Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Where's Weigh-in Wednesday

Surprise surprise.

I haven't gotten my shit together yet.

Until I do, I just keep working out every day. And eating a variety of foods.

Usually under 1900 calories but not always.

Sometimes tracked.

Almost always estimated.

My weight has remained very consistent.

About 10.2 pounds from my goal.

This is not where I want to be.

I need to do better.

But I have to really want to do better.

And I am struggling to care that much.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Shiny New Shoes

For a while now I have been thinking that I should get "fitted" for actual running shoes. You know, like at a store where they look at the tread of your old running shoes and walk you run and such. My current running shoes are six years old. Granted I took off two to three years from running. And I only run once a week in them. I don't use them for anything else. But just sitting in my hot closet for five years probably isn't the best for them.

On top of that, I have been having some toe pain. It started earlier this summer. I probably wore flip flops one too many times. But I also got these new Birenstocks, which are supposed to be the best for your feet. And they have a different toe strap and I am worried that I walk differently in them to keep them on. But I love them. I can't tell if the pain in more after I run. It is not during a run. But I haven't noticed much of a pattern. I mean I run a little three of four times a week. 

Anyway, I think it is time for better fitting running shoes. Regardless.

But it's just too intimidating for me to go into a running store. So I did some research online. Because I'm a reference librarian ;) and found that Brooks running shoes were top of the line. Their website has a quiz you can take (do?) to see what your running style is. Do your feet turn out? Do your hips pop sideways? That kind of thing. And then they tell you which of their shoes is best for you. 

I thought about ordering them online. But I really like to try on shoes and at least see them first. So I went to Scheels. The salesman there was so nice. And he had all good things to say about the brand. Plus he said I could try them out for a couple weeks and bring them back. Which is awesome. 

I do not love how they look. And I always buy shoes based on looks. But the salesman pointed out that was part of the problem. He mentioned that Nikes (which is what I always run in) are comfy for about the first month and then lose that cushioning. Which I have definitely noticed. He says these will retain that for many more months of running. He was not earning a commission!

I decided to try them out. They're $120 and that seems to be the rate you can get them everywhere - in town, online, amazon. I like to shop locally if it doesn't save me anything (tax dollars and all!) When I got to the register they rang up as $80. Which is much more what I would pay for running shoes. So I considered it a super-lucky day. 

Now I just need to try them out. 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekends are Killing Me

Overall I had a pretty low-key weekend. But I am not making progress on my diet because I am throwing it all away on the weekends. That needs to stop. Or I won't see any change.

Our friend Russ came back to visit from Colorado this week. He just wanted to get a drink. But that ended up in Dan and I meeting Jennifer and Ryan at this Burger place downtown. It was a good burger. But we also had fries and it was full-fat and not at all tracked. Then I limited myself to one drink when we were out with Russ. It was a strong drink! A yummy strawberry daiquiri. And then I had some of Ryan's because it was too strong for him. It was a fun night. And it was delicious. But it was probably a million carbs and fats. So Friday was a bad day. Food wise.

Saturday I didn't even have any social plans. And I ate healthy all day. Dan had to work, I was busy running errands and working out and getting things done. Then he got off work and we ended up at HuHot. His favorite place. I think that I have perfected a low-fat choice there, but I am just guessing at portions and the noodles throw my carb count up too high. Saturday was a bad day too. Except I bought some new shoes. But then my car died at the mall.

Sunday Dan had to work again but he wanted donuts for breakfast. And then we had Mexican food for dinner. I know how to make good choices there: just grilled chicken and toppings. But I always have too many chips and salsa. I never even drink. But it ruins my calories none the less.

But we have taken a ton of steps this week. Thanks to my StepBet. And my weight is hovering around the same number: 10 pounds. So I am not gaining weight. But I am not losing either. I absolutely know how this works: you have to want to lose weight more than you want to eat that junk. You have to teach yourself to make smart choices for the long run and not give in to whims. I can have a treat meal and track it and make it fit. I don't need to throw everything away during the weekend. You have to want it more than anything. And until I get my head there, nothing happens.

I hope it's there this week!

Friday, August 26, 2016

My Week in Workouts

I finally got back to a routine for my workouts. I set a schedule, I hardly followed it, but I did get all the workouts in, even if I had to mix things around a bit. This week I have been struggling with two things: 1) I feel like my heartrate monitor is wrong a lot. Like in the middle of Combat class and I am only burning 7 calories/minute when it is usually 10-11. Or when I am doing push-ups and it's only 4-5. That's what it is when I am walking to my car. And doing push-ups is a lot harder. Anyway, I might need a new battery. And 2) I have felt really weak this week. And maybe not just this week, but for quite a while. I haven't had a really good weight workout in some time. And I feel like weights that I used to do easily are not hard. So am I losing muscle some how? Or am I just hot and tired? Or is it all just mental?

Saturday was a good day. My best workout of the week is always Saturday. I never feel stronger than when I am in the middle of BodyCombat class. Then I followed up with some shoulder work. When Dan doesn't have to work, I have him meet me at the gym so we can go out for breakfast. This is a great plan, because it forces me to stay and do weights, even if I am thinking about wanting to go back home.

Sunday, Tracy and I met up to do our weekly run. It was so much cooler and I was hopeful that this was the push we would need and we would run faster. It wasn't. She had celebrated her anniversary the night before and wasn't feeling great. But it wasn't even like I could have pushed us any harder. I didn't have it in me either. Then I came home, and showered because I was cold and sweaty. Crawled back into bed and took a two hour nap with my husband. I mean he was still just sleeping!

Monday I wrote down my new plan and got started. I did thirty minutes on the spin bike, doing 30 second intervals up and down the gears. Then I went and did legs. My hope was that Mondays the squat rack would be empty and it was. But the whole gym was kind of empty because it was beautiful outside. I felt like 5x5 was hard at 125 pounds, when just two weeks ago I did 145 for 4. But I guess it's the fact that I did more reps total (25) than I have done in a log time.

Tuesday had to be my rest day because we had dinner plans in the evening. That's fine. I want it to be flexible. I started my step-bet on Tuesday and still managed to get over 12000 steps that day.

Wednesday I hit the gym after work. This was my most weak day. The one that really had me thinking: how do I work out so much and still not get any better at this. My goal was to run a full mile. Kinda fast. But that became too hard, I allowed myself to slow down. When that became too much, I ended up taking walk breaks. The second mile I broke up into intervals from the beginning. And as far as weights, I took it down a notch to 65 pounds for Bench Press. But I was doing 70 pounds back in March and April (still 5x5). It's not that Wednesday felt impossible, it was just really hard. Maybe some days are harder than others.

Tracy couldn't run on Friday again, so she asked if we could switch to Thursday this week. That's find except I don't have a problem getting myself to the gym on Thursdays. Now I have to get myself to work out alone on Friday morning. I was cool and dark when we started. And rain was projected before our run was over. But something must have clicked because it was a great run. I did most of the talking and she puffed along. We ran almost the first full mile. Then took a few walk breaks here and there, but they were short. I wasn't really out of breath at all (which she noted!) but was even impressed that she pushed herself so much. They say the light is always after the darkest point or something like that.

Thursday evening, it was beautiful weather, so Dan and I walked to Sonic (Shake for him, Diet Coke for me!) That was at least another three miles. That day I got my highest step count ever!

So I let myself take Friday as another rest day. I still got my five workouts in. And I feel like I have worked out a lot this week. I just need to find a groove and push myself up the hill!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Beginning New Cut

I want a fresh start. Last week I wasn't sure what I was doing calorie-wise. I was trying to figure out carb-cycling, but I am not sure it's for me. My scale jumps all around when I allow low and high carb days. i just like my scale to be exactly the same every morning. Otherwise things get emotional. Then this weekend I didn't track right and let myself have a cheat meal. And I just started a good workout plan on Monday.

Then I totally forgot to weigh in this morning. And I apparently haven't been noting my weigh-ins so I don't even know what my averages are.

Long story short: I need a fresh start and I am starting today.

So here's to week one!

  • 1900 calories, with consistent fat and carbs and proteins.
  • Five to Six workouts a week.
  • Four weight sessions, two cardio.
  • Watch the weight melt off... or you know drip slowly.
  • Kill my step goal.
  • Enjoy it all!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I Joined a Step Bet

You might remember that a couple of years ago I competed in a few Diet Bets. I can't remember if I did two or three. I won each time. But I quit doing them because 6-8 pounds is a lot to lose in a month. Almost, like I feel the game is not healthy. Plus it stressed me out a bunch. To the point I wasn't eating right the few days before the final weigh in. Again not healthy. And really, I don't feel like the scale is something that you can control. So even though I might have been doing everything right, the scale may not have cooperated. Which adds more pressure, and is therefore not healthy.

But the same company has something new. Or it's been out six months now, but I am just learning about it. A Step Bet.

It's the same kind of thing: add $40 to the pot, meet your goal, split the pot. The losers walk away empty handed. It uses your previous history from your Fitbit (or other step tracker) and assigns you a personalized goal. Then the challenge is divided into meeting three different types of days. Four days a week you walk an average amount (what they call active) days, two days a week where you need to push yourself (what they call stretch days) and then one rest day where you don't have to step at all.

I have heard that some people's step goals are too high. But mine seem completely do-able. My average days are around 8000 and my high days are around 11,000. In general I only aim for the 10,000 steps Fitbit encourages, but I had a day last week at 13,000 without even trying.

Here's what my homepage looks like:

I don't think I will have to try too hard for this first one. I just need to remember my Fitbit every day and keep it charged. With my new goal to run one more day a week, I will have no problem getting two high days a week.

And I know I won't walk away rich. But I am definitely motivated to not lose my $40. And money motivates me every time!

Monday, August 22, 2016

My Fall Plan

I need a new plan and a new routine and new renewed energy. So I have written something up. Because my type A personality just needs it to be that way! And this will be my plan for the next couple of months. It's not technically Fall, but the heat broke this weekend and I know we'll have cooler days ahead. Dan has switched his evening to work to Wednesday for the next fifteen weeks and all the kids have gone back to school. So it's Fall enough!

I had two goals with my new plan: I want to run more. (eyeroll) and I want to keep lifting weight similar to what I was doing, but with a bit less increasing. So here's my schedule!

I am taking my REST day down to one, with the knowledge that I could skip my second run of the week if it didn't work out. I am also hopeful that moving Legs to Monday will make the squat bar more available. I feel like people don't work legs on Mondays. I am also hoping that Sunday is a flexible day. If Dan is off of work and we have beautiful weather, that day could be turned in to biking outside and I can do biceps and back (kind of) at home. Neither of those require heavy weight from the gym. And maybe I just don't care about my back as much as I should.

I really liked the Wendler system I was using where I focused on one main lift, at a heavy weight, that I increased all the time. But I didn't feel like I was actually getting strong enough to increase as fast as the plan wanted me to. I liked how StrongLifts had me doing 5x5 and if I was successful I would increase the next time, but if I wasn't I would just keep working. So I am doing a mix of those two routines. I will have a main lift every day that focuses on increasing weight, with a 5x5 plan. Then I will have accessory work that I can mix up every now and again, and focuses on lots of reps and lower weights. Here's what that will look like:

I am hoping that having something in writing will get be back on track. My food needs a reboot too. Hopefully a fresh start with everything will get me back to a happy place. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

My Week in Workouts

I haven't reported on my workouts in a couple of weeks, and honestly, that is because they haven't been super consistent. I sort of quit doing the Wendler program. Things were starting to get hard. I suppose that is exactly when I should push through. But I felt like my shoulder form was suffering and I didn't think I could do one more bench press without having some assistance. So I thought I would put together a new program that kept me using those higher weights but adding more reps rather than trying to add more weight.Then I ended up taking off about five days, just because I was feeling burnt out. Then I went on vacation. My goal was to do more cardio while on vacation, both to burn more calories but also to get Dan involved more. Either way, I wasn't consistent with anything I did.

So since I last reported, I took a two BodyCombat classes. Once I worked on shoulders, biceps and backs afterward. And once I worked on arms again. No legs for me.

I also took a 4 mile walk with Dan. I think we made pretty good time. I try to keep my miles around 16 minutes. But it was hot and we were sweaty. And then were under that time, so yay!

Tracy and I were force to skip our Friday run because of rain, so we met up on Sunday. We went a little bit later and it was still hot and humid. When will this weather break?

And Wednesday was my first day back to work after our vacation. I had planned on starting a new lifting plan, and a new eating plan. But that was all too much to... plan! So I just went with what I knew. I did a 5k on the treadmill (mostly because I wanted to watch a show on Hulu) but also to see if I could increase my pace. I ran the whole first mile but then I needed so many walk breaks. It's just too boring. Even with TV! I walked a bit at the end and stretched a lot. All this walking and running has my legs sore. 

Thursday is my new rest day... so I didn't want to get out off track!

Tracy wanted to skip our run this morning because she is still getting used to getting her kids to school by 8 AM. We're going to go back out on Sunday. It's supposed to be cooler this weekend, so we'll see if that helps our runs. I am planning on hitting the gym tonight. Dan is having a game night and I don't have any plans. I still don't have a lifting routine though, so it might just be more running. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Staycation 2016

Well I have taken some time off. From work. Also from eating healthy. And it's a real shame how fast all my hard work can disappear. Last Thursday, I weighed in at 6.2 pounds from goal. My lowest yet! And then Friday I went on vacation. I tracked what I ate, but I didn't attempt to stick to any number and in fact, I tried to really experience the pleasures of vacations.

I didn't travel anywhere. We just stayed here. For five days.

I started my staycation off with a great BodyCombat class. I never get to take the Friday morning class and it was just as awesome as I remember! I stayed for some weights and then I went home and fell asleep for an hour on the couch. When Dan woke up for the day, we tried the Bagel store we love, but a new location.

Then we set off and toured three apartment complexes. I am so over home-ownership. They are upscale. luxury apartments, and they were beautiful. But they were small. And I am worried I won't be able to downsize that much. But oh those pools were amazing. So then we rewarded ourselves with Sonic Happy Hour. They have these Island Oasis drinks that are pina coladas and margariata type things. But they were full of sugar. So I just had my cherry diet coke and was happy.

And that allowed me to save some calories for a real margarita at dinner. And since I hadn't had one in so long, and hadn't had much to eat, I was definitely feeling this one. And it was just as good as being in the Caribbean for our vacation. Except we tried this place for dinner that everyone said was the best in town and it was just so-so.

Saturday I skipped Combat class to go for a four mile walk with Dan. It was warmer than I thought it would be, but it was nice. And I'm always excited to get Dan involved in my workout plans. 

And then I went through my closet and got rid of four garbage bags full of stuff. Things I haven't worn since I moved in, or things that don't fit anymore. Closet space isn't the issue with new apartments though. It's the actual living space that I am going to have to downsize. Still, it feels awesome to purge my life of this unneeded stuff. 

Dan's goal on vacation was to hit up as many small town bars as we could. We started at the Ashland Keno Kove. It was good bar food. But we lost some money gambling. 

Then, we stopped at a gas station and found this:

We love to try new candy whenever we visit different places. I have never seen this delicious treat. Which is probably good, since just one is 220 calories. 

Sunday we relaxed most of the day. I am sure I got something accomplished but I can't remember what it was. I ran in the morning with Tracy. Took a nap at some point. But in the evening we tried a new restaurant in the Haymarket: LeadBelly's. New to us. Not new to town. It was delish. And I enjoyed having a fruity drink on the patio the most. 

Then instead of waiting in a super long line to get ice cream, we bought our own at target and came home and ate it on the front porch! 

Monday morning we were supposed to meet with a roofer guy, but he bailed at the last minute. By then it was too late for me to hit the gym. But that's okay, I probably needed a rest day. We spent the whole rest of the day with this cutie:

We picked her up, had Cane's chicken, donuts, went to Barnes and Noble, played around our neighborhood and then spent the whole afternoon at the pool. We had it to ourselves since all the school kids went back to school this week. 

While waiting for Dan to get coffee, Sammie needed to write the only thing she knows how to write on the survey board!

We had pizza in Firth Monday evening and I didn't even get a photo. 

Then I came home and started tackling the mess that is my office. I have hardly unpacked it since moving in three and half years ago. Obviously I don't need most of it. But a lot of it was keepsakes (notes from my besties' weddings, birth announcements for their babies, Sammie's valentines, etc) and lot of photo albums. After having a leaking roof, I needed to get everything important into water proof cases. I trust nothing. 

Tuesday was out last day. We started with fancy mochas. 

Finished up with some errands, meeting with a guy who is going to cut down two trees for me, and a bit more relaxing. We had dinner in Denton. With the McGheeses!

And now my weight is up three or four pounds, that might come off a little bit because it's extra sodium and carbs. But it probably won't. And not that I ate 10,000 extra calories in those five days. But just because that's how my body is.

But I know how to get it lower now. And I am committing for another five weeks before my Anniversary Weekend comes around and I take a little more time off.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Mini-Cut: Week 4

Lowest Weight: 7.0 pounds
Average Weight: 8.0 pounds

I finally had an average weight lower than where I ended my Reverse Diet. It was a good pound down from my average last week. My lowest weight is also down another pound. It has gone from 9 to 8 to 7 over the last few weeks. So that is positive. Plus, it wasn't even a perfect week. If only I could get my act together. I might actually be able to get it to drop a couple of pounds.

But I am glad that I am eating more. And the weight is slowly coming off. If I wanted a bigger change I would have to make a more drastic cut. And right now I am wanting to maintain that higher calorie limit as long as possible.

My life has been crazy lately. I spent the whole weekend socializing and spending zero time on anything I needed to get done. While at the same time my To Do list of things kept growing. I need a new roof and everyone is so backlogged. So I need to find someone to do some repairs in the meantime. All of this stress has led me to thinking about renting an apartment and selling my home. Which is a roller-coaster of emotions. And stress just thinking about it. Plus, I am on vacation at the end of this week and I have several projects I need to get done at work before that happens.

All that stress doesn't lead to perfect eating. Plus the socializing doesn't help either. I have taken the last three days off from the gym. I can only focus on so much at a time. And I would rather be eating healthy and dealing with the stress than working out and eating all the cookies.

Friday, August 5, 2016

My Week in Workouts

Another average week of workouts done. I tried mixing some things around this week. And adding on a second run. I will keep trying to tweak things until I find a routine that works for me. And then I will probably change things up again.

Saturday I was able to get back to my regular BodyCombat class. Two weeks ago we had a sub. Then I missed last week because I had to work. And then the sub was back this week. I am starting to think she's not a sub at all, but our new actual teacher. Our regular teacher is pregnant. Or probably having her baby right this minute. She has been out for a few weeks and I imagine she'll be out several more weeks. This disappoints me, because the sub isn't my favorite. I still get a fine workout. But...

I finished up with shoulder work. My goal was to mix up the accessory work so I don't get bored. This week I also added biceps since I skipped that one last week. I think bicep and shoulder work will be part of my normal routine on Saturdays now.

Sunday I had plans at 10:00 to pick up Jennifer and drive to Omaha to celebrate my friend Jen's birthday. I was up at 7:45 to get a run in first. But as I was getting ready, Jennifer texted that Samantha was sick, and we needed to reschedule the fun. I was so close to just going back to bed and working out later. But I talked myself in to sticking with the plan. And I am so happy I did. It's not like I was up any earlier than I would be for work. And it got my day started perfectly.

I went to the trail we ran on all last summer and did 3.1 miles on my own. I knew that my pace and endurance had really suffered, but I was hoping for at least a 12:30 pace. I didn't get it. Though I did run most of the time around a 12-minute mile, I took way too many walking breaks. So maybe my pace isn't gone, just my endurance. I guess that comes from running a mile here and there on the treadmill. My final pace ended up being 13:18 per mile, or 41:13 for the whole 5k. Remember in April, when I did the whole 5k at 35:53 minutes, or just 11:33 per mile. Man, where did that go?

Then my second goal became never let my heartbeat fall under 10 calories per minute. So whenever I started walking, I had to start running again when it came down lower than that. I would really like to make a Solo Run part of my weekly routine. And Sunday seems like a good day for that. But that means Leg Day has to move to later in the week. More on that later.

My Monday was very chaotic. I am supposed to get off of work at 5:30. But because of a sick call, I ended up working until 6:00. I didn't let that stop me from my workout. But I also really needed to watch The Bachelorette Finale. In real time. Not the next day after I'd already seen the covers of the magazines. I hit the gym and started with a twenty minutes on the stairmill. This used to be so hard. I was breathing heavy, but it wasn't difficult at all. Next time I will increase the speed. Then I went down to the weight room and used the big weights to do Bench press. Again, I am mixing up my accessory weights, so after doing my main lift, I did 50 bench press reps at a much lower weight. But it was still hard. I also worked triceps. And then rushed home to watch TV. However, I still had some workouts I wanted to get done, so during the commercial breaks, I would walk around the block and come home and do 5 push-ups and a 60 second plank. I did this five times. My abs hurt for days.

Tuesday was my rest day. I had a half day at work. I could have gone to the gym in the afternoon, but I am still busy celebrating summer. So I went to the pool. And then read a book. And took a nap. And then Dan and I went to a movie when he got off of work. It was truly a vacation day. 

Wednesday wasn't a great workout. Wednesday is Dan's new night to work, so it has to be a gym night for me. I get off at 5:30, got thereby 6:00 and the place is pretty full. I run a mile to warm up. I have been trying to beat my time every time I run. This time I was not successful. Once you start too slow, you just cannot speed up enough to catch up. Pace is a strange thing. I ran the whole first half at 11:30 and knew I wanted to end up under 10:55. So every 30 seconds I increased, but apparently that wasn't enough. 

Then I needed to do legs. But the squat bars were both busy. So I went upstairs. Most of the machines I like to use were busy. I finally saw someone just get off of the leg press machine, so I did that first. When I was done, the other machines were still full. I was frustrated. I didn't want to skip legs, but I didn't want them tired before trying my main squats. I thought about just giving up and using the elliptical. But I went back to the big weight room and the squat bar was empty. I had a pretty good workout after that. I didn't get as many reps at 145 as I did last time. But obviously, my legs weren't as fresh this go round.

Anyway, this is what I hate about doing legs during the week. But I can't run on Wednesdays until it cools off in the evenings. Which won't be until mid September. 

Thursday was my next rest day. This is a much better pattern than having two in a row. And will probably be my normal routine for a while. 

Friday morning things did not go as planned. First, I came home from work  (around 9PM) to more house catastrophes, and a car that was in desperate need of an oil change before I drive up to Omaha this weekend. I knew I would be up late and need to be to the car place early. I cancelled on Tracy. I had planned on taking my car in at a place close to open, at 7 and running around that neighborhood until it was done. But house worries and even more rain kept me up until 4 AM. At that point, I gave up on that virtuous plan and let myself sleep a bit longer. I am trying not to let this house/roof/rain mess stress me out too much. Throw some money at the problem and be done.Though I think we're moving in to an Apartment at the earliest convenient time!

Oh, for just a nice normal week...

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mini Cut: Week 3

Lowest Weight: 8 pounds
Average Weight: 9.2 pounds

My average weight is finally lower than my last week of my reverse diet. So I am hopeful that things are headed in the right direction. It helps that I have buckled down this week and have actually stuck to my numbers a majority of the time. I am determined to stick to them continuously until I get back to that 2 pound mark, or even all the way to zero!

Though I really believe average weights are the way to go, it's a different mind set thinking this way. In the old days I would have compared lowest weight this week (8) to lowest weight last week (9) and been pretty happy with that big of a loss. And even prior to that, I would have compared last Wednesday's weight (9.6) to this morning's weight (8) and been even more excited by that. Both of those things are just one little sliver of the big picture though. So while comparing average weights (9.5 - 10.1 - 9.2) are a bit less dramatic, I am hopeful that it's much more linear than what used to happen: a lot of bouncing up and down and all around!

So I am a whole two days into this month and I have had no untracked bites, even though I had to hold myself back about two hundred times and I have hit my numbers both days. I have been starving. I have eaten out healthfully. I have gone to a movie and skipped the popcorn. I am proving to myself that I can do this again.

And I am hopeful.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I Went to Bed Hungry

Last night, I went to bed hungry.

My stomach was growling.

And I couldn't sleep.

You know they say that you sleep worse when you're eating in a deficit.

Just sayin'

And then two hours later I was still awake.

And so hungry.

It's strange, because 1900 calories is a lot of food.

Especially when it was all wholesome and nutritious food. I didn't just eat a 700 calorie Blizzard for breakfast and then have to starve myself all day.

And I have all these hopeful thoughts like maybe my new revving metabolism has finally kicked in. And I am burning through all kinds of calories.

Or maybe my body just wants to eat more. Because I let it eat so much. And now it is shock.

But it's okay to go to bed hungry. Once in a while.

Sure, my sleep suffered. And that's no good. Because I wanted one of my August goals to be more sleep. But I didn't put it on my list because that adds too much pressure.

Man, I am weird about sleep.

The thing is: I am still hungry.

But my scale is going down. Just a little. Every day. So it's working.

And it will all be worth it when I am 15 pounds lighter. And can eat at maintenance for the rest of my life!

I'll never go to bed hungry again.

Unless I choose to waste my calories on a Blizzard. And then I can just dream of my great indulgences.

Monday, August 1, 2016

August 2016 Goals

A new month that falls on a Monday. You know that's the universe telling you it's time to get your life together. So it's time for some new goals. Which are really just old goals, because what's really different about a new month. Except that it's time to focus, get down to business and really make some changes.

August Goals:

1. I have been a slacker on this 1900 calories thing. There are days I go over, days I don't hit it, many days I don't hit my protein. Many times I say, I was eating 2300 calories, so who cares if I go over today. I haven't been consistent. And the scale has been acting accordingly. It just stays the same. If I really want to see the scale move down. AND I DO. I need to hit that 1900 calories every day.

2. Along with that: no untracked bites. I have made this all too common. It doesn't need to be explained. Grabbing one M&M each time I go by the candy dish, still adds up to 10 candies a day. Which is like 200 calories. This is the problem. Fix it.

3. I am adjusting my lifting plan. I don't like doing heavy deadlifts, and I don't like being tied to the weight room four days a week right now. Maybe when winter comes and I have no other options I will go back to that. But for now, my goal is to combine the days and make it three. I also should work on mixing up the accessory work so I don't get so bored with the program. I do like several things about it. And the progress I am making is worth it.

4. I have done a good job packing my lunches this summer. But I often eat out two or three times. I am setting a goal to eat out only once per week and pack my lunch the rest of them. Then I control what I eat and ensure it is measured properly. Even though I can pick healthy things at fast food places, I can't ensure that I am actually getting what the website says I am. Plus, I eat out enough at night.