating. It could just as well be called Fat Cycling.
  • You'll notice that it is also calorie cycling. When I first looked into it, I thought my overall calories would stay the same each day and just my fats and carbs would change. The fact that the overall calories change make the numbers better. But is also harder to remember. Also, my average calories for the week is 1945, which is a little higher than the 1900 I was at. I was willing to go lower. But we're going to try this first.
  • Even the high fat days are lower than what my fat allowance was last week. And the low fat days are way lower. This will be the hardest thing for me. Carbs with no fats are not fun.
  • Maybe that's a good thing. I should eat less cookies anyway. 
  • I was concerned that the high carb days would have to line up with my hardest workout days. And my weeks just aren't that consistent. So they won't. And that's okay. 
  • Still, I made it line up so I get to eat the most on Friday. When I run on Friday, I am starving all day. And who doesn't love to eat out on Friday after work. 
  • I am worried about the LOW days. It's still plenty of calories. But it won't be easy to eat out. I scheduled them to fall on Thursday and Sundays. These are both days that we don't usually socialize. But that's usually. Just this week, Dan's mom wanted to schedule a night to go out to dinner and I purposefully skipped Thursday. I don't want to skip things for this. But I should probably attempt my first low-calorie day in the comfort of my own home.
  • I sleep in on Sundays. Not being up as long will make less calories easier. Some times I have to cram food in at the end of the day on Sunday. 
  • Although I picked what day to start on, I did not pick the pattern. And they can't be adjusted. I can't swap Sunday for Saturday this week if someone invites us to a football party.
  • There's something scientific about it. But I haven't been able to do my research. 
  • People seem to think this works well to break a plateau. I am thinking it will work well to help at the mentality of a "diet". Suddenly I can have pasta and garlic bread, but I have to wait until Monday. We'll see...
  • I am still going to weigh every morning and report a weekly average and lowest weight on Wednesdays. But because of the mixed amount of carbs, my weight will most likely fluctuate more than it was. I am prepared for that. I know that it will be higher after high carb days and lower after low carb days. 
  • Maybe this will work, maybe it won't. I don't have to do it forever. I just need to try.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I'm Still Standing

I am so sorry that I was MIA all of last week. What an awful blogger I have become. Last week was crazy. I was off of work on Monday for our Anniversary vacation. Then I was back to work on Tuesday but so behind in everything that I never got to sit down at my computer. Wednesday my mom had hip replacement surgery and I was out all day for that. Thursday I did a half day at work to do Storytime but then had to take my mom home from the hospital and get her all set up at home. It is exhausting waiting around hospitals. It wasn't the extra vacation time I was hoping for. Lots of family time.

My uncle was also visiting. Mostly so there would be someone at my mom's house at all times. He used last week to cook all the meals that he doesn't have anyone to cook for at home. So we had high-fat, non-macro tracked meals all week. That's not good.

We went out for our Anniversary with my family. I allowed myself to have a margarita and not count calories at all.

This weekend was Samantha's birthday and I got to spend it entertaining her while her mom and dad got their house ready for her Birthday Party next weekend. Or maybe she spent it entertaining me. Either way, we had a great time.

My weight is up a few pounds. It could be actual weight gain or it could just be higher carbs than normal.

But things have finally settled back into a routine. My mom is at home (still not able to drive herself) but figuring out how to get around with her walker. My uncle went back home. I am back at work.

It has been beautiful weather. I love when the seasons change to fall and the humidity finally drops. Dan and I have been taking a lot of walks. I have been running more. I can definitely say I have been getting outside to enjoy the weather. I have not lifted a weight in a week though and even then, not so consistently.

I am mad at myself for "falling off the wagon" since last Wednesday. But I have some good thing in store. Sorry I've been missing. But I am back now, and more determined than ever.