Friday, April 29, 2016

My Week in Workouts

I had a disappointing week as far as workouts go. I am exhausted and life just got in the way. That's how it goes sometimes. I should be back to normal this coming week. I have one week of normality and then the chaos of Summer Reading begins. I have two weeks where I work 3-4 evenings a week and several ten hour days. This is my worst period of life! Then school is over, and summer reading begins, and my schedule returns to a little more routine.

I was thinking of starting a new plan. But with these next three weeks having so much variation, I think I will wait until after that is over. So look for some kind of routine and lifting plan to begin toward the end of June. For now, let's just hope I can burn more than ??? calories, like I did this week.

Saturday, I started off on the right foot. I made it to BodyCombat class. ANd I started in the weight room lifting shoulders beforehand. The newest release has these corkscrew punches and my shoulders were tired for days from that workout.

Sunday I had plans to go to the gym, and then my plans changed and I ended up hanging out with Samantha most of the day. I got a quick 30 minutes of lawn mowing in. I burned about 260 calories, but I didn't intend for it to be a workout. Unfortunately, the rest of the week didn't turn out much better.

Monday, I made myself go on the way home from work, so I couldn't use the "I am too tired" excuse. I ran two miles on the treadmill, and did leg weights. All of my least favorite things thrown in to one Monday. 

Then on Tuesday, I had ot make myself take a rest day. Because Tuesday is the day I am committed to doing things with Dan and not letting my workouts come first. We sat on the front porch and watch the thunderstorm come in. We had dinner, checked on our basement several times (still dry) and noticed that one of our gutters was clogged with pine needles from this tree we have dying in our front yard. Luckily the overflowing water wasn't doing any harm to my house or my yard. That night it rained inches and inches and I woke up several times worrying about my house flooding. Jennifer says I have Post Traumatic Stress.

Wednesday I pulled a muscle in my arm/neck and I was in pain all day. I had to lay on the floor and stretch before I could do storytime. Then at 4:00, the power went out at the library. Talk about stress! So by the time I got off work at 5:30, I just needed to go home and stretch and rest. I skipped the gym.

Even though I knew that Thursday evening I had social obligations and would be taking another rest day. Three in a row.

So I was lucky to have Tracy waiting for me this morning to get our two miles in. We went a bit further this time, though the beginning and ending were just walking, which I didn't count. And I pushed her to run three half-mile sets. She's getting stronger and our workout was pretty good this morning. 

I only burned about 1850 calories this week and that includes my mowing workout. But like I said, I am ready to have a week back on track!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Water Every Where

I mentioned it in passing, but it probably deserves its own post.

My basement flooded.

Last Monday or Tuesday we got a couple of inches of rain. Not a big deal around here.

Our sump pump hadn't even kicked on yet.

Dan and I played ping-pong in the basement on Tuesday evening. Everything was dry. Which was a relief. We often have a bit of dampness on one corner of our basement.

It rained a little more on Tuesday evening, but nothing too much.

Jennifer mentioned to me that their new sump pump kicked on Tuesday night, but I said that ours still had not. It is really loud and it sounds like someone is mowing. And I always wonder why someone is doing yard work at 11pm. And then I realize it's just our pump.

Wednesday evening we went down to play ping-pong again (we play almost every night) and Dan (who went first) stepped into a completely drenched basement.


The sump pump was still not running. Which should mean the water table still isn't above our basement floor. But obviously, it was.

We checked the outlet that the sump pump was plugged into and it worked fine. Which is when we realized that our sump pump wasn't working.

I called Jennifer's husband Ryan, because I don't even know who replaces a sump pump. At ten o'clock at night. He said to call a plumber, although he was gearing up to drive to town and fix it for me.

But the plumber told me he could come immediately and the emergency charges wouldn't even be too bad.

So by a little after midnight I had a new sump pump that is working away like it should.

Hopefully for the next 15 years.

We spent a couple hours moving valuable things upstairs and drying off already damp things and wondering why we have all this junk.

But my basement is soaked. And the plumber is certain Dan and I won't be able to soak it up fast enough to keep it from molding.

So bright and early the next morning, I call in the professionals. They are there before I have to leave for work.

And three hours later they have removed our ruined carpet pad, soaked up the carpets, elevated all the furniture, and have twenty fans placed on my dry wall.

My house sounds like a space ship.

For three days.

And the smell... they warn you that the drying actually creates a bad smell (it's not mold) but I was certain I had left a plate of chicken out. Luckily I had good enough weather on Saturday I could air out the house.

And then Dan kicked them out after three days because our insurance won't cover this and I am certain it's like $1000 a day. And he is certain that he can rid our entire house of mold on his own. And hopefully it was dry enough anyway.

And now I am researching how to stain concrete. And prevent your sump pump from ever dying, because I can't go through this again.

But I have also removed anything of value from the floor, and am working on removing anything not of value from my life. Because I learned a lot of lessons from this. Like, you don't need Christmas gift boxes, and Easter baskets, and spare TVs and vacuums, and everything is fine, because you still have your loved ones, and my shoes are safe up on the second floor!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Reverse Diet: Week 8

Lowest Weight: 1.8 pounds
Average Weight: 3.6 pounds
Macro Breakdown: 1975 calories: 154p/189c/67f

My average is right in that 3-4 pound range where I like it. And my lowest was right at my lowest of all time. It should be noted, that I had tummy troubles for a day this week, and only ate about 1200 calories. That contributed to a bit of water-weight loss I am sure.

But overall, it was a pretty perfect week. With pretty perfect numbers. I am increasing this week or OVER 2000 calories. It makes me sick to know that all these years I could have been eating 2000 calories and still weighed the same. I know that I wanted to lose weight instead, so I kept restricting. But I am the same weight I was in 2009. For the last seven years I could have been eating 2000 or more calories and still been this weight. Instead of restricting, getting burned out and eating too much.

I am healing my metabolism. And it is like the first scientific thing I feel like I have actually done with calories. And it makes me so freakin' happy.

I know nobody really reads my blog. But if you are, and you are wondering why you aren't losing weight and you keep lowering your calories and you're not happy. I really recommend taking a break. Don't just eat what you want. That's not the answer. But follow a true reverse diet. Really heal yourself. Make your body work for you.

Now, I just hope that when I cut again, my body follows the plan, as instructed, and the weight just drops off. I mean that's the whole point of this. Besides just eating a bunch of food every day. That's a good point too.

Friday, April 22, 2016

My Week in Workouts

My week got started late because I worked two events this weekend. And even though I only had to work for four hours, working events is a lot harder than working at the library. So although I told myself I would work out, I didn't. But when I got back on track, I powered through the week. I got a good variety in and was feeling fine about my workouts. However, starting next week, I am going to come up with a new lifting plan. Something I can follow better and increase more often. And see some improvement with.

Monday it took me all day to make it to the gym, but I got a good workout once I got there. I ran a mile, did some arms, ran another mile, more arms and finished with a mile. Nice and slow. But a good way to sneak in three miles without convincing myself to run three on the treadmill. That kept my heart rate up during the lifting, so I got a pretty good burn. Monday was the Boston Marathon and that is always inspiring.

Being off on Tuesday, meant I could take that BodyCombat class that Steph and I used to go to until I just couldn't stand how full and humid it was. Turns out, nothing has changed. Full. Hot. Humid. Cliquish. People just chatting when they should be punching. People in my way for good jump kicks. Too many dumb people in the world. But I got a good workout in and was dripping with sweat. Also, I should have remembered: no pony tails in Combat, you have to get that hair out of your face and on top of your head. 

Wednesday I absolutely needed to go home before I hit the gym. That is always a downfall. I needed to throw clothes in the washer before I took off again. But I was firm with myself and never even sat down. I got another good run/arm workout in, using the same pattern from Monday: run - arms - run- arms.

Wednesday evening as Dan and I went downstairs to play ping-pong, we stepped into a flooded basement. Ugh! I was up until almost 2am getting an emergency sump pump replaced and then woke up Thursday morning at 6am to a really upset stomach. I am certain it was stress about this situation. That's probably a whole post for another day. Needless to say, I did not work out on Thursday.

Friday morning I was up to run with Tracy. She made it this week and it was perfect weather. We still walk a lot for her, but it was a comfortable run for me. And three hundred calories burned before I would have been awake.

I was worried how I'd get my workouts in with an off schedule this week. But I did just fine. I worked out four times and burned about 2000 calories. I am thinking of putting together something new for next week. Or at least start working on something.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Reverse Diet: Week 7

Lowest Weight: 2.8 pounds
Average Weight: 4.3 pounds
Macros Breakdown: 1930 calories/152p/182c/66f

This week was a repeat of last week. My average weight is still a little higher than I like. But that's the problem with having an untracked day. That may just be my new weight now. There's no way to get rid of those extra calories. Note to self: as you get closer to maintenance, you must stick to your numbers. But my lowest weight (which is what I used to only report) is still the same as it was when I began seven weeks ago.

I can be scared to gain a pound though. So I increased my macros again for his next week. And after a little jump, the scale said two pounds from goal again on Tuesday. So stick to the process. I seem to be doing some good. Or at least eating more food.

I'm posting this super late this week. My work schedule has been off and I usually write on my lunch break. I worked this weekend and had Monday and Tuesday off of work. So at least I have a short week now!

I got a lot done around my yard on my "weekend".  Did some gardening. And my whole body can feel that. I also got to take some classes I am usually at work for and that was annoying now but exciting at the same time.

My goal last week was to only eat out once for lunch and once for dinner. And I did it.

My goal for the next five days of this week is to only eat trackable food. Eating out is trick when I am  just guessing at how many calories are in things. I need to stick to restaurants that are in the database. And better yet if I just eat at home. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

My Week in Workouts

I had a really good week. I got my five workouts in and I burned over 2700 calories. That's a high amount for me lately. I feel good about this past week. 

Saturday I started off the week with another great BodyCombat class. I always mean to leave after 45 minutes but lately the teachers have been picking extra long songs and I have been stuck in class for 50 to 55 minutes. That can cut into my weight lifting afterwards. But I got the basic stuff done. I even made myself increase on my bench presses. And I nailed them. Time to go up again I guess. I am just so scared to get stuck under that bar.

Sunday I set out to meet my April goal of running four miles straight. It was beautiful weather and I thought I might as well give it a try. I ran three straight miles last week, pretty fast, so why not try slowing down and doing four? I started off great. I was doing a little under a 12 minute mile and I felt like I could go forever. The thought even crossed my head I am sure I could run a 10k, as long as I keep up this pace, I could just keep going. But then somewhere during mile two it got harder and when I turned around and still had two more to go, my mind started playing tricks on me. It was so much harder on the return. Wind maybe, uphill, all mental? I made it to mile three, at not a very good pace and I knew I needed to push through and finish it all. That last mile felt like it took 45 minutes on it's own. My legs hurt, my heart heart, my lungs hurt. I felt like I had been hit by a truck. And then finally it was over. And my pace was awful. But I met my goal. And now I never need to run that far again.

Monday I had to work in the evening, so I used that as my rest day.

Although I hate to have two rest days back-to-back, I knew that Tuesday was my best day to hang out with Dan and get things done around the house. So Tuesday became my second rest day.

Wednesday I headed to the gym straight from work. I did my own spin class for 30 minutes and followed up with upper body weights. I have been feeling stuck with my weights for a while, so I lowered some of them a bit and upped the reps of 10x3 to 10x5. I could feel this for days. Disappointed with my calorie burn though. I used to be able to get 500 calories in less than an hour. Now I am there forever.

Thursday I packed by bag and took it to work. I knew it would be tough to get me to the gym. I just hate leg day. Why? I tried to talk myself out of it all day. So much so that I wanted to run instead. So I agreed to do two miles outside. I was trying for a fast pace because it's only two miles. But my legs or lungs weren't having it. I mean, 11:40 isn't shabby. I just thought I'd be able to do two at a faster pace than I've done three. On the other hand, I was on a different (and hillier) trail and that makes a big difference. Then I drove to the gym where I tried to stall again in the car but finally dragged myself in, telling myself I didn't have to use the squat bar. I worked my legs good, but forgot to restart my heartrate monitor. I am giving myself at least 125 more calories burned.

Friday morning I got up ridiculously early (though I did get seven hours of sleep) to run with Tracy. And then there was no Tracy. Even though I had confirmed with her the night before. And as I sat there in my car, waiting and realizing she wasn't coming, I was so close to going home for a nap. But I made myself get out there and run. I just wanted to go for thirty minutes. I didn't want to push myself too much. Which is good, because I couldn't. Too early. My legs were like lead, and I was grouchy. So I did more of a walk/run pattern, always keeping my heartrate above 150. And now I wish I could take a nap at work. 

I am not sure what to expect from this coming week. I have to work the next two days, but only partial days. I then have two days off, but only because I wasted a day of vacation. I need to let my legs recover for at least a day, but I won't be able to make it to BodyCombat this week. So I might need to plan some different things to keep myself motivated. The scale is also not cooperating. Which is making it difficult to keep pushing myself. But I just need to keep going. It will all be worth it!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Riced Cauliflower

I finally got around to trying the riced cauliflower that's all the rage right now. Or since I can't find the riced cauliflower at my Trader Joe's, I tried the Cauliflower Crumbles from Green Giant. I don't know how it compares. I figured I would be disappointed. Because I never really like anything that is all the rage and tries to replace my beloved carbs. And because I made mashed cauliflower a year ago, in my food processor, actually mashing a whole cauliflower head and that was disgusting.

But this, I was very pleased with!

I decided to start with a Chipotle-like rice bowl. First, because all the other flavors might mask the cauliflower if it was gross. And second, because I could eat these every day and Dan gets tired of going to Chipotle. 

What I loved about these cauliflower crumbles is they steam in the bag. So five minutes in the microwave and I have completely cooked cauliflower rice. It took longer to warm up the beans and cut up my chicken. 

This was very delicious. I didn't end up using any shredded cheese. It is pictured, but I never added it. The macros were great on this. It filled me up perfectly. I didn't have any salsa, that was the one downfall. But otherwise, it very much filled my Chipotle rice bowl cravings. 

Does the cauliflower taste like rice? No, not exactly. But what does rice really taste like. I can't place it. Does it have it's own taste? And what does cooked cauliflower actually taste like? This just picked up the flavor of the beans and everything else. It definitely smelled like cauliflower cooking. I thought Dan would be upset with that smell, but he didn't even mention it. Maybe I am more sensitive to it. I could still smell that in my kitchen as I was eating dinner. I am eager to see if the smell continues when I rewarm this. I had enough left overs for two lunches this week. 

Here are all the things I am looking forward to trying with the fake rice:
Curried Chicken
Chicken and Rice soup
Chicken and rice casserole
Chicken Enchilada Rice
Cheesy rice
Cauliflower pizza crust

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I Love My Job

Today is National Library Workers Day. It's not really a real holiday or anything. Like boss's day. Except nobody celebrates it. But I do. Because library workers are important people. The day falls during National Library Week. When Librarians are out there trying to promote all the good things the library offers. But the most important thing a library offers is its staff. Library Workers Day should be about the workers and all the things they do, and the sacrifices they make. I mean the good ones.

I don't talk a lot about my job. Unless I am complaining. Or saying how it causes me to eat too much. But I really do love it. I don't know how I got so lucky. I can't imagine doing anything else. Sure, it can be stressful. Customer service isn't always fun. I don't honestly care if your resume got submitted. But when a customer comes in and tells me they got a job with my help, I am proud of both of us. When I get to hang out with kids and see their eyes open bright when they figure out the context clues in a book, I get joy in my heart. When they run into the library yelling Miss Karrie, Miss Karrie I know that I am in the right profession. When moms tell me that their kids pretend to be me at home, a smile fills up my face. And when a teenager seeks me out to tell me about his day, my life has meaning.

I get paid better than a teacher. I don't take work home with me. I work quite a few evenings and weekends, but it's only to be around when families are available. Some times the security company calls at 2 am. Sometimes I break up fights and call the police and deal with birds in the ceiling and clogged toilets. Mainly I help people. And change their lives.

I work hard. And I am good at my job. And I deserve a day! Maybe some candy. But mostly a hug!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Reverse Diet: Week 6

Lowest Weight: 2.8 pounds
Average Weight: 3.9 pounds
Macro Breakdown: 1930 calories (152p/182c/66f)

Not my lowest low weight. And not my highest average weight.

Still, I had three days that weren't tracked. Or weren't tracked right. Most likely I went over my calories. And my scale has been reading high since Friday. So I am going to repeat this week. I really think I should have a perfect week macros-wise before I progress.

Maybe that's not necessary. But it's my plan and I can do it if I want. Maybe I need that mental stability to know that my weight is only up from sodium. I told myself I didn't want to go above five pounds from goal, and that was where I was this weekend. So the idea of adding on more carbs and making my scale rise again is not appealing. Plus, 'hormone-week' ahead so that will probably tack on a pound. It's just better if I take my time. I would rather hit maintenance with all the mental power I can.

I know I have at least four weeks ahead of me before I need to start thinking, is this my maintenance calorie goal. And I probably need to do some more research on that before I know exactly what I am looking for. But for now I like that my weekly average is always in the three pounds range. It jumps a bit when I introduce new carbs and then levels out again. I suppose when my average weight starts rising each week, that is when I need to start worrying.

I am planning a quality week of workouts. I have to work the next seven days in a row. But some are half days and most are low-stress. I did some meal prep this weekend. I have a new recipe to tell you about this week. I am set for eating out only once for lunch and once for dinner this week.

Plus, I got my taxes finished this weekend. And paid for. And now I can move on with my life! That is literally "a weight off!"

Friday, April 8, 2016

My Week in Workouts

I had a pretty good week in workouts. I am feeling really good about things. I can't say if it's that I finally have all my energy back from being sick. If I worked out more, and that makes me feel more productive. Or if it's all those extra carbs I get to eat powering me up! I did five sessions this week and burned over 2300 calories. This week seemed to be short and sweet when it came to workouts.

Saturday I started the week with an awesome BodyCombat class. I stayed for my normal first 8 tracks, skipping out on the abs and cool-down. That took over 50 minutes this time. Sometimes I am out of there after 40 or 45. Then I did an upper body routine. I switched the weights I used to do after class to the ones I used to do after Spinning. The big weight room is empty on Saturday mornings. Or at least it's dad's lifting instead of college boys. So much better!

Sunday was beautiful and although I was thinking about taking a rest day, instead I talked Dan in to a short workout with me. We had bagels at our favorite lunch spot and then we started walking through the neighborhood right behind the bagel store. In that neighborhood is a church. And that church has the best, most stable and most flights of stairs I have seen around this town. It's only three flights. Which only took me 10 seconds to sprint. But I did it six times and I was worn out. Then we walked around the neighborhood for a mile or more and then I did it again six times. On my own, I would probably do it five times, walk around the church block and repeat four or five times. But Dan starts exploring and I can't get him to go where I want.

Monday was my great after-work run. I set a new PR. I felt great about myself. I even shared my run on facebook, which I never do because I am a bit embarrassed by my pace. But I was proud of my accomplishment. It got sixty likes. People love proud-of-your-physical-accomplishment stories. Which is too bad because I change the life of kids everyday and only a couple of people ever care.

Tuesday was my rest day. As planned. Although I didn't do anything in the evening that kept me from going to the gym. I know I need a rest day. But I also want to make sure Dan and I are doing quality things together. I even got off of work 90 minutes early. But my whole day was stressful due to work-shortages, and me being in charge this week because my boss is out of the office, and I had a dreaded dentist appointment. So I deserved a relaxing evening of watching Bernie Sander's win the Wisconsin primary. And doing laundry. And thinking about finishing up my taxes, but never leaving the couch.

Wednesday I was excited to do my own Spin class again and work my upper body. I am so eager to see what my arms could look like in tank tops this summer. Plus, I can really push myself on that spin bike. It's a great thirty minutes of sweating before I go and burn out my arms. I also get off early enough that I can get a good gym workout in before Dan gets off work. Which makes me not feel rushed. Sometimes I even have time to run errands, like a quick trip to the grocery store. 

Thursday, I was not as excited. Work was awful. There are birds in our ceiling. And by day two and dealing with the exterminator who "doesn't see anything" my nerves were shot. The last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym. And sometimes I have a rule that I make myself and sometimes I let myself skip. Thursday was a skip. Then I tried to file my taxes and our internet was down. More stress. I caved and went to Taco Inn for dinner. I was starving all day and didn't hit my macros.

But, Friday morning I was up bright and early to run with Tracy. It was our first run of the year. She hasn't really been running at all since she hurt her foot. We agreed to only go two miles and see how she felt. I knew I could run two miles without taking a break, but I didn't want to push her too much. She had to take several walk breaks. But I still got a good calorie burn. And I never would have gotten up at 6 AM on a Friday to workout without her. Also, the trail we met at (between our houses) was really beautiful. And I might try it out on my own next week. 

As you might have noticed, no leg day. And I didn't do weights after my short run. I might need to go back to a split routine so I am working all those body parts even again. Maybe...

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thirsty Thursday

In my life-long battle to find a delicious morning coffee drink that doesn't break the calorie bank (or the literal bank) I tried a new recipe this morning.

1 cup Fairlife milk
3/4 cup Starbucks cold brew coffee (unsweetened)
40 grams chocolate protein powder
1 packet of Stevia

This was pretty good and had really great macros. 230 calories: 47p/6c/0f.

This is basically everything I want. It tasted like chocolate milk though. So next time I will add more coffee and less milk. I thought the cold brew coffee might be too strong (because I tried it before I poured it in) and went heavier with the milk than normal. But I didn't need to do that. And now I know. I could probably get away with a half cup of milk. I also added a packet of sweetener, because the unsweetened coffee was bitter. But my protein powder is pretty sweet. I might also try adding sugar free caramel syrup.

Definitely worth trying again! And much easier than getting hot coffee cooled down in time to add to my cup in the morning. And easier cheaper than all coffee shops. And so much great protein to start my day right.

Edited to add: I tried this again on Friday morning and the 3/4 cup of milk and 1 cup of coffee was perfect! I still kept the splenda in and it tasted perfect!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A New PR and a New Page

Last night I set a new running PR! It was beautiful weather. No wind. Everything went my way. I had a good day at work. Time to change clothes and hit the trail right away. I wasn't too hungry. Didn't have to pee. My pants stayed up. I remembered my flip belt so my hands were free. The trail was busy, full of motivation, but not so busy that I had to wait for people.

I told myself I would just run until I needed a break. And then when I was feeling good at one mile, and going pretty fast (10:57) I told myself I would run until 2 miles. I slowed down my speed a bit to ensure I would make it another mile. And I did take a 20-30 second break while I crossed a busy street and let the cars go ahead. When mile two was done (12:21) And my pace was still around 11:40, I had high hopes for setting a record. My previous PR pace was 11:43. I really tried to push myself on mile three, but I was struggling and it felt like I couldn't go any faster and still breathe. Mile three was an 11:34 pace. I forced myself to sprint to the finish, but I didn't have much left (9:45 for that last push.)

Still, I finished my 5k, at 35:53. That's 30 seconds faster than I had done it in January. And that's an overall pace of 11:33.

That's amazing. And I am feeling really proud of myself. Thirty seconds, even every other month, is a lot of improvement. It's not like I am running every day. About once a week is all I am doing right now. I am pretty much back on par with my pace during my glory days of running. Back when I could run six miles straight, and ran 2-3 several times a week. If I put in that much dedication now, I could see some real improvement. But I like mixing things up with weights (heavy leg weights is probably helping my running more than anything) and other forms of cardio. I don't want to get burnt out.

But I do want to keep celebrating my successes. So I created my first ever PAGE on my blog. If you look over there <------ you will see a link to my running PRs. This way I can keep everything updated and easily accessible when it is time to start setting some more records.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Reverse Diet: Week 5

Lowest Weight: 1.2 pounds
Average Weight: 3.5 pounds
Macro Breakdown: 1885 (150p/175c/65f)

This week I had two un-tracked, not over in calories but over in something (fat or carbs) and not hitting my protein days. Easter was one of them. The second was Tuesday when we had a work event at a Saloon type restaurant, which had zero healthy options and then limited them even more for the large crowd we brought in. Anyway, it made my scale go up on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Which had me a bit worried. I was contemplating sticking to these same numbers for another week. But then I did my average for the week, and it is just about the same as every other week. Plus, I had my lowest weight of all time this week. So I really can't complain.

I just need to get this tracking under control. Because even though I upped my numbers on Saturday, I didn't hit my protein either day this weekend. I stuck to my calories, but protein is an important part. And the scale is much more consistent if I just hit those same numbers every day. It's so easy to think I "deserve" something. Or we go to a restaurant and I just "guess" a bunch.

I am loving this process. When I actually tack everything and eat so much more food. And still weight same. I am so excited to see if I can get up to 2400 calories a day. I wish eating more food didn't mean more groceries. I have done through so much milk lately. And that isn't cheap!

Friday, April 1, 2016

My Week in Workouts

I had a pretty good week I guess. I got four workouts in. I burned more than 2100 calories. I ran, combated, worked my arms and my legs. And am feeling more in the swing of things.

Saturday I started the week with Legs and BodyCombat. I almost 100% of the time do cardio first. But Dan had to work on Saturday, so I was up and out of the house and thought I would just start with weights and then do my class. I had to do legs since I had skipped them on Thursday. I stayed light, since it has been a couple of weeks since I had done legs. By the time I got to class, I seriously wondered if my legs would buckle. I was so scared through the first leg track, that I bailed right before the second one. That only gave me 35 minutes of class. But it was still a good workout.

Sunday was Easter and the gym was closed for a good portion of the day. I thought I might get up and run. But giving up sleep to run is a hard mental battle to have with yourself. When your alarm goes off and you're enjoying sleep. And this time I didn't win. So it became a rest day.

Ever since the time change two weeks ago, it has been light enough after work that I could do a run outside. But it got cold again. And I got sick for a while. And then there's the issue of having set days I need to do things in the gym. So Monday was actually the first day I had a chance to follow through on my normal after-work run plan. It wasn't a very good run. I don't know why my pace has suddenly become slower. I had this great idea to set up a pre-planned run like this: Run .9 miles / walk .1 mile --> Run .8 miles / walk .1 mile --> Run .7 miles walk .1 mile --> Run .4 miles. I thought that would give me a good break down of walk breaks while rewarding me for running faster. That's the downfall of running for time. You have to do the same time, no matter how fast you're going. But my running app doesn't break miles down to the tenth. Only quarters. So I could have run .75 / walked .25. But that was more walking and less running than I wanted to do. So I broke it down into kilometers. But I don't really understand kilometers. And I did it wrong and left one miles. And everything was screwy. But I did run when it told me to and walked when it told me to. And was tired. And burned 500 extra calories I never need to see again.

Tuesday is my normal rest day. And I took it!

Wednesday I was called into a work crisis, fifteen minutes before I was off for the day. So I didn't get the chance to make it to Spin class. But that's okay. I haven't loved the instructor lately. The bad news is, I went home and sat down, which I didn't need to do either. I haven't been home much and I had laundry to put in and all these chores to tackle. I was so close to just staying home and getting things done. But I knew that wouldn't make me proud at the end of the week. So I taught my own spin class, for 30 minutes and then I did my upper body weights. I switched my Saturday and Wednesday routines because the machines are emptier on Wednesday evenings than the free weight room. I didn't actually have time to get all these things done. I skipped the last three. I am also disappointed that I haven't been increasing much lately. But I am still working on getting into a routine since being sick.

Thursday, I forgot my gym bag at home. I knew I would be just as easily convinced to skip leg day this week as I was last week. Adding on to the piles of laundry and dishes and grocery shopping and cleaning I should be doing at home. But I made my fit sisters hold me accountable. I stopped at home quickly to change, made it to the gym, got my sprints and leg work done and still had time to run to Walmart for a small bit of groceries! The squat bar was busy the entire 45 minutes, so I had to sub some things. But I was still sore this morning. 

Friday I wanted to get one more workout in for the week. But I couldn't get myself out of bed without someone to meet. So I slept in and settled for four workouts. But I'm ready to kill it this weekend!