Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Wendler 5/3/1 Program

This weekend I began a new lifting program: The Wendler 5/3/1 program. One of my Fit Sisters recommended it, or mentioned that she was working on it. You can find a lot of information about it just by doing a Google search for Wendler. His plan is structured around one "core lift" every day, four days a week. Then you add on accessory work. While I was googling, I stumbled across this lady's blog, and I am planning on following a plan similar to the one she put together.

Core lift + Supplemental lift + Three accessory Exercises

What it looks like when I write it all down, is a four-day body split. Kind of like what I was doing without a set plan.

Day 1 - Shoulders
Day 2 - Legs
Day 3 - Chest and Triceps
Day 4 - Back and Biceps

So where does the Wendler 5/3/1 actually happen?

Each day has a Core Lift (Standing Shoulder press, Squats, Bench press, or Deadlift) and there is a set formula you follow for each exercise. I am not going to recreate it here. Do any google search or follow that blog above for a great description. Just know that each week I will work to raise my lifting weight, while also lowering my reps. It follows a three week pattern, deloads and starts again. I have added four accessory exercises, which follow the 5x10 pattern but I am not worried about increasing those weights, just putting in the work.

Here's what my first week looks like:

Shoulder Press 30x5 / 35x5 / 40x5+ 
-- DB press 5x10 
-- upright row 5x10
-- side raise 5x10
-- rear delt machine 5x10 

Squats 105x5 / 110x5 / 115x5+ 
-- leg curl 5x10x90
-- leg ext 5x10x90
-- single leg press 5x10x105
-- sumo squats 5x10x35

Bench Press 60x5 / 65x5 / 70x5+ 
-- push-up 5x5
-- pec machine 5x10
-- cable tricep press 5x10
-- tricep extention 5x10

Deadlifts 85x5 / 90x5 / 95x5+
-- pull-ups 5x10
-- lat pulls 5x10
-- bicep curls 5x10
-- single cable curl 5x10

What I love so far:

  • It's a fast workout, which lets me do BodyCombat or run before hand.
  • I love that you work on increasing one thing and not worry about the others so much.
  • Which means I won't get bored only doing one rep and I won't get bored doing ten of the rest.
  • I love that there is a mathematical formula.
  • And that you're increasing each week.
  • And you're increasing three times on that main exercise.
  • I love that it is four days a week.
  • I love that there is room to add those little muscles that I feel are missed in some simple plans.
  • I love that you only have to do 5 reps at the end, but you're encouraged to do as many as possible.
  • I love that I am squatting again, because I was finding it much too easy to skip.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Reverse Diet: Week 13

Lowest Weight: 2.8 pounds
Average Weight: 4.1 pounds
Macro Breakdown: 2110 calories: 160p/210c/70f

I had a pretty average week. My average weight is a tiny bit higher than usual. I really like it in the three range. But three to five seems acceptable. I had two imperfect days this week. One day was 400 calories over. A donut and cookie at work for someone's birthday. That was dumb. Then Red Robin for a grilled chicken sandwich, which I ate before I logged. What? Who adds 40 grams of fat to grilled chicken?!?

I also didn't work out as much as I should. I imagine these calories are based on a 2000-2500 calorie burn. So the fact that I only burned 700 last week, might have something to do with it too.

None the less, I am not too worried about the slight blip up for those two days.

And now that I have been at this for 13 weeks and feel pretty confident at it, but also see the end nearing, I am mixing things up just slightly. The past ten increases (and three repeat weeks) I have added 45 calories: 2p/7c/1f. From here on out, I am done adding protein. I don't need to be eating any more than 160 grams per day. And I want to increase fat at a quicker rate, mostly because I love fat, and I am getting plenty of carbs. My carb increases will stay the same, which should still show the same on the scale each week. But because of the added fat, I am bumping up the overall calorie addition. I figure that's alright at this point in the game. I am eating so many more calorie overall that the percentage increase is negligible. So each week I will now add 55 calories: 0p/7c/3f.

And I hope that I get back to eating more cheese and bacon and peanut butter.

Right now I have these macros in my mind as my "stopping point": 2385 calories: 160p/245c/85f. And as of right now, that is four weeks away. My plan is still to enjoy those maintenance numbers for most of summer. I can't wait to enjoy ice cream and fruity drinks and not gain a pound! I have a vacation scheduled for the middle of August. After I return from that, it will be time to start thinking about reducing my calories and starting the "cutting" process again. And although that makes me a bit sad, I am going to get to eat so many more calories this time around. Like, I could probably have a successful cut at 1850-1950 calories. And that's still 300 more than I was eating last fall.

Friday, May 27, 2016

My Week in Workouts

Well another bad week for me in terms of workouts.

Saturday I started out with great intentions. I got a BodyCombat workout in, and did a quick shoulder routine. It was hot and humid in the gym and I was sweating everywhere. I did all cable work for my shoulder routine. No matter how tired my shoulders are, I never feel them the next day. There is never a sore shoulder moment. I don't know if I don't push myself enough or if my shoulders are just that awesome. Almost every other body part is sore the day after I work it.

Sunday I meant to hit the gym, but it was a pretty beautiful day and Dan and I did a ton of things around the yard. We bought several bags of dirt and mulch and I spread mulch around our trees while he tried to reconstruct the water path in the back yard. I was able to carry and lift those 40 pound bags with ease. He was impressed with my skills. I planted some things in my garden and did some raking and shoveling of dirt mounds. We were out there at least two hours and it was a great workout. I wasn't wearing my heartrate monitor though. I will still call it a workout.

Monday - Wednesday: see my post about being lazy and how exhausting summer reading is.

Thursday I had dinner plans. So I was planning to take the evening off any way.

Friday morning was a 70% chance of rain, so I texted Tracy and said, let's postpone. Maybe I was still being lazy, but why wake up at 5:30 and then see it's raining and then try to go back to bed. When I woke up at 7:30, it was sunny and gorgeous out. And now I feel bad that we didn't get a run in.

I am trying not to feel guilty about being such a workout slacker. I know this journey is more about nutrition than working out. I know I need to take time off to mentally get back in the game. I know that some times rest is better for you. But I also know that I am just being lazy. I could have made it to the gym two or three more times this week. I can go and just walk if I am too exhausted to do anything else.

I am definitely ready to get back to a routine tomorrow. I am headed for BodyCombat class and I am going to start a new lifting program. That's my plan for today. Getting my life back on track!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

I am so Lazy

Every year I forget how obnoxiously busy Summer Reading is. Even though I am prepared for how busy and awful my schedule is before Summer gets here, I forget about the actual first few weeks of the program. Our numbers triple or quadruple. It is busy from 10:00 when we open until at least 4:00 when parents get home from work and the library quiets down. I am on my feet for most of the day. Running ragged around the branch trying to get people what they need and reshelve what is in the back. It is draining.

And so my idea that I would resume a regular schedule this week and get to the gym, went out the window early on.

I have been grouchy and exhausted.

It didn't help that my boss called in sick twice this week, leaving even more of the running around to me.

I went home every day with the best intentions. And then I found myself still sitting on my couch or patio or bed at 8:30 when it was too late to get to the gym.

Plus, I have been binge watching the entire season of Grey's Anatomy, which leaves me awake just a little too late. And then I wake up one snooze button too late and don't have time to pack my gym bag. So I end up at home again after work and the cycle repeats.

So it looks like I am taking five days off this week. And luckily I will get back to it tomorrow morning because Tracy is meeting me. I remember why I started doing morning workouts last year. But I also remember that I would come home and take an hour nap.

At least I haven't needed to do that this year.


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

It's in your Jeans

I have a fun transformation for you today. Lately, I have been feeling like my jeans are a little loose. But I haven't lost any weight recently, so I wasn't sure what that was all about. But my favorite jeans went on sale last week and I decided to buy a pair, in a smaller size, without trying them on. 

I tried them on when I went Birthday Shopping back in January. But they didn't fit. So I wasn't too hopeful that they'd fit now either. But I knew that I should scoop them up while they were on sale, and if I had to wait until next fall to wear them, oh well. I don't wear jeans as much in summer any way. 

So I tried them on last night.

And they fit.

Sure, I had to wiggle into them a bit. But no more than a pair of jeans straight out of the dryer. Sure, I would probably prefer to wear a baggier shirt with them until they stretched out just a bit. But they fit. 

They are a 9/10. And they fit.

I have been wearing 9/10 in other jeans for a while now. But not this style. Not these lower-cut jeans. 

My ultimate goal has been to walk into a store and wear a 10 in anything. And now I can. 

I am feeling so proud. 

The best part of this transformation: I am only three pounds lighter in that after photo. Three pounds. But even though the scale hasn't gone down, my booty has. I am definitely looking slimmer. I am so loving this process!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Reverse Diet: Week 12

Lowest Weight: 2.2 pounds
Average Weight: 3.2 pounds
Macro Breakdown: 2065 calories: 158p/203c/69f (3rd WEEK)

I am very happy I chose to repeat these numbers for a third week. My weight was low all week and has been very steady in the 2-3 pound range. This is actually my second lowest average of the whole twelve week process, with three pounds from goal being my lowest average ever. So I am feeling really good about these numbers. I am not gaining weight with them if I use them consistently. I am ready to increase again for the week. I am moving up to 2110 calories. It really is crazy. Next week I will be at 500 calories more than I was eating just twelve weeks ago. And I weigh the exact same. Crazy indeed.

Unfortunately I had an un-tracked weekend. I am "allowed" to eat so many calories now, and I have a hard time timing them on the weekend. So suddenly Sunday has gone by and I've only eaten breakfast and I think, I have 1500 calories left to eat, I'll cave and have Mexican food! And I probably didn't eat 1500 calories of chips and salsa, but I didn't even count them, so maybe I did. And none the less, my scale was up this morning from the added salt, or carbs or not drinking enough water. See: not being able to time my intake during the weekend. On the other hand, it is really nice to be able to just eat. And not worry. And it's not like I splurged and had a margarita.

We did a lot of yard work yesterday. Just in time for the week-long rain that is coming our way.

I did not get any food prepped or any clothes washed or my gym back packed. And I didn't get rested up enough for the chaos that is a full week of Summer Reading. So I am dreading this week already. But at least I get to eat a lot of food!

Friday, May 20, 2016

My Week in Workouts

I had a good solid week of workouts. I burned around 2800??? Calories. I took two rest days and worked out five times. I'm impressed with myself for being so consistent during such a busy work week!

I had the weekend off, so I took full advantage of my free time. You might remember that last week I ended up working out only once and took six days off. I was more than ready to get back to it. I did a great BodyCombat class on Saturday. And stuck around for some shoulders and abs. 

Sunday I did two smaller workouts that I will count as one combined. I went over to my mom's on Sunday afternoon and helped her move some boxes from her garage to the basement.Tons of stair climbing and lifting heavy boxes. I thought that would take a couple of hours and that would be my only workout for the week. But a disaster struck (long story short: somebody ran into her cars in the driveway!) and we quit early. So I was quite proud of myself for actually making it the gym for a workout later in the day. While I was there, I ran/walked two miles and did a quick leg routine. 

Momday I only worked six hours. Which was great because I could sleep in. But it was six stressful hours without a break. I trained a bunch of middle school volunteers who are unruly because Summer is coming. And my staff is getting nervous because summer is coming. After work I had to run some errands and when I finally got around to hitting the gym it was almost 8 o'clock. I am super proud of myself for still going. It's the time I used to meet Erin there, but when I am going myself it seems so late. My legs were so sore from Sunday and I was so worn out that all I could muster was hill walking and some chest and tricep work.

Then I needed to take Tuesday and Wednesday off. I worked a lot. I celebrated Jennifer's birthday. I needed to put other priorities first. And that's okay.

Thursday I would have rather made it to the gym, but I hadn't mowed my lawn in well over a rainy week. So it was out of control. I did that for my Thursday workout. Interestingly, I worked out the same amount of time as Monday and I burned even more calories. So it is obviously a worthwhile exercise.

Friday was the start of Summer Reading. Tracy texted giving me an out "I know it's a stressful day for you, we can postpone if you wish!" But I knew I would regret it if I skipped a run meet-up. I probably would have been up anyway. I was awake when my alarm went off at 5:50. And I had a lot of nervous energy that was put to good use. She pointed out that I am making her run too fast and I needed to slow down. And we were able to do most of the 2.65 miles running. We went three miles counting the warm-up walk. I am really enjoying having an "easy" run every week.

Summer Reading has been crazy and we are making it through and soon things will get into a chaotic rhythm (that's a thing!) and summer will be in full swing. I really proved to myself this week; if I can make time to workout when I am this busy, I have no excuses.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

As Light as a Pregnant Lady

Yesterday was my friend Jennifer's birthday. And as much as I wanted to post this picture, I knew that wouldn't be a happy birthday present. So I waited until after her birthday. That's how nice of a friend I am! But really, nobody reads this blog, so she won't care.

Jennifer is having her second baby! That's super exciting. But not the point of my blog post today.

The first time Jennifer was pregnant, I was so excited that I would lose weight and she would gain weight, and somewhere we would cross and for one time in our lives, she would weigh more than me. And this gave me some motivation. Or something.

But she had that baby six weeks early. And my weight loss efforts were in vain. It never happened. She still had ten pounds she never gained and I still had ten (or more) pounds I never loss. In fact, looking back, I was 24 pounds from my goal weight at that point. Twenty pounds heavier than I am now! I don't feel like you would know it in the pictures.

But this time around, it happened. I am twenty pounds lighter apparently. She stayed pregnant longer. And two weeks ago, we weighed the exact same amount. Then last week, she weighed four pounds more than me.

And I made her photo document it!!!

And then I sit back and wonder... how can my friend, who is only a half an inch taller than me, only match my weight when she is nine months pregnant. She has an entire new life growing in her. And a huge belly. Sure, I have bigger legs and wider hips, but where can all that weight be?

The picture isn't great. And we are back lit. And we made a stranger take the picture. Which Jennifer hated. But, unless Jennifer's metabolism shuts down, I will never weigh less than her again. And that's crazy!

Happy Birthday Jeffy!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Reverse Diet: Week 11

Lowest Weight:4.2 pounds
Average Weight:5.9 pounds
Macros Breakdown: 2065 calories: 158p/203c/69f (REPEAT)

This week things got scary. I repeated last week's macros because I hadn't hit them perfectly and my weight started the week very high. We're talking the sevens! Luckily it started to move down slowly. And then that time of the month kicked in, which always gives me an added pound to two. I got my eating back on track and my weight did lower a bit. But the week was over and my average was sky high. The highest it's ever been.

So I decided to repeat my macros for another week. This can not be my maintenance calories. And this definitely shouldn't be more than maintenance. So i shouldn't be gaining weight. If I need to stop here for a month, that's fine. There's no rushing this process. I am willing to let it go all summer. All summer with more food? Fine with me!

My weight continuously dropped over the weekend. Even though one day I didn't hit my numbers perfectly. And with every passing day, it is lower again. Remember, by the time I post this, I am already on day three of my week! It would have been less confusing for me to do a weigh in report on Fridays, but then where would my workouts go? Next time I will make sure it lines up appropriately.

Even though I would classify this week as my "busiest week of the year" I am feeling pretty good about it. Work is crazy, but it doesn't seem like I need to spend more than forty hours there to get everything done. I had a good weekend of working out. My body feels it today. I also have some big news from the weekend, but you'll have to wait to find out...

Friday, May 13, 2016

My Week in Workouts

My post this week is pitiful. I have very little to report this week. So it's a good thing I worked so hard last week. This week, I was a slacker. And that's okay. I still put my nutrition first and hit my numbers and that's what's important. Some of it was work chaos and tornado aftermath. But once you stop going to the gym, it is so so so easy to just keep skipping. Luckily, I am back at it tomorrow morning.

Saturday I knew would be my last non-busy day. So I got in a good BodyCombat class as well as Chest and Back work.

Sunday I meant to get to the gym but the Mother's Day brunch at our house lasted too long, I needed a nap and then I really wanted to go buy vegetables for my garden.

Monday through Thursday I worked the evening or had work events to take care of. Monday I had good intentions of working out after work, but then the Tornado came and I had to go home right away. With mops! Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I didn't even try to fool myself.

Friday morning Tracy was out for our run. She wasn't feeling well all week and let me know she wouldn't make it on Thursday evening. That was good. But also too bad for me. I didn't even set my alarm to get up.

So one whole amazing workout to add on to this week. Which is more than none. But I know I can do better. Next week is crazy at work too. But hopefully my weekend and evenings will be a little more free. And even if they aren't, I need to try and get four good workouts in. At least.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Summer Reading in Full Effect

It's that time. Every minute of my work day is taken up with Summer Reading prep and presentations. I have been working long and somewhat unusual days. That throws off my schedule and makes me even more sleepy. Plus stressed. And cranky.

Plus, we had a tornado on Monday. It didn't touch down. But it was spotted in the sky, just a mile or so from my house. Plus baseball sized hail and tons of rain in a short amount of time. So when I am home, I am mopping water into a basement drain or brushing debris from my sidewalk and yard. Luckily, after the sump pump flood a few weeks ago, we didn't have our carpet pad replaced. Which has made it much easier to contain the water that just comes up from beaneath our house.

So I suppose I am supposed to file a claim on my roof? And maybe my siding. But I don't know how to do any of that.

Plus it might have rained into my first floor (through the 2nd!) Or maybe we have something leaking on the second floor. But I have spent even more of my free time trying out different water sources and not been able to find the source of the leak.

Man I hate home ownership.

And water.

And Summer Reading!

Off to do another presentation!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Reverse Diet: Week 10

Lowest Weight: 4.2 pounds
Average Weight: 5.1 pounds
Macros Breakdown: 2065 calories: 158p/203c/69f

This week was seriously concerning. For the last ten weeks, my average has always been between three and four pounds (maybe 4.6 once). So the fact that my lowest weight of the entire week didn't even fall between that, and my average has bounced up to five, worries me.

I usually increase on Saturdays and I made the decision to repeat this week. This weekend, my scale went even a bit higher. Which really has me worried. I will admit, my weekend wasn't logged very well. I didn't follow my numbers, although I do think I stayed under my 2000 calories.

I need to get back to perfect tracking and try these numbers out for the next five days. Hopefully my scale starts to slide back down. Otherwise, I might have found my maintenance numbers and need to lower them, so that I am not gaining. I can't believe this is maintenance though. In general, you should maintain your weight at 13-14 times your weight. This would be my maintenance if I weighed 150 pounds, and I do not.

I also worked out a lot last week. Thirty-six hundred calories worth. Which you would think would help lower my scale. But remember that thing with retaining water in your muscles. That could be happening. My stress level is also peaking for the year. Mother's Day lunch at our house, cleaning and cooking for that, keeping water out of our basement at all times, and then summer reading lurking in the distance.

But I also know that I guessed on a lot of calories last week. So we'll see what one well tracked week does to me before I freak out. And if this is the end, then I will lower and start maintaining.

Friday, May 6, 2016

My Week in Workouts

I had a great week of workouts. I needed to get a lot of calories burned off this week, because the next two weeks of my life are a bit chaotic and stressful. I didn't really take a rest day this week, but I did have two easier workouts, so those will have to be my resting days until next week when I am too exhausted from working ten straight hours day after day. I burned around 3600 calories this week. The highest I have burned in weeks.

I started the week off right on Saturday with a good BodyPump class followed by some chest and back work. These are not my favorite two body parts to work. I don't feel like I can see the results, nor can I watch my muscles actually put in the work. So it's good to shove that on to the end of my actual favorite workout!

Sunday I made it into the gym for a run and weight routine. I love how fast the time flies by. It was a rainy day outside, so there was zero comeptition of my attention.

Lately, I have been sticking Leg day on Mondays. I never try to bail on a Monday workout, so it makes getting legs in a bit easier. However, the squat bar has been full every time I am there lately. It looks like I need to do more 8:30 gym times if I want that squat rack. Instead I have been doing more light weight things. But my legs always hurt for days.

Tuesday, I mowed the yard and used that as my workout. This was one of those "half-energy" days. But I still had a good calorie burn, so I counted it.

Wednesday, I met Tracy in the morning for our run. Friday didn't work for me this week, and she was willing to move it. I made her go a bit further this week. I was aiming for 2.5 miles, but we ended up at 2.68! She still needed a bunch of walk breaks, and it wasn't a very difficult run for me, but I still burned over nine calories per minute (I burn 10-12 when I am running on my own.) I am loving having an "easy" run. Now I just need to make sure to get in a run that actually challenges me.

Thursday night I was pressed for time. I did a one mile warm up on the treadmill. A quick shoulder circuit and some abs and then followed up with a mile at the end.

Friday, I had the day off. It was like the thing I was looking forward to for weeks and weeks. I got up at my normal time and went for a three mile run on my old trail. It was warmer than in used to, my music wasn't cooperating, things just weren't on my side. And I haven't run three straight miles in a month. This was a fine run. Not setting records, but burning calories. 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cinco de Calories

Today is Cinco de Mayo. Which is an a day celebrating a war Mexico fought against the French. It's not Mexico's Independence day as I once thought. I looked it up. At the library. It's just some random victory. That the Mexican's probably don't even celebrate. But American's love to live it up.

A week ago, Dan mentioned that "my favorite" holiday was fast approaching. I guess any holiday that has to do with drinking margaritas must be my favorite! He wants to go out for Mexican food tonight. I am all for that. I have mastered ordering fairly healthy at Mexican restaurants and it is still my absolute favorite. I make sure to count out my chips and order grilled chicken so I can enjoy the salsa and guacamole and rice and beans more. That tortilla is just a waste. 

And I never order alcohol. 

It's just not worth it. 

At any restaurant. 

But then Dan has been talking about margaritas all week. And I have really been wanting one. I don't think I have had one since my birthday. In fact, have I done any drinking since my birthday? Did I even drink on my birthday. 

The last time I photo documented having a margarita was on Halloween. I was starting a new weight-loss plan the next day. And we bailed on the trick-or-treaters.

I have so many more carbs now, I should probably be able to fit one in. 

But the more I research, the more it seems like I would need to leave 500 calories for an authentic, delicious Margarita.  And that's 125 carbs. I only get 203 carbs right now. And even the old me, couldn't live on just 75 carbs all day. 


I could make it work. 

But I just don't think it's worth it. 

And that makes me almost more sad than losing the 500 calories.

Part of me says, just live your life. You're not even trying to lose weight.

But I vowed to have a Perfect Macro May.

And I can't throw that away on day five. 

I am so torn. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May 2016 Goals

Just a few days late, but here are my goals for May:

1. Run 4 miles straight. Again. This was my goal in April as well, and I actually accomplished it. It was difficult and I hated most of it. And I vowed I never had to do it again. But good things don't come to those that are static in their goals. So I am pushing myself to do it again. And maybe this time it will be better. Although, I haven't even run three miles in a row in a long time. So it will be even more of a challenge.

2. Perfect Macro May. I have had a couple of days in April that weren't perfect. Either I guessed too much, or went over a tad. As I get closer to maintenance numbers, I need to be hitting those perfectly. I may reach maintenance in May, and I may still be working on it until June. But either way, I need to be perfect. I get to eat so much food that it shouldn't be hard. Consistency will pay off here.

3. May is a crazy-busy month for me. So I am making a goal of working out twenty times. After a tough day of Summer Reading preparation, I could easily see myself "needing a rest day." I might have to get up early to get my workouts in. And I definitely set the goal low, because I also know that I am working several ten hour days, that aren't conducive to working out. But twenty is a good amount. And I hope to get a good chunk of those done the first week before things get too hectic.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Reverse Diet: Week 9

Lowest Weight: 3.2 pounds
Average Weight: 3.9 pounds
Macro Breakdown: 2020 calories: 156p/196c/68f

My scale was very (eerily) consistent this week. Three pounds from goal every day. And then a little jump up which made my average a bit on the high end. But as long as it's in the 3-4 or even 3-5 range I am going to be happy with it.

Again, it jumped up this weekend, after adding in my next level of carbs. And that scares me. Because this morning I was seeing a six on the scale. I never wanted to go above the five... but I think it's due to eating late last night and also eating a lot of salty chips.

But I am getting scared about the end of this process. How will I know when to stop. How many pounds will I gain before I realize it's too many? I know I can't be maintaining on 2065 calories. But I also know that my metabolism is screwy. So maybe I can. But I am thinking it should be somewhere in the 2300-2400 range. And since I have done this process so slowly, I shouldn't start gaining "real" weight until I go over that number.

Just breath.

I need to get better at spacing out my eating. Planning is key. But I also don't like to get locked in to eating something that doesn't sound good that day. Currently, I am left with a lot of carbs (and calories in general) after I get home at night. I am just in a hoarding mindset. And I am hoping that this process can rid of that. After I eat all my food today, I will leave work at 1000 calories. That means I have 1000 calories to eat when I get home from the gym at 7 o'clock. I do not need to have 1000 calories left to eat dinner. But in the old days, when I only got 1300, eating 1000 calories before I got off work left me with nothing. I should probably pack a pretty substantial snack for my trip to the gym.

And eat more for breakfast, but that's a whole different story.

Also, my goal to only eat at places with their nutritional values posted didn't work out either. So I still did some estimating.