Friday, October 30, 2015

My Week in Workouts

I had a pretty average week for workouts. My schedule, or possibly Erin's schedule mixed some of our days around. Plus it got pretty cold and there were a couple of days I mixed workouts because I had last minute things I needed to do. But I need to take a rest day every week. This week I took two. But I still worked out over five hours - 323 minutes. I did 90 minutes of cardio. And I burned 2363 calories. But goal for next week is to burn 3000. This means adding on another running day, or doing some HIIT on the treadmill for at least 40 minutes.

Saturday we did weights together. Erin was busy on Sunday and we hadn't done them on Friday morning, so it worked out well. Except I missed my only chance at Combat this week. Luckily, they just had the new release, and I am not super-interested in doing new music. I had my first failed squat. 145 seems to be a lot harder than 135. Even with my shoes off. I could only do 22 of them! I also failed at triceps. I got there 20 minutes early and did HIIT on the treadmill. The whole gym was empty thanks to the football game (which I was able to watch on the gym TV) and that helped give me a much better burn than most weight days. 640 in 90 minutes vs. 407 in 70.

Since I didn't have to do weights on Sunday, I used Sunday as my run day. I hadn't done a 5k last week because of rain. I did the watch my heartrate, not my pace trick again and it is so much better. I don't even care how fast I am going as long as I am burning calories. Then I hear that I am close to beating my fastest time and I try really hard, but I didn't have it in me to be a speed demon, so I was like 35 seconds slower. 

Monday I needed to work out after work, before meeting Dan for dinner. I like this plan because I can't bail. But I forgot my gym shoes. Luckily, I could round up an old pair in the back of my car. I did a circuit that I absolutely loved. Five minutes on the stair mill, then these five exercies. Low weight, high reps, because otherwise I would have no idea how much weight to use. My triceps hurt so much the next day. And I burned lots of calories on those stairs. I wouldn't want to do this if I was doing weights on Sunday and Tuesday. So it worked out well. 

Back to our normal lifting pattern on Tuesday evening. I was successful with the 145 squat this time, but we're thinking we might give it another session. We like to feel really confident with that heavy of weight before we start increasing. And we're doing more weight than we ever dreamt of! Also, after maxing out at bicep curls for the third time, and seeing how great that high-rep tricep workout was, I am decided that the key to smaller muscles is more reps.  Or maybe mixing it up. But not just trying to do 25 pounds and doing it three times.

Wednesday I had planned on doing my last after-work run. Starting next week it will be dark when I get off of work. But while at work I learned that we were under a freeze advisory and I knew I needed to get home and drain my sprinklers before it got dark. I am scared to mess that process up. And was really proud of myself for doing it alone. But it was cold and windy and I never would have had time to run. I told myself I would go run on the treadmill while watching the baseball game. But it was cold and I never made it there. 

Thursday I was exhausted. I don't know why. I fell asleep on the couch at 8:30. Needless to say, I took another rest day. 

But Friday morning, I was up on a dark and cold morning to knock out some more weights. We stuck to the same squat and bench weights. And tried out our new more reps, lighter weights tricep plan. My arms were burning at the lower weight. Here's how I see it:
Last week 20 reps x 40 pounds = 800 pounds of work.
This week 50 reps x 30 pounds  = 1500 pounds of work.
Seems like simple logic. Maybe it isn't that simple. But I don't want to keep increasing to a point where I am not doing any good. So I will try this for a few weeks.

Also, don't I look skinny in this photo? Maybe it's the re-introduction of pants. Or maybe the scale is a lying liar, just like we all knew!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

2015 Week 43

Current Weight: 7.4

Remember, no more "weekly change" because it isn't changing. And a pound up and down here and there, doesn't show anything. So either I need to do some things differently, or I am just happy maintaining right here. And I am torn by which one it is, so I guess I am happy.

My seven day averages show me at: 9 carbs under my goal, and 3 fats. So that's 63 calories under my 1794. If I lowered my macros, they wouldn't be by much more than 63 calories. Maybe 75. So if I decide it's time for a change, I think it would be something more drastic than that.

Sunday is November 1st and I am starting a two month challenge with my Fit Sisters Facebook group. One component of this will be weight loss. And I think I want to partake. I just have a few days to decide what that will look like. The other aspect will be food tracking and exercise. Both of which I am already rocking. Unless of course I am talking about my progress on pull-ups or any thoughts I might have had about being a distance runner.

Things are going really well in my 5x5 Lifting program. I mastered the 145 pound squat last night. So on to 150 pounds on Friday. I am getting so close to that goal that I can taste it. We're also planning on mixing up our smaller muscles groups. Right now we've really maxed out our biceps and triceps. So we figure lowering the weight a bit and increasing the reps is what we should do next. I am also thinking ahead to what my cardio days will look like once I can't run after work. Should I still try to do a run on the weekend? Or should I go back to Spinning classes? Should I instead add 20 minutes before every weight day, or should I be doing that anyway.

Like I said, lots of things to think about. And here come the holidays!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Anniversary Photo Shoot

I really like taking photos. And just because we don't have kids, doesn't mean I don't think we should have yearly photos taken. So I have tried to make it a tradition to do a photo shoot every year. I get Jennifer to take the photos, so it doesn't cost anything. And the results are pretty great. Plus I love the fall and think it should always be documented.

I saw this idea on Pinterest where you hold last year's photo and eventually you have a recurring photo within a photo. I am so happy that we started it at the beginning. We get a lot of compliments on it! A facebook friend of Dan's pointed out how "Dan and Karrie" it was since the meta-ness is all Dan and the cuteness is all Karrie!

Here are some looks at this year's photo options.

This is the "winner". I think. Meaning the one I frame and use for next year. I love that it's a different pose. I like the casualness. The sitting. You can see the past three years. And Dan doesn't look too bored. I have also started this portrait, landscape,portrait, pattern that would fit well with a landscape this year. But I am not sure how much I want to stick to that.

This is probably Dan's pick... you know, if I let him choose. He picked this background and he's kind of smiling in it. It's not awful, but it's not as cute and the fall colors aren't as vibrant. 

I love that Dan is laughing in this one. I don't look great, but it is a change from the boring ones. And it's fun that we're sitting backward on a bench. Again, the colors and background aren't my favorite. 

I love love love this background. If I could go back I would have her take many more in front of this water. The way the sun is setting on those trees and the reflection in the pond is amazing. Dan just doesn't look great! And this is the best of many.

This is a good one. It could be cropped to be the other direction. Or like this is good too. I like that tree behind us. I like both of our smiles. It's a good runner up for me. 

This is kind of what it would look like cropped. I don't like that the frame is crooked, or that my fingers are oddly gripping. Dan looks a little goofy and I am kind of cropped out. But that tree!

So here are more what I would say are the outtakes!

It's cute because it is "so us"!

This is cute and then super goofy how Dan is still holding the photo.

And because Samantha wanted to be involved and then we had to pretend like we were laughing. And that caused us to really laugh. And this is nothing we would frame, but this is completely our life! Karrie trying to do perfectionist things. Dan only taking it as seriously as he can for me. Samantha wanting to be involved in everything we do. And us wanting to entertain her despite it all. And that tree. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Destressing Weekend

Last week was kind of stressful. Besides doing my normal 40 hour a week job, plus workouts, plus housework, plus having a special program and working odd hours, my dad lost his job. And therefore the house he was planning on closing on in November. So I spent several hours looking at unemployment guides and helping him fill out stuff online, because he is not computer savvy. And I was talking him into moving down to Lincoln, so I was trying to find houses for rent here, or houses he could afford to buy outright so he didn't need to apply for a loan while not having a job.

So all week there are deadlines and we only communicate through phone calls, or random emails when his internet is working properly. He doesn't text which really hinders instant communication. Especially while I am at work.

And then there's all this guilt that I should help him financially somehow, because awkwardly, I am much better off than my own father. Who never keeps a job and never learns to budget his money. But I can't let him - AND HIS DOG move into my basement, so I try not to feel too bad. And I really don't have any money to loan him. I just bought a roof for goodness sakes.

Then on Friday, my mom gets an emergency call that they're taking Grandma to the ER. She is dizzy and delusional, and hasn't really opened her eyes in a day or so. My mom can take off work for that kind of thing. But I am stuck there. Again with no communication. Because nobody in my family knows how to text. So that made for a long stressful day as well.

But by evening, my Dad called to say that he was offered his old job back. His boss had changed her mind about closing the business. So he is back on track to close on his house and get everything settled. So that was a relief. Then my aunt texted that Grandma just had a bad urinary tracked infection and was staying in the hospital where she would get some good care. This has happened to her several times. It's amazing how it can make older people hallucinate and seem downright crazy or like they are dying.

So by Saturday I was ready for a nice relaxing fall weekend. Where I thought about nobody's problems by my own. Which, in perspective, don't really exist. And isn't that a nice feeling?

Toward evening on Saturday, we met Jennifer and Sammie at the park to take our annual anniversary pictures. It is such beautiful weather out there. The trees are perfect. And Dan cooperated very nicely with photos. We even had enough time to play! Then we went to dinner where Jennifer and Ryan won $250 play KENO and bought our meal. And Samantha got to "spin the wheel" which is like the biggest dream in her entire life, come true. That and me getting a dog. Quite a fun night.

Sunday we were supposed to help my mom clean out her garage (an old Christmas present) but because my grandma was still in the hospital, she wanted to do it later. I went for a nice run. Went shopping. Took a great nap. Had a bonfire. Watched football. Went to the grocery store. Food prepped for the week (Salsa Verde Chicken). Did some laundry. Straightened the house. And all around relaxed.

I am hopeful that everyone keeps their jobs and their health this week!

Friday, October 23, 2015

My Week in Workouts

I worked out six times this week. In fact, this is my first rest day since last Thursday. But my workouts weren't quite as intense this week. I only did 90 minutes of serious cardio. I burned a total of 2649 calories. It sure seems like a lot. But I was looking over my past lives and at one point I was burning almost 4000 calories a week. I was taking three BodyCombat classes a week, and that was 700 a pop! I need to remember that weight lifting doesn't burn as many calories as cardio, but that's okay. You burn them later. And as my fit sister, Jen says: It's about what you're building, not what you're burning!

Saturday, I did start off with a good burn. Body Combat class. Not only do I burn tons of calories, I love every minute of it. Unlike running I am not counting down the minutes and it just flies by.

Sunday I did weights on my own. Erin was working. I had limited time because we were headed to the pumpkin patch, so I was in and done. I started with a five minute run. On the treadmill. It was awful. Man, I hate running. Then I powered through my exercises and I was out of there.

Monday, Dan and I had the day off of work. I was planning on going for a run, but he said he'd go with my if we walked. It was such a gorgeous day. I always try to take a day of vacation between Columbus day and Ryan's birthday. That's how I remember the best weather week of the year! I love this trail that goes through one of the richest neighborhoods in town. I wish I could afford to live there. And have a made to clean it.

Tuesday, I met Erin for weights. We finally are back to our max 135 squat weight. I am excited to move up from here. We're only three weeks into our 5x5 program, so we have a lot of room for growth. I also hadn't seen Erin in a few days, and we chatted too much. This workout should only take 50 minutes, not 80!

Wednesday it was raining when I got off of work. This is probably my second to last Wednesday that I will be able to run. After the time change it will be dark by the time I get off of work. So I didn't want to miss it. But I couldn't risk being 25 minutes from my car when a downpour happened. Plus, I don't have anything waterproof for my phone. And what's the point of running if I can't track it? So instead, I went home. And got a ziplock baggie for my phone and ran around my neighborhood. It was something! It is so hilly around there, that I don't even care that my pace was slow. I just did out and back loops from my house so that I was never more than 3 minutes from home. And mostly it just sprinkled on me. I didn't even do the whole 3.1 miles. I just aimed for 30 minutes plus stretching.

Thursday morning we did weights because my work week was so screwy. Up to 140 for squats, and it didn't feel too bad at all. I am loving all this arm work. I can totally feel this upright row machine so much more than I ever did with the heavy overhead bar. Plus the lat pull-downs mixed with the push-ups and pull-ups (on the other days) keep my sides and back sore all the time. We're going to max out on our bicep and tricep weights pretty soon. We're contemplating, changing those to a 5x8 or 5x10 set and sticking with a bit lower weight. Sometimes we're going so heavy we wonder if it's really working the muscle. I mean, I can only do 20 reps at 22.5, so wouldn't 35 reps at 20 be better?

Friday I took a rest day.

And then I forgot to post this Friday night and didn't log onto my computer all weekend. So here it is now!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Times I Feel So Old

  • When I get out of bed and my whole body hurts.
  • When I am ready for bed at 9:30pm.
  • When I think kids today should wear more clothes. 
  • When I realize my 20th highschool reunion is just around the corner.
  • And I have been out of school for over ten years now.
  • Including my Master's Degree.
  • When I am wearing five layers and am still cold.
  • And it's 70 degrees outside.
  • When I notice that my middle school kids weren't born when I started this job.
  • When my sciatic nerve sends a shooting pain down my hip.
  • And I say "hold up a second, sonny!" to Dan.
  • I really don't say that. 
  • Except when I am mocking the fact that I feel old.
  • When my knees creak going up the stairs.
  • When I am helping my Dad look into Social-Security.
  • And talking him into moving to town so I can help take him to appointments. 
  • When the storytime moms have started to all be younger than me.
  • And only the grandmas are older.
  • When I start counting the years until I can retire.
  • When I spend money on a roof. And not a new wardrobe.
  • When I would rather wear tennis shoes than fancy shoes because they are better on my feet.
  • When I have to apply moisturizer twice a day.
  • When I go to bed my whole body hurts.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

2015 Week 42

Current Weight: 6.4 pounds (Friday)
Weekly Change: 0 pounds

I have now been the same weight for three weeks in a row. And it's not a bad weight. But it's not moving either. My scale has been really temperamental lately. Every time I get on it needs to be balanced. And it has been jumping around a lot too. For instance just this morning I got on and if gave me a reading. I got on a second time and it bounced up three pounds. Confused, I got on a third time and got the original number. Also, every time I balance it, an eleven pops up on the screen for a second. Making me think (hopefully) it is actually eleven pounds off. I assume it could use a new battery. Or the battery needs to be taped in there better.

But let's say I bought a new battery. Or a whole new scale. And all of a sudden I was eleven pounds lower than I currently think I am. So I have met my goal. My arbitrary goal. And I am now at the lowest weight I have ever been.

Then what?

Am I happy? Am I done?


Sometimes I see pictures of myself and I don't like how flabby my arms look. And I still hate how my legs look in dresses. And there is still fat left on me in several locations. So even though Dan tells me how small I look and Jennifer tells me I am looking skinny. No. I am not done.

But I do need to worry less about that number. So if it takes me the next ten weeks to lose these six (or more) pounds, fine. If it takes me the next year, fine.

I have other goals. Like lifting massive weights. And toning up all the muscles in my body.

I am still trying to not eat all of the carbs and fats when I don't need them. I am hoping that helps a bit. I don't want to lower my calories because I already feel like they are as low as they should go. And I definitely don't want to feel deprived. So not using what I don't need seems like the best method. And hopefully it makes up for the under-estimating I must be doing when I eat out, or go to other people's houses.

So for a while, I am going to stop reporting a weekly change in weight. I will log what my current weight is, and move on. As long as I am not gaining weight, things are good.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Three Day Fall Weekend

I had a great long fall weekend. I took a vacation day on Monday, Dan just has three day weekends because he's lucky like that. It was so awesome to have three days in a row. I need to remember to take more of those. I'd rather have a three day weekend every month than take a two week vacation. But people are different I suppose. I guess it's actually best to have a mix of long weekends and real vacations. Missing Mondays at work are the best though. My boss always calls in sick on Monday, so not being around for that is great. Plus she probably "can't" be sick if I'm not there. And it makes the rest of your week short. Win-win.

Friday night we ate out with some friends. Which was fun. I made great choices and didn't eat fries and crap, but a salad and a steak. Which fit my macros perfectly. 

Saturday morning I took a great combat class and followed it by donuts. Because you have to enjoy yourself some times. It was a cold dreary day and we spent some time cleaning up our yard, but mostly taking a nap and watching football   Yay fall!

Saturday evening we had some new friends over for game night. That's always a bit awkward. Making friends as adults is so hard. But they're a great couple and we had a fun time. I hope they did too. Maybe we'll do it again. 

I stuck to my plans. Drank water while others had alcohol. And had a serving of snacks. Which of course fit, because I had purchased them. 

Sunday morning I got in a trip to the gym. And did some shopping. Plus an online shopping order came in. Sometimes I don't understand what size I am. 

I don't know if you can even tell, but this is like a bag. 

At least some tunics actually fit me. 

And my normal jeans and sweater always fits right. 

That afternoon we took our Sammie (and Jennfier) to the pumpkin patch. It was a great time. 

I absolutely love watching life through her. It makes me slow down and enjoy things. Like going down a combine slide 452 times. 

This is my favorite picture of the day. Mommy and Samantha. Pure joy. 

Monday Dan and I took a beautiful nature walk together. I love burning calories and having quality time together. I wish I could get him to lift with me. 

And then I spent the afternoon doing laundry, cleaning my room and going through my closets. I was aware that I had new jeans I forgot to wear. But I didn't realize it was six pairs. I think I'll try to sell them.

I did make a little more room in my closet. So I feel like I could buy some more things now!!!

Also I made black bean soup and have four left over meals for the week. No eating out for me this week. 

Man I love fal!

Friday, October 16, 2015

My Week in Workouts

I had a pretty good workout week. I did five workouts. At least 100 minutes of intense cardio. And my three weight sessions. We had a nice week of easing back into weights, but now we're definitely back to where it is feel hard again. Sometimes I hate taking two rest days. Especially when I'm not so busy I couldn't have fit another session in. But resting is good for your body too. 

Saturday I started the week of with Combat class. A new release comes out next week and I am kind of dreading that. I really prefer when they do old music that I know. I get a better workout. But since I've only been taking class once a week now, my heartrate is always high. It's amazing how your body adapts to what you make it do. 

Sunday I met Erin for our 5x5 lifting plan. This was about our last "easy" session. From here on, things felt tough. 

I decided sleep was more important than exercise on Monday. I worked in the evening. I could have gotten up my normal time and worked out, but I just chose not to. And that's okay. 

Tuesday I wanted to come home and watch baseball. And the debates. But I had to meet Erin at the gym. Then she texted that she had to stay home with a sick baby and I was so tempted to bail as well. But I didn't! I went alone. I ran for five minutes, did some weights, ran for five more, did some weights and then skipped out on my planned last five minute run. But that was a great way to breakup my cardio without noticing it as much. 

On Wednesday evening I went running alone. I forgot my gym bag at home and had to go there to change. I ended up sitting down to watch tv for a few minutes and started my run 35 minutes later than last week. The sun was just starting to set around 6:45 (um, when did that happen?!?) and I figured I had 40 minutes to get my run in before it was done and really dark. Wrong! By the time I hit he half way point it was dark. And there are a few patches of my trail that are pitch black and covered with trees. I was honestly a little scared. But I called Jennifer and talked to her on speaker phone for the ten minutes through the forest. Then I was back to the street with lights. Thank goodness for friend who will "run" with you. 

Another thing about this run: I didn't watch my run keeper app. I know when the half way point is now, we've run the same trail 15 times. I didn't tell myself I was going out for a 5k run, I just told myself I was going out to do cardio for 50-60 minutes. I could walk whenever I wanted. BUT I couldn't let my heartrate go below 150. Whenever I stopped to walk it usually dropped within a minute. But obviously I don't need to be waking if  I'm not breathing hard. And watching my heartrate monitor (instead of my pace) made the time go by so much faster. Plus, I did the whole 5k only 15 seconds slower than my fastest. And that's with talking to Jennifer (and mostly waking) for ten minutes. I'm going to try that again. But in daylight next time!

I took Thursday as a rest day. I was at a conference all day. And it's amazing how much more exhausted I was after 8 hours of sitting and schmoozing than I am after a full day helping customers. Man I feel bad for you people with desk jobs!

I had given Erin the option of doing weights Thursday night or Friday morning and she chose the morning. It came as a shock to me. It was a cold morning and it was pretty hard to drag myself out of bed. But I am always glad we got it done. I don't have any time to waste on Friday mornings, so we hustled through the routine. I felt like it gave me a pretty good calorie burn. Four hundred and sixty calories you didn't burn staying under your covers. We're only two sessions away from our highest squat weights. It's tough but we've learned to take our shoes off, which makes it so much better. The bench press seemed super hard today, and even though I made it through the 5x5, Erin thinks we should give this weight another shot. We were up to 80 in the last round. If I was doing it alone, I would power-through, but holding off another week won't hurt. 

I am looking tiny. Even in stripes. If I do say so myself!

Five workouts done. Almost 2500 calories burned. I have had a great week eating-wise too. I brought my lunch every day but Tuesday (I eat out with Jennifer) and Thursday (I was at a conference). I made a casserole on Wednesday evening that gave me dinner twice and two lunches. That was the perfect amount. I need to get into the habit of making a meal on the weekends and another on Tuesday or Wednesday night. That will get me through the whole week with leftovers. 

I must make it through the weekend though. That is always when I lose it. If I can keep on track, I am certain I can see a five next week. I am just going to visualize the five when I am turning down all the carbs!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Eleven Weeks: Where do you want to be?

Today is exactly eleven weeks from 2016.  We're approaching the hardest time of year to lose weight: the holidays. But eleven weeks is still quite a long time. So I started thinking about everything I want to get done before 2016.

  • Lose six pounds. Putting me at exactly my goal weight. Which may no longer be my goal weight. But it's a huge milestone.
  • Squat my body weight. As of today, I am 40 pounds away.
  • Wear those blue pants without having to cover up my tummy.
  • Do one chin-up. Unassisted.
  • Wear a dress/skirt once a week.
  • Get back in the habit of cooking. Like actual recipes.
  • Dress more fashionably in general. Contrary to what most people around me think.
  • Develop a better night ritual. That includes moisturizer. And flossing.
  • Have a healthy and happy holiday season. Without gaining five pounds.
  • Grow my hair out. Do not give into temptation. 
  • I guess that goes for everything.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

2015 Week 41

Current Weight: 6.4 pounds (today)
Weekly Change: 0 pounds

My weight is playing games with me now. All week I was up in the seven or eight pounds from goal range. I told Jennifer that if I didn't lose a pound over night (putting me back to six pounds) I was going to lower my numbers this week. Then, I wake up this morning, back to six pounds.

Still, not a loss from last week. Just exactly the same. I have been pretty much exactly the same since April. And I had a pretty good week. There was one day (Sunday) when I didn't hit my macros (thanks to Jennifer's delicious pasta and bread dinner) but I still stayed under my calories. The extra carbs might be holding on a to a little extra water. But... I just have excuses every week.

I know if I cut my numbers I will feel deprived. So even though I say it every week, I just need to make sure I am measuring correctly and not estimating so much. And stay consistent with my workouts. I already feel like I haven't been eating all the carbs and fats I get. I like the idea of not just eating them because I can. Except last night I had a scoop of cookie butter because I had the fats for it, and was worried my numbers would be changing today.

See I eat out of fear!

I also sometimes contemplate doing something else. Some five day clean eating thing that gets five pounds off of me fast. And then I can return to what appears to be maintenance numbers. I could do the cabbage soup diet for three days. And then try it again the next week for three days. But will that just all return when I eat one real meal?

On the other hand, I wore size 9 jeans this week... so what does the scale know anyway?

Monday, October 12, 2015

First Fall Weekend

The weekends go so fast around here. I am just trucking along until I can make it til next weekend. I took a day of vacation next Monday, so I have a three day weekend to look forward to. Dan worked this weekend, which sometimes helps me get things done. I seem to be more productive when I know he's working, and we're not just wasting time eating donuts on our porch. But this weekend, just got away from me.

Friday evening, I met my friend Brandy and Sarah at a new vineyard. Not new, just new to us. It was fun to catch up. Dan has never met Sarah, because up until a year ago she lived in South Carolina. It was interesting for him to meet my best-friend from Junior High school. Now he has a face for all those stories.

Yes, I am wearing a winter coat. It was cold. And yes, I drank one glass of wine. It wasn't great. But it fit my macros. 

Saturday, I worked out and watch the husker football game and then most of the day was gone. I was feeling like I wanted to do some shopping, but I decided to take an inventory of what I had first. I own a lot of jean. Which is good, I wear a lot of jeans. The thing is, I mostly rotate between three pairs of jeans a week, plus maybe one day of a dress/skirt/pants. So having 15 pairs of jeans is kind of silly. But the silliest thing is: I have six pairs of jeans that still have the tags on them. And only two probably fit any more. Maybe I can try to exchange a couple of them. Maybe I can try to sell them on ebay. I just need to stop hoarding clothes. 

I didn't actually find the pair of skinny black jeans I thought I had purchased last spring, but I did find these jeans.

They are the smallest pair of jeans I have ever worn. I wore them one. In May of 2010. I was training for my last 10k. I weighed almost exactly what I weigh now. I was probably two pounds lighter then. But running toned my bottom half more. But they fit pretty well. Sure, I wore a long baggy shirt with them, to cover up their tightness. But I also ate dinner and sat around a fire for a while in them. And I would wear them again. Officially in those 9/10s!

Dan worked all day, but still came home and put together this firepit for us. We got it for chirstmas almost two years ago. But have never used it. We pretty much have full access to Jennifer and Ryan's massive fire pit any time we want it. But sometimes I want to have a fire, even when I am not out there. I also don't love this one, because it has a top chimney piece. But we just took that part off, and now it much more useful. 

Sunday I decided I did need to go shopping. I am trying to move away from wearing just jeans all the time, or at least trying to mix up what I wear more. I wanted to go to Marshall's to try on these workout pants I keep hearing about (not pictured) they were awesome and I bought a pair, with hopes to order a few other colors online. But I also found these. Am I brave enough to wear long leggings? With stripes? I guess so!

All weekend I was hoping to go to a Pumpkin Patch with my Sammie. But she wasn't feeling well. So by the second day, I took the fall fun to her. 

We spent at least two hours painting punkins. She loved it. And tried to make this one "really fashionable". 

I was going for something a little less red and purple and a little more stylish. But don't tell Sammie. 

And that's just the first fall weekend!

Friday, October 9, 2015

My Week in Workouts

I sort of felt like I got back to business this week. After two weeks of only half-assing or skipping my workouts all together, this was a much better week.  Tracy has been out with injury for a few weeks, so that has altered my plans. But I am feeling good with where I am going. I started a new weight plan with Erin. I worked out five times. All good workouts.

Saturday, I went back to BodyCombat. I hadn't been to the gym in days and knew I would need something as great as this class to get me there. I skipped out on the abs portion and went and worked on my back/shoulders for my chin-up challenge.

Sunday I skipped again. I was not quite in enough of a routine, and then we had Sammie's birthday party all afternoon and that lasted through the evening. I did jump on the trampoline for at least an hour, but it didn't count as a workout.

Monday morning my legs were on fire. I don't think it could be from the jumping, so I am assuming it was all the kicks in Combat class. I made myself go to the gym on the way home from work, since I was having trouble getting there otherwise. I did some sprints on the treadmill, despite my aching hamstrings, and then more back/pull-up work. I finally felt like my old self again. 

Tuesday, I met Erin in the evening for our first day of our new 5x5 program. It had been three weeks since we last met and thus last squatted heavy (besides bodypump) so we knew we needed to take it down a little. I had thought 20%-30% de-load would be good. She was a bit too encouraging when I wanted to go light. I don't want to spend the next three weeks building back up. It was a good session. And she said she was a bit sore on Wednesday. I didn't notice because of my dead hamstrings and then the flu shot I got in my arm.

Wednesday evening I went running. I was looking forward to it. It was a beautiful 70 degree day. The humidity was lower than in my last few months of running. It was after work, so I felt much more energy than at six in the morning. I just had to go it alone since Tracy has a hurt foot. I used the same trail we have been running every week. I ran the first 1.5 miles. My legs hurt with every step (because my hamstring will not get better) but my breathing was fine. But I needed a mental break after that turn around point. I was going incredibly slow. Like 13:30 minute miles. I couldn't believe I could jog that slowly. I tried to do intervals, just to get my running speed up to 11:00 for a mile of so. Then I just couldn't run again. I walked a little bit and gave up. I hate running.

Thursday we had dinner plans with Dan's mom. I thought I would talk Dan into going for a walk once we got home. But that was lofty thinking. His parents stayed at our house until almost ten pm and then it was spitting rain. I was ready to hunker down for the night. I did go to bed early. I guess that's one healthy thing I did on Thursday.

Friday morning we were up early and back to the grind. I love Friday mornings in the gym. They are dead and we get all the machines to ourselves. I also love getting my workout in before any of my co-workers are even awake. I love getting a workout in on a day I otherwise would skip. I do not love getting up early however. This was our first go at Day B and I kind of loved it. It went fast. The moves were grouped close to each other in the gym (biceps and upright rows used the same dumbbells, and push-ups can be done right next to the calf raise machine) so we weren't running all over.  Erin noted that 110 pounds on squats seemed easy last round, but now it's seaming hard. I told her it would seem easy soon. Hope that's the case!