Wednesday, September 30, 2015

2019 Week 39

Current Weight: 8.2 pounds (today)
Weekly Change: +1 pound

I am kind of in a state of confusion and limbo right now. Not because my weight is up a pound, that is still coming down from my anniversary weekend. But that was over a week ago now. And things just aren't budging like I think they should. This will be my last weigh-in of September, so I wanted to see if there was any scale movement. Starting weight: 11.4 pounds, Ending weight: 8.2 pounds. Oh yay! I lost 3.2 pounds. I should be so happy, right? Wrong. My last weigh-in of August I was at 7.6 pounds. I was just up from my Staycation at the beginning of September. So really, I gained .6 pounds. Which isn't an actual gain, it's like a sip of water. But I haven't lost weight in a month. In a month of 28 perfectly tracked days.

So what's wrong?
1) Am I guesstimating too often? Probably. We eat out at restaurants a lot. And the chefs aren't back there measuring how much cheese they're putting on my sandwich. It doesn't seem like I am going to quit eating out, so this can't get much better. I can try to be more honest with myself, I can try to eat at only places with posted calories (but I don't always control where we eat.)
2) Are my macros too high? Maybe. I have tried raising them, that didn't work. So I guess it's time to lower them. I am scare to eat less food, who wants that? But what if lowering them by 50 calories makes the weight just start flying off? Then it will be worth it. On the other hand, this month I have allowed myself to not always hit my fat and carbs, to stay under, and I think I am often more than 50 calories under my goal. In fact, looking at my last week average I am 134 calories under (8p/13c/4f) on average.
3) I also didn't work out like I planned this week. My numbers are calculated on a pretty tough workout schedule. This week I was a lazy slob. But, that is only this week. Usually I am spot on there. But usually I was losing this month. Hence the 7.2 pounds I was at last week, which was less than the 7.6 pounds I ended August.

So I guess I keep on. Another perfect October. As little guessing as possible. And if I am still not at 5 pounds by the end of next month, I do something different.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

2015 Week 38

Current Weight: 7.2 pounds (Friday)
Weekly Loss: 1 pound

I am happy with a pound loss for the week. But this was before the weekend. I haven't been able to get back to that point all week and here comes another weekend.

But this was my cheat meal weekend. I meant to blog about it but I have just been too busy. And work has sucked. And I haven't felt great. Like I am getting a cold but it never actually happens. Which might be just as bad. But probably not.

This weekend was our anniversary. And I knew I wanted to have one cheat meal where I allowed myself to eat whatever. And I pretty much knew I wanted it to be Mexican food and Margaritas. And it was a great meal. I often find myself messing up my numbers and it's for something ridiculous like a bread basket. And I think to myself, I didn't even get to eat anything good! So I took an entire day to not count anything. I tracked it all, but I ate whatever I wanted. And it was a donut for breakfast, a donut for lunch and Mexican food for dinner. And one margarita because I was tipsy after that. Pays to not drink much anymore! And I still didn't reach my 1700 calories. But I also didn't get more than 40 grams of protein. It was all carbs and fats. And not all calories are created equally.

So the scale has been up since then.

But it has slowly gone back down.

I have half-assed my workouts ever since I got done with my program last week. Or ever since BodyPump messed up my knee a bit. I just need a re-boot with my gym routine, and I kind of doubt it's going to happen today. Maybe it's that I'm getting sick, maybe it's my crappy days at work, maybe it's the dreary weather, but I just can't get to the gym. It's funny how I go every day, but then a day off and suddenly I need four. But a break is good every now and again. At least my food is spot on!

Friday, September 18, 2015

My Week in Workouts

I had another awesome week when it comes to workouts. I worked some hours on Saturday and started the week with my rest day. After that, I never looked back. I worked out almost six hours. I did 82 minutes of cardio, which is just over the 80 required minutes. I burned 2647 calories. Give or take a few. I did a lot of weights this week and not a lot of cardio. So I should be looking pretty buff soon!

Sunday I met Erin to start our last week of StrongLifts. I have heard that you're not supposed to do squats in running shoes, but that hasn't stopped us. A lot of people lift in converse, because there isn't so much heal support. But I have also heard that you should try it without shoes. We finally got brave enough to try. And I really think it makes it easier. At least I can certainly feel my hamstrings and glutes pushing myself up more. We've always heard that you should be putting all the weight into your heals, but now we can feel that we are doing that.

Monday I worked late in the day and did a run by myself in the morning. I used a trail I was not familiar with, hoping the change in scenery would really inspire me. It did not. It was kind of hilly. I made a plan to run the first 30 minutes. Then I could walk as much as I wanted to. I really hoped that once I made it to 30 minutes, I would just want to finish the whole thing. I made it mostly through the first thirty minutes, but I did let myself walk up a bit of a hill. And then I mostly walked the rest. My legs were not tired. My breathing was just fine. I just can't get over the mental barrier to run the whole time. I am just so bored. I have done it before. Just this summer. Why can't I do it again?

Tuesday we did out last session of StrongLifts and saved the best for last. We finally got to put the big 45 pound plates on each side of the squat bar. We were pretty proud of that!

Wednesday I was falling behind on my Chin-up plan, so I headed to the gym for a quick arm workout. I was so sore the next day.

Thursday, Erin and I met to take a BodyPump class. I haven't taken one since last October. We started Simply Shredded some time in the middle of October and since then we have gotten so much stronger. Usually when it's been a while since I've taken BodyPump, I let myself use the smallest weights, just to get back into it. But this time, because I am so much stronger, I had myself start where I left off (thanks to this blog, I could find those weights). OMG it was hard. It would start off really easy. Probably the first 25-30 reps. It seems like nothing to curl a 30 pound bar when we were just doing 50 on Tuesday. But it got hard fast. I'm sure it was easier than it was last October, and I made it through everything. I just thought it would be a lot easier.

Still, this has brought up the difference between muscle endurance and actual muscle strength. Obviously we have grown our strength, but our endurance has suffered. Why do you need muscle endurance? If you had to hang on a cliff for hours to save your life? It has reminded me of why we never could increase our weights and why it's not actually a great class. But it has made Erin think we might need to have an endurance day and a strength day. I just don't think I am interested in that. Which makes me sad, because BodyPump used to be something I would live and die by.

Thursday morning I was supposed to go running with Tracy and it was down-pouring. But only for the fifteen minutes I was supposed to be getting ready. In that time, I texted her to say, I am going back to bed! I don't do rain. The rain ended. I laid in bed for an hour thinking about how I should have gone running and then fell asleep ten minutes before my alarm went off, leaving me groggy and grouchy. So in some delusional state, I texted her that I would be willing to try again Friday morning. And I am glad I did. We had a pretty good run. We didn't run the whole way through. I wanted to stop several times. But I told her at the beginning to push me. And she did. She would give me places we could stop, but they would be quite a way ahead. And we ended up taking just two tiny walk breaks. Both a minute or so. A cold front has moved through, and although it was humid, the cool breeze definitely helped. I am hoping we have several more weeks of runs together through cooler fall weather!

Also, I just noticed I wore purple four times (out of six) this week. All different. Not like it's may favorite color or anything. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

StrongLifts Recap

We finished the first six weeks of our StrongLifts program on Tuesday. I first told you all about it here. Here's the chart!

** oops, I started logging biceps as total and then switch to 'per side' in week three!

We are quite pleased with the results. We have gained more strength in these areas than in the 24 weeks we did Simply Shredded. The thing is, it's just these areas. We have set PRs in almost every category (not deadlifts or rows, but we'd never done bar rows before.) I have never done that many push-ups on my toes in my life. Even if it takes five sets. I have never squatted the 45 pound plates on the squat rack. Making yourself do something three times a week is an awesome way to really grow. We're basically in love!

But also, we're going to switch things up a bit. We still feel that this program is leaving things out. We also feel that certain body parts need more. My growth on the overhead press is minimal. And I feel like I am only working one part of the shoulder. We've also come in to some barriers with equipment. Erin was doing tricep kickbacks (I was doing skull crushers) and we're using such big weights, that they don't move past her hips. Or our wrists can't hold on to that much awkward weights (same with rows, in fact we had to switch to the machine.) And some things we're just tired of doing and want to change how we work that body part. I miss the cable tricep presses.

So we're taking a week or two off. We're doing some different things: BodyPump tonight! I can't wait to do some lower weight - higher rep work. And then when we start again, we're going to lower about 10-20% and do another six week program.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

2015 Week 37

Current Weight: 8.2 pounds (Tuesday)

I would say this is a 4.2 pound loss from last week. But I am certain that a lot of that is water and hormonal and I was expecting a big loss. I am just glad that it actually happened. I wish I could hope for another large week. But I imagine this is where I level out and work every minute and hour for a pound loss. I would be overjoyed if I could end this month back at the five pound mark.

That being said, I did a really good job this week. I made a lot of hard choices. I stuck to my macros. I skipped out on desserts and snacks and margaritas and extra chips. I reminded myself that just because everyone else gets to gorge themselves, that doesn't mean I do. Maybe it's unfair that I half to work so hard to lose a pound of weight. Maybe it will catch up with all the people who eat whatever they want and don't work out. Either way, I know I feel so much better about myself when I make myself choose the healthy path. Sure, I enjoy eating cupcakes and I don't want to give that up for good. But I don't need to eat them all the time. And I feel better about myself when I learn to say no thanks!

My goal for this week is eating in and more water. Last week I ate out at least five times. I was dog sitting (so not eating at home) and we had a going away work party, plus we just love to eat out. But this week I want to get back to just three. Plus it includes our anniversary! I also need to make sure I am drinking over 100 oz each day. I often miss this on the weekend. Other than that, I just need to stay consistent!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Rockin' the Suburbs

...Just like Quiet Riot did...

That was just a lead in so I could say that I rocked this weekend. And I hit my macros every day.

I didn't get two days off. I worked a bit of all the days. At least I got to do kind of fun things with my work time. Like working outside on a beautiful fall day. With these fun kids!

I dog sat and that was an absolute disaster. Somewhere along the lines I got stuck with not just my mom's dog but also her boyfriend's dog, and that dog has accidents all the time because she is a nervous wreck. Picking up after a dog is enough to ensure that I never have my own and  never have children as well. I didn't sleep well and wasted the rest of my time off catching up from sleep. But still, I kept to my macros and even managed to find time to do some food prep for the week.

And I went to a birthday party of a girl I hardly know, and didn't stress eat. This is a huge victory for me. I get nervous in situations where I don't know anyone, or I'm not talking to anyone. This was a party for the wife of Dan's friend. We're really trying to expand our social circle, so we jump on any occasion we can to go to events. But when nobody is talking to me, or I am not entertaining people, my natural instinct is to eat the snacks. And I didn't. I made two roasted marshmallows, because, hello marshmallows and bonfires! But I had plenty of room in my calories for them. But there was cake and fruit platters and cheese and crackers. I just ignored it.

Fall has come to the Grenfel's
I visited my grandma for Grandparent's day. She is 92 years old. She'll be 93 in November. I don't think she's known who I am for the last year or two. She never says my name, even when I say "hello grandma". But my mother, who is in denial, claims she asks about me. I don't want to get Alzheimer's. I don't want to live like that. But I didn't eat out of depression. I chose to go home afterward and eat something healthy, even though Dan suggested a few fatty choices.

And then I took advantage of the few hours I had off this morning to go get a run in, instead of sleeping in. I am so damn determined right now.

And the scale was down a pound or two this morning. It's still too high. I want to see that five on the scale again. But it will come. Just a few more weekends like this one!

Friday, September 11, 2015

My Week in Workouts

I thought I had a restful week, but when I actually sat down and looked at it, I worked out a lot. No wonder I am so sore and so tired. I worked out almost seven hours, only had one real rest day, did 90 minutes of hardcore cardio and burned 3183 calories!

Saturday I started the week missing Bodycombat. I equated this with my whole week going poorly. But I turned things around. I mowed the lawn in ridiculously high temperatures and got quite a workout. I didn't count it in my cardio amount though. I tend to think it's not high-intensity unless I am burning 10 calories per minute.

Sunday I took a rest day and enjoyed Summer for a few last minutes!

Monday I took advantage of the day off and met Erin for weights. She was not into it. After postponing our Sunday plans, it frustrated me. I put all the frustration into powering through the highest squats we've ever done and pushing through a plateau I have been having on overhead press and bicep curls!

Tuesday evening we did StrongLifts again. It wasn't quite as exciting as Monday, but I keep surprising myself with what my body can do. I also started work on my six-weeks-to-chin-ups plan. I added some lat pull downs, which I might start subbing for the back rows. I also had to test my one-rep pull up. I need 60 pounds of assistance to do one pull up. I tried 50 pounds and could get about 90% of the way up there, but could not get my chin past the bar.

Wednesday I could have taken a rest day. But I needed to do some chin-up work. So I ran down to our neighborhood park (not quite a mile) did the hanging exercises I needed to do on the playground and ran back home. I somehow forgot to start my heartrate monitor until I got to the park, so there's an additional 11 minutes and 100 calories not tacked on there. When I got home I did a shoulder and bicep burnout. 10 reps x 10 sets x 10 pounds. Upright rows and curls. My arms were dead by the last few sets. And they are still sore today.

Thursday I met Tracy for a run. She was having a great day and was in a great mood and no matter how much I tried to mentally talk myself into it, I was not. My feet were dragging. I had to take three walk breaks to get the 3 miles done. I told her she could make me do it, but she was willing to walk. I think she could have gone the whole time, and I feel bad holding her back. Hopefully as she gets to know me better she won't mind saying just keep going, you can do so much more than you think you can!

Friday I had a crazy shift at work and didn't have to go in until noon. So I went to half of a BodyCombat class and then did a round of StrongLifts with Erin. I love getting both done in one day, but I hate that I am at the gym for almost two hours. Still, I burned over 800 calories. Our squat weight just keeps getting higher and we powered through all 25 reps. But I felt really weak on the overhead and biceps. Probably because I was still sore from adding those things in Wednesday.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

My Whole Body Hurts

This started out as a rambling post. But I am going to bullet point it to give is some sort of pattern.
  • My whole body hurts.
  • This is the first time in my life that I have squatted three times a week. Consistnetly. 
  • And at heavier weights than I have ever done. 
  • But I never get that "can't get up from the chair" soreness.
  • Probably because I am doing it so often.
  • But I think that it is impacting my running.
  • I have never felt like my legs were holding me back in running.
  • It has always been my lungs.
  • Or my mind.
  • It may still be my mind.
  • But for the last several weeks my legs feel like lead while I am running.
  • I don't notice it other times.
  • I feel like I am going fast and I am not.
  • So much so I feel like my gps is off.
  • But I've tested it with other systems too.
  • I tried to do one mile on the treadmill. Set as slow as I thought I could possibly run (like 13:30) and it was still hard.
  • And in the last year or so my sciatic nerve hurts off on on. 
  • Not just from running.
  • But it definitely spurs it on.
  • Now I have started a chin up program. 
  • So Tuesday I did some lat work (which I really haven't done before).
  • And I did 55 push-ups (bam!) which is more than I have ever done before.
  • Wednesday I had to hang from a bar. It's supposed to work your abs too.
  • But I just felt it in my lats. 
  • I assume lats is short for something like tris is short for triceps. But I can't think what that word would be.
  • And I am too tired to look it up.
  • The thing is, doing abs and legs work should help my running.
  • At some point. 
  • But not today.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

2015 Week 36

Current Weight: 12.4

My weight just keeps going up. You'd think it would be a wake up call for me. I mean it is. I do well for a few days and then I get tired and give in. Or up. Right now I think my slight weight gain is a combination of higher carbs eaten this weekend and hormones. But I keep having excuses and honestly, it may just be fat at this point. And I need to lose it. It's most disappointing that I weighed just 6.8 pounds from goal (almost six pounds less) just a month ago. And 5.8 pounds from goal (my all time lowest) just two months ago.

I know it will work. I just need to commit and stick to it. Through all the fall fun and festivities and football games and work birthdays and anniversary dinners and the social chaos that is my extroverted life.

Last night, Erin was telling me that our friend Steph is going to do the 21 Day Fix. I've heard about it. I've heard of every diet out there. I tried to explain to Erin that it wasn't enough calories. You get to eat 1200 calories a day! she argued back. That's not enough. I get to eat 1800 calories and lose weight. I can't be upset with that. I can't get tired of that. I have it good. I need to remember that when I see all these people in my life eat whatever they want and still weigh the same.

Dan can eat unlimited cupcakes.
Jennifer can eat Cheetoes every day.
Matt can eat the entire birthday cake on the breakroom table.

But I have goals.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Lazy Labor Day

The three day weekend went by so fast and I don't think I got anything done. I needed a break from life. Last week was stressful. My uncle was in town, we ate out so many times. The roofers were at our house at all hours (even when I got home from work)! I didn't feel like I had any time or place to relax. But when I think back over the weekend, I don't even feel like I am refreshed.

Saturday morning the roofers were back at it around 6:20 am. I thought they were done, so I was quite shocked that people were walking around up there that early. I was up for two hours then. Finally I fell back asleep just in time for my alarm to go off for Combat class. I skipped it and slept in. But that really got my weekend started poorly. 

My beautiful new roof!

We had donuts and then spent some time doing yard work. I mowed, Dan cleaned up the yard. We attempted to get some leaves from our gutters. We don't have a tall enough ladder. I don't want to pay $400 for a ladder so that Dan can break his leg. So instead I was hanging out the top floor windows, trying to use a broom and attached dustpan to scoop up leaves from the gutters. We must have been quite a sight. 

Saturday evening we joined Jennifer's family for a Cutie Kid Campout. This is a second annual event they have, where the whole family is camping out on their back lawn. Seeing as this was already day two, everyone was worn out. But I did get to participate in a tractor ride around the farm. 

And of course a wonderful bonfire!

I had four good days of eating. Kind of. As close to good numbers as you can get when you're eating out with your family every night. But then Saturday came and I messed it all up again. How can I only get four solid days in a row. I started Saturday out okay (well besides the donut) but I had everything fitting perfectly. Even a small piece of cake. Which I ate. And then the s'mores came out. And I haven't had a s'more yet this year. And then Jennifer handed me a fruity beverage. And just like that, I'm 400 calories over. 

Sunday, I couldn't get into a routine either. Erin had to postpone our workout. Which is worse than just cancelling on me. At least that way I can go on my own. This way I needed to come up with something else to do. It was 97 degrees outside and I didn't want to waste the last weekend of summer at the gym. So we packed up and headed out to Bluestem Lake. Dan has been wanting to go see it. He's worried about dirty lakes, so he has done lots of research and this is the cleanest one around. It was pretty cute. I can see several trips in our future. 

Then we headed to the local tavern. It was a hole in the wall. So we drove on to a bar we know we love. Where we played Keno and ate greasy food. I have got to get my life together. At least we won $20 in Keno, so our meal was basically free!

As we were leaving the downpour started. And it continued for the rest of the evening. And kind of the rest of the weekend. I love sitting on our porch. 

I did get some shopping done this weekend. Dan is all out of shorts. And I forced him to go with me and buy two pairs. Now he claims he doesn't need them any more this year. But he got them for less than $10 a pair. Someday he'll recognize my shopping prowess! 

I have been needing new gym shoes but I can't find any I like. I really only wear Nikes. I just love how they fit my feet perfectly. But a lot of the ones out there right now are mesh and weird. After weeks of thinking this over and looking online, I finally settled with the grey ones!

But now the weekend is over. We're starting a new challenge in my facebook group. I am hoping this is the motivation I need to get my act together. But I also know I need to switch things up. Part of me was considering reverting to calorie counting. Macros have just become so exhausting lately. I am torn because I really think it works, but I also think most things would work if you just followed it right. So I am making a few changes. I have always eaten +/- 5 grams to count my macros perfectly. I am no longer going to allow myself to go over. But I also don't have to get within 5 gram on carbs and fats. Protein is the most important macro, so I am still going to hit that one. This means that some nights I can have a yummier treat, because I don't have to worry if the snack has the right amount of fats and carbs. But it might also mean less treats, because I can't even go over by one gram. But at least I won't just be eating hot tamales to reach the right number. 

I tried this last night and still fell within the -5 range. Perhaps my Type A personality won't allow for this flexible of eating. Or maybe it will just take some time to get used to. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

My Week in Workouts

This was a pretty average week. I worked out six times. I burned almost 3000 calories. I did 160 minutes of cardio. That's something I'd really like to start keeping track of. I don't want to set a goal because I will find myself walking leisurely on the treadmill to get there. All 160 minutes were hard, balls to the wall work. I only counted 45 minutes of kickboxing, because the last 15 minutes is stretching. I only counted 10 minutes of spin bike HIIT because the rest was warming up. I don't count the five minutes of hill walking I do before every weight session. I would actually be happy getting 100 minutes of full-on cardio a week. So 160 is great. Too bad I am eating like a jack ass and the scale is not respecting me.

Saturday I got to go to Combat class. I gush about how I love that each week. So there's really nothing new to say there.

Sunday I was on my own for weights and I started with a Spin Bike Sprint session. Only ten actual minutes of sprints. I had lunch plans with my family and didn't leave enough time for my workout. I did however, set a new personal best on my bench press and I did it without a spotter. Which is extra scary, because what if that bar won't go up one more time.

Monday was our last day of our staycation. I wanted to bike to a small town 9 miles outside of Lincoln. We hitched out bikes up and took off from the trail head. It was hot but I was reminded how nice biking was because the wind just dries all of your sweat. At mile three I may have pushed too hard and my knee started hurting. I made it to mile four before I realized I would never make it home if I went all nine miles. So we turned around. I was in quite a bit of pain by mile six. Then Dan made me switch bikes with him (because I was going too slow) and things got a lot better. He has a much nicer bike. And I was able to go faster without so much work. I was sad that I didn't meet my 18 mile goal, but I was impressed that I was burning as many calories out there as I do when I am running. I am contemplating giving up the idea of long-distance biking or working on it more. Maybe I could build up that leg muscle. Or maybe it's torn and if I push it I will need surgery.

Tuesday I was so worn out from all the cardio, I just met Erin for weights. All the stronglift exercise have started to get hard. My body hurts every where. Even pull-ups were a challenge and they were the last hold out. Well, maybe deadlifts. As long as I can keep the heavy bar in my hands, I can power through the deadlifts.

Wednesday I finally took a rest day. Which was good because I was eating Pizza with my family.

Thursday I met Tracy for a run again. She has been having problems with her heel, but she wanted to try out a run. I told her we'd try for two miles and if she felt okay, we'd keep going. But she wanted to turn around at the one mile mark. The good news is, two miles seems really easy. I could have run the whole thing. I was talking the whole time and she still got winded. Obviously I have been keeping up my endurance and she hasn't. Also, funny thing, I had this idea that after three weeks off and it being September now, that it would be cool in the morning. Nope, still 75 and 80% humidity. Fall, where you at?

This morning, Erin and I were up and at them again. Two big things: PR on squats. We've never done more than 12 squats at 125 pounds. And I am certain they were not as low as we go now. And also I hit complete failure. I could not get up from the bottom of my squat (on round 4). I had to sit down and let the safety rings take the bar. I mean, I am an athlete now!!! Then we set some records on bench press too. But ran out of time for push-ups so I need to do those on my own. I love this quote... that's exactly how I feel right now. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

September Goals

I didn't do very well on my August goals. And I can't really say why that was. Too many vacations? Too warm to run? Too many injuries? My first goal was to attempt StrongLifts 5x5. I have done that one well. I haven't missed a session yet, and have only skipped a few things because I injured my back once. It's better to be safe than push myself and be sorry, so I am calling that one perfect. My second goal was to work on running. I wanted to get up to running four miles straight. But that never happened. I was on such a runner's high coming off of three straight miles at the end of July. I've never even done three straight again, let alone bettered my time, which was part of my August goal. It's been hot. Tracy has been out. My legs are tired. I have a lot of excuses but what it really comes down to is: running is just a workout for me. I don't need to every be able to run faster or farther. I just need to burn some calories every day. So I'm not too disappointed. Finally, I cut my macros at the beginning of August and wanted to stick to them. But I had a lot of half-tracked, half-assed days in August. I definitely can't say if these numbers worked because I didn't commit enough.

But it's a new month. And things should start cooling down. And I am feeling really strong with my weight lifting program. So it's time to make some new goals. Which just sound like old goals, because my life doesn't really change just because new months start.

1) Stick with my 1794 calorie macro plan. Hit those numbers perfectly (which does mean swapping carbs and fats once in a while, but always hitting my protein) for 28 of the 30 days this month. This gives me one cheat day. So I can go out to dinner somewhere nice for my anniversary. And it also gives me one accidental "oops I didn't plan on that dinner" day.

2) Pull-ups. One of my "fit-sister" facebook friends has found a six week pull-up training plan. She claims that it absolutely works and she was able to do a pull-up... well technically a chin-up in six weeks. Several of us are going to work on that together. There are weekly exercises, that I hope to be able to fit in along with my current weight-lifting plan. This has been a life goal of mine. I really hope she is right.

3) Finally, because I want to keep these brief, I want to try one new workout. Lately I have been thinking it would be fun to find some stairs and run up them, walk back down. But I haven't found any in town. But I am going to keep looking. Anyone have ideas where stairs might be?

Wondering what happened to my hair while I was busy doing pull-ups!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

2015 Week 35

Current Weight: 11.4

My weight is crazy high now from my weekend of uncontrolled eating. Then I got back on track on Tuesday, but I didn't drink enough water. Or maybe I have gained four pounds of fat. Who knows!

Here's what I do know:

  •  My pants that I felt were getting to lose earlier in the summer are now feeling tight. 
  • I haven't been as committed in July and August as I had been in May and June. But I guess if I am just going to maintain my weight, it gets discouraging. 
  • I am doing great in the gym. I am setting personal records on almost every body part. And I am feeling so strong. Last night I squatted 120 pounds, 25 times and felt powerful. 
  • I need to get things back together with my eating. I am making a commitment to have perfect macros for 28 days in September. I have written it down and now I just need to make it happen. 
  • I honestly think my numbers are good for the amount of working out I am doing. I just need to stay committed to them. I will see that scale start moving again. 
  • I also need to track my water. Especially on the weekends. I am aiming for 150 oz. a day. I get that most week days, but weekends are harder. And I think that will help with keeping my eating on track on the weekends too!
  • I am excited that a new month is here and I am back into a routine. I need to set some new goals and kick this month's ass!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Great Staycation

I always take a vacation in August. The kids are back in school, my work life is less crazy and I need to recuperate from a busy summer. Dan was running low on vacation this year, so we scheduled it for the end of August. I had visions of going to San Diego or maybe a quick trip to Seattle. Then as the time approached and I didn't have anything planned, I thought maybe we'd go to Kansas City for the weekend. Then we had the You're going to need a new roof and it's going to cost you $10,000 surprise and everything changed. I felt too poor to even go out to dinner, let a lone a trip. Trips, even to KC are expensive. So I planned a great staycation instead. I had a whole list of things I wanted to get done. Some productive things that I never have time to do on the weekends and some fun things that we never make time for. And it really was fun and relaxing. And I calculated that we saved almost $800 not driving and staying somewhere. And a lot more if you think we would have flown somewhere!

On Thursday, we slept in a bit and then started the vacation on the right foot: with a delicious doughnut!!!

Then we went for a great hike around Pioneers Park. This is the perfect staycation activity. It's a fun, scenic place to hang out that we don't really spend time at in our real life. And it's actually something we would have done had we gone to Seattle. Dan really enjoyed it too, which makes it fun for me. Plus it was my workout for the day. 

Then I really wanted to try some new restaurants, as you would on vacation. So we tried out this Mediterranean place called The Daffodil. I loved that you got to have samples of things before you chose. And what I got was super delicious. But their vegetarian choices wee limited, so Dan got rice and a samosa. The environment wasn't great, and the bill was $27. So we probably won't go back. 

I also wanted to do some productive things on my time off, so I went through my closets and donated a bunch of stuff. 

Friday I got up and got a great workout in at the gym. 

Then we got some delicious coffee treats. 

That afternoon we went to see Jennifer's lab on East Campus. She has a new work area and has been wanting me to see it. But more importantly, she's above the Dairy Store. This is definitely a tourist hot spot. 

I spent the afternoon creating art for my bathroom wall. I painted this dandelion on a piece of plywood and hung it with command strips. Art for like $5!

Friday night I tried to talk the gang into firework Friday at the baseball stadium. But nobody loves baseball like I do. So we ended up at the Dentin Daily Double, which is an old standard, but we played keno. 
And drew pictures!

That's me on the right. With pretty hair. Before I met Dan. 

Then we tried to all cram in a toddler bed. And it was actually some of the most fun I've had in ages. I mean, since the last time I hung out with this one. 

Saturday morning after another great gym sessions, we tried out a new breakfast place. Cultiva. Dan already loved the coffee.  Me not so much. 


But I was excited to try the crêpe.  We used to have crêpes all the time in French class. But they were always the sweet kind. When I went to Quebec one summer we actually got to try savory crêpes for the first time. And they were delicious! And then when we were in Athens I got to try savory crêpes at a restaurant. And I remembered how awesome they were. 

This one was good. Not great. It needs a sauce over it. Plus I can't go wasting all those calories. 

Saturday my uncle came to town and we did a vineyard in the evening. How did I take no photos?!?

Sunday my mom had everyone over for lunch and then I finally got my baseball game! 

Monday morning, Dan wanted Cultuva again. I tried the omelette instead. Still just okay. I'm not a breakfast person though. I would rather have had chicken!

After breakfast we set out for an 18 mile bike ride down the trail. It was beautiful. The trail is great. On mile three my knee started hurting. I hurt my knee pretty severely about ten years ago when I set out on a bike ride and didn't understand changing gears. My townhouse was down such a steep hill and I powered up. And ever since then, hard bike rides irritate it. I knew I wasn't going to make it all 18 miles, so we turned around at mile 4. Sad times. 

We relaxed for the rest of Monday. I read 1.5 books during the holiday. Then Monday evening we had happy hour with my family. 

It was such an amazing time. Really the perfect mix of planned and relaxing. I can't wait to donut again. Oops, Freudian slip... I can't wait to do it again!