Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Recap

It's over. Two-Thousand and Fifteen has come and gone. And I made it through. It has been a good year and I feel like I am in a really good place. Personally. Fitnessy. Lifey.

Starting 2015 Weight: 18 pounds from goal
Ending 2015 Weight: 5.2 pounds from goal (this morning)

Total 2015 Loss: 12.8 pounds

To say I lost weight extremely slowly would be an exaggeration. But I am well aware of the fact that if I quit trying, I can gain twenty pounds without blinking an eye. So if I think of it as keeping 20 pounds off and losing 12.8 pounds, then I am in a 32 pound better place than I could be.

I was trying to think of goals for the New Year, and that's just too lofty of a goal. I have no idea where I will be in five months. I can't commit to running a half marathon or doing ten pull-ups. I feel like I am in a really good place right now and I just want to keep on truckin'.

I am eager for the holidays to end (that includes my birthday celebrations) and I have some big plans for the month of January. I am planning to get back to counting my macros. I am going to lower my over-all calories and hope I get the scale moving again. I am also going to reduce my workouts. That seems so counter-intuitive. But last January I was only working out 4-5 times a week. Not six. And I think it would be a better use of my time. Plus, my husband is whining that he never sees me and stuff. Spending less time at the gym will mean I need less carbs and I will have more time to pack my lunch every night and make healthier meals.

Food needs to be my focus for the next few months. That is where the pounds are lost. Not the gym.

I also think I am going to try a set-time diet. Meaning: I will be on these cutting macros for eight weeks. Then I will take a break. Maybe three weeks of maintaining. Or changing. Then committed to eight more weeks. Then maybe I will be done and can focus on maintaining for the rest of my life. This might be a bit less over-whelming.

But I am ready for it.

My next great adventure.

Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Week 52

Current Weight: 6.4 pounds
Weekly Change: 0.8 pounds
Weekly Low: 5.8 pounds

I am very pleased with the fact that my official weigh-in this morning was lower than last week. I even had two untracked/over my calorie days. So I am a bit baffled by why I would lose this week but gain last week. My lowest weight of the week was still higher than last week, but too many family and friend celebrations will do that.

I have four days left of the year. And I have an official Holiday Hustle weigh-out on Thursday morning. I would love to have a 4.8 on that scale. That will put me at a 13 pound loss for the year. Man that's a lot of work for thirteen pounds.

But I am ready to get started with the new year. Usually I say, I am ready to get back on track, but the best news is, I am not off of track. I am in a great place and only looking to get better. It's a good reminder when all those folks out there feel like crap today from too much indulging and I am just truckin' along like always.

My plan in the new year (after my birthday celebrations) is to get back to counting my macros. And to lower them a bit. And to work out a little less to make up for the lesser amount of carbs I am getting. Basically, I am going to do what I did last January (scaled down thirteen pounds) and hope to see a big loss like I got last year. I lost ten pounds in the period between mid-January to mid-April. Then things started stalling. And I spent the rest of the year losing three more pounds! And then kind of gaining them back. But maybe not...

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Maybe Christmas... Means a Little Bit More

I have always thought that I didn't like Christmas. But I've discovered this year, that maybe I like Christmas more than everyone else. I mean, I can make a list a mile long of everything I love about Christmas:

  • Baking cookies.
  • Looking at lights.
  • Singing Christmas Caroles.
  • Going to Christmas Concerts.
  • Preschool concerts.
  • Symphony concerts.
  • Choral concerts.
  • Chopping down your own tree.
  • Decorating it!
  • Watching Christmas movies.
  • While sipping Hot Chocolate.
  • Playing in the snow.
  • Sledding.
  • Drinking more Hot Chocolate.
  • Building Snowmen.
  • Midnight Mass.
  • Waking up on Christmas morning with a bit of awe in the air.
  • Even as an adult.
The thing is, I don't have anyone to do these things with. Or I don't have time. Or I have other obligations. That is what I really don't like about Christmas. 

And I am jealous of other people.

I always wanted to be the family that got up on Christmas morning and had brunch. Like pancakes and waffles. But that wasn't us. We rapidly opened presents, then had to get ready to go to Christmas mass and then hurried home to clean up before the family came for a dried out turkey lunch. 

I want to start my own traditions. 

But that's hard to do with just the two of us. It's hard to say "Oh, we can't come to Christmas lunch, because we're having a family breakfast!" 

But you don't have kids just so you can get out of family obligations. 

I don't think I have ever blogged about my reasons to not want to have children. But To enjoy Christmas More doesn't really cancel them all out. 

This has been a pretty painless Christmas. I got all my shopping done by December 1st. I talked my Dad into not giving gifts, and he's one of my hardest to buy for. I had enough free time to make cookies with my mom and Jennifer's family. The weather has been great, so no complications getting to Columbus to celebrate. Our four family activities are spaced out through eight days. 

And Samantha is at a great age where she will do all the fun activities with me. Singing, baking, decorating. I am lucky to have that one!


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Gym Addict?

This weekend I was getting stressed about fitting in all the holiday obligations along with finishing up everything for the holidays, along with getting all my workouts in. When I get stressed out, Dan gets snappier, or something in response to my stress level. In return we ended up getting into a fight about my "gym habit" and how I put it before everything else. Including him.

I was hurt by this. Because we all know that you should prioritize your health and your workouts. And the seven hours I spend at the gym each week, maybe eight with travel time is much less time than he's playing computer games.  And it's not like I am missing out on important social obligations to make it to the gym. I had just given up my gym plan on Thursday evening to go see Star Wars with him, which believe me, is not how I would choose to spend a Thursday night.

All-in-all, he just said it out of anger or frustration and he has since agreed that my gym time is not getting in the way of our quality time together. But he has still hinted that he doesn't think I need to spend so much time there.

This wasn't the first time he has mentioned it.

So am I becoming gym obsessed?

I am definitely going more now than I was in the beginning of the year. I have added a lot more cardio in than I was then. I am trying to burn more calories to offset the extra carbs and fats I am allowing myself this time of year. I truthfully, find it easier to go every day, when it so much a part of your routine.

I also do plan almost every single thing around my gym time. I make a chart. I plan my work schedule around things. I even take an hour of vacation if I think I can get out and do a run.

But would I mind sitting at home a bit more? No. My productive side just says why sit at home and watch tv when you could be walking on the treadmill instead. Dan doesn't even watch tv with me. He stops into the room a couple times per hour, but he never sits and watches a whole show with me.

Maybe I need to take a step back. Weigh-loss is so much more about the eating than the working out. I shouldn't stress myself out about making it to the gym, when that won't really change my scale anyway.

More importantly, I need to make sure I am not feeling guilty for taking a day off. Or two. To get things done. To relax. Or to spend time with my husband.

Monday, December 21, 2015

2015 Week 51

Current Weight: 7.2 pounds
Weekly Change: 0 pounds
Weekly Low: 5.2 pounds
2015 Loss: 12.8 pounds

I was not surprised to lose nothing this week. I was up last week due to too much weekend eating. Then I got down to 5.2 (so close to my low of 5) on Friday. And even though I did a really awesome job this weekend, some carbs just can't be passed up. I know I ate an extra 70 carbs yesterday and that wasn't the only day this weekend I was over.

Friday evening we had our Annual Cookie Bake with my mom. I did amazing at only trying two cookies. But we also had pizza for dinner. I am so proud of myself for limiting that to two slices and staying firm on my goals. I ended up under on calories, but my fats and carbs were high.


Saturday was a pretty great day. Jennifer brought Samantha (and her cousin Logan) over to play at our house. We had a really fun time and I kept my eating in check. Jennifer wrapped some presents for me and Sammie helped me decorate for Christmas. The holidays are so much better with kids... a different discussion for a different day...


Sunday we had our first Christmas celebration of the year. We went up to Columbus to see my dad's new house. It's really nice. It's sad that it's not the lake house any more. That I have no childhood memories there. But it's a nice size for him. And I am so glad that he is settled and happy. We talked him into going to Sapp Brothers for lunch. Classy, I know. But I honestly mean it when I say, this was the best Christmas meal I will get. A BLT wrap... yes please. A dried out turkey with stuffing... umm no.  We went to a movie and I skipped the popcorn. Even though my dad tried to tempt me. Twice. And then we went out to dinner on the way home. I made a rookie mistake and chose a small nacho at Amigos without calculating the facts. This put me over for calories for the day. Only by 100, but still over. And to add to the I am so amazing list, I didn't come home and say screw it, I am already over, I will just eat four PB cups! I quit eating for the day. And tried to drink more water.


I am still frustrated that I do all these amazing things and my weight is still up. I sometimes feel like if I just quit it all I would just gain 20 pounds and level out. I wouldn't just gain weight forever. But then I remember that maybe I would. And I like how my pants fit now.

Friday, December 18, 2015

My Week in Workouts

I had a very busy week, so I am quite proud of the fact that I made my goal and hit 3096 calories for the week. Nothing revolutionary. No awesome, amazing workouts. No PRs broken. Just a regular week, where it was cold and Erin cancelled on me, and I still got it all done.

Saturday I started with a BodyCombat class. I cut out during abs because I wanted more of a calorie burn. So I did some fast walking on the treadmill until I got over 600 calories.


Sunday, I needed a big calorie burn so I committed to being at the gym for over an hour and a half. I love doing a weight - run circuit. I hate running on the treadmill while I am doing it, and when I am lifting weights I often wish I could go back to mindless running. And watching TV. I did Booty exercise and ran until I had a great burn and went home.


Monday, I worked at night, so I met Erin at the gym in the morning. I love being able to get up my normal time and still get a workout in. We did a quick Shoulder/Bicep/Ab routine. We love rotating through three exercises. Dang, the gym is busy at 9 AM. So we were limited to what was available to work on. This wasn't a big calorie burn, but it was good lifting.


Tuesday, was possibly my best lifting ever. Erin bailed on me right as I was leaving for the gym. I went anyway and was able to do super-sets of Triceps and Chest work as well as circuits of running. I didn't want to be there forever, so I cut the run down a bit. This week I started following a 15-12-10-8-5 rep pattern. It was tough to get through all those (total 50) but I powered through quite a bit. The next three days my chest muscles were on fire. Like it hurt anytime I did anything at work.


Wednesday I hurt so badly from Chest and Biceps that I could hardly drag myself in. I told myself I would just do my own Spin class. I hate Cardio. Awkwardly, the only spin bike was right in front of the only guy in the entire cardio room. He seemed incredibly close. And I just wasn't in the right mind set. I couldn't get into my Spin class, so I got off and did some treadmill walking. Eventually, I just went home.


Thursday was my rest day and I definitely needed it. My body was thankful for the extra sleep and not having to move around too much.

Friday came around and I still needed to burn 215 calories. I could probably do that on a lunch time walk, but I got myself up 30 minutes early for a jog. It was really cold. And I am not sure I dressed warm enough. I didn't want to spend a lot of time on my workout, so just ran around my neighborhood. I would have just walked, but I needed a good calorie burn in the short amount of time I had. I allowed myself to walk and run around the block. Anytime it was uphill, I walked. I still got 10 cals/minute. Seems like something to add to my workout plan. Except my legs we're really cold. And I need to find my gloves. 


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Let the Holidaze Begin

The holidays are too tough for me the first part of December. Sure there are more holiday gatherings, but they're generally spaced out pretty nicely. Work parties, grandma's home's gathering, a holiday breakfast with our Staff Association, meetings tend to have more candy-like snacks. But overall, it's not hard to skip or make wise choices.

But we're hitting the stretch of time where the celebrating is non-stop. Every way you turn there is a family obligation, friends visiting from out of town, party to attend. In the next ten days I will celebrate Christmas four times.

But I saw a five on the scale this morning and I am so freaking determined to see a four. And maybe even a three before the New Year. I can not ruin that. Repeat. I can not ruin that.

Here is my plan of attack:

Tonight we are attending the opening night of the Star Wars movie. Don't get me started on planning meaningless activities during the week of Christmas. But to one of us (not me) starwars is god, so you know, I guess he deserves to be celebrated. I have planned out my day. I am not eating any popcorn. I don't need that sodium messing with my scale. I needed a rest day at the gym anyway.

Tomorrow I need to get up early (like maybe 20 minutes) and get a quick workout done around the house. I have a fun HIIT I want to try. I need to burn about 200 more calories to make it to my goal. And it will be a good start to my Friday. After work we are headed to my mom's for our Annual Cookie Decorating Festivities. I am actually really happy we moved it to a Friday night. I don't feel like I am missing out on quality weekend time, yet I would have done something with that time anyway. My plan is to try a couple of cookies and then leave them at her house. Never to be seen again.

Sunday is my Christmas celebration with my dad. We're going out to lunch. I think I can make smart decisions there. I don't think it will be a pizza buffet. Then we had planned on going to a movie, but I don't see any good ones playing in Columbus. So maybe I can talk them into bowling instead. A physical activity would be great. Then I am sure we will come home around sunset. I will have plenty of time to make it to they gym.

Then the week gets started pretty normally. But by Wednesday people get into celebration mode. I have made a schedule for my gym workouts. I have made sure to plan in all my workouts. I just need to stick to it!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It's the Final Countdown

Two weeks from tomorrow is New Year's Eve. Things are starting to get crazy with my schedule. And the holidays are sneaking up fast. This weekend I will celebrate Christmas with my dad. I still have a craft to make for my mom. We're having our annual Christmas Cookie bake on Friday evening. I have all my presents to wrap. I need to send my uncle's gift out to California. We're having Christmas Eve at our house. So I should probably finish decorating. And eventually I need to figure out what we're serving!

And yet I still have to work out six hours a week.

And sleep for eight hours.

And there isn't enough time to do all of that.

But the last thing I want is to regress. Last year, I was about 15 pounds from my goal (ten pounds higher than now) and when I ended the year I was at 18-19 pounds. And I was adamant that I wouldn't gain during the holidays. I feel like it is inevitable. But I am so determined this year.

I will see a loss.

I will finish strong.

Monday, December 14, 2015

2015 Week 50

Current Weight: 7.2 pounds
Weekly Change: +0.6 pounds
Weekly Low: 5.0 pounds

I am so frustrated with myself. On Friday morning I woke up to a low of five pounds from my goal. I told myself, if you play your cards right, you can see a four by Monday morning. Then I went to my work holiday party and ate too much junk. I knew there were too many potluck things available, so I wouldn't be able to track precisely. Instead I just gave up and indulged. I mean, I didn't have shots of whisky like much of the younger crowd was enjoying (nor would I wanted to) I didn't have plate after plate of sugary treats. But I did have three desserts. I don't even need three desserts. And I had a serving of Chicken Enchiladas and half a serving of lasagna. I just wanted to taste things. I have no idea why. I was busy in the photo booth most of the night!


And the next day I was up four pounds. I know that was mostly water weight. I ate salty chips and more carbs and sugar than my poor body is used to. And I did not feel great. I was dehydrated (thank goodness I had no alcohol) and was in a sugar coma. I went to BodyCombat, sweated out that sugar and drank lots of cups of water. I was feeling better after that.

We got to hang out with Samantha in Saturday afternoon. We got a lot of errands run and did a lot of chores as well as lots of playing. She helped me do my dishes, we sang Christmas Carols. Dan buried her in a pile of leaves. We played glow-in-the-dark ball tag and nobody broke any toes! We ate donuts at the grocery store. And then had a little snack later. I ended up eating half of her on PB&J English muffin cause it was too "crunchy" for her. And a few chips. I needed a nap after she went home. By the time I woke up and cleaned up, I realized it was eight at night and I had hardly eaten. Perhaps having a kid would be my best weigh lost strategy!!


I had a fairly healthy dinner on Saturday and ate really well on Sunday. I stayed really low on my calories to make up for the higher calories on Friday night. I also worked out really hard on Sunday. I stayed at the gym for an hour and a half. But you can't outrun a bad diet. And one cheat meal does bad things to me on the scale.

Technically I am up less than a pound. Which isn't that big of a deal. But I was so certain that I would see a four this week. That makes my gain seem more like three pounds. And I went to bed hungry too many times to have a three pound gain!

Only two weeks left of the year. Time to stay vigilant. This is already stacking up to be a busy week. I can't let holiday stress interfere with my workout routine, my eating or my sleep schedule. 

Friday, December 11, 2015

My Week in Workouts

This week was hard. I reached my 3000 calories. Exactly. I worked out six times. But I struggled. There were several times I didn't want to go. There were times when I was happy to leave early. There were days that I didn't have enough energy to burn as many calories as I would have liked. And there was one final day when I had to keep walking and walking until I had reached my 3000 calories.

Saturday they were holding a training at my gym, so BodyCombat was cancelled for the day. The training was for people who wanted to get certified in teaching BodyPump classes. There was a time in my life when I really wanted to do that. And part of me actually thought about going. But BodyPump isn't part of my life any longer. And that is okay.

So instead I went for a run. It was supposed to be pretty nice outside. And Dan said he would walk behind me on the trail while I ran ahead. It was 48 degrees out. But it was brutally windy. I was really cold on the way out, and told myself I didn't need to run the whole three miles. I just needed to run out 15 minutes and back another 15. But I pushed through. Even though I walked a ton and ran into our neighbors and chatted a bit. And in the end, I am really proud of myself for making it through. And I got a pretty good time for all of that. Dan was waiting in the car when I got done.


Sunday I was super tired. We had spent the night with Samantha, and I didn't get enough sleep. But Erin wanted to meet as soon as I was home. I had very little energy. And I didn't do any extra cardio. Just weights. I showed Erin how to do circuits so we were always working. It goes so much faster and there's not as much talking. It definitely worked my muscles.


Monday was my best day. I had my newest running PR. And I documented that here. So I won't go into a lot of details. But I had the middle of the day off. It was great weather. And I had a great run.


Tuesday I was back to having no energy or excitement for the gym. Dan called me at work and asked what our plans were for the evening. Erin had to work, so we weren't meeting at the gym. I said "I guess I should probably go to the gym tonight." without any enthusiasm. "You go to the gym every night!" he replied. He's right. I feel like I spend my whole life at the gym. Work, eat, gym, sleep, repeat. That's my life. And it's easy to get down about that. "What will we do instead?" I ask, hoping he will have a fun Christmas plan for us. "Watch TV, I guess." I don't want my life to be TV either, so I went to the gym. Late. And I worked my booty and my back. And got a great calorie burn by cycling through with running bursts.


Wednesday, Erin and I met at the gym in the morning, to make up for skipping Tuesday evening. I got ten minutes of hill walking in before she made it there. Then we did a quick chest and tricep workout. We tried something new on the cable machine and although it didn't seem to actually work my chest muscles, my shoulders have been sore ever since.


Thursday I met Erin again in the evening for our third and final workout for the week. I didn't have time to get in any cardio before hand. We did legs and tried to really mix things up. Most of what we did was low weight, but my legs were burning. Goblet squats killed my inner thighs and really got my heartrate up. Afterward, I was only at 400 calories burned and needed to make it to 600. I didn't have any energy to do a run. So I told myself that I could just walk casually on the treadmill. I burn about 6 calories a minute just walking. That means I have to walk 33 minutes to burn 200 calories. It was a long and grueling walk. But I didn't want to have to workout on Friday!


I made it and got to take Friday as my rest day. I am thinking that this weight routine isn't inspiring me. I like being able to mix things up all the time. But there isn't much of a schedule and it feels like it would be easy to skip. Which is good for my plan with Erin, because we can only meet once next week. Holiday schedules just don't match up. I just hope I can find some energy and enthusiasm to get excited about the gym again.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cream Cheese Chicken Tacos

I am often hungry for Mexican food. And the other night I threw together something that really saved me from packing up and heading down to a restaurant. I say threw together, because I rarely make actual meals or use a recipe. I just pull a bunch of stuff out of the fridge and warm it up together and see if I like it. Most of the time I am trying to find a way to mask all the protein I eat. What can I throw in with scrambled eggs? How can I cover up this chicken?

I really wanted cream cheese chicken enchiladas. I don't even order those when I go to a Mexican Restaurant any more. Now I try to get "healthy" fajita meat and stuff. But I was having a hankering. I I didn't have enchilada sauce nor did I have tortillas, nor did I want to make a pan of food that took an hour in the oven.

So I made soft tacos.

Cream Cheese Chicken Soft Tacos.

With Greek Cream Cheese, verde salsa, and chicken in a flat out thin sandwich thing.

265 calories // 28p // 26c // 6f
It was delicious!! I can't wait to have another one. You could add cheese if you wanted that. But I passed. Maybe I'll make them for dinner tonight! And think of all the calories I saved not having chips and salsa. And a margarita!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Running Progress

Generally I like to put all my workouts in one post because I don't really feel like anyone cares about them but me. And then they're all listed together weekly, so I can see improvements over time. I think back on my running blog and how I would post every single run. And it probably wasn't exciting, but that's what my blog was all about. It really isn't that exciting now either.

But what is exciting, is that in a world where I see very little progress and change takes so long to accomplish, I have had some improvements in my running lately.

All summer Tracy and I ran consistently every week. I would do HIIT on the treadmill. And it never got any better. Sure we were able to run all three miles eventually. I think that was just sheer will and goal setting. But even running three miles, I was slower than my run/walk plan I was doing.


And I am okay with never getting faster. It is a great workout and that is all that I care about. I just go out to run to burn 600 calories in an hour. I can do that in Combat class, but it doesn't fit with my schedule to go more than once a week. Sometimes I just need to burn calories.

Even this fall as the weather got nicer, my running did not improve. I thought as soon as the humidity was cut in half I might have better luck. But nope.

Then on Thanksgiving, I ran a virtual 5k Turkey Trot with my fit sisters. I wanted to go out there and run the whole thing. But I couldn't. It is such a mental game, to wrap your mind around almost forty minutes of running. I can see why marathons are all mental. If forty minutes scares me, think what two hours or four hours does to my brain. But I was pretty inspired by those girls and I think I was running faster than usual, thinking about how hard they push themselves every day. I ended up taking six one-minute walk breaks. Which kind of sounds like a lot. but I still hit a PR on my time. And I'm talking PRs for this lifetime, not when I used to be a runner! I was able to shave 1:30 off my previous best time. And I felt really great. My time was 38:30, which was a nice 12:25/mile pace.


I ran again this weekend and it was horribly windy. And I walked a ton. And I was on a different trail. And I ran into some neighbors on the trail, and ended up talking to them for at least 30 seconds of standing still. And I didn't count how much I walked, because I knew it wouldn't be good. I didn't even know if I would do the whole 3.1 miles, though in the end I did. And I was proud of myself for running in sup-par weather. And then I was proud that my pace was still 12:51/mile given all that craziness.

Monday was beautiful weather and due to a sick call at work, I had a split shift and the afternoon off. All I wanted to do was enjoy the 55 degrees and get a good workout in. It was supposed to be Leg Day at the gym, but I traded for running. Weird, right? Lately, I have not been watching my pace while I run, just my heart-rate (because I only care about the calorie burn) but this time I kept an eye on my pace. I was feeling good, and running quicker than a 12 minute mile most of the time. I still needed walk breaks, but I told myself I could only have five. One less than on Thanksgiving. One minute goes by really fast when you're trying to breath again. I ran the first mile and let myself take a minute. Then I ran until two miles and took a minute. Then I ran another half a mile and took a minute. By this time I was almost at 2.70 miles and I knew I could finish strong. I pushed myself and was able to shave another 1:30 off my time and set a new PR at 36:56. That's an 11:54/mile pace. I tried to do some estimated calculations based on walking 3 minutes and I think my running average was around 11:15/mile. I love those walk breaks, and I think those are what allow me to push a little harder. But if I could eliminate those, I would be able to cut another two minutes off.


Just to put things in perspective, during my running prime, my fastest three miles was 33:05. I never got to an 11-minute mile. Even when I was able to run five at 12-minutes, and seven without stopping.

I have no interest in being a runner again. But I am finally starting to remember the reward. The pushing yourself further. The accomplishment. The feeling of finally being better than you were before.

So what's the change? I think it's the interval running I've been doing on the treadmill. All summer I did HIIT sprints. And that works my heart, and it teaches my legs to sprint, but I can only do that for 20 seconds. It doesn't teach me to run at a pace that is achievable. Lately I have been jogging for 40 seconds and resting for 20. I can do this at a pace slightly higher than my jogging pace, but it is actually teaching my legs and lungs to run at that pace. So last night I started at 5.5 on the treadmill (11-minute miles) and bumped it up every minute until I was at 6.1 (a little under 10-minute miles). I still don't have the endurance. If I really wanted to get better, I would need to add that day. But for now, this seems to be a great routine. And if I keep this up all winter, think where I will be when I go back outside next spring!

Slow and steady. But finally seeing some improvements!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Is There Ever Any Tranformation?

Progress is so flippin' slow. I feel like I weigh the same thing as I did last year. And although people have been telling me a LOT lately that I look so good! I just don't even see a difference. This photo is a nine month difference. I might see a bit of difference in my face. Maybe a tiny bit in my waist. But, I don't see as much of a change as you would think would happen in nine months. And the thing is, there's only a six pound weight difference. That is hardly anything. I just thought that since people have started noticing the change, that there must really be something to see. But there isn't! I just thought that since I had been working so hard and consistently that maybe something was changing in my body since it wasn't really happening on the scale.

I do feel like the scale is finally heading down again. I have seen some lower numbers. I just don't understand where taking and posting transformation pictures does anything for people. I see people make big changes. Even a few of my fit sisters have lost massive weight in the last year. But for most people change is really slow. And really minute. And you have to work your tail off every flippin' day to see even six pounds gone. And then stay consistent like that for the rest of your life. 

It's a hard balance.

And that's why I hate Transformation Tuesday.

Monday, December 7, 2015

2015 Week 49

Current Weight: 6.4 pounds
Weekly Change: 0 pounds
Lowest: 5.4 (Friday)

I didn't lose anything this week. And I guess I am okay with that. It's odd that to me that I can lose a pound through Thanksgiving, but not during a normal week. On the other hand, what the scale says today is not a reflection of what I did the last seven days. It's more than that. It's probably a reflection of what I have done the last 30 days. And losing a pound in a two week period is good too. At least I saw a lower number and I know that will be my current weight soon.

My weekend was full of guesstimating calories. We had a Christmas celebration at my Grandma's Nursing Home on Saturday afternoon. I fell in love with these Ritz crackers, made into a sandwich with peanut butter and dipped in almond bark. I mean it was like the best thing I had ever tasted. So i had three. Luckily, I didn't really have much else.

Then that evening we had our annual cookie decorating festivities with Samantha and family. Then we went to breakfast at their local Legion Club. We have been wanting to try this for over a year now. They only hold it the first Sunday of the month. And we seem to always forget until the second Sunday. So even though I kept my calories low, a lot of things were estimates. And probably higher in sodium than usual. I did a good job of drinking my 12 cups of water.

Other than that, I got all my workouts in. But I felt kind of lazy all weekend. I got nothing done on my to-do list. And finally started crafting a Christmas present I wanted to have done last night. It has been perfect winter weather here. In the 40s and 50s. But I haven't even gotten out to enjoy it. 

Today, my coworker called in sick, and I am working this evening for him. So I have an oddly scheduled split shift. I am hoping to get out for a run in the beautiful afternoon and work on getting some leaves out of my gardens. I just need to find some energy. 

Friday, December 4, 2015

My Week in Workouts

Another great week of workouts in the books. I burned 3224 calories this week. Though I forgot my phone for one workout, so I just had to estimate, but I think I guessed low. I feel like this was the first week I did the whole five-day body-split workout. I also hate not having a plan with a name. It's so much easier to refer to something with a real name.

Saturday, I started the week with a BodyCombat class. We had a sub and my burn wasn't quite high enough, so I cut out before the ab work and went and walked on the treadmill for a while. Once I got to 600 calories I cooled down and stretched on my own.

Sunday I was on my own and wanted to repeat my killer Leg routine. I wish I could say alternating between weight and jogging made the time fly by, but it actually doesn't. Instead it makes me feel like this workout is endless. I had uncertain plans with Jennifer in the afternoon and had to cut this one short. But my legs were sore just the same.

Monday I took a day of vacation and wanted to get a good workout in. I did 25 minutes on the spin bike and then lifted Shoulder, Biceps and Abs. When I don't have a concrete plan, it is sometimes a bit hard to keep myself there doing all the exercies. For instance, it would have been really easy to skip the last shoulder press. In fact, I might have had more listed when I walked in!

Tuesday was the day I forgot my phone. Luckily for me, I could re-create my workout, and Erin snapped this selfie for us! This was Erin's first have to join me for body-part weight lifting. (See why I need a name?!?) I think she liked it. Our triceps were dead by the end of the night and my chest could feel it the next day. We also tried the incline bench press for the first time. Erin described it as benching drunk. The gravity is so off and the bar is so unsteady. I'm sure it's a good workout, but neither of us could get our lower back in the right spot. 

Wednesday I headed to the gym alone. Dan has Wednesday nights off from work now, and it's a lot harder to get there when he's home. Not that we'd even be doing things together. It's just easy to wonder if I am going to spend the rest of my life evenings working out. I did sprints on the treadmill (20 mins) and then worked on my back and booty. The gym was packed. I ran out of time and/or I didn't want to make a fool of myself so I skipped two of the butt moves I wanted to do. And when I say I ran out of time, I just mean I think it's foolish to spend an hour and a half at the gym every night.

Thursday I had to work in the evening,but Erin had the day off so we could meet in the later morning. We did our first Leg day. At least we've had leg days in the past. But I was shaking going down the stairs at the end. Only 10 minutes of hill walking to warm up. I'd already surpassed my weekly calorie goal. 

So I could take Friday as a rest day. Which was good because I was up early for our annual Staff Association Holiday Breakfast. Where I stayed busy doing presidential things and not eating huge plates of pastries!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Fitness Planner

I absolutely love being organized and writing everything down and creating lists and long term planning. And keeping track of things and being all around Type A. Which stands for Awesome by the way! Part of this is why I have a blog. It's my own place in the world to log everything, keep track of everything. Write things down.

But I thought I would try a fitness journal.

I bought something specifically for fitness. There is a chart in the front for measurements and weight. There is a space at the end of every month for things you did well and places to improve. And there is a daily page to keep track of your food, water intake and calories. I changed that up a bit. 

Though I am still not exactly sure how I will use this page, I don't need to keep track of my food (that's all online) but I thought I might use it to do a bit of meal planning.

I also want to keep track of my sleep, my macros, my goals, my weekly weigh-in, my steps, etc. I kind of wish it had more area to keep track of workouts. I don't have room to list all my reps and weights there. So maybe I will switch some things around.

Either way, I am pretty excited. It's the Awesomness in me!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December 2015 Goals

I haven't made any new goals in a while. So it's probably time to put some things down on paper. There is not slogan I love better than Finish Strong! And that's exactly how I feel about Decmeber. It can be so easy to just get busy with the holidays and wrapped up in the it only happens once a year and suddenly you're skipping the gym and eating five pieces of fudge. And you wake up two weeks after Christmas wondering what happened to the end of the year and how you gained eleven pounds back.

Last year I started December 16.6 pounds from my goal. And when I weighed in the first week of January I was 16.8 pounds from goal. That's not bad. I didn't have any set backs. That's probably considered finishing strong. But this year I want to finish even stronger. I was 6.4 pounds from my goal yesterday morning. I could wake up on my 36th birthday and be at my goal weight. Or I could be exactly where I am now. Or I could be back to 16.6.

When I think about only losing ten pounds this year I am pretty torn. I feel like I have made huge strides this year. Ten pounds doesn't seem to represent how much work I have done or how much I have changed. But I am happy with what I am doing, and the time is going to pass anyway. So I might as well lose ten pounds a year and not gain twenty.

So here are my goals for the final month of 2015. May it be amazing!

1. Four (or Five) day lifting split. Try it out. Build all the muscles! If anything, it is good to mix up our routine every 10-12 weeks. So I am going to try this for the month. It's not a set plan, which always worries me a bit. But basically every day I have an assigned body part (or two or three) and I will do 3-5 moves for each of them. I am also going to vary the reps. So one week I will do 5x10 and then next will be 3x15 or 6x8.

2. I have made a pact with my fit sisters to hit my calorie goal 27 times this month. But I think I can hit my calorie goal 30 times this month. Now that I am not determined to eat until all my macros are filled, it is a lot easier. But I do want to hit that protein 90% of the time. So we'll say 27 perfect protein days.

3. I want to focus more on getting my eight hours of sleep per night. Not averaged. Not taking naps. Just eight good hours of sleep. That means going to sleep by 11:30 every night. It's not hard. I am not busy working on anything. I just need to shut off the internet or television and close my eyes.

4. I bought a fitness planner. I want to try logging more info. Right now I am not sure the best way to use it, but that's my goal for this month.

5. Burn 3000 calories per week. That goal is perfect because it is not a times per week goal. A lot of social things come up in December and the "go to the gym six times per week" goal can easily get ruined by one friend in town visiting. But if I miss a trip to the gym, I can still get my calories in, I just have to stay longer the next day. It is also good at getting me to add cardio on to my normal weight workouts. Once I made a goal to do 4 HIIT sessions per week and I got really burned out. This way I can do HIIT or stead state or just take a slow walk. I just have to get those calories done.