Friday, January 29, 2016

My Week in Workouts

I got plenty of good workouts this week. I stuck to efficient workouts where I was in and out in about an hour. I took three rest days. I was sore. I started a new plan. I worked my muscles and my heart. So I guess it was a good week.

Saturday, I started the week resting. Crazy, right? I had gone on the Friday evening before to make up for it. I was in Omaha for most of the day visiting Jen and Josie, and I didn't even feel guilty for taking a day off. 

Sunday, I wanted to get in part of a BodyCombat class. I kind of forgot they launched the new music until right before I went in. So I told myself I only had to stay for half of it. New moves are never my favorite. I don't know if it was the tracks, or that everybody was new, but my heartrate was not as high as usual. I left after just 24 minutes. My legs were dead from Friday's leg day (like could hardly walk) and I didn't think I'd make it through the jump squats that I knew were coming in the next track. So I took myself to the weight room and just worked my shoulders. My shoulders are never sore. What am I doing wrong. I thought three shoulder moves (more like 3.5) done 100 times would kill them. And they were very tired at the end. But they weren't sore the next day. Thoughts? Then I did ten minutes on the elliptical, just to try and flush out my sore quads.

Monday was that awful snowy roads day and I kind of wanted to just go home and eat soup. But I didn't have any soup, and I knew that wasn't going to solve my problems (slick roads) so I slid over to the gym instead. After traversing the tretuchous roads for 40 minutes I didn't have much energy. But I did do some hill walking and worked my back muscles.

Tuesday I finally met Erin again and we decided to start a new plan. It's a three day full-body plan. And we're going to do 3x10 reps. I think if I am successful I will increase my weight next week. She thinks we will increase reps. We'll see which of us wins. We're trying to mix in a bit more cardio and we're doing our exercises in a circuit so we can get all body parts every day without staying longer than an hour!

Wednesday I took a rest day. I didn't have to. I didn't have any plans. But I used it to grab some mid-week groceries and make a delicious salmon dinner. 

Thursday I met Erin again for day two. The gym was so busy on Tuesday that we couldn't do any squats. It was dead on Thursday, so we decided that would be squat and bench press day. Otherwise we feel guilty taking up two machines. Although we're making up our plan as we go, it's looking like Tuesday will be mostly free weights, Thursday will be cables and racks, and Sunday will be machines. I think that's a good mix. I did sprint intervals for 15 minutes as well. I need to work on running more distance but I dread it. So I don't.

Friday I took my third rest day of the week.

And you know what, having three days off was great. I didn't get as much done as I would have hoped. I didn't get more sleep (mostly because Dan can't sleep due to his ribs and that keeps me up) but I did get meals prepared for every day I didn't eat out with friends. And I did cook at home every night this week. And my scale is listening. So I guess it's working.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cracked Ribs and Snow Storms

Yesterday was a bad day around these parts. We were supposed to get some light rain, which could or could not turn into sleet. That was it. I left for work and it was just misting or spitting rain. Too light to actually use my wipers. I have a twenty minute commute to work. About half way, I hit an icy patch and can just barely stop before I hit the car ahead of me. Now I am on high alert and driving like a granny when nobody around me seems to notice it is getting slick. The next light, I see a lady just barely tap the car ahead of her before she's doing a 180 and now facing my car. Also made it past there. Get into the library and hope everything melts before I have to go home.

Dan has to walk to work in the afternoon and I am hoping that it stops doing whatever it is doing out there. Walking is generally easier. He can walk in the grass, and he doesn't have to worry about cars going too fast behind him. But he slips on a driveway and lands on his side.

It just gets worse. Suddenly we have a sheet of ice on the road and 3.5 inches of snow on top of it. All the customers are telling me how bad the roads are. my coworkers leave for lunch and dinner and come back saying how awful it is on the streets. I live so far away.

I am getting anxiety about driving home. I can't do it! I wait around at work 25 minutes after I get off, just to work up the courage or let the five o'clock people get off the streets. Then I head home. It isn't a sheet of ice. But it is dark and slick. And I drive 20 mph the entire way. And don't hit anyone. But I do stop on the top of a hill instead of half-way down when I see a red light coming.

When I get home I decide I cannot let this fear take over, and I force myself to go to the gym. And then pick up Dan.

He is in so much pain, that he can barely get in and out of the car. He thinks his ribs are bruised. He says he'd know if they were broken. I can't stand the amount of effort it takes for him to get up and down from a chair/couch/bed, but he also won't hold still.

I had to demand he not go to work today. He needs to take it easy and relax those bruised muscles. But he might need an x-ray.

And of course, someone has to scoop our snow. And since Dan seems to be an expert and getting the flu/bronchitis/cracked ribs when the job needs to be done, I guess that will be me!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Eight Week Cut: Week 3

Current Weight: 3.2 pounds (today)
Weekly Change: -1.8 pounds
Cut Loss: 2.4 pounds

This is what happens when you have an absolutely perfect week. I didn't go over my macros once. I didn't eat anything untracked. I even chose fruit over cereal when filling my carbs at the end of the night. It also helps that I have been retaining water all week from that time of the month, and this pound loss overnight must be from that!

But boy am I excited to have whizzed past that four. I waited for it for so long and I thought that I could be waiting a long time to see the three. Now I am just so close I can taste it. And that gives me so much motivation. I know I shouldn't be motivated by the scale as much as I am. Because eventually it will stop changing. But eventually it won't need to change ever again. Until then, let me have this.

My work week is much calmer than last week, so I am hoping to have an easier time at life. I want to replicate exactly what I did last week, but with more sleep and less working. I am planning a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday workout. I have food planned out for the whole week. I have lunches ready to take and meals ready to prepare.

It's only a week, but think where I could be...

Saturday, January 23, 2016

My Week in Workouts

This was a pretty good week. I made it to the gym five times. I did a great mix of workouts. I was efficient at everything I did. And I did it all on my own because Erin and my schedules just did not match up.

Saturday was the first day I had off, in what felt like a 60 hour week. I wanted a good,  hard workout. So I went to BodyCombat class. It was great. Then I left at abs/cooldown, like I often do, and went and did a tricep/chest workout. I am trying to be more efficient in the gym and not spend over an hour there. This 77 minutes workout was perfect. I burned a lot of calories and hit two good muscle groups.

Sunday we had breakfast plans with people, so I didn't get to the gym first thing. Then I had to watch the Seahawks game, so that took too many hours. Then I thought about not going. But we weren't doing anything else. And I just get restless and frustrated and feeling like I am wasting the weekend. Finally, I got there in the evening and I had a great victory! I knew I could run half a mile at my 10-minute-mile goal pace. I told myself to just build up from there. I thought I would aim for .75 of a  mile at that pace. But when you're that close and you have a lot of frustration from your day, you just keep going. And I did it. I met my goal! And boy was I proud of myself. But also dying. Because that pace is like running away from bad guys running and not just a light jog by any means. So I guess I just keep doing it until it feels easier. Or I keep going further. Or maybe my goal should be to go slower and make it to two miles, because I haven't done more than one since July.

Oh, and I also did a good burnout of my biceps and shoulders. But that hardly even mattered.

Monday I had the day off of work. I got an afternoon workout in while the gym was quiet. My legs were sore from running so much and also from the last time I did my backside, which was Friday (three days ago!) So I walked some steep hills to try and flush them out. And then I did high-rep low-weights on some leg machines. Again, I am trying to only spend an hour there, so in and out!

Tuesday I took a rest day.

Wednesday I hit the gym after work with the rest of Lincoln... there were absolutely zero treadmills available when I got there. None. Which is maybe good. It forced me upstairs to do something different. I used the stairmill for twenty minutes of intervals. I did 40/20 on level 12. On the stairmill, you actually have to pause the machine, there isn't a jump to the side option. And it usually takes five seconds to get the stairs back up to speed 12. So it might be more like a 35/20/5 pattern. But I am panting away. Then I did some chest and tricep weights. I hate how much I have lost my push-up ability.

Thursday I needed a rest day because I worked 12 hours.

Friday I went to the gym in the evening because Dan had dinner plans and I am just that kind of loser! I mean, just that great! Also, I am busy on Saturday morning and I told myself I didn't have to feel guilty if I went on Friday night. And the gym was dead, which was awesome. I started with running some fast intervals. They weren't awful. I'll increase my speed next time. Then I went and did squats and other leg things while the gym wasn't packed! My legs are now dead. 

I burned almost 2500 calories this week. That's a perfect 500 calorie average. I still got two rest days. And I set some records!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

I'm ready for a Plan

My gym schedule is super-different this week and I am aiming for a Friday evening workout. So my week in workouts recap is being postponed until tomorrow.

So instead I am thinking about how I need a new plan. I get so restless after doing the same thing for a while. I really liked the freedom of making up our own routine every day, I think it's time for something more structured.

I really loved doing StrongLifts. And though I think it had some faults, I think I could put together something perfect for me. I am thinking of an A-B-A format, with several large muscles following a 5x5 routine and then smaller muscles following a 5x10 routine. 

Something like:

Day A -
Squats (25)
Deadlifts (25)
Lat Pulls (25)
Push-Ups (AMAP)

Overhead Press (50)
Bicep Curls (50)

Day B - 
Squats (25)
Bench (25)
Single Leg Press (25)
Pull-ups (25)

Upright Row (50)
French Press (50)

Now I just need to get Erin and I on some kind of schedule that meets both of our needs. And get some consistency started. Thank you for listening to my ramblings and brainstormings.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I Saw the Four

This morning the scale blessed me with a new low number: the four I have been waiting for since... July. I have been stuck in this plateau since then. Really. I saw a five in July, and then I had this ridiculous idea to increase my macros to see if I could get a bigger loss. I gained a bit. Lost it again. Then I went on vacation and I gained a bit. Lost it again. Finally, the holidays started approaching and I knew losing weight was just going to get harder. I had been bouncing between 7 and 10 pounds from my goal weight. I got serious in November and got back down to that 5. But even that has been hanging around a little too long.

So after five months, the four made me so flippin' happy this morning. I was tired and a little in shock, or I would have jumped up and down. Instead I just got in the shower and thought about how I hope this is the start of good things.

I hope that four inspires me when:

  • I want to eat the cookie on the break-room table.
  • My husband wants to eat out tonight.
  • Chips and salsa sound better than grilled chicken.
  • It's cold and I need to leave the house to workout.
  • I don't ever want to make myself run again.
  • I am sore and wondering what it's all for.
  • I don't notice any change in how my pants fit.
  • I am celebrating Christmas with the girls this weekend.
  • And Jen picked a pizza place for lunch.
  • And I have to be the one to eat a salad.
  • Because eating pizza last week did not show me a four.
  • Nobody comments on how good I look anymore.
  • I want to bail at the gym because cutting out on one set never hurt anyone.
  • Cause that is when you see change.
  • I am hungry and protein is the last thing I want to eat.
  • Another month goes by and the scale doesn't show me a three.
  • Because it will.
  • Eventually.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Running PRs

One of my January goals was to run a 10 minute mile. On the treadmill. I am thinking that in a previous life (meaning back when I was a "runner" and could run seven miles without stopping) I once did one mile in 10:08 outside. In the middle of summer heat. But that is the fastest I ever got. Even when my endurance was built up, my speed never really improved. I mean, it's not a 12 minute mile, so I guess it's something. And it's my something. So I should be proud of it.

This goal got me looking back through my running blogs and my facebook pictures to see how fast of a runner I really was. And I think I need a place to list all my Personal Records. So here they are:

1 mile -  10:08 - May 17th, 2009. Outside *
3 mile - 32:40 (10:54 pace) - July 21st, 2009.Outside
5k - 36:56 (11:54 pace) - December 2015 **

Official (Races):
5k: 39:35 (12:46 pace) - Governor's Cup Run Oct. 2009
10k: 1:26:46 (13:59 pace) - Havelock Run June 2010

* Until NOW!
** Tricky thing is, I never ran 5ks in the old days, just miles.

But this week, I met my January goal. On Sunday evening, I headed to the gym in hopes of working on my pace. I had done half a mile at 6.0mph last week, so I wanted to try to get to three-fourths of a mile. But when I got to that point, I figured I might as well try to keep going. I was panting and dying and it definitely wasn't fun. But I did it. Right at 10:00 minutes! On a treadmill. Which is worse than outside, although at least there is no wind or hills or mud.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Eight Week Cut: Week 2

Current Weight: 5.0 pounds
Weekly Change: -0.6 pounds
Cut Loss: 0.6 pounds

I am going to continue with the lowest weight of the week plan. Mostly because it makes me the happiest. But it is too arbitrary to pick one day a week that matters. I could also do an average of every day I weigh myself. But sometimes I like to skip a step on the scale when I know I am not going to like what it sees. So this is the best plan for me. Mentally, at least.

Also, I am wishing I had actually counted the 8 pounds I was at on the first day of my cut, then I would lost three pounds this week. Only a half a pound on the first week, seems like nothing. But it is something. And I shouldn't be sad. It's not like I was starting a plan after years of eating whatever I wanted. I have been consistent for months and months.

And I had one bad day this week - last Wednesday. The scale has not been my friend since that day. I think it also has to do with this leftover pizza I have been eating every day since. I made it fit my macros, but the sodium in it might be off the chart. So I have quit eating the pizza. But I am still waiting for my body to release all the extra water weight.

So this week I need to have a perfect week. I need to hit my macros every day. I need to work out four times. I need to see that scale move downward.

Friday, January 15, 2016

My Week in Workouts

Remember, on my new plan, my goal is four weight lifting sessions and 4 high intensity cardio sessions of at least 20 minutes. I am considering Sprints, BodyCombat, Running or Spinning to all be high intensity. This could mean I am at the gym four times a week if I plan it right. I could also need to go eight times if I do not! This week I got pretty close.  I was crazy busy though, I don't think I sat down much.

Saturday, I met Erin early for weights. I did not have time to do any cardio. And I was kind of stressed out and rushed, so I didn't stay after for any either. I need to prioritize that. But it's so hard to work around other people's schedules. Still, I got a good burn just doing Legs. And they were shaking as I drove home!

Sunday I met Erin again for upper body work (biceps, shoulders and abs) and I got there early enough to practice my one mile run, plus walk a bit to cool down. I shaved just 5 seconds off my mile time, but it didn't seem quite as impossible this time. I have to say, I don't love the 3x20 plan. It is mindless. I would much rather do five sets of lower reps. And am highly considering going back to a 5x5 plan sometime. Counting to 20 is endless!


Monday, I had about 30 minutes of free time between work and dinner. That was just enough to squeeze in a workout to make up for that cardio session I didn't get in on Saturday. I worked on interval running for the entire 30 minutes. I ran for 40 seconds then jumped to the side for 20 seconds. I did all the run intervals between 9:30 minute miles. Hoping running at a faster pace will trick my running muscles into thinking that pace is normal. Burned a ton of calories and was in and out (basically on the way home from work!)


Tuesday was a rest day.

Wednesday I was supposed to be a weights day. But I already told you that I couldn't change my clothes at work. I was starving. Had dinner plans at 8. Meant to workout in between. But it never happened.

Thursday I worked an eleven hour day. I called that workout enough. Another rest day. I didn't mean to take three days in a row. But it will be okay.

Friday I didn't have to be at work until 1 o'clock. So when Dan went to work at 9, I headed to the gym. I thought I'd have a great workout because I was off for three days. But I was tired and dragging. I have worked too hard this week. I used my plan from Wednesday. I wanted to practice running a ten minute mile. So I did two half miles at that pace. Hard. But not impossible. I cycled that with back and booty work. My legs were dead by the time I got home. But I was pretty proud of those half miles. Now I work on increasing that time. 


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Failing So Soon

** Edit: I wrote and posted this on Thursday, but either blogger or my phone was doing strange things and it wasn't showing up. So I re-posted today. Sorry that I referred to things that happened!

I seem to have a maximum amount of tough choices I can make. And I hit it Wednesday evening. I did such a good job of planning and sticking to my macros at my mom's birthday dinner. I have had four great days and my weight was dropping. It was so motivating.

But I must have reached the breaking point, becuase Wednesday did not go as smoothly or as planned.

I worked a regular day. We had a work gathering in the eveing for one of my favorite co-workers who is leaving. I had about two hours between work and the party to get a workout in. I packed my clothes. I bought a healthy lunch at the grocery store that was a lot of protein, so that I would save up some macros for the Mexican restaurant. I planned out what I would have so it would be a great day.

But I woke up starving and that never went away, Then a co-worker of mine decided she was too busy and needed to use vacation to get some things done at home. I am working well over 40 hours this week, don't even have time to get all the things I need to do at work done, let alone anything I need to do at home. I was frustrated.

Finally I was off work. Still starving. Ready to change my clothes and head to the gym. And someone was in the break-room so I couldn't change. And in the bathroom. Fine, I will just go home and change.

But I was so hungry I needed to have a snack first. So I opened a box of crackers on my drive home. And soon I had eaten 25 of them. Maybe more, I lost count. That made me even more frustrated. Then I didn't want to go to the gym. I needed to re-figure my macros for the night to see if I could still have some chips.

Sometimes my will gives in. And I just chose to relax for an hour or two. I didn't have many hours to relax this week.

Then I got to the restaurant with a plan: Black Bean Soup and 12 chips and salsa. But twelve chips isn't that many. And I lost count. And I am sure I had at least 20. And I was frustrated again.

Frustrated that I failed so soon into my plan. You'd think I would have a week of good eating in me. You think I could skip the unlimited chip bowl for once in my life.

Then I woke up this morning even more frustrated. Because instead of the 4 I was waiting for on the scale, I saw a 7 again. I know it's salt. And I know it's extra carbs. And it might be gone in a day or two. But it might not. Because I made bad choices.

And I didn't have time this morning to pack a lunch. Or two. Because I am at work for twelve hours today. And part of me just wanted to go to Burger King. Because I am frustrated and have maxed out my will power.

But I didn't.

I went to the grocery store and got supplies to have two healthy meals at work. And I will get back on track. And hope to have more than four more good days. Not hope. Plan.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Staying the Course

Tonight is my first dinner out since starting my eight week plan. Everything goes well and good when I am making food at home. I control how much fat and carbs goes into everything I make. But once you leave the comfort of your own kitchen, you have to be more careful.

Planning is the most important thing when trying to hit your macros. In general, I no longer have to sit down and plan out all my meals. I have a pretty good understanding of what macros are in which foods. And I am well aware of if my meal was high in carbs or fat. I understand that if I have a carb-heavy lunch, I better find a more fat-heavy dinner. Two carb-heavy meals are never going to fit into my day. You don't get to have a subway sandwich and a pasta dish in the same day. Your body doesn't need to have all of those carbs. 

But when I am going to a restaurant and I don't know exactly what they have, I need to do more planning.  I need to look up their menu and possibly their nutrition online. I need to make some notes. And some tough decisions.

And sometimes I need to make some sacrifices. Because yes a burger with chips sounds delicious, but I would only get half the burger and I would go home hungry and I would be out of all the yummy macro-nutrients. And that leaves me sad. If I choose the Salmon, I get to have a treat when I get home and it will probably involve chocolate because I didn't use up all my fat grams or all my carbs.

Also, if I make good decisions I could see a four tomorrow! And that is yummier than any burger!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Eight Week Cut: Week 1

Saturday I started my first "cut" of the year. I have decided to work on this for eight weeks. Having an end point seems less daunting. I'd like to see what I can do in eight weeks. After that period of time is over I'm going to change something. Maybe I'll increase my macros, maybe I'll count calories for a mental break, maybe I'll change things up at the gym. In eight weeks I could be at my goal weight. But then what does that mean. My body won't look like I think it should, so there will always be something to work on.

My current macros will be: 1660 calories - 140p/140c/60f

I got these numbers by finding the formula the Nutritionist used last year and adjusting that to my current weight. This is also why I am limiting my workouts to just four per week. That's what she assigned me to do last year, and that's what my carbs are set at. I don't want to have to figure all that out. And who couldn't use more time at home? This plan worked for me last year. I lost about 7 pounds in ten weeks.

I started my cut at: 8 pounds from goal. This was up a bit from my New Years weigh-in. I had some birthday calories in there. 

But after one day of tracking, I was back to 5.6 pounds from goal. And that's where I was this morning as well. So I feel like I should say 5.6 is my starting point. Because ballooning up from empty carbs the few days before you start, really shouldn't count. So...

Starting Weight: 5.6 pounds from goal

I would love to be zero pounds from goal before this eight weeks is up. But for now, I would really like to see that damn 4 on the scale. Once! And then never see it again.

I am really proud of my birthday celebrations. I went over my calories two days in a row. But I didn't just let loose and eat whatever was around. I still made healthy choices and stopped when I was full or got a taste of deliciousness. I also had a birthday party, at a sports bar, surrounded by friends and didn't drink anything other than diet Pepsi. And nobody even said anything. And I didn't miss it. Sometimes, I even amaze myself.

Saturday, was a difficult day. Just knowing I had less calories to work with and was limiting my food, was kind of a mental game. But Sunday was much easier and I was full all day and still had a Reese's PB cup to use up my macros at the end of the day! I forget how much I love this process.

I have a super-busy week coming up. I am busy every single night (either working or celebrating birthdays and work going-aways!) But I am determined to get eight hours of sleep,e at healthy, and get my four workouts in: Wednesday evening, Friday morning, Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. And I might sneak in a 30 minute cardio session tonight if it all works out!

Friday, January 8, 2016

My Week in Workouts

This was the first full week of the New Year and one of my resolutions was to stop doing so much working out. I burned over 2600 calories, but who's counting. Being the holiday weekend and my birthday week, I had a bit more time off of work than I might otherwise. But I took two rest days even though I could have gone more.

Saturday morning I started with a weight workout with Erin. We did shoulders and biceps and abs. I still love mixing things up, but am feeling like we need a plan again. I stayed after to time myself running a mile. It took me 11:10. I feel like I pushed myself quite a bit, but I started pretty easy and that is where I could work on more speed. My January goal is to get my mile time down to ten minutes. That's a 10% decrease. I have no idea if that is too lofty or not. But I am going to try a couple times a week and hope to cut 10 seconds off each time.


Sunday I did a BodyCombat class in the afternoon, just to mix things up. I did the whole class, not needing to leave at the end to get my calorie burn a little higher. I didn't have a lot of motivation so I figured I would go to a class and let them push me.


Monday I got to the gym after work and it was crazy busy. Like not one treadmill open. So I decided to use something different: The stairmill. I did 20 minutes of HIIT on that and was frustrated with how busy it was the whole time. I had wanted to work on my mile time, and I always hate it when it's too busy at the gym. I mean, buy more treadmills people! I did some weights, working my back and booty and then the treadmills were free, so I ran a mile before heading home. I cut 15 seconds off my mile time. But I felt like dying the whole time. It's gonna be a challenge to get that to a ten-minute time.


Tuesday I met Erin for Chest and Triceps. We did some good moves, but no cardio. And we stand around talking too much, so my calorie burn is pathetic.


Wednesday was my birthday and I really wanted to run 3.6 miles to  celebrate. Who knows where I got that ridiculous idea. It was freezing rain out there and I was forced to do it inside. I had the afternoon off though, so I was able to get there before everyone got out of work. I wasn't able to run the whole time, but I did do a nice stead jog. I watched tv and the time still dragged on.


Thursday was my first rest day in the new year. My first rest day since December 24th. I loved it. I had plans in the evening for my birthday anyway. I had Friday off of work, but I slept in and ended up taking another rest day. I hated it. I like to get to the gym and feel productive with my day. But I don't need endless hours of cardio, so I tried to let myself relax a bit.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Birthday Calories Don't Count

I have had a busy birthday week. I worked a half-day on Wedensday, just to do Sotrytime. I don't remember the last time I worked any amount of time on my birthday. Maybe never! But that's my favorite part of my job, so I might as well do the part I enjoy. And I would have been up anyway. It seems I can't sleep late anymore.

I got off at noon and Dan and I went and had bagels for lunch. Then we went shopping for a bit. I have been feeling like my jeans are getting too big and I'll need a smaller size any time. I wanted to try on that smaller size. They don't fit yet. Like can't get over my booty. But I am hoping by March I will be ready for them. 

Dan also bought me some pretty diamond earrings. I've been wanting to get back to wearing earrings for a while, but didn't have any to try in my holes. I didn't even know if they'd go in. But they did!


And even better than that, Dan bought me some protein bars at GNC. I buy all my protein bars at Hy-Vee, and I was excited to see a wide variety of bars I've seen online but never gotten to sample. I am working on a post to review a bunch of different bars!


After that, I got to take a birthday nap. It was glorious. It was a rainy and Dewey day and a nap was just perfect. It wasn't two degrees outside, so that's good, but it wasn't nice out either. 

I got this idea in my head that I would run 3.6 miles for my 36th birthday. It was supposed to be warm (38) so I thought that I could do it outside. But the freezing rain turned me off of that idea. I did it on. A treadmill at the gym while watching tv. It was awful. I walked more than I wanted. But it was a good, quick workout. 


We had dinner with my mom and Steve at Outback. I haven't been in years, due to it being a steakhouse and Dan being partially a vegetarian. And them not having any veggie burgers. But I noticed that they added a free-range burger so I wanted to go again. Dan was impressed with it. I think we'll be back!


We came back to our house for a few presents and cupcakes. I tracked all my calories and it piled up to over 2200. That's almost 500 over. I haven't had a splurge like that in a long time. 

I am so ready to get back to eating small and healthy portions. Saturday can not come soon enough. 


Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Week 1

Current Weight: 6.8 pounds

I am up just a little (0.4 pounds) from last week. I am pretty happy with that. I had a weekend full of eating (not over my calories, but high carb) so that's not a bad gain. I celebrated New Year's Eve with a margarita and chips and salsa and that's it. I hit my calories and woke up feeling great. It was probably my best New Year's ever. Then we celebrated my birthday with Jennifer and Samantha last evening. Cupcakes for everybody!

But I did a good job of staying on track. And I am proud of myself for that. I have a whole week of celebrating to do - Wednesday (lunch with Dan, dinner with my mom), Thursday (dinner with Dan's folks), and Friday (birthday party at a sports bar) and then I am hoping to get back to business on Saturday.

I am planning an eight-week cut that will run January 9th - March 4th. Lower calories. Hitting macros. Less cardio to make me hungry. More food prep.

On the last day of the year, I weighed 5.2 pounds from goal. That was a 3.88% loss in my Holiday Hustle. That was good enough for 3rd place in the challenge my Fit Sisters were having. I won $25 for that! I also won $32 for logging and being consistent with my food. So that was awesome. I put forward $15 and won $57. It was well worth the effort. Plus, I lost weight in December, which is worth more than money any day.

I have other resolutions that aren't fitness related. One of those is to develop a good bedtime routine. You know, with face cleaning and moisturizing and that sort of thing. Sometimes I just fall into bed and never get around to doing anything. Good health is more than just working out and tracking my food.

I also need to get more organized. I'm sure people say that all the time. But I have a plan! I am going to organize one thing a weekend. Some things for two weekends. This weekend was my purse (which was like a five minute job) and my closet. I got rid of three bags of clothes a couple pairs of shoes and some old pillows. This was quite a haul. And I made room for some new clothes. And I found two things I didn't know I owned! Win!

This project needs a second weekend. I am needing some rubbermaid drawers for my closet, or something to give the shelving more organization. Stacking clothes is not really a system. That works for bulky sweaters and jeans, but not much else!

Here are some of the future weekend's organizing plans:
Coat Closet
House Binder
Craft Bin
Linen Closet
Tax Papers and Filing Cabinet
Kitchen Pantry
Holiday Storage
Garage (in April or May)
Office (this a big project)
Laundry room

Friday, January 1, 2016

My Weeks in Workouts

First, I forgot to post this last Friday. It was Christmas. But second, I didn't actually meet my goal alst week. So doing a two week spread makes it look better. I didn't quite manage to hit 6000 calories for the two week period. I was about 200 calories shy of that.

Christmas week was hard. It was a busy week. Plans kept popping up and changing. Dan thinks I spend too much time at the gym. There were days that my heartrate would not get high enough to actually matter. And then the snow came. And the holiday and gym closures.

I started the week off on the right foot: A BodyCombat class. But I got there a few minutes late, and the teacher rushed through and it was over a bit early. They love to do this no water breaks thing because they think it keeps your heartrate up and you working harder. So the class lasts 55 minutes instead of 60. But please, my heartrate is through the roof. It could use 30 seconds every track to get a drink and wipe the sweat out of my eyes. I take the break anyway, but I miss ten seconds of every song.


Sunday I ended up being Christmas too late. We got home about 8:30 and although I could have geared up and headed over to the gym. But they close at 10:00 and I know that is plenty of time, and I only needed a 30 minute workout, but it just never happened.

Monday, I was planning a hard 90 minute workout while Dan was at work. But then one of my staff called in sick, and I ended up working a long day. I got off work at 8, after working eleven hours. But I couldn't take two days off in a row and I couldn't miss a Monday. So I went! Once I got there, it wasn't too bad. I did circuits of running and back and biceps. Not a ton of weights, but plenty of calories. Though not as many as I had planned.


Tuesday I was running late to meet Erin. I had to do all my Christmas grocery shopping and the stores were crazy. We did a quick five minute treadmill warm up and then Chest/Triceps/Shoulders. We were working so hard and she was actually speeding through the routine (no talking at all). Everything was burning, but my calories.


Wednesday I got off work two hours early (thanks to working an eleven hour day on Monday). I had plans in the evening with out of town friends. Wednesday was supposed to be my rest day for the week, but since Sunday didn't go as planned, I was able to make up for it. I did Legs and circuits of running. It was busy and I got a great burn. I needed that push to motivate me for the rest of the week.


Thursday I had two options: get up early and workout before work. But I also needed to prepare two soups in the crock pot. Or workout outside after work, as the gym would be closed when I got off. Despite the snow coming down, I was sure I could do some kind of walk after work. Long story short, that never happened.

Christmas morning (Friday) I wanted to do some kind of workout. I got Dan talked into walking to McDonald's for coffee with me. It was nice to do a working together! But my pace was slow. People hadn't scooped their sidewalks, and I didn't want to slip and break a hip. I am impressed with my calorie burn though.


The Saturday after Christmas I was up for a good Cardio session in BodyCombat class. We had plans to meet Dan's family for brunch, luckily I talked them into meeting after class. I cut out during abs and walked on the treadmill for ten minutes. My heartrate is so high during class, I can't just ruin that by laying down.


Sunday was our last family Christmas. Dan tried to convince me to sleep in, that we'd be done early and I could go at night. But I was awake and dragged myself to the gym for a good cardio session. I did the whole workout on the treadmill watching Grey's Anatomy on Hulu. Five minutes of interval running (at 10 minute miles) plus five minutes of hill climbing. Repeat.


Monday everything was stacked again my workout. We were supposed to get 15 inches of snow (which of course would have closed the gym and made driving stupid) I was certain my co-worker's daycare would be closed, forcing me to stay at the library late. But none of that happened. We got less than 2 inches of snow and I got off of work on time. That left we with a great block of 90 minutes to get a great workout in. But I just wasn't feeling it. My legs were tired, I wasn't interested in lifting weights, the gym was busy. I went through the motions. Good enough.


Tuesday I met Erin again (finally). I warmed up with a jogged mile on the treadmill and then we did a bunch of legs! Goblet squats are killer. I have done them three times now, and I can never walk the next day.


Wednesday I happened to have some time off in the afternoon and I wanted to get a run in. It was frigid outdoors but I wanted to test my ability to run in the cold. I dressed pretty well: tank top, long-sleeved tshirt and sweatshirt, long running tights, warm running socks, headband and gloves. What I didn't account for: my iphone would get too cold and shut down. I got a flipbelt for Cristmas, I am going to have to start using it if I have any interest in keeping up my winter running. So needless to say, when your phone dies you lose your running stats and your heartrate monitor. But I would put this workout at 500 calories and 50 minutes.


Thursday I needed an active rest day. The gym closed early for New Year's Eve. I had to work until 4:00, so I wasn't available to attend the special classes they held. But I did take myself on a 30 minute walk to pick up lunch. It was cold, but I worked hard. And it was a great end to the year.


Friday I finished up my workout week and started my new year with a BodyCombat class. I again, skipped out on the abs and walked an uphill mile in the treadmill. 

I probably won't be meeting the 3000 calorie goal in the next year. As I have stated, I am going to try to work out less and more efficiently, while not wasting time in needless steady state cardio. 

I also might start a new lifting plan. I advent decided if I should follow a four-day program or just make up my own. 

Now to make it through the final week of the holidays - my birth week!