Monday, February 29, 2016

Eight Week Cut: Week 8

Current Weight: 2.8 pounds
Weekly Change: 0 pounds
Cut Loss: 2.8 pounds

Yes, I had a stressful week and a cheat meal on Tuesday night. But I am not losing weight like I should be. According to all calculators, I burn around 2100-2300 calories per day with the level of activity I do (That lower number definitely doesn't include working out.) Therefore, eating just 1660 calories every day means I should be losing a pound a week or more. Even with a couple of extra calories thrown in.

So I am going to end this cut. A week early. Because I have been bouncing around this 2-5 pound range since January. And I am not getting anywhere. I am at my happy weight. And I need to learn to live with it. I am actually six pound lighter than the weight I maintained for over a year during Jennifer's wedding, my 30th birthday celebration, training for my last 10k and meeting Dan. This is obviously the weight my body is happy at. And i am happy too. Kind of. All my clothes fit. I can buy new clothes and feel like I look good in them. I have enough pants that I don't feel stressed about what I can wear each day. I can run three miles at a pretty good pace and I feel very confident in the weight room, even when I am the only girl.

Instead I am going to try and strengthen my body. And work on changing my set point (more on that tomorrow). I have attempted this twice and it did not turn out well. Once, two years ago, I was about five pounds heavier and I decided 2014 would be the year I worked on pull-ups and strength, not worrying about calories. And I gained ten to fifteen pounds. Turns out I need to worry about calories. Probably for the rest of my life.

Last July, I also attempted to increase my calories. But I did it the wrong way and I gave up after 9 days of tracking and four wild vacation days. Of course I gained too much weight too fast. And of course it took me the rest of the year to get it off.

So I am doing a bunch of research and I will report my new plan to you tomorrow. But it includes a new eating plan (not really a plan, I am dedicated to counting macros) and a new lifting routine.

And I am excited again. Excited to see some change for once. Probably not on the scale, but in my muscles!

Friday, February 26, 2016

My Week in Workouts

I started the week off well, but after the weekend was over, this turned into a low-energy week for me. I have been physically exhausted every night after work and dragging myself to the gym and getting anything worthwhile out of it has been a chore. I did accomplish four workouts, which is the minimum I would ever want to get. Some weeks sleep and stress and pain just need to come first.

Saturday I started with a good BodyCombat class. I left before the abs and cool-down. I used that in place of my HIIT workout, even though it was 45 minutes. I followed up with some good weight work. All in all, it only took me 90 minutes, which is what cardio and weights used to take me with Erin. I felt really strong coming home from this workout. 

Sunday was another good workout day. I wanted to enjoy the weather and run a bit. I set a program in RunKeeper that had a run/walk pattern. I knew I needed a small break every now and again, for my mental clarity. But I also knew that I only needed 30 seconds to recover. Boy those 30 seconds fly by. So I ran 10 minutes - walk break - 8 minutes - walk break - 6 minutes - walk break - 5 minutes - walk break - 4 minutes - walk break - 3 minutes. I thought I would just run at an easy pace, but not hold back either. I used my FlipBelt for the first time, to hold my phone, so I wasn't checking my pace as I went. At the halfway turn around, I was averaging around an 11:30 minute mile and I knew I might be able to break my record if I kept that pace up. Plus the intervals were getting shorter. I managed to set a new PR on my 5k time with 36:23. I took five 30-second walk breaks, for a total of 2:30 walked. The rest I ran at 11:18-11:47 pace. My next goal will be just four walk breaks! 

Monday I got a lot of sleep, and didn't have to work until 11. So I was feeling good. But it is always a long day to work until 8pm. I still dragged myself to the gym afterward. I did some hill walking (because running seemed too exhausting) and then did my weight routine. I felt like I half-assed it and was just going through the motions, but I still worked those muscles.

Tuesday is my rest day, and we had dinner plans with Dan's family anyway.

Wednesday I had an exhausting day at work. I was stressed out with my family and dog-sitting obligations. I had to go let Steve's dog out and I didn't get home until 6:45. I still had an hour until I had to go meet Dan for dinner, but I just needed to sit still. My back was in a lot of pain and I had a stress headache. So I told myself I didn't need to go and I could just rest. It was a smart choice. I felt much better after a dinner with Dan and not feeling rushed around anymore.

Thursday night I went straight from work. I wanted enough time to get in a great workout and still be done by the time Dan got off work. I was just so tired. Even though I was in my car in the gym parking lot, I still took ten minutes to talk myself in to walking inside. I could have closed my eyes and taken an hour nap there instead. But I eventually dragged myself in. I was going to watch hulu as I did my HIIT cardio, but my internet wouldn't work, and I didn't have the energy to get through it with only music. So I walked uphill for ten minutes to warm up and then just moved on to weights. I am really enjoying the 5x5. It is helping me to improve and I can tell I am getting stronger again rather than just doing the same weights over and over.

Friday was my rest day again. I am so excited that I made it through this week. I am ready to catch up on some sleep and get some energy again. I don't know if it's the weather or a lack of coffee or just all the stress this week that has me so frazzled, but I don't like it and I am ready to have my energy back!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I Need More Sleep

  • But I can't stop watching election results.
  • And then three days of controversies surrounding the election.
  • And then new polls about the election.
  • But I was dog-sitting at my mom's last night.
  • And her house makes a lot of strange noises.
  • Like a lot.
  • And then it was too hot in there.
  • And I have to go to the bathroom once a night now.
  • Because I drink too much water.
  • And maybe because I am old.
  • And then I got an early morning wake-up call.
  • My mom's boyfriend, Steve was in the hospital.
  • And he needed help with his dog.
  • But I am already watching one dog.
  • And how many people can I help in one day?
  • And still help myself?
  • And we are so short staffed at work I am considering calling in sick to get my job done.
  • At home.
  • One person out 40 hours this week for bereavement leave.
  • One person out 8 hours for dental work.
  • Two people out 24 hours for sick calls.
  • We only have ten people. 
  • So that leaves the other six of us to power through. 
  • But I haven't slept. 
  • And I am trying to decide between a rest day today, 
  • Or killing it in the gym.
  • Which is better for added energy?
  • Probably the gym.
  • And I can watch the election results there!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Eight Week Cut: Week 7

Current Weight: 2.8 pounds (this morning)
Weekly Change: +0.2 pounds
Cut Loss: 2.8 pounds

Wow, six weeks in, and I really thought I would have lost more than three pounds. That should have been the minimum I had lost. I even feel like I have my numbers set slightly lower than a half pound loss per week (meaning I should lose more) but my metabolism is screwy.

And I had a cheat day this week. We celebrated Dan's birthday with an extra 400 calories of chips and salsa. Not margaritas, that would have put me way over. But if I don't have a perfect week, I really can't expect perfect results. Still, 400 calories isn't really a surplus. Calories are weird things. It should probably be noted that it was the week of my period, so perhaps I am hoping on to some extra water because of that. Periods are weird things too.

I have two more weeks left of this eight week cut (week 7 and 8). I am determined to finish strong. I think if I get my crap together and stop thinking I need to splurge once a week, I can actually see a pound loss by next week. Maybe two.

This isn't my most social week, but I will be out of my routine. We have a coworker out due to his mother's death, so I am doing a program for him and working an extra evening. Then I am dog sitting for my mom for two nights. We are celebrating Dan's birthday with his folk on Tuesday and probably with my mom when she returns from her work trip. I think I can treat those as pretty ordinary dinners out. The thing is, these temptations will always be there. And learning to live with them and adapt to them is really what this process is all about!

Friday, February 19, 2016

My Week in Workouts

It was a pretty good week. I worked out five times. That seems to be my magic number. It still lets me feel like I have rest days but I also makes me feel like I worked hard. I got my three weight lifting sessions in (including HIIT those days) and two days of cardio. No burned 2575 calories, those who's counting?

Satruday I went to a really good BodyCombat class. You never know if it's going to be a great kickass class or just so-so. This was good so I stayed the whole time. 

Sunday I wanted to mix up the HIIT I was doing so I brought my spin shoes along and did 20 minutes on the bike before I went and lifted weights. It was nice to be in some calories off from my cheat day the night before. 

Monday I was off of work for the President's Day holiday. And it was great weather. So I wanted to get in a run. I really wanted to attempt to run the whole 5k and I knew that I would need to slow way down in order to achieve that. And I did! It was so slow! And my legs were tired when I was done. Almost like holding my legs back made them work harder. But I wasn't out of breath or physically exhausted and I could have done longer. I don't know what this means for my runs. I don't want to be stuck at 13 minute miles. But I needed the menta victory of knowing my body is capable of ruining three miles. Maybe not three 10-minute miles. Or even 11-minute miles. But three miles. By myself. I haven't done that in six years. 

Tuesday was my rest day. It was really nice to just go to work and know that I got to "just" come home. No hurrying home, shoveling food into my mouth, and then heading out the door to workout. It was great. Dan and I even watched a movie. Because you can't say "we don't spend enough time together, change your gym schedule" if we don't actually use it to spend time together.

Wendesday I took a half day for Dan's birthday. We got to have lunch together, visit the Bernie Sanders offices in town. We played pingpong! And then I got to go to the gym before it was time to get cleaned up for dinner. I broke my weights up into three segments and did half mile jogs in between each of them. 

Tricky thing about today's weight session: triceps. I love to use a 25 pound plate for my extensions. My hands fit perfectly in the holes inside the plate so that my elbows are close enough together. Every week I have increased how many reps I do on those, because I can't increase my weight. But now I am up to 20 reps, and I probably only have one more week before I need to try something else. I can't do the 45 pound plate yet. But using dumbbells makes it so much harder to keep my form correct. On the other hand, my triceps were on fire for days after this, so maybe I don't need to increase at all. Or maybe I add another set.

Since my schedule shifted this week, things got off and I needed to do weights back to back. Luckily most of my weights are different enough day to day. For instance, Wednesday I worked my booty and calves so my quads weren't sore for squats Thursday. And I hadn't worked my chest directly (besides push-ups which seems to work everything) so they were ready for the bench press. My triceps and my biceps however were worked out pretty hard. I managed to do the bicep moves, but skipped out on the triceps. I also am having trouble increasing weight on those big lifts while doing 10x3. So I am switching over to a 5x5 pattern on the things I can't increase my weight on. I forgot how much I love a 5x5 pattern. You can do five of anything!

Friday was my rest day for the week. I am looking forward to a beautiful weekend. It appears that sun and warm temperatures are in our forecast and it makes me excited for spring. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My New Schedule

Starting this week, Dan is moving from working one night to working two. I hate that. It really limits how much I see him. Plus, his friends are just starting up their weekly game night again. He used to do that all the time, but about a year ago it fizzeled apart. I have to say, I have enjoyed having him around more. So now he is busy three nights of the week. And that doesn't even count if he works the weekend when I don't.

Add to the fact that he already feels like our schedules revolve around the gym way too much. I tried to cut back in the new year, and that helped a bit. But there are still two nights a week, where I come home from work and can't really do anything because I have to meet up with Erin later. Plus Sunday afternoons, where we can't plan much because I meet her in the middle of the day.

So things needed to change. I need to go to the gym while Dan is at work or game night. And that isn't when Erin is free. She needs to go to the gym when her baby is sleeping so she doesn't miss out on that time. I understand. But because of that, we're taking a break from our weekly meet ups.

It's sad.

Gym buddies are really good at getting you to the gym when you don't want to go. And I am worried it will be way too easy to just skip it now. But I am hoping the idea that I need to go at certain times and have a certain schedule will keep me motivated.

For now I plan to stick with our three day full-body plan. But I am thinking I might switch back to a four day Simply Shredded type schedule some time in the future. Or I might also take the full body plan I have and switch it to a 5x5 lifts type plan. It's a lot harder to increase weights doing ten reps than it is five. And when you're doing it alone, it's harder to get yourself to increase too!

For the next few weeks, here is my workout schedule:

Saturday - BodyCombat + Weights
Sunday - Run or REST
Monday - Sprints + Weights
Tuesday - REST
Wednesday - Sprints + Weights (Spin Class?)
Thursday - Cardio
Friday - REST

And hopefully, when Dan goes back to just one night per week, or gets a new job, or game night fizzles out, or it's nicer out and we can workout in the morning, I can go back to meeting Erin there.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Eight Week Cut: Week 6

Current Weight: 2.6 pounds
Weekly Change: -2.4 pounds (pay no attention)
Cut Loss: 3 pounds

I finally got my scale to show me a two again on Friday morning. It has been two weeks since I saw the 2.8. At least it was a little bit smaller than that this time around. And then I had a cheat day on Saturday. And I wasn't even planning for it to be a cheat day until dinner came around. I thought I would have Mexican food on Valentine's day and enjoy a nice margarita. But then our dinner plans changed, and I knew I would rather indulge in fries and cake for Dan's birthday celebration than with the Thai food we were having for Valentine's day.

At least I was back down to 4.6 this morning, so it doesn't seem like I did quite as much damage as last time I had a cheat day. But it's really too bad that one slip can undo so much hard work. On the other hand, it is too bad that I am so dependent on the scale. In real life, my pants fit just fine, so if once every two weeks I cheat a little, I am not going to regress and gain 40 pounds.

My schedule is changing up a bit this week. Well, mostly Dan's schedule is changing this week, but with it comes changes to my schedule as well, more on that later. But I am going to spend today analyzing my workout goals and maybe picking some kind of new program to do.

Besides Dan's birthday on Wednesday, I am planning on finishing the last three weeks of this cut strong. I still believe I could get to that arbitrary goal weight. Then I have plans to 'reverse diet' for most of March and maybe longer depending on how that goes. That means increasing my calories very slowly in hopes of eating more but not gaining weight. I had then planned to do another 'cut' for six to eight weeks leading up to summer. But what if I was just done for a while. What if I learned to just be happy at that goal weight. Or at this weight.

That would be wild!

Friday, February 12, 2016

My Week in Workouts

It seems like such a failed week when I only get four sessions in. But that was my goal: to cut back on my workouts so that I don't need as many calories. So I achieved my four sessions this week and that is all. I felt pretty weak all week and am kind of worried that I am not improving. But so many factors go into a workout.

Saturday I had to work, so I took my first rest day.

Sunday I got a fine workout in. Sprints on the treadmill followed by day C of our weight lifting plan. I have a plan to do sprints twice a week and try to increase something every time. Maybe the speed of my sprints, maybe the duration, maybe less rest, etc. So I am starting to make note of what exactly I am doing. This week was: Pace - 7:41 and I did 15 sets of 20on/40off.

Monday I had to work late, and I decided that not having two days off in a row from work, allowed me to sleep in on Monday instead. So rest day two.

Tuesday I had the day off but had to wait around all day for Erin in the evening. Then at the last minute she cancelled on me. I don't know if it's the unplanned day, or what, but I had little to no energy. I read an article about building up your running endurance and it said to watch your heart-rate. The article listed a formula, which told me I should be running slow enough to keep my heart-rate around 140. So I wanted to test this theory. This gave me a good excuse to watch Bernie Sander's New Hampshire victory speech. Turns out, I can't keep my heart-rate that low. And I have to run super slow. But it was a fine test. Then I lifted my weights.

Wednesday I needed to do a short cardio day, so I did some more running. I wanted to see if I could do the whole three miles if I was running really slowly. I mean so slowly. Like, I could almost walk that fast. But not quite. My goal for February was to do three miles, no matter how slow it was. So it wasn't hard and taxing on my body, but I just can't get there mentally. Too many things were wrong with the day. I had a side stitch (from holding myself back? or having eaten before I went?) I was worried about my mom's boyfriend, Steve, who was having prostate surgery  the next day. And worried about my mom, who was extra worried. I didn't sleep very well the night before, so I was dragging. So it wasn't the right day. I did the first mile and a half or so. And when it became apparent that I wasn't going to be able to do it all, I just did 40 minutes total and left. It was a good enough calorie burn.

Thursday I made it back for day B of my weight plan. Erin and I had been doing all of our days in circuits. I had to workout earlier than she was available so going it alone was a bit more difficult. I ended up just doing each move with a little rest in between. It took longer and didn't let my muscles rest as much. Which in turn made everything seem harder. I also increased my sprint speed. I got up to 7:35 on the treadmill for 20 seconds. That seems to be as fast as my little legs can go. So I will probably need to work on increasing my time to 30/30 or 25/45 next time. I am also considering changing my workout plan to 5x5. Doing ten reps of anything is a lot. It's really hard to increase strength. On the other hand, mixing it up is good.

Then Friday I took my third rest day for the week. I am looking forward to my three day weekend. I haven't had two days off in a row in two weeks now and it is exhausting. I haven't been blogging much this week. But things have been going good with my eating. I just work and sleep and workout. That is my life!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Eight Week Cut: Week 5

Current Weight: 5 pounds (Friday)
Weekly Change: + 2.2 pounds
Cut Loss: -0.6 pounds

Today is a frustrating day. And I am going to try and restrain myself from getting too negative. After my wine and snack evening, I gained about 4 pounds of water weight. I lost two of them right away, like I should. But the other two have been stuck here all week. And this is the lowest I have gone. I am frustrated that I can have one cheat meal and lose all the results I have done for three weeks. I hate that this process is that fickle. I hate that eating an extra 1000 calories makes me gain two pounds, because that doesn't math.

But I also know that I haven't been 100% strict with myself. Too many tastes of Dan's food, too many nibbles off the breakroom table. Tracked or untracked, I am certain I can't guestimate right. Saturday night I gave in and went to get Chinese food. I have no clue how to track that. I skipped the rice and just ate the meat, but it's a local place and I have no clue what chain to compare it to.

My heartrate monitor has been dead going on two weeks tomorrow. I hate it. I feel like my workouts are lackluster. I am not pushing myself. But then again, I have no energy with the snow and cold and wonky work schedules.

I need a victory somewhere. If I could say I am not losing weight, but my bench press is really increasing, then I might be okay with it. Or maybe I am not gaining any strength, but I am able to run further/faster every time I try. But right now, I am stale. So I am going to try one more at-home fix for my heartrate monitor and then I will shell out another $50 to buy a new one.

I am still hopeful that I am just having a weird week and these pounds I put back on will leave again and I can work on losing the last three! I am still hoping to have a break after March 5th! But I would really like to have the scale move down before I allow it to jump up a little bit.

Still, just keep chugging along. Spring will be here some day!

Friday, February 5, 2016

My Week in Workouts

I had a pretty average week. But a blizzard and icy streets were to blame.

Saturday was a beautiful day and I skipped my BodyCombat class because I wanted to take advantage of the weather. I headed outside in 52 degrees in the afternoon. My plan was to attempt that 10 minute mile first thing and then do interval running the rest of the way. I truly believe that running outside is easier than on the treadmill, but it is very hard to pace yourself. I started off wanting to run faster than the 10-minute pace. I knew if I fell behind, it would be hard to catch up. I figured it I held a 9:45 most of the way, I could ease up a little in the middle and end. But it was too much. I was pushing too hard and going to fast. And my lungs hurt and I just kept pushing. And then I felt like I was going to throw up or pass out, or both. So I walked for ten seconds. I was still at a 10:00 pace, but I still had .25 left. I started up again and couldn't get my pace above that ten mark. I knew I wasn't going to make it and I felt ill. So I walked. My lungs hurt so much, I felt like I had burned my throat (for hours afterward) and I tasted metal in my mouth, which made me worried I was having a stroke. I walked the next half a mile and then did intervals back. But it was a pretty awful run.

Sunday I met Erin for day C of our weight plan. We did steady state stairmill for 20 minutes and I was sweating. Last week my heart rate monitor stopped working and I am finding it difficult to not know the value of my workout. I understand that it doesn't really matter. I don't think I would do anything differently. But I don't like seeing that using that stairmill is burning more calories than lying on the couch. Most of our weights today were machines. I think we have a nice well rounded program put together.

I needed a cardio victory after the weekend run. So I thought I would just run gently on the treadmill as long as I could. My new February goal was to run three straight miles. Maybe, just maybe, I would be able to do that on the first day. I started at a 12-minute mile pace which seemed really easy, but that was my goal. I was watching tv. I was trying not to think about running. I wasn't tired. I just get so bored. Even with the television. I ran the first mile and a half. Then I walked a mile. Then I ran the last .6 miles. It wasn't ideal. But it is a starting point. About once a week, I need to work on running further. Not faster. Just further. Still not a victory.

Tuesday the blizzard came. I told myself I could try to use weights at home, but I never did. Rest day number one.

Wednesday is usually my rest day, but I thought I might make up Tuesday's workout. I was so worn out when I got home, from driving on icy roads, and catching up on all the work I missed on Tuesday, that I fell asleep. In a chair! When I woke up it was 8:30 and I needed to eat dinner and didn't want to go out again. Rest day number two.

Thursday I met Erin again for Day B. I really want to stay on schedule meaning Thursday is always big sqauat day. So if we miss Tuesday, we just skip it. I also think that will work better for when she has to work or is ill. I will just do the workout on my own. And she can too, if I need to miss. Everything was hard. And we've found a discrepancy in the cable machines. We can do a lot of weight on one machine, but not even close on the other. How can they be labeled incorrectly? We just need to be consistent with what machine we use. But that can be hard with a busy gym. I am still really missing my heart rate monitor. I will probably call the company and see if I can get it replaced. Otherwise, I am going to have to spring for a new one. I can't go on like this!

Friday was rest day number three. But that's okay. I get that many now!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thirsty Thursday

I forgot how much I love protein shakes. They make reaching my daily protein number so much easier. Too easy some times. Like, I got so much protein in one delicious drink that I have to have a dinner without any. Or I have to swap extra protein and eat less carbohydrates and who wants to do that? I often will make a protein drink for after the gym at night. It is the perfect way to get just the right amount of protein. But lately, I have been making a protein shake for breakfast. And it is fast, yummy and keeps me full until lunch time.

Here's what I use:
30-50 grams of Chocolate protein powder*
15-20 grams of PB2 (powered peanut butter)
1 cup of Fairlife Skim milk

*I absolutely love Syntrax brand Chocolate truffle protein powder. It tastes great, it mixes well and it has no carbs and fats on its own.

This day I added fat free cool-whip and chocolate chips to make me feel fancy. But it doesn't need that. And the chips all fall to the bottom. The total for this drink was 356cals /60p/14c/7f. Which is pretty much a perfect food for me! Almost half my daily protein requirement (140) in one meal!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Snow Day 2016

Yesterday I got a snow day from work. This was only my second snow day in 17 years. That's something. I never got one snow day in my entire time at the University. Now I feel like they close once a year. The only "good" period of my life was when I was actually a high school student. And maybe even the semester I student taught for the public school system. I think I got one that year! Now it doesn't usually matter how much snow we get, I trek in. So it was amazing to wake up and get the call that I didn't have to risk my life for my patron's Internet use or more importantly, my coworker's safety. 

What wasn't great was that the snow was so wet and heavy that it took down a lot of trees. Luckily ours all seemed to make it through. Unfortunately for me, who doesn't love most of our trees and would like a reason to take some out. But fortunately for me, because with my luck one would have fallen through my roof. 

We got about 7-8 inches of snow. Which isn't a ton. And doesn't seem like much at all when comparing to the two feet they got last week in Virginia. But it's still enough to halt traffic and make it unsafe to commute to work. 

It should be noted that when I say I got a snow day, it means I was "allowed" to use eight hours of my vacation time to not show up to work! Yippee Skippee! But I could have chosen to go in and work on my own, despite not having any customers. But who wants to do that?

Luckily, Dan scooped our entire corner lot. I mean, I did do one path down the driveway to say I helped. And also because I wanted to take a picture.

I had a plan to stay hunkered down and relax all day. First, I wanted to be productive and paint my laundry room. But then I realized I didn't have my favorite trim brush. And I didn't want to deal with that. So instead, plan B was to not change out of my jammies and just relax watching tv all day. I even wore my PJs out to scoop the walk! But after about 5 hours of that, my cabin-fever kicked in and I had to go do something. I was adamant about not being on the roads when the city tells you to stay off of them. So we walked to the grocery store. 

It wasn't so bad out mid day. Since so many people were home, most of the sidewalks were scooped. And we don't have to take any major streets to get to our grocery store. Anywhere that had been scooped was perfect. And the wind was only a little bitter. But my parka makes me feel like I am in an igloo. With my two pair of pants, I could hardly tell I was outside. 

I wanted donuts, but guess what? Super Saver doesn't let you buy one donut if you come in the afternoon. You have to be up at 6am to enjoy fresh (and single) donuts. Stupid Super Saver. So what did I do? Bought six! And threw the others away, because nobody needs that many calories.

Then I was back to work this morning. Almost like yesterday was some kind of magical dream. I didn't work out (besides my 1.5 mile walk) and I did't even feel guilty. The gym was closed. It was like the whole world shut down. And it was amazing. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Month New Goals

You know I love it when a new month falls on a Monday. Am I the only one? Is it some OCD thing? Or my Type A personality that just feels like it is such a fresh start? And I am excited for some fresh goals. In January I made the goal of running one ten minute mile on the treadmill. And I reached that goal. Once. And since then I have been too nervous to try again. Or like it took too much effort and I can't muster up the energy required. So I am going to go in a different direction for February. I have also done really well with my tracking and my cut. I have had three off days since I started on January 9th. But that's still 20 good days. And I have seen a new lowest number on the scale because of it!

So here are my February goals:

1. Start/continue a three-day-a-week full-body lifting plan. We've done the first week this past week. But it was more to find a good starting point. From here, I will adjust so things get heavier or in some cases we will be doing more reps. We're doing a 3x10 system this go-round. And our goal is to really focus on form. So that means slow and stead reps. Three days a week of lifting (T,TH,Sun) leaves me Saturday for BodyCombat and Monday for running. Two rest days for sure, and a third if I want to cut either of those cardio things out.

2. Have 27 of 29 perfect macros days. Specifically the first two weeks! These macros seem to be working for me. I just need to stay consistent. And two say I am allowing myself two "cheat days" isn't true either. There might just be a day (Dan's birthday for instance) when I need to just each according to calories and not worry about protein. Nobody likes their wife turning down their birthday choice because they only offer carbs!

3. Run three miles straight on the treadmill, as slow as I need to go! Origianlyl I thought I would take that one ten-minute mile and work on increasing that to two miles. But I hate it so much. So for this month I will work on running three miles straight at maybe a 12-minute mile pace. Or faster if I can. Or slower if I need to. Then maybe in March I can go back to doing speed. I think a good mix will keep me interested, longer.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Eight Week Cut: Week 4

Current Weight: 2.8 pounds (Friday)
Weekly Change: -0.4 pounds
Cut Loss: 2.8 pounds

Consistency really is the key to this process. I had fifteen straight days of perfect macros and my weight just went down. Little by little. I am so proud of myself. That two on the scale represents the lowest weight I have been since the summer of 2009. (I had gotten down to the three once before in the last few years, but that seemed to be a fluke.) It also puts me at just five pounds away from the lowest weight I have ever been in my entire adult life. That excitement brings me to near tear. That finally it is working. That all this work is worth something.

Then I slipped on Friday evening and now I am in near tears for a totally different reason. We had plans with Dan's parents and their friends to see a music event at the Bagel cafe. I had my whole day planned out so that I could eat a bagel for dinner. I ate tons of protein during the day. That 2.8 on the scale had me so motivated. But then they invited us over for a drink and we said yes. And can you go to someone's house for a drink and say "water please!" I thought I would just sip on a glass of wine and go home in an hour. But one glass turned into two or more (you know how it never really gets emptied but keeps getting filled!) And then I am snacking on the crackers and cheese that is in front of me. I felt ill. My tummy was upset from all that extra junk food. I haven't had wine in months and it went straight to my blood system. And then I was ill from messing up my streak.

Saturday I had a great day and tried to undo some damage by leaving 40 carbs. Even though I was probably over by 80-100. And then Sunday I ate a cupcake with Samantha and didn't let it bother me one bit.

Even if I ate 500-1000 calories over my plan, I know I didn't gain the two pounds that showed up on the scale this morning. It's just extra water retention from the carbs. But it might have been enough to derail any progress I was going to make this week. Still, it is a new week and I am determined. I want another two week streak before Valentine's and Dan's birthday weekend come around.

I feel so much better (both mentally and physically) when I eat according to plan on the weekend. i need to make sure to remember that when the temptation strikes.