Friday, December 30, 2016

My Week in Workouts

I didn't have a great workout week, but compared to my ONE workout last week, my four sessions seem great. I did only cardio this week. I am somewhere between lifting plans. And right now I am okay with that. I was in some kind of burn as many calories as possible since your time is so limited mentality. 

Saturday I took an entire BodyCombat class. It was a holiday and therefore had different teachers and different attendees. It wasn't as awesome as our normal Saturday morning group, but it was a good workout. Then I walked around the track for 25 minutes because I had a StepBet I needed to finish up. 

Sunday was Christmas. It was rainy. And we were busy all day. Monday was more of the same. 

But Tuesday was a pretty nice day weather-wise, so I used my lunch break for a walk/interval workout. The trail was a muddy mess, so I turned off of it and headed down the neighborhood streets more. It messed up my regular intervals, and I ended up jogging more than normal. Which isn't a bad thing. 

However, my week was screwed up because I would have had time to go to the gym on Tuesday evening, but Wednesday evening we had social plans with our friend Amy. So no workout then either. 

Thursday, I met Tracy in the morning and we did our usual super slow run. But it was always good to catch up with her. We're going to set some goals for the 2017 year. I need us working on something and not just out there burning calories. As much good as that is, we were running three straight miles once, I know we can do it again. 

And Friday, I had the day off. I wanted to go to BodyCombat, but unusual circumstances prevented that: Dan needed to call in sick and his phone doesn't have a microphone right now. So he needed me! And it needed to be right in the smack dab middle of class. So I went for a run later in the day. It was awful. I was cold, so I ran faster but that left me gasping for air. It was one of my worst runs of the year. But at least there's no where to go but up!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Celebrations

Christmas 2017 has come and gone. I had about 4 straight days of celebrations. And boy was I happy to come back to work on Tuesday so that I could sit down for a minute!

It started Friday night after work, when we went out to the McGheese Farm to make Christmas cookies with my girls.

It was wonderful except when we accidentally turned the oven off and then wondered why these cookies were never getting any browner. Samantha is a perfect sprinkler. "Every cookie is better with some sprinkles!" she told me. And then she dumped almost every container of sprinkles and writing gel on half of the cookies. But we all had a great time. 

They don't usually get me gifts, but we saw this Squirrel game about a year ago... and ever since then Samantha has wanted me to buy it for her or myself. So it should have come as no surprise that she bought it for me instead. Of course I acted disgusted (because I really do hate squirrels) and she laughed so hard. I think it was her favorite part of Christmas.

Saturday was Christmas Eve. Luckily, my normal Kickboxing class was still taking place. It was the first Christmas Eve I haven't had to work in 15 years. I enjoyed getting a good workout in. I also walked on the track for 20 minutes, as I had a StepBet I needed to win. 

That night we went to my Aunt's house. I wore my sparkly sweater that Samantha picked out for me last time we went shopping. I wish that Christmas Eve was as special as when I was a kid. We ate Chicken and listened to Christmas carols. But no Christmas movies or gifts or Midnight Mass. 

Usually Dan and I go for a Christmas morning walk, since my gym is always closed on that day. But it was a rainy morning, and Dan is getting over some type of cold thing, so we just stayed in instead. And then we went to my moms.

I bought her the best present ever: a bracelet that has her mother's handwriting etched in it. It says "much love, mom" just like she signed every letter and card she ever sent. It brought tears to her eyes, just like I thought it would!

We ate a lot of food. We took the dogs for a short walk between rain storms.

And then we did it all again at my in-laws in the evening. Dan and his brother got in a ridiculous fight about politics. Which is even more ridiculous because they were on the same side. They're just fighting the science vs. philosophy of political analysis. And now they seem to be mad at each other. So that was sad.

The next day we got up and drove to Columbus to celebrate with my dad. Truck Stop lunch and Star wars. It was perfect!

Merry Christmas from us!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Weigh-In Wednesday

Average Weight: 4.1 pounds
Lowest Weight: 3.2 pounds
Weekly Change: -0.2 pounds
Carb-Cycling Change (12 weeks): -5.9 pounds

I have to say, that stomach bug really helped me out. Though my weight jumped back up two of the three pounds I loss, it did help it budge. I am right at a 1/2 pound per week average. Which is perfectly acceptable. I mean, I even lost weight over Christmas. A mere .2 pounds, but still. And remember, I thought last week's was skewed because my stomach bug had my average down so much. So this might be even better than it looks.

I did not track my calories on Christmas. Or the day before. Or the day after. I had three days of celebration. And I tried to eat well, but that doesn't really happen. I had too many desserts and not nearly enough protein. I felt pretty sluggish. My scale was up a pound or two due to extra carbs and sugars.

But Tuesday I was back to work and back to my macros. I felt much better hitting my protein yesterday and waking up as light as I was before the holiday started.  So I am feeling really proud of myself right now. I am hoping this feeling can get me through the New Years holiday as well as my birthday. At least I am more in charge of the eating around those. And I am hoping that I can talk my mom into bowling or game night instead of eating dinner out to celebrate my birthday.

Though, at the rate I am going, it is highly doubtful, I am still excited that I could be to my actual goal weight by the time my birthday comes around. Technically, it's only eight days away. So chances are I'll be at like 0.2 pounds less. But I can dream!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping?

I worked out once this week. And even that was nothing to write home about. So I am not going to bore you with that this week. With my stomach bug and then holiday fun/obligations I just didn't have time for anything more than that.

But instead, I made a pact with myself to work on something else: my sleep.

I can control what time I turn off the lights and go to bed. And I always push it just a little later than I should. Just ten more minutes turns into an hour and I am going to bed with hopes of only ever getting 6-7 hours of sleep.

But this week I have made sleeping for 8 hours a top priority. I love sleep. And there is nothing I'm watching on TV or game I am playing on my iPad that I love more. It's just so hard to remember that in the moment. Sometimes I get done with all my "have to" things around 10:30 and then I think I need an hour of down-time or me time. But I need to see sleep as precisely that.

Because this week has been awesome.

I wake up a little bit (maybe 10 minutes) before my alarm goes off. I am not sleep walking through my morning routine. I am happier. Cheerier even. Maybe. I haven't dreaded the holidays quite as much. I think my skin looks fresher and I am definitely more alert.

And my scale hasn't been mean to me despite the fact that I ate french fries last night. Which would usually add a few pounds as punishment.

Now, to be honest, I haven't wrapped all my presents. There is laundry (clean and dirty) all over the floor. I have some that is still in the dryer from a week ago. I don't remember the last TV show I watched some time this past weekend. And there are all sorts of cleaning things that should be done.

Plus that fact that I only worked out once in a seven day period. And I don't remember the last time that happened.

But there are only so many hours in the day. And I am choosing (and mandating) that I spend them sleeping. And I think I like it.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Weigh-In Wednesday

Average Weight: 4.3 pounds
Lowest Weight: 2.2 pounds
Weekly Change: -1.1 pounds
Carb-Cycling Change: -5.7 pounds

This week looks good. But it's a bit deceiving, and I am worried it will throw off my data chart. I had the flu this weekend. Or some other type of stomach bug. Luckily, it only lasted about 24 hours and it was definitely much better than it could have been. But due to dehydration and not eating much, I was down to my lowest weight of the year (2.2 pounds) on Sunday morning. I was feeling better on Sunday, but not back to 100% and didn't eat even half my allotted calories. I was still at 2.2 on Monday morning. By Tuesday morning I was up two pounds and that's where I have remained. Which is still a pound lower than I was last week. Maybe a stomach bug was exactly what I needed to get my scale to jump down a little!

Not that I'd wish for it again... I don't think... I missed out on a bunch of fun Christmas activities. But it was bitterly cold and I never left the house for two days. And like I said, it wasn't that bad. And only lasted a short while.

My plan for this week is to not count macros. There are too many social obligations and I am eating away form home too often. I will still make smart choices, I will enjoy one christmas cookie and I will stay under my calorie limit. By next week, it will all be over!

I know I need to blog more. But between getting ready for Christmas, trying to stay warm, and getting sick, I haven't done much of anything. I'll be better soon!

Friday, December 16, 2016

My Week in Workouts

Well, honestly, I had a really meager workout week. I had several social events in the evening this week and that had me worn out and cold. And I let myself have a little guilt relief and skip a couple of my workouts. I still did stuff, just not as much as I should have.

Saturday I started with just BodyCombat class. There was a new guy in class and he was asking me questions and I was helping him find all the things, and I didn't think it would be nice to leave early. So I stayed for the abs portion. Then I was just ready to be done, so I skipped the weights.

That evening, we went to a holiday party and I had three desserts. I went to bed with a bit of a tummy ache. I still had it when I woke up in the morning, and I wondered what was wrong with me, that a little bit of sugar would impact me like that. Then I realized that wasn't a tummy ache, but my abs were on fire!

Sunday, I had trouble getting myself to the gym. But I was good once I got there. I am trying to work on my running speed as I am stuck indoors on the treadmill. My plan was to do intervals of 90 seconds / 60 seconds at this pace (I had done this easily last week at 60:60) but it was too much or I was too tired. I will have to try it again. Then I worked my lower body. In what turned out to be my only weight session of the week. 

Monday was the nicest day of the week. Not even freezing and I was feeling all ambitious. So I used my lunch break (3:00 because I worked in the evening) to do a walk. I did 15 intervals. I thought my time was slower than my last lunch walk, I was certain I needed to keep it under 15:00 per mile. But it was actually a little bit faster than my last one, so yay!

Then Tuesday I needed a rest day. I had some holiday things I needed to do. Wednesday I had evening plans, and didn't want to work out in the morning (which is normal) and Thursday, I really should have worked out... but alas, I did not. 

Friday, it felt like 12 degrees. But Tracy was certain we'd be able to do it with enough layers. It was brutal. And it was dumb. It wasn't that I was that cold. But it wasn't even a great workout either. It was dark and windy and running wasn't that enjoyable. So we ended up walking the last half. She wanted to turn around after a mile, but I didn't get that bundled up to call it quits early. If we're out there, and not frozen solid, we're doing the 5k.

So I did get four workout in. I burned over 2000 calories. This wasn't as wasted of a week as I may have thought. I just hardly lifted any weights, I took three rest days in a row, and I did even have any stellar runs. But I showed up and kept moving. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Weigh-in Wednesday

Average Weight: 5.4 pounds
Lowest Weight: 4.8 pounds
Carb-Cycling Lost (10 weeks): -4.5 pounds

Another .3 pounds down this week. I am not sure the process can go any slower than this and still be considered working. But I am happy with it. I could cut my calories by another 100-200 a day. I could miss out on my nightly chocolate treat. I could skip the holiday snacks people bring their friendly librarians (more than I already do!) I could add an additional hour of cardio on, so that I am spending almost every night at the gym.

But I just don't want to. Especially not this time of year. It is too full with Christmas concerts and cooking baking and lights and wrapping and decorating and eating. And I am still losing weight. Over a half a pound per week if you don't count those two bad weeks. And I am am getting to enjoy the holidays. In fact, Satruday I didn't even track. I went to a holiday dinner, ate a lot of protein before I went, made some healthy choices and enjoyed three little desserts. I can't track all those potluck entrees, so I skipped it. But my scale was still down this week.

So I am just fine with this slow but steady loss.

One year ago today, I was at 7.2 pounds from my goal. Just about two pounds heavier. I did a lot of flippin work to only lose two pounds this year. In fact, if I go out for chips and salsa, I could gain that all back. But on the other hand, I am lower than I was last year. Which is lower than I was the year before. So I am headed in the right direction.

And I can guarantee you I was eating less calories last year (1500-1600). I spent half of this year rebuilding my metabolism. And I am hoping that is something that I will notice for years to come.

Monday, December 12, 2016

My Week in Workouts

I am proud of my workout week. It has been cold. Like winter came in with a bang and it is downright frigid. No running outside for me this week. No walking outside for that matter. You have to bundle up just to walk to the car.

But nonetheless, I still got my five workouts in. And that can be a tough feat when all I want to do is go home, and crawl under some covers.

Saturday I started with BodyCombat. Then, because I had screwed up my weight lifting schedule last week, I was due to lift lower body. I thought I might be too tired for this. But it was actually nice to not have to work my already exhausted arms. It's probably even better to keep mixing up my routine (switching between arms and legs after class) but I'll see how if figures itself out.

Sunday I needed to come up with my own cardio before I did weights. I didn't need any more steps for the week (for my step bet) so I thought it would be good to mix it up and do the spin bike. I did thirty minutes of 30 second intervals up and down the incline.  Then I did upper body work. I have been having the hardest time with the cable machines. I tried to go to 12.5 pounds this week and I can just barely move it. I am thinking it has something to do with the weakness of my wrists (that's where I can really feel it) and how the cables don't let you change your wrist position. But I asked my fit sisters if this was common and she said "one of our cable machines is actually in kilograms and it is't listed anywhere." That would make so much more sense, seeing as 10 kg is equal to 22 pounds, which is about where I am in dumbbell curls. But I actually haven't thought to look since then.

Monday I was planning to do a run because I had the day off of work. But it was just too cold. I tried to talk myself into it later in the day. IT claimed to be in the 40s and I have definitely run in colder than that. But something about the wind. So I did a cardio workout in my garage. Out of the wind. I haven't used my punching bag in at least two years. I had to clear out the wheel barrow and hoses that we store around it. I made up a great jump rope and boxing routine and did it six times. That jumping rope could be a workout itself. I was huffing and puffing during that. My knee was more sore the next day than it has been in weeks though. Jumping might be out until I can figure out what's going on there.

Tuesday is my rest day. So I rested.

Wednesday I am able to drag myself to the gym straight from work. Though I totally didn't want to. I ran two miles, using a 1:1 run walk ratio. Then I followed up with leg day. Legs are definitely getting easier. I am not shaking too much to drive home and I can walk normally the next day. I can't wait to get my weight back up to the higher levels.

Thursday I took my second rest day.

Friday I didn't run with Tracy because it was five degrees. And probably below zero with the windchill. But that meant I needed to work out after work. Dan was busy having a game night with his friends, so it should have been easy. But it wasn't. I still dragged myself there after work, not letting myself go home first. Right now it's too cold to change at work and get in my freezing car, so I have to trust myself to change at the gym. I let myself do an easy 30 minute walk and then followed it with upper body work. 

Friday, December 9, 2016

Wednesday Weigh-in

Average Weight: 5.7 pounds
Lowest Weight: 5 pounds
Carb-Cycling Change: -4.2

As far as my average weight, I lost .6 pounds this week. I seem to be losing about a half a pound per week on average. I have been doing carb-cycling for ten weeks now. But two of those weeks I had an upset tummy and my weigh-ins were off because of it. Throwing out those two weeks, my weight loss is completely linear and right around a half a pound a week.

Do I wish that I could lose more than a half a pound per week? Yes. Do I want to go to bed hungry every night to do it? No. Is this a plan (1900 calories a day) that I could live with? Yes. So it seems that I can keep this up as long as it keeps working. And essentially, in 10 more weeks, I should be to my goal weight. That's the middle of February.

Though things never go as planned.

Like how I haven't blogged in a week. Even though I started three different posts. Like how it's actually Friday, and I am posting my weigh in. Like how I should be posting my workouts, but I am planning on doing one after work and I need the accountability, so I will post about that tomorrow.

This time of year is crazy. And I have been so tired lately. Work has been crazy. Not busy with customers. But I have so many meetings and outreach events that I am never sitting down at my desk. Which is when I do most of my blogging.

But I am still doing good. I am sticking to my numbers - 9 days in a row now. I am working out. I am lifting weights. I am doing everything I should be doing.

Just gotta keep with it.

Friday, December 2, 2016

My Week in Workouts

I feel like I have been a major slacker lately. I am lazy and have skipped the gym way too much this week. And now that I have a plan, it matters! It's cold and I just want to go home and wrap myself in blankets, binge watch Netflix and then crawl into bed. Plus, work has been crazy and blogger isn't working on my phone, so no blogging. I have been hitting my macro goals every day this week. Even though it's hard and I've had two work celebration meeting and I still kept things level.

It's not that I didn't workout. I started Saturday with my favorite BodyCombat class. My legs were still sore from the Wednesday before and I wanted to skip. But I would be so sad if I missed my favorite things of the week. So I went. I had to go easy on legs. And I left after only 40 minutes (instead of 45-50) because I had weights to lift.

Sunday was leg day again. I couldn't imagine going through all that pain again. I procrastinated all day, but finally got there. It wasn't nearly as hard as the first session. The plan calls for increasing your weight if you were successful with the 5x5 pattern. But I've decided success doesn't just mean: accomplish all the 5x5 reps, but actually accomplish it and then be able to walk the next day.

Monday I had the day off and went running around noon. It was not the best run. In fact, it was awful. It was 51 degrees but it felt much cooler. Too much wind, too much chill, could not get my breathing under control. You win some, you lose some.

Tuesday I took a rest day. It had been a while.

Wednesday I went to the gym, even though I did not want to... and did arms.

Thursday, I took another rest day. Just because I am lazy.

Friday I had a busy work day. We had a holiday breakfast, I had to work a 9 hour day. I never planned to work out. But I didn't need a third rest day. Now I am about two weight lifting sessions behind. And I guess it doesn't really matter. But I am always going to be sore.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Weigh-In Wednesday

Average Weight: 6.3 pounds
Lowest Weight: 5 pounds (today)
Carb-Cycling Change: -3.7 pounds

That's an average loss of 0.2 pounds from last week, for those of you playing along at home. That is so teeny tiny. But it was Thanksgiving week, and I have to say, any loss during Thanksgiving is probably a victory. Plus, I have to realize that average weights is different than just weighing in. My average was off this week because of a couple days of untracked eating. On the other hand, my lowest weight is up a tiny bit from last week's lowest weight. So that wouldn't be a win either.

Regardless, I am back on track and am hoping to start seeing real results. For the last couple of weeks, I get to Sunday (low carb day) would rather eat nothing than no carbs. Mess up. Keep under my calories not where my carbs/fats/proteins should be and start fresh the next Monday. I need to quit doing that. It's stalling my progress. I am back to posting my daily logs for my fit-sisters to see. And that accountability is going to help get me through the holiday season.

There are four weeks before Christmas. And even though these are hard weeks (making Cookies, attending Holiday parties, family time, etc...) I can still be a lower weight then than I am now. These weeks are crucial!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

My Week in Workouts

I had a great week for workouts. It helped that it was a short work week. It did not help that it was cold and rainy and windy and I just wanted to lay on my couch. Except that I wasn't tempted to go outside and do fun fall things anymore. I started a new lifting plan and I am liking it so far.

Saturday I started the week with a great BodyCombat class. Then I followed up with some Chest work.

Sunday I met Tracy for our first frigid run of the year. Thirty degrees and slightly breezy. My eyes were watering the whole first half, and then the tears were so cold on my face. But I think I wore the right amount of clothes: tights, yoga pants, a long sleeve cotton tshirt and a sweatshirt, my earband and gloves that I took off half way through. I had my running belt but I couldn't get my phone in there with my gloves on, so I just used the pocket of my sweatshirt.

Monday I started my new weightlifting plan Simply Shredded 5x5. I started with 20 minutes of interval 1:1 runs on the treadmill and then did upper body day A. I was successful with all 5x5 reps, but I definitely started at a challenging level. Next week I will increase.

Tuesday was my only rest day of the week. I had planned a lunch time walk, but it was rainy. But I needed the rest day anyway, so it all worked out.

Wednesday I hit the gym after work for Lower Body Day. I haven't done a leg day in forever. Well, at least not one with squats. I started easy, because I don't need to be hobbling around for Thanksgiving. Plus, I wasn't sure what to expect with my knee, but I didn't seem to feel it. That's the best part of my knee injury, it doesn't seem to hold me back from working out. It only hurts when I have to get up from a chair or sit on the floor.

Thursday was Tracy and I's first ever Turkey Trot together. I made medals! At first, I wanted to do it alone and try to beat my time from last year. But I knew I wouldn't get up and do it. And I care more about friendships than beating times. That's what Thanksgiving is all about. She loved her medal!

Friday, I was hoping to use my day off to get a great workout in. But my legs were dead. Not like sore from working out, but dead. Like I had no control of them and just wanted to curl up and die. I did make myself walk around the park for about 45 minutes. But it was so slow that my heartrate never went up. It was probably good to flush out my legs a bit. But every step hurt. Never take that much time off from leg weights (or any weights) again!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Weigh-in Wednesday

Average Weight: 6.5 pounds
Lowest Weight: 4.8 pounds (today)
Carb-Cycling Change: -3.5 pounds

I finally started seeing some movement in the right direction again. Boy is that motivating. I mean, This morning, I actually saw the lowest number that I have seen since May.

It's almost enough for me to say I am going to stick with my low-carb day for Thanksgiving tomorrow. But I probably won't. It is way too hard to plan my macros at other people's houses. I do plan on trying to stick to my 1700 calories though.

Here are my other Thanksgiving survival tips:

  • Eat lots of turkey. I mean lean protein!
  • Skip dessert. I won't love it. And if I do, I can have a yummy treat when I get home.
  • Have a few bites of everything. But don't gorge yourself. Nothing is so different that you can't have it again. And nothing is so delicious that you have to have more than a taste. 
  • Skip the wine. Sure it makes it easier to get through the day. But you'll be happier with yourself if you see a three on the scale on Friday!!
  • Run a Turkey Trot in the morning. In the freezing temperatures.
  • Make it home in time to force Dan to watch the parade with you!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thank You Thanksgiving

In the spirit of my preschoolers and all the things they listed they were thankful for today, here is a completely random list of things for which I am thankful:

1. I am thankful for my job. There are hard days. But I absolutely love the idea of what I do. Helping people. Changing lives. Listening. Sometimes being the only one there.

2. Of course I am thankful for these girls. And their Mommy that lets me be such a special part of their lives. They will never know how much they have changed me. How they have taught me to let my guard down. To let people touch my stuff. To share. To be completely vulnerable. To know the future will be better.

3. I am thankful for brand new towels in our bathroom. It's like I'm a grown up or something. Buying new towels. And being so happy.

4. I am thankful to have a running partner that is so reliable and consistent. And she might not run fast, but she keeps trying. And that's a lesson we could all use more of in life.

5. I am thankful for Meow Meow. She chose us. Not because we feed her. Or give her shelter. She has shown us that love is more than those things. She chose us because we're awesome. And I let her, because she is awesome too. 

6. I am thankful for the wonderful trails around this town. That allow me to run without getting hit by a car or trip over jagged edges. I am thankful for the city staff that keep them clean and well kept. 

7. I am thankful for fall. Because it teaches us to let go. And that beautiful things can happen when life changes. 

8. I am thankful for my house. Mostly. Even when it rains inside. On the first floor. Or the basement floods. Or I need a new roof every year. Or a the birds are singing in the tree outside my bedroom window at 4am. I am thankful for a place that I am proud of, that Dan and I can muddle through together. 

9. I am thankful for my husband. He puts up with me. And although I am pretty amazing, I can be quite a handful too. He takes endless selfies with me, waits for me to count my marcos before we eat. He doesn't complain when my alarm goes off super-early for the gym. He knows how to handle my type A personality or my only child quirks. He know when to leave me alone and when to sit by my side. And he loves donuts as much as me. 

10. I am thankful for my family. As much as they drive me crazy. And I am realizing that this will be our first holiday season without grandma. I am thankful that these people will remember her with me forever.

11. I am thankful for my friends. Not just these. But all of my friends. Who let me be me.

12. I am thankful for my health. My will to get up and go workout every day. My motivation to be stronger, faster and healthier. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Simply Shredded 5x5

We are six weeks away from the new year. It is cold here. And dark. And I am ready for a new program. I have so much trouble picking something. I like different things about different plans. So I think I am going to combine my two favorite plans, into something I will call: Simply Shredded 5x5.

Obviously, it's the moves from Simply Shredded done in a 5x5 pattern. In case you don't remember, Simply Shredded is a four day plan (two upper body and two lower body.) I first did this plan in October 2014 when I first learned to lift heavy things. Read about that here. Stronglifts was the plan I followed where you attempt 5x5 and then increase every time you're successful.

I am going to try it for six weeks. I might hate it. But I need some kind of plan!

Here's my Chart:

Friday, November 18, 2016

My Week in Workouts

I've been a little bit of a slacker. I only got three workouts in. They were good ones. But they aren't enough. But on top of having a bum knee, I had an upset tummy for at least two of the days. And have just felt a little off all week. I am hopeful that I am all back in balance and can get back on track.

Saturday is always my favorite day of the week, and this one didn't disappoint. A great BodyCombat class followed by some heavy weights for my shoulders.

Sunday I ran. Dan came with and walked around a park, and I tried out a new trail. When I don't know where or how a trail goes, I hate to run very far on it. So I ran five minutes one direction, turned around and ran back to the park and ran five minutes the other direction. Then I repeated that all again. I loved the trail (one direction) and I can't wait to go back. I also loved these new running shoes. They really felt like my feet were just rolling correctly. Like they had power off of each step. I probably ran faster than I should have with a bum knee, but I felt pretty good. And although it wasn't my fastest time, I was very happy with it.

Monday I rested. I worked a crazy work shift that left very little time for a workout. And my tummy hurt. So I was lucky I even made it through all the work events I had.

Tuesday I tried out my new plan to run 3.1 miles on my lunch break. Except, I just wanted to walk. But as I mentioned, I burned plenty of calories with this 12 sprint system. And I got to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. At least one last time.

Wednesday night I had every intention of hitting the gym for weights, but I ended up going home. 
Same story for Thursday,

Friday, winter arrived. And I had no motivation to get out and run with Tracy. She hadn't been feeling great, so she easily took a "let's postpone." I have hopes that we will still run in winter. I have leggings and feel like as long as it's not dangerous or frigid, we'll be alright. I am just not sure what frigid means to me... 40?

Since winter has arrived, my running days will probably settle down. And I need to get back into the gym for lifting. I'd be happy to try one Tuesday lunch run/walk and a run with Tracy once a week. That leaves me 3-4 days of lifting a week. One will always have to follow BodyCombat, but the other three can be more intense. I just need to pick a plan and hunker down for winter.