Monday, November 30, 2015

2015 Week 48

Current Weight: 6.4 pounds
2015 Loss: 11.6 pounds

I lost a pound! This is the lowest weight I have seen all week. And during Thanksgiving weekend on top of that. I am overjoyed. I am a bit hesitant, because I have been bamboozled before. Next week it could be back up to eight. But I am trying to be excited that it is lower than last week and headed in the right direction.

More importantly, I won Thanksgiving. I worked out, I ate four bites of other people's desserts. I skipped a billion calories. I stayed under my calorie allotment the entire weekend. I averaged 1600 calories for the entire week. I was able to see it as a regular day. And I am really proud of myself.

While everyone else "gets back to it" today, I am just carrying on. Just another day, just another workout. Just another pound. And I feel like this momentum is going to carry me though much of December. It would be amazing if I could start 2016 fifteen pounds lower than the year before. It would be my lowest weight in years. It's only a 3.4 pound loss for the month. It's possible if only I understood my metabolism more.

But lifting weights have definitely changed my body. Even if I am eight pounds higher than my all-time low weight, I am the smallest I have ever been. And I owe that to lifting weights. So I am even more excited that I have started my five-day body split program and seem to be enjoying it. Here's this week's plan:

Sunday - Legs
Monday - Shoulders/Biceps/Abs
Tuesday - Chest/Triceps (with Erin)
Wednesday - Back/Booty
Thursday - Legs (with Erin)
Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - Run

I accidentally switched my Sunday and Monday around this week. Usually Erin would do the Sunday arm day with me. But since she wasn't free for either of them, I switched it up. Looking forward to seeing what she thinks about it!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

My Week in Workouts

Wow! I had a great week. But, I had to work out every day this week to reach my 3500 calorie burn goal. If I had done the math, I probably could have skipped the last workout; I only needed 57 calories that last day! But it was a good week. I am feeling really fit and buff.

It all started on Saturday with a BodyCombat class. I always get a good workout there. But there was a sub, and she's not as tough as my regular teacher. So I had to go walk on the treadmill a bit afterward, just to get my calorie burn up. My biggest victory was wearing these new pink pants. It's one thing to wear the pants as I am lifting weights or doing cardio on my own. But during class, I feel like I am completely on display. Also, I felt really tiny in this picture. And the fact that my scale is still stuck at 7, means nothing.

Sunday, Dan was working, and it was cold, so I had a lot of time to kill. I might as well get in a long, hard workout, rather than just sit around on my couch for the afternoon. I repeated last week's leg workout because I loved it so much. Because I knew more what I was doing, it went a bit faster and I was able to add on one more leg routine. I did lunges on the Smith Machine (which requires less stabilization) and used a step to make it more difficult. I am still really liking this short amount of time on the treadmill. I end up doing almost three miles, but it feels like nothing.

Monday I wanted to start my five-day lifting plan. However, I am still working with Erin at least once a week, so I have to factor that in as well. I thought I would start with back and shoulders because those are two areas Erin doesn't usually love to work. My goal with this lifting plan is that I will have 20 minutes beforehand to do HIIT at least three or four times a week. So I am going to need some new routines. I found this one on pinterest. But it wasn't hard enough. More like just a warm up on the treadmill. I was really shocked by how hard it was to do that many lifts on one body part. I have never done 4 or 5 back exercises in one day. I usually do my required one back lift and move on.

Tuesday, Erin wasn't feeling well, so she bailed on our workout. I went anyway and did the Tricep/Bicep/Chest things I was hoping to talk her into. I did fifteen minutes on the treadmill (running intervals) beforehand, but still didn't get a very good calorie burn. I am trying to remind myself that isn't the whole point. But it's hard to remember that. Again, the burnout of one muscle was amazing. I was doing 70 pushups in 5 sets a few weeks ago. After working my chest and biceps to failure, I could only do 25 in 4 sets. I kind of like it. I am learning a lot about weight lifting.

Wednesday was my best workout of the week. My fit sisters were all doing a virtual 5k for the Thanksgiving Holiday. I really wanted to do it on Thursday morning. But the forcast showed freezing rain. And I didn't want to have to use the treadmill. So I used a couple vacation hours and got off early on Wednesday. It was really nice out for November. I ran my fastest 5k ever (and when I say ever I mean this lifetime, not in the lifetime when I used to be a runner). I was so motivated by my fit sisters. I started listing something I was thankful for every time I ran past a squirrel. But I ran out of things pretty quickily. Those things are every ten steps out there. So then I stated just naming those girls that push themselves so hard every single day. Here was my run plan: Run until you want to stop, then run a little more. Take a break whenever you need one, but only for 30 seconds to one minute. Then back at it. And you can't take another break until you listen to a full song. I ended up walking six minutes of the 5k. Which actually seems like quite a bit. But I have no idea how much walking I usually do. I could tell by mile 2.5 that I might be able to beat my record. So I really pushed it. I felt like I might be dying the last bit, but I just kept going. Then I crossed the finish line 1:30 faster than my previous best time. And nobody was around to see it. But Dan gave me my medal when I arrived home. I have never gotten a medal at a race before. I have never been this proud of myself or felt so surrounded with cheers! It was an awesome feeling.

Because I got my run out of the way I was free Thanksgiving morning for their added BodyCombat class. It was a good teacher, but she seems to pick the shortest songs so that class is over in 50 minutes. I left after abs to go use the treadmill. Just some light walking to get my calories over 600.

Then I realized that I was 57 calories short, so I dragged myself back to the gym on a frigid Friday morning to do a short walk on the treadmill. This was basically an active rest day. I would have walked outside if it wasn't a sheet of ice and 20 degrees. I hate winter.

I ended up with a total of 3697 calories for the week. I set PRs in 5k running and started a new lifting plan. It was a very successful fitness week. I also made smart choices with my eating on Thanksgiving. Don't ask me why the scale isn't moving. But it must be those amazing muscles I am building!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My Thanksgiving Battle Plan

I go through this every year. Thanksgiving brings a lot of anxiety. Everyone sees it as a big celebration. I hear people eat like 3000 calories. But to me it is not a big celebration. I don't really enjoy eating dry turkey. I don't really enjoy getting together with family. I don't really enjoy leaving another family or two alone. Some with absolutely nobody to celebrate with. I don't really enjoy thinking about the actual origins of the holiday. I don't really enjoy eating pie. 

Here is what I do love about the holiday:
- Feeling thankful for things. I think we should spend more days of the year being grateful for all that we have. 
- Having the day off of work. 
- Mashed Potatoes. 
- The parade. I never used to like parades, but there is something about the frigid tradition that makes me smiley. 
- The extra classes the gym offers. 

So here is my battle plan for tomorrow. 

Eat the food my Mother-in-law prepares. 

Skip the pie. I don't need dessert on a Thursday.  

Have a Reece's peanut butter cup as a reward if I do!

Take a BodyCombat class in the morning. If I can burn 697 calories tomorrow I have already hit my 3500 for the week. 

Watch the parade when I get home from the gym. While I drink coffee with my husband. Who I do actually like to spend a day off with. 

Wait until I tell you all about my Turkey Trot!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cola Soy Sauce Chicken

Jennifer told me there was a super good deal on drumsticks at the grocery store. So I went over and bough a big bunch of them. And then I realized that I didn't really know how to cook drumsticks. I don't even really like to eat drumsticks. I hate fried chicken, which is the only way I really associate these. And I stay away from all meat on bones and anything with skin.

But I had these, and I needed a recipe. So I started looking on Pinterest. And I found this recipe, that was super easy, included a crock pot and only contained things I already had around the house. I used one can of Wild Cherry Pepsi, because that's the only pop I had around the house, and a 1/2 cup of reduced sodium soy sauce. I popped these in the crockpot and a few hours later they were falling off the bone. Making them almost appealing for me.

She mentions in the orignal post that she took the chicken out of the crock pot and added the sauce to a pan on the stove. Then she reduces it to a nice glaze. This took me an hour. A lot of people commented that they never got a glaze. Those people are quitters. But an hour of slowly boiling liquid is long. And don't expect to eat it that night for dinner. Your chicken will be cold by then.

My verdict though: this was so freakin' delicious. The sauce is amazing. It is low carb even with the soda. I ate three whole drumsticks in a serving and it was still good macro-wise. 525calories/58p/12c/25f

I can not wait to try this with chicken breasts. It was so moist and delicious and I think that will be my meal prep for the week after Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 23, 2015

2015 Week 47

Current Weight: 7.4
Lowest Weight: 7.4

Well, I am once again stuck at that 7.4 number. I am really hoping this is only temporary, because I went hungry this week. There were several occasions when I really wanted a bedtime snack or more dinner, but I turned it away, because I want to see that scale move more than anything. But I could maintain my weight on almost 1800 calories, so I don't need to be passing up snacks to remain steady. So this better just be a temporary stop on my way to 6 pounds from goal.

And I know it's lofty to say I want to lose a pound on Thanksgiving week. But I do. I don't even like Thanksgiving. I feel like pizza night at Grandma's and game night at my moms (last Saturday) might have been worse for my calorie goals than turkey for lunch one day.

Also, I can see where this week went a-rye:

Even though my average calories were just 2 up from last week, so essentially the same, my carbs were almost 20 grams higher and my protein was about ten lower. There were two days this week that I didn't make my bare-minimum 50 grams of fat requirement and I think that left me slightly out of whack. Also, Saturday was over. And full of pizza and chips and candy.

Like I said, I really think one random day of turkey and mashed potatoes won't hurt me. We're only eating at Dan's parent's house. Then we're joining my family for a movie. I am going to plan to skip the pie. That's harder at Janet's than my own mother's.

I plan to get some good workouts in as well. Although right now I feel like I am battling a cold. I just hope my pro-biotics take over like they are apt to do. I don't have time to be sick right now.

Also, I am running a Virtual Turkey Trot this weekend. And I have five days off. Thursday - Monday. So good things all around. Now to just make it out the otherside. And see that six!!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

My Week in Workouts

Even though I only set a goal of burning 2500 calories this week (thanks to a six day work week) I still wanted to make sure and work out six of the seven days. I need thirty minutes a day for my Holiday Hustle Challenge and I am determined to get that as many weeks as possible. I am so competitive. I ended up burning 2569 calories this week, in only five workouts (a bit over 6 hours of work!). Which put my two week total at 6113 calories. Perfect!

Saturday it was too cold and almost too dark to get a run in before work. But it was a beautiful day later in the afternoon. So I spent thirty minutes of my lunch hour working out. I went for a fifteen minute walk and then did three rounds of this HIIT routine in my break room. I hardly broke a sweat and didn't burn very many calories. But I got my 30 minutes in and that's all that matters. Two-hundred is still more than I would have burned checking facebook and sitting in my car.

Sunday morning I couldn't make myself get up to get a workout in before I had to work for the day. I kept telling myself I would go after work. But work was long and kind of boring. Needless to say I didn't make it there. By my dinner break, I had already logged in a REST DAY on my facebook challenge. Hey, you get one rest day a week. It might as well be a day I worked.

Monday I had the day off and knew I needed to burn a boatload of calories. It was my only day off this workout week. I wonder how many a boatload of calories is. But I torched a bunch and got a great leg workout in. I did a short treadmill run followed by one big set of legs. I have been reading about how you should mix up your reps (not always do five or ten) and I don't know how I feel about that, but I tried it. I am also always worried about how much weight I should do. When I am not following a program I don't know where to start. But I must have picked good ones because my legs were shaky during the workout and sore for a few days afterward.

Tuesday I met Erin for the last week of our 5x5 plan. I am already starting to look into other things. So maybe my heart just wasn't into this workout. But I could not get my heartrate up. I usually do a little jogging or hill walking beforehand, but my legs were so sore from that massive leg workout that I just did light walking for eight minutes. At one point, during the rest from planking, my heart beat was 68 beats per minute. While working out. That's less than some people at a rest state. Jennifer's is always 90. I have theories on how this is why she is so skinny. But I also worry her heart is working too hard all the time! Needless to say, I burned next to nothing this day.

Wednesday I headed to the gym in the evening for a bit of cardio and some HIIT workouts for my challenge. I made it a goal to burn 600 calories before I headed home. After Tuesday's non-existant burn I needed to kick things up to meet my goal. I did ten minutes on the treadmill followed by 2 rounds of my Holiday Hustle HIIT workout. Then repeated that routine two more times. I ended up walking just a bit at the end to reach my goal.

Thursday I made myself get to the gym fifteen minutes before Erin so I could try to get a calorie burn going. I did some interval running for fifteen minutes and that really helped. I needed to burn 577 calories if I wanted to reach my goal and not have to get up early on Friday. I passed that easily. I am loving this new interval routine I am doing: jog for 40 seconds, just to the side for 20. Every minute I increase the pace. Starting at 5.0, but me at a little over 6.0 by the time I was done. It's not so fast that I am panting, but it is maintainable and it keeps my heartrate in the 10-11 calories per minute range which is ideal. Even running outide, I am averaging around 10 calories per minute, so this is probably a bit higher than that. I might try to do an entire 5k that way, I just need to figure out how to calculate what portion I am "resting".

Friday was supposed to be freezing rain turning into snow. I thought I might have to do some sort of HIIT in my house before work or something on my lunch break (that probably involved gloves!) But luckily, I was able to take a rest day because I had burned enough calories already. I really love this goal. It gets me doing more cardio and not just HIIT. I am aiming for another 3000 this week. In fact, because it's Thanksgiving week, I am going to step it up and say 3500!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I Need a New Plan

We're winding up our second six week session of our 5x5 plan this week. And as usually happens on the second or third go round, I am ready for something new. Then Erin sprung on me last week that she needs to quit the gym. They're looking at houses to buy and they need to cut spending anywhere they can find it. That's sad because she definitely gets me there at times I wouldn't otherwise drag myself.

So this weekend I started looking around at new plans. I don't think I like anything out there. Which is strange because there are like 4 million and one plans to choose from. And maybe I should just make myself do one that's out there. Push myself out of my comfort zone. But I also want to make up my own plan. And here's what I am thinking:

  • Five lifting days. This sounds like a lot to me. But I have about one outdoor run left in me and then I have nothing to do but weight lifting and BodyCombat. I only want to Combat once a week. So I need five more days of something. Might as well be weights. I am much more likely to go if it's weight day than boring elliptical day.
  • A split-body routine. I have never done a split-body weight lifting routine. I have done upper body and lower body with Simply Shredded last year. But after our first twelve weeks, Erin wanted to commit to only three days and we switched it up and combined a day. Then in April we switched things all around and did three full-body days. And really haven't looked back.
  • This is how I would divide my days: 
    • Monday: Shoulders and Abs
    • Tuesday: Legs
    • Wednesday: Chest and Triceps
    • Friday: Legs
    • Sunday: Back and Biceps. 
  • I may or may not have a heavy leg day and a light leg day. 
  • Since I have never done a weight lifting session where I only work two small muscles (chest and triceps) I am not sure how long it will take, but I am thinking only 30 minutes, which means I can tack 20 minutes of HIIT on to each day that isn't legs and still get 60 minutes of cardio per week plus my one BodyCombat class. 
  • I am excited. I am actually looking forward to mixing things up. I can't actually imagine doing more than one or two exercises per body part. After I do the bench press, my chest is done for the day. I think I could get good results with this.
But then last night, Erin told me they aren't buying the house and maybe she doesn't need to give up the gym. So she'll stay a while. But if she gets pregnant soon she might not feel like working out. And then maybe she'd quit. So now I am in some limbo. Do I move forward with my plan? She won't have time to do it and I don't know how she would just in for part of it. Or do I wait until she does get pregnant/quit/move to do my own things? But then what do we do in the interim? Our plan is over tomorrow. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

2015 Week 46

Current Weight: 7.4 pounds
Lowest Weight: 5.4 pounds (Saturday)

Unfortunately my current weight is falling faster than my lowest weight. But both are lower this week. Five point four might be the lowest I have been during this journey. I am just waiting to see that four. Maybe next week.

I have been doing really well at leaving calories each day. I have also been proud of myself for the amount of protein I eat each day, when I don't have to. I try to always eat more protein than carbs. So if I stop at 125 protein, I better stop eating there. This hasn't always happened, but I am trying. I basically eat exactly the same as I was before except I don't force myself to have a protein drink at the end of the night and I don't have my nightly treat. Those go hand-in-hand. If you want the treat you have to drink the shake. For the most part, I just skip both and end the day around 1550 calories.

I think that it's been working. But we'll see if I can bust through this 7 pounds from goal plateau. I feel like I have been stuck there since June. But really it's been April. I gained a few pounds in May and then got back to 7 pounds in June. It is time to kick it into gear. And I am feeling good.

Only six more weeks of the year. I am determined to be my lowest yet!

Saturday, November 14, 2015


Making zoodles is all the rage right now. You know, like you take a zucchini and you make it into noodles and then you top it with whatever pasta toppings you wish you could have on real noodles, but instead you're just having a zucchini. I have wanted a Spirlizer for a few years now. But I can't justify the cost. I don't think I would use it that often. Then my mom got me a cheapish knock-off one for Christmas a year ago and I finally got around to trying it out.

I wanted to spirilize a sweet potato.

It didn't work. I was ending up with sweet potato hash. And it was exhausting. So I just skipped that step and cut up my sweet potato into really small bit sized chunks. And that worked great.

Why do people insist on noodles? I don't need a noodle shape!

So I sauteed that sweet potato (about half the potato because I had ruined the other half trying to noodlize it!) with a bit of coconut oil. I added precooked chicken to it and warmed it all up together. Then I shredded a half of serving of cheese (we had dubliner) on top.

It was so delicious, I can't wait to try it again. And it was healthy too:
360 calories/30protein/21carbs/18fat.

You could make it lower fat by not using as much coconut oil (ans spraying the pan instead) and more protein by adding more chicken. But it was so simple.

Friday, November 13, 2015

My Week in Workouts

I set a goal for another 3000 calories this week and I felt really good about it. We had a random Wednesday holiday this week (Veteran's Day) and along with having to work next weekend I only had to work three days of these seven workout week. Then I started thinking I might need to burn 3500 this week, so next week, when I have to work six of seven days, I can lower it to 2500. I'm not sure if that will be my goal next week or not. But for this week, I killed it! I burned a tota of 3544 this week.

I started Saturday off with BodyCombat class. We were back to our old music and therefore a slightly higher burn. I love being able to go to this once a week!

Sunday, Erin was working, so I was happy to skip our usual routine (which quite honestly I am getting a little bored with) and mix things up a little. I wanted to burn a lot of calories, but I didn't want to run a long distance (you know, like three miles) and then do boring weights. So I made it into a circuit. Treadmill 10 minutes - weight circuit - treadmill 10 minutes - weight circuit - treadmill 10 minutes - weight circuit - treadmill 10 minutes. I spent a total of 10 minutes on the treadmill, which equaled about 26 minutes of jogging (5.0-5.5) and then 14 minutes of warming up walking and cooling down. Honestly, I was a little shocked at my calorie burn. It wasn't much higher than when I just sprint for 20 minutes, which is like five minutes of actual running. Damn HIIT, being so useful! Breaking up the circuits makes the time go by quickly though. And I really enjoy doing those super-high rep burn outs.

Monday I had to work until 8 PM. I knew I needed to get up in the morning if  I had any hope of getting a Monday workout in. I wanted to run on the trail, but it was only 34 degrees when I crawled out of bed. If I could prepare myself for that, I might be okay, but I hadn't prepared my earmuffs of anything more than a long sleeved shirt. So I headed to the gym instead. I can't run on the treadmill for that long again, so I held myself a spin class. I did a fifty minute session plus some stretching. It flew by and my legs definitely felt it. I had hoped to burn 500 calories, so I was happy with this result!

Tuesday I met Erin for weights. I really liked doing an easy ten minute run before she got there last week. It burned an extra 100-150 calories, and it wasn't a big time commitment. So I did that again this week.

Wednesday was a holiday from work and we had plans from noon on. But I set my alarm in hopes of running at 8. But it was raining already. So instead of dragging myself to the gym for mindless cardio, I reset my alarm and caught up on some sleep. Part of me thought I might go after dinner when we were free again, but that never happened!

Thursday, Erin met me for weights again. I wanted my Friday morning available for other things. And since I had the day off, I didn't want to get up at 6AM.

Because I was off of work on Friday I was able to take my weekly BodyCombat class this morning. It was a good class and I burned a good amount of calories. 

I easily made it past my 3000 calories this week. Like I said, I may not make the 3000 calories next week, since I now work six out of the next seven days. But as long as I get myself to the gym once on Saturday or Sunday, I should be alright. If I add these two weeks together though, I promise it will be 6000 total.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mid-November Slump

I have been at a loss for what to write about. I haven't wanted to go to the gym lately. I have wanted to just eat whatever someone will put in front of me. Or whatever baked good is on the break-room table (cinnamon rolls, cookies, some other pastry.) I skipped the gym yesterday to sleep in (it was a holiday and we were off of work). And all around, I have just not had any energy. All day I have been wishing that Erin would text that she couldn't make it to the gym tonight so I could bail too.

Then I was reading through my past blog posts. I like to look back at where I was last November (18 pounds from goal) and the year before that (10 pounds) and so on. I noticed a trend. I talk a lot about how unmotivated I am around this time in November. I am tried. I don't want to go to the gym. I have no energy. I am worried I am getting sick. I am struggling to make it to Thanksgiving.

There must be a mid-November energy crisis. Maybe it's the time change. Maybe it's the cold weather. Maybe it's the holiday season approaching too fast.

But this year is no different.

  • But luckily Erin won't bail on me.
  • And I won't eat all the peanut butter cups I am rationing in my cupboard.
  • And I will eat my pre-planned chicken dinner.
  • And I will see the scale fall because I am making smart choices.
  • And I have already started my Christmas shopping so I know this year will be stress-free.
  • And besides the hint of snow yesterday, it has been a beautiful fall here. 
  • It's going to be 59 and sunny on my day off tomorrow. 
  • And even nicer this weekend.
  • Which might inspire me to go running on Saturday morning before work.
  • And I don't have a hint of a cold.
  • Because I take probiotics.
  • And I am going to rock the rest of this November.
  • And the entire holiday season. 
  • Because I am just that awesome.
  • And because I always have!

Monday, November 9, 2015

2015 Week 45

Current Weight: 10 pounds (today)
Lowest this week: 5.8 pounds

My official weigh-in for my Holiday Hustle challenge was ten pounds this morning. That was a two pound loss for the week. Which is just fine. If I continue with my trend of "lowest weight of the week" I would be looking at a 5.8 pounds form goal. Which makes me really happy.

However, I am noticing quite a difference in what carbs does to my weight. It is pretty shocking! So take a look at what my calories were this week (mainly carbs) vs. what the scale said the next day!
That really goes to show that just a little drop in carbs can make a big difference and then again, just a little gain in carbs make a huge increase. In some ways I really don't like this. I am pretty used to getting on the scale and having it be really consistent. I remember now the feelings of a high fluctuating scale. But I also loved having the flexibility this week. I went to IHOP on Saturday, for my grandma's 93rd birthday. I really wanted pancakes and was able to enjoy them (and a brownie) because I had carbs left over from the week, plus I wasn't concerned about hitting my protein number. As you can see, with that 88 grams. My averages for the week work out nicely, though I was a little low on protein. Still, that is definitely a higher protein number than I ever hit while just counting calories before. And both my carbs and fats are under my goals (151, 70) so I consider that a winning week.

And I guess the scale agrees since I was officially two pounds down. As long as I can keep up this momentum I will be happy. I am working out hard (3000 calories burned) and building muscles. And as the holidays approach, I know I am going to appreciate the flexibility of those carbs and fats. I just can't lose my focus with protein!

Friday, November 6, 2015

My Week in Workouts

My goal for this week was to burn 3000 calories. I haven't hit the 3000 mark for six weeks. And even then, it wasn't something I was making a priority. This would probably require me to workout six days and do more cardio then I had been doing. It worked out well and definitely pushed me to do more cardio this week. Technically, due to an addition error, I only logged 2985 calories. But I didn't log over an hour of mowing and gardening work, nir two hours of trampoline jumping with Sammie. And fifteen calories is the difference of two minutes. So I'm not upset. But I am determined to get another 3000 by next Friday.

Saturday I started with a BodyCombat class. It was all a new release, which makes it a little harder to push hard. You don't know what's coming and you don't know the routine. So there is more of a learning curve. I didn't burn as many calories as other weeks, but still well worth the hour I spent there.

Sunday I did weights with Erin, but I got there early and did twenty minutes of HIIT. I did not want to run so I did a steep hill climb. Walking at 4.0, which is about as fast as I can walk on even a flat surface, and walking at an incline of 7 or 8, I held on for 30 seconds, let go for 30 seconds. I was winded, but it wasn't as tough as running. I just can't always get myself to sprint.

Monday, I amazed myself and used the time change to my advantage and got out of bed early and ran alone. It wasn't a great run. Even at 52 degrees, I was cold. My legs were cramping up. That's the first time I have been aware of the colder temps affecting me. I might need to wear pants from now on. The lower humidity has not helped my runs. But I am still just trying to burn calories, not set speed records.

Tuesday we did weights. My back had been bothering me all day, and Erin has been worried about her squat form, so we decided to take a deload week. We lowered to 95 pounds and did ten reps. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be coming from 145. In fact, we stopped at three sets because my back was so tight and she is having a leg thing. I thought this workout was tough. I wanted to blame my lower carbs, but they aren't that much lower. Maybe I can blame the early sunsets.

Wednesday I did a HIIT routine around my neighborhood. Every week we have a Holiday Hustle Hiit Routine. There's a prize for doing all of them. Even though at-home HIIT isn't my favorite. I added a lap around the neighborhood to each round and did it four times!

Thursday we did weights again. I wasn't free Friday morning, so we moved it up. It was kind of nice doing it during the evening. We kept up the 5x10s on certain body parts and I am feeling fine about it. Except we're not really improving. I hate not going up. I am thinking next week we should try heavy again. I needed to burn 550 calories, or so I thought, so I added just a bit of running (ten minutes) to the beginning of our routine and it made a big difference in my calorie burn. 

Over all I did 135 minutes of cardio which helped boost my calorie burn. I worked out for 6 hours and 26 minutes. Plus those two I forgot to count!! Here's to another week to 3000!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Little Hungry, A Big Change

Today is the fourth of November. For three days now, I have limited my calories while still eating loads of protein. It's not much different than how I ate before. Except, around 9:00, I used to get a snack, that used up the remaining carbs and fats from the day. It might be chocolate, a scoop of peanut butter, cookie dough, cereal, etc. It's kind of the thing I looked forward to all day, which kept me from snacking or eating poorly during the day. If I eat enough protein at all my meals, I will have enough carbs left at bedtime for a yummy treat.

But this week, I have skipped the yummy treat. Because I don't need the food. And I don't need a treat every day. I would rather see the scale move.

And it is!

I wish that Wednesday was still my weigh-in day, because then I would come to you and say: I saw a 10 on Monday, a 7 on Tuesday and a 5.8 on Wednesday! A five. I haven't seen that number since July. When I got this idea that I might as well eat more food if I wasn't going to lose any more weight. And then I gained weight instead.

This could be temporary. As I have limited my carbs more the last three days than the last year.But really, my carbs haven't been too low. Here's where I have stopped the last three days:

Stats since August: 1794 calories/140p/151c/70f
Sunday: 1406 calories/100p/134c/61f
Monday:1524 calories/149p/151c/44f
Tuesday:1489 calories/138p/135c/47f

As you can see, for the most part I am limiting my fat. Which I didn't think had a lot of impact on your water retention. My average carbs for the week have been 140, which isn't much lower than what I was doing last month with my not going over, but not needing to hit the numbers.

Am I hungry? Yes a bit. I am more disappointing that I don't get to go eat sugar at bedtime. But it has also made me go to bed a bit earlier, because I just go to bed instead. Which is a good thing all around. I suppose I am not really hungry because I am still eating as much protein. And I have as much energy because I am still eating almost as many carbs.

I think I should be aiming for at least 50 grams of fat per day though, as a hormone regulator. So I may want to watch that a bit more!

When I talked about doing this plan, it was something like. starve myself to get to the weight I want and then maintain. Because I know how to maintain. I have done that for six months. I just don't know how to get the scale to move. That's a bit extreme, but you get the idea. I needed a change to get where I wanted to go.

Right now I am thinking of doing some kind of plan where Sunday-Thursday I eat at a lower calorie rate 1400-1600, still getting my proteins, just like now. And then Friday-Saturday allow myself all my calories, but never go over. That might help me keep my sanity. Right now, it's easy to pass up the treat because the scale is moving. But when that stops, I may need to remember I can have candy on the weekend. Or I could pick two or three days of the week that I eat the whole 1800 caloires (if I was going out for dinner) and the remaining days stay lower calorie.

And it's not even true that I can't have candy now. I just can't have 300 calories of it. Because who really needs that?

For now, it is working. We'll see how long that lasts or if I end up stalling. Or even worse, gaining it back when my body remembers it likes to be at that seven pound mark!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Work to Workout

Here's some basic facts:
  • I am trying to be more fashionable. Like wear skirts and boots and ballet flats rather than jeans and t-shirts and tennis shoes.
  • I own a lot of dresses that I only wear once a week during summer.
  • Sometimes I dress up and then I wonder what's the point when I switch into gym clothes in the break room after work. 
  • My husband doesn't even get to see me dressed up.
  • So is it just for my customers?
  • Because really, why?
  • I would like to be able to wear leggings more.
  • I wear leggings to the gym.
  • Ultimately, I wish I could wear the same leggings from work to the gym.
  • Then I found some leggings that just might work. 
  • The key is a lack of shine. They have to be matte leggings. 
  • So I have been trying them out.

  • And so far, nobody has said "hey those are workout leggings!"
  • I really don't think they can tell.
  • I mean, what is the definition of workout leggings vs. "regular" leggings.
  • Plus, it saves me two or three minutes when packing and changing for the gym. 
  • Win!

Monday, November 2, 2015

2015 Week 44

Current Weight: Who really knows.

I'm moving my weekly weigh-in back to Monday for the rest of the year. It doesn't really matter what day I am doing it, since I am reporting the lowest it's been this week. But I am starting a new Holiday Hustle challenge with my fit sisters facebook group and Mondays are the official weigh in days.

My weight is crazy high right now. I took a cheat day on Saturday and enjoyed chips and salsa, enchiladas and a glorious margarita. I had been in a funk lately because I blew both my "cheat" days in October for silly things. Like not knowing how many carbs were in puppy chow at Samantha's birthday party. So I never really got a cheat day where I just got to not care. It was a great mental break for me this weekend.

And now I am more determined than ever to see the scale move.

I am going to go back to counting calories. Kind of. I know too much about macros to just not care about that. My goal right now is to eat as much protein and not go over any of my macro numbers. I am hoping this lowers my overall calorie eating in general. Once I hit 155 carbs for the day, I either need to eat cheese and eggs or quit eating. Usually I would rather just not eat than force myself to eat something that fits.

For instance, last night I stopped eating at 1400 calories. Even though I could have 1794. I wasn't out of any one macro, but I just didn't need any more food. I am hoping that this gets the scale moving, without making me feel suppressed. If I need more food, and I am hungry, I will find things that work. But it's okay to be hungry. I feel like I haven't been hungry for a long time. I have had to make hard choices and skip yummy foods a lot. But I haven't been hungry since I started counting macros. That's the great thing about that plan I guess. But I'm going to need to slash calories if I want to lose weight.

I am also trying to up my calorie burn for the week. I set a goal to burn 3000 calories this week. I am half done (three workouts) and have burned 1757 already for the week. I am so determined that I got up early this morning, after staying up late to watch the world series, without having anyone to meet, to run. Yes, you read that right. It's the only time I am not working that it's light outside.

My goal is to be at my goal weight by the first of the year. It's do-able. I need to mix things up and work hard.