Sunday, August 30, 2015

My Week in Workouts

I am a bit behind on my weekly update. I am in the middle of a great Staycation. And I don't have a lot of time to blog. But I want to get my workouts posted! I had a great week. I did six official workouts, plus had two hours of active fun. I burned over 3300 calories. Unfortunately my diet has been a mess. So I'm not seeing the benefits on the scale. 

Last Saturday I made it to BodyCombat. I just love attending the class. I love attending just once a week even more. When I was going every day, it became too easy. Now it is hard every time I go, my back muscles are worn out the next day and I burn a ton of calories. It is much more enjoyable than running, but again, I feel like I am getting a great mix.

Sunday I was able to meet Erin for our Stronglifts session. I went early and ran sprints 15 times. I'm working on increasing my sprint speed. This 8.0 is the fastest I've ever gone. Then I set a record on my overhead press. I've done 60 pounds before, but only for 4 reps, 3 sets. This time I did 5,5,5,4,4 reps. This means I'll attempt this weight again next time. But I'm quite okay with that. 

Sunday afternoon, after all those squats, I went to Jennifer's and jumped in the trampoline for two hours. We sat a bit. But it was at least 60 minutes of jumping.  
Karrie: I need a rest. My heart is racing!
Sammie: What does 'heart is racing' mean?
Karrie: It's beating super fast. 
Sammie: Mine too. It's racing. I hope it crosses the finish line. 

I should have worn a heart rate monitor. I'm sure I burned 500 calories in that two hours. And it was super fun!!

Monday was actually a lovely day. Something like 85 degrees during the day. I wanted to go running right after work. I knew if I went home I wouldn't want to go back out. So I used the limestone trail by the library. I can't say if it was the trampoline jumping, all the squats I've done lately, or the limestone trail, but it was my worst run ever. My legs were dead. And would not move. I was running at a 14 minute mile pace. Then I thought, hey I could walk this as fast. But I walked extra slow too. So I ran and walked as much as I needed to and it took forever. But it was still a good workout. And as much as I wish I could become a great runner, I'm really only doing it for the workout. 

Tuesday evening I was back in the gym to meet Erin. I was so worn out from cardio that I just did weights. Set records in triceps and push-ups. 

I finally got a rest day on Wednesday. It was nice to have a day to rest my legs. 

Thursday was the first day of our Staycation. We went to pioneers park and hiked  around for a while. It was a nice way to spend time together and burn calories. Even Dan said it was fun!

Friday, we usually get up and go to the gym for Stronglifts before work. I lucked out that Erin also had the day off. So I slept in a bit, and made it to 8:30 BodyCombat class. I stayed for 30 minutes of that and then joined Erin for weights. I hit a record for biceps. It's fun to think that everything from here on out (well not everything) will be records. I'm sure we'll stop seeing as many improvements. But it's still great to feel this strong. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

2015 Week 34

Current Weight: 7.6 pounds (Friday)
Weekly Change: -0.8 pounds

And that was before the three day weekend binge-fest, that wasn't even a binge fest but an extra slice of pizza, a bowl of ice cream, and a few unaccounted for chips. I even wrote about getting my act together on Monday and didn't. I stayed within calories but I didn't eat enough protein. And what I have learned in the last year is, it isn't the calories that you're eating, it's the make up of those calories. So 1700 calories of bread is not going to make the scale move. Subway, why do you have to be so high in carbs?

My goal for last week was to eat out only 3 times. And I did it. I even got to go out to eat last night for dinner, because I had only been twice! Still, I didn't stay in my macros this weekend... Crazy!

I have been using these macros for 3 weeks. My plan was to see if the scale moved down and then re-evaluate and possibly lower them. But I have only had one perfect week in those three weeks which makes it hard to evaluate fairly. Technically, I am exactly where I was three weeks ago (10 pounds from goal this morning.) Three weeks ago, that was right after my family reunion binge-fest weekend. But I always have an excuse. Also, my lowest weight (7.6) is about exactly where I was four weeks ago (7.8). And it's all higher than the lowest weight (5.8) I was at before I increased my macros.

But, I am going to give it one more perfect week. I need to see if they are working or not.

But I am "going on vacation" tomorrow. It's actually a stay-cation. I just spent my life savings on a roof! So maybe I will have time to make healthy choices and cook healthy meals. My uncle is coming in from California this weekend, so I would guess we'll go out to eat a bit more than I wanted, but that's what you do when you're on vacation.

All I know is something has to change.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Get Your Crap Together

I had a great weekend. I worked out a lot. I felt strong. We spent hardly any money and didn't eat out once. But I ate so many more calories than I should have. And I know that the scale is never going to move in the right direction if I can't get my crap together on the weekends.

Friday was perfect. I packed my lunch for work. I came home and we ate dinner together on the porch. I took a two hour nap because apparently work is wearing me out, even if Summer Reading is over.

Saturday morning I got up and went to kickboxing. Punched a bunch of stuff. I was feeling great. It was a rainy day and I was easily sucked in when Dan suggested coffee and donuts. But donuts aren't the end of the world. I can make them fit. I ate fairly well the rest of the day. Then it was time for an End-of-Summer work pool party. Except it was raining, so it was mostly inside, playing games. We swam for 30 minutes in the rain, but it was pretty cold! I had been craving pizza for the whole week, and had planned to have two pieces. But then I got sucked in to the chips and pasta salad, and the brownie sundae that I easily could have passed up but the new guy brought it and he was needing some reassurance. And I mean, bringing Brownie Sundae fixings to a potluck dinner is way better than the random cupcakes. More sitting around and snacking, and I had eaten at least 400 extra calories and nowhere near my protein for the day.

Sunday I slept in, and met Erin at the gym for a really good workout. I set some personal records and did a bit of sprints on the treadmill before she got there. It was a beauitufl day. Almost fall like. And we had plans with Jennifer and Ryan to come out for dinner and with Samantha to jump on her trampoline. Man, I love trampolines. I jumped for almost two hours. We played tag, bounced each other, ran around. Non-stop fun. I'm even a bit sore today. But dinner came and I was sucked in to the ice cream and cookies.

I am a social eater. I know this about myself. Some people eat when they're sad or depressed or stressed. I eat because it's what everyone else is doing. And as a social person, I like to spend all my free time around other people. Who are usually eating. I could lock myself in my house for weeks and weeks and have no social life and probably lose some weight. But that wouldn't make me happy. And there's really no point to it if I am not happy.

But I also know that if I can't get my shit together on the weekends, the scale is never going to budge. I can't have four or five great days or even six and then throw it all away every Saturday.

Friday, August 21, 2015

My Week in Workouts

This was actually one of my worse weeks. I guess it had to come some time. I only worked out five times and actually got injured pretty badly. More on that to come... I still burned over 2200 calories. I got all my weights in, but I did very little cardio and skipped any distance running. 

Saturday I did the morning BodyCombat class which I just love. I burn so many calories and the hour just flies by. It is really the only cardio I can imagine doing for an hour any more. Plus my arms and back muscles are sore the next day in all the right ways.

Sunday I had to do StrongLifts without Erin. She was working and was supposed to get her session in alone some time as well (she didn't!) but I made it and added thirty minutes of the Spin bike on as well. I did twenty minutes of HIIT sprints and then just a five minute warm up and cool down. 

Monday I had the day off from work. It was a dreary rainy day. I had planned on running around a park/trail area after Dan and I had breakfast and he went to work. But the rain was not letting up, so I went to the gym instead. I knew that I would not be able to run for three whole miles on the treadmill so I did an interval run. To work on my speed. I ran 0.15 miles at 6.0 (ten minute miles) and then walked at 3.5 for 0.10 miles. I did this same thing outside a few weeks ago and it was so much easier. I thought the treadmill would slow me down (in a good way) on my running sprints and that would give me some energy for the end. It didn't. I maintained the 6.0 speed but it was dreadful! Then I walked up hill to round out my hour.

Tuesday is when I got hurt. Erin and I met up for weight lifting. We did our five rounds of squats (plus one warm-up round) I felt fine. Then we started the warm up round for deadlifts and my back was just out of whack. Like I couldn't really bend over. I grabbed the bar for my first weighted deadlift and I just couldn't do it. So I skipped those. I could still do the overhead press and bicep curls. I felt okay standing upright, but I skipped planks as well. I went home a mess and had to lay in a ball on the floor most of the night. I was worried I had slipped a disc or something debilitating. The last thing I want is to get injured. The thing is, I don't know if it was the squats that hurt it, because I never really did anything else. Or if I just twisted wrong putting the plates away. It's scary.

I rested on Wednesday even though it was gorgeous weather and my back was feeling better. Wednesday morning I still needed Tylenol to make it through the day but by the afternoon, walking around work kind of stretched it out. I thought I might go for a walk on Wednesday evening because walking helped it. But I had promised to take it easy. So I did!

Thursday, I told Tracy I needed to skip running. Her heel still isn't 100% better, so better that the both of us take another day off. Running doesn't seem to be hard on my back, but all that movement could have slipped something else. By Thursday my muscles just felt tight but it wasn't very painful. 

Friday I was back at it and feeling strong. By back was still a little tight, but as long as there's not shooting pain, it's not so bad. I was able to get my whole workout done, and added in the deadlifts I skipped last Tuesday. Last time I did day A, I felt that my rows were not perfect form, so I stayed with the same weight (and Erin hadn't done last week) and this was the first time I didn't reach the five by five goal. I was only able to do 4,4,5,5,4. So I will have to repeat that weight again. Which is just fine with me. Next week I will be setting a PR on the bench press. I am looking forward to that! Also, I cranked out 48 pushups. On my toes! Boom!

I am looking forward to a strong, healthy, productive weekend!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2015 Week 33

Current Weight: 8.4 pounds
Weekly Change: +1.6 pounds

This isn't awful, based on what was happening all week. For having a cheat day this weekend, I suppose I deserve a pound gain. But I know I didn't eat a pound over my maintenance calories. I still have one more week on these macros before I re-analyze. I may have to lower them. I don't want to have to keep lowering my numbers, but I have got to see some movement on that scale. On the other hand, I need to not have cheat days if I am trying to develop a logical strategy.

Here's a new double-edged plan. I need to save money. We eat out way too often. Yesterday I signed the paperwork for a $10,000 roof to be placed on my house. I need to save about $250 a month from what I have been spending. Dan refuses to set a budget and stick to it. But what I can set is how many times we (or I at least) eat out in a week. I am going to set it to three. I know that some of you are thinking this is ridiculous. That eating out three times a week is a luxury. But it's definitely a cut for us. We've even gotten better about it in recent months. If I had to estimate, I would say I usually eat out six times a week. This counts lunches too. So the easiest way to cut back will be to eliminate two lunches and one dinner. Will this be a $60 savings a week? Maybe not, but it could be. I am starting today.

I also need to start planning meals better. And not throwing away food. This week I threw away $3 in cheese, $2 in croissants, a zucchini ($1) leftover organic ground chicken that I decided was too high in fat for the taste ($6) some slimy ham ($1) and an expired yogurt ($1). So 14 wasted dollars. That's a lot when you list it out. Planning my meals and snacks and only buying the right amounts will help me save money and eat the right things.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Keep Working

On Monday last week I was at 6.8 pounds, which was my lowest for the week and my official weigh in. Then on Tuesday I was up to seven-something. On Wednesday I woke up at eight-something. It was that "time of the month" so I wasn't too concerned. On Thursday I was up to nine and on Friday morning I weighed in at ten pounds from goal. Ugh!

Why is the scale so mean?

But here's the thing:

On Thursday evening, Erin said I looked "super-buff" while I was doing the over head press at the gym. I can't actually see myself do the overhead press, so it was great to hear. She was legitimately impressed and it made me feel all great about myself.

On Saturday morning as I was headed out to the gym, Dan commented on how tiny I was getting. "You're not going to get too skinny are you?" he asked. "No Way!" I said and flexed for him. He was impressed as well.

Saturday morning I went to Combat class and chatted with a lady I haven't seen in a couple of months. She was all, you look amazing, what have you been doing. Which is when I have to awkwardly explain to her that she is wasting her life doing three or four hours of cardio each week and she really needs to drop these classes and make it into the weight room. She knows I am right, her daughter, who is a personal trainer, keeps telling her that. She's like 60 years old and works out a ton, and is not at all overweight, so good for her though!

Saturday evening we have a BBQ at our house and Jennifer is snapping away a lot of candid pictures. We were looking at them later and she says "you look skinny!" She didn't mean sickly. She meant great. And I have to say there wasn't one candid photo where I thought, yikes!

Why is the scale so wrong?

And why do I care so much. I have talked about this over and over. I just don't know how to measure it any other way. Smaller jeans. Smaller measurements. Feeling great about myself. Feeling strong and about to set personal records in weight lifting in the next two weeks. Being able to run three miles again. Having a plan to keep going. Being proud of myself. Hearing people say how great I am doing. All of those are perfect measurements, but I can't get over the scale.

Mostly I just don't understand it.

I had a cheat day during my BBQ. I logged everything I wanted to eat before hand and I couldn't make it fit. So after 13 perfect macro days, I decided to take one off. I had a few drinks ate some chips and 2.25 cookies (I had to go halfsies with Sammmie on the last half a cookie left! Obvs). I still only came in 300 calories over my allotment.

And my scale said the same thing on Monday morning that it did on Friday. So maybe it's headed back down. Maybe it was all female hormone time. Maybe it's just showing me who is in charge.

But I am just going to keep working.

Friday, August 14, 2015

My Week in Workouts

I had a succesfull workout week! Six good workouts. A great variety of workout types. A new lifting program that I am loving so far. And I am feeling strong. My weight (on the scale) on the other hand, has been increasing every day this week. Something's fishy. I am going to chalk it up to female hormones and make sure it gets back to normal next week. I burned almost 2800 calories, so that seems like a success.

Saturday's are great days for BodyCombat. I get to sleep in just a bit and I get to kick ass. I love being able to fit this class in once a week. I'm not doing it so many times that I burn out or that I become accustomed to it. My arms and back are always tired the next day. For the most part, I try not to do hour of mindless cardio, but this isn't steady-state and this helps my mind as much as my body.

Sunday I met Erin for our first Stronglifts day B. Squats, deadlifts, overhead press are all on the agenda for day B. Then we add on bicep curls, pull-ups and planks. I haven't done planks in so long I struggled to hit the thirty seconds at the end. It's sad. But I am about to get stronger! I also love that the program is short enough that I can add in twenty minutes of HIIT before hand. Today I ran 15 sprints on the treadmill. I want to work on increasing my sprint speed. For now, I worked from 7.1 to 7.5 three times. 

Monday I had a broken toe. But after a day of icing and elevating it, it felt a lot better. I wanted to try out walking and/or running on it. So I put in my comfy running shoes and set out on a new trail. I was confused where it led and ended up just going back and forth, over and over. That got pretty boring. But my toe felt good. The route was much hillier than I am used to. And even though I ran my first mile in good time, I tried to do intervals after that and was out of energy. Then I ran out of time and had to meet Dan for dinner. Oh! Then I forgot to turn off my heart rate monitor. And didn't even remember to take a picture until I got home.

Tuesday night was Stonglifts day A again. Erin and I haven't done an evening workout together since March! Dan and Derek were going to hang out and play games, so I dropped Dan off at their house and picked Erin up. She walked on the treadmill while I did hill walking intervals. 9.0 for 15 minutes, I hold on for 30 seconds, then I let go for 30 seconds. My heart-rate gets up there. Then we did weights. My goal is to increase my push-ups by at least three every time. If I can stick with that, I will be above 50 before we are done with the first round! Remember, these are all toes push-ups!!

Wednesday lawn mowing was my cardio. And I did it in two rounds. Pre ice cream with Jennifer and Sammie and post ice cream, almost in the dark. But I got it done. And I burned off almost 500 calories. The McDonald's ice cream cone was only 170! I mean to add a bit of low-weight, high-rep shoulder  work to Wednesday evenings. I feel like upright rows and side raises give me that shoulder look I want. The overhead presses in Stronglifts will make my shoulders stronger, but will it tone all parts of my arm? I really like the burnouts I was doing on my shoulders this summer. However, I didn't get to them this week.

Thursday I took as my rest day. Tracy had been having heel problems and wanted to take the day off from running. And I hadn't had a rest day since some time last week. Maybe Tuesday?!? So it was time to rest up and do crafts. These are going above my kitchen cupboards.

Friday morning Erin and I were back to Stronglifts day B! I don't have energy in the morning for cardio, so we just warm  up on the treadmill for five minutes. I hardly burned any calories, but I am getting stronger. Today was the first time I had something heavy enough I wasn't sure I was going to finish: overhead press. I am going to look through my Simply Shredded paperwork to see what the heaviest I've ever done on that move was. I think I will be setting records soon!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Those Morning Workouts

I have done an amazing job with my morning workouts this summer. My original goal started out that I wanted to workout before work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I wanted to leave my evenings open for summer fun, social interactions and relaxing on my porch. I also thought easing into the week sounded more appealing than waking up early on Mondays and Tuesdays. They are hard enough already. So my schedule for the week would be Monday - evening workout (Dan works) Tuesday - rest day Wednesday - Friday - morning workouts.

Then I began running with Tracy on Tuesday mornings, so I switched my rest day from Tuesday to Thursday. This wasn't as ideal, because being up early on Tuesdays was difficult, and Tuesday is my long day at work. I found myself exhausted and it was hard to get through storytime and all the programs I had going on this summer. But our schedules are already hard enough to work around, so I didn't want to be a pain.

Then Erin wanted to start lifting weights in the morning again. She is only available on Monday and Friday mornings, based on her child care situation and work schedule. I wasn't sure she was going to stick with it, but she did, for the most part. So my schedule became: Monday - morning workout, Tuesday - run with Tracy, Wednesday - evening workout (Dan works) Thursday - rest day Friday - morning workout. So much for easing into the week! This went on for about a month. It wasn't great.

Then my schedule changed again, Erin and I committed to a new lifting plan and I was able to move things around with Tracy. I am hoping this will be my schedule for a while to come: Monday - rest day, Tuesday - evening weights with Erin, Wednesday - evening workout (Dan works) Thursday - morning run with Tracy, Friday - morning weights with Erin.

The number one benefit of morning workouts: people don't bail on you. I know that's weird. But nothing can come up. You say you're going to meet someone, you do. Your brain doesn't have time to come up with more excuses than I don't want to get up!

All that to say: I wasn't a huge fan of the morning workouts. I am amazed that I stuck with them. I am so proud of myself for getting up that early, that many days in a row. But I was so tired. All. The. Time. I came home and took a nap pretty much every day. Except when I couldn't. And then I was miserable. I didn't do summer fun, because I slept from 6:30-7:30 every evening. And nobody invited me to do summer fun anyway. I was too tired so search out summer fun. I didn't relax on my porch because I couldn't keep my eyes open. I couldn't go to bed early because I took such a late nap. But even if I tried, I just like to be awake in the evenings.

I also think my workouts suffered. I had a limited amount of time (always dependent on when I got out of bed and when I had to be to work). In the evenings I can usually stay as long as I like. I also have more energy in the evenings so I could do more cardio mixed with my weights. I rarely did cardio in the morning, besides the run with Tracy. Even my running is better in the evening. It might be warmer. But the humidity is lower and I am more upbeat in the general.

Finally, I was hungrier. If I work out in the morning I often ate breakfast and a snack, before my lunch break. I would come home with very few calories left for dinner. Or any ice cream if the rare chance ever occurred. If I workout after work, I don't get hungry until 11. I go to lunch, have a snack break workout and come home with lots of calories. Plus I am never hungry right after a workout. This leaves lots of calories for snacks and treats later in the night!

I am pretty pleased with my current routine of only doing Thursday and Friday mornings. Then I have the weekend to catch up. Plus, I wouldn't work out on Fridays if I didn't go in the mornings and I wouldn't run if I wasn't meeting Tracy. So those pluses outweigh the cons. I have followed this pattern for the last two weeks and I already feel better.

What I learned was: I am just not a morning person. I gave it a good try. I developed a routine. It's just not for me.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

2015 Week 32

Current Weight: 6.8 pounds (Monday)
Total 2015 Loss: 11.2 pounds
Distance from Lowest: 1.0 pounds

I was very pleasantly greeted with that lower number on Monday morning. I have been using my new cutting macros for a week now, and I had a perfect weekend. So I am pleased that the scale is moving again. I am still one pound up from my lowest point in July, but I am hoping that I now have a running start to hurdle over that plateau I was on.

On a super-happy note: today is the first day of school around here. This is my most favoritest week. Not because I hate kids and want them back in school. Because actually, our after-school chaos is a lot worse than the all day summer chaos. But because all those teachers who had the whole flippin' summer off to sit by the pool, not have to get back to work. And my job gets easier. And I can take a vacation. And there are actual places for me to sit at the pool. And it will still be hot for three more weeks.

So I have a half-day tomorrow. And a day off next week. And a five day vacation coming at the end of the month.

But I also have a list of so many things I want to get done. Mostly craft projects. We have lived in our house almost three years now and there are still rooms I have not done any painting and/or decorating. Even my bedroom, which was painted the day I moved in, never got decorations hung on the wall. It is time I admit that we are staying, and finish up these projects. We are going to shell out $10,000 for a new roof next week. We'll have to stay for 30 years to make that worthwhile. Maybe I'll have a fun craft post some time soon!

Other than that, my whole life is working out, counting macros and watching the hilarity that is Donald Trump running for president. Life's good!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

That Time I Broke My Toe

We do a lot of strange things in the name of entertaining our favorite three year old. Including everybody's favorite: glow in the dark ball tag. You probably want to try and play it yourself. It's load of fun, wears the kid out, and the grownups, and brings out our competitive sides. Get yourself a glow in the dark ball (its best to have one for everyone) an empty room (like a basement, where things can't be broken) and a big space. Turn off the lights, make up some rules and start hurling the balls at one another. Sure, it's a bit dangerous, but the danger is what makes it fun.

This isn't the first time somebody's gotten hurt. Once I threw it too hard at Dan's face and it hit his glasses, which cut his face. Once Sammie got hit on the cheek and that stung. Enough to stop and get a snack.

But usually, the ball isn't that hard, and you can dodge it or catch it or bounce it. Which are all things that get you points.

The real danger comes when you accidentally run into the back of your husband's feet. And they are a lot harder and less flexible than your little toes. And your toes don't bend right. And one breaks.

Or jams. It's hard to say. I mean, it hurts to touch, but it doesn't move a lot on its own anyway. And I don't just reach down and move my own toes a lot.

I elevated it and iced it all day yesterday and it is looking a lot better today. Last night I did a trial run/walk on it and it turns out if you tape it to the next toe, and put some stable running shoes on, you hardly feel that toe.

So I am not out of my workout career.

Just my Glow-in-the-dark-ball-tag career. And only until the next time she wants to play.

Because I would do anything for her. Anything!

Monday, August 10, 2015

StrongLifts 5x5

This is what I have been looking for in a new weight lifting program:

  • Three days a week (this fits with Erin's schedule better) or if it was four days a week, it needed to be something that I could do one or two days alone.
  • Full body. I dread leg-day. And I know we'll start skipping things if we dread it. Plus, if she's not joining me for all the days, then she can't be missing entire parts of the body.
  • Easy routine. I can't figure out how to do a bunch of exercises I don't know. And I can't have a list of fifteen exercises I have to get done. Or I will look like a tourist lost in a strange city.
  • Concrete plan of advancement. I need to be told to increase my weight and I need a chart to see that I have done that. 
  • Something that takes less than an hour to complete.
I get all of those things with StrongLifts 5x5. What I do not get is a variety of exercises. Technically there is only five! Total. All week. But we're adding some things on.

Here's what the basic plan looks like.
  • Three days a week.
  • Day A: Squats, Bench Press, Back Rows. Day B: Squats, Deadlifts, Overhead Press.
  • Alternate the days. So one wee you're doing ABA, then BAB. Easy.
  • The goal is five sets of five reps. 
  • Every time you're successful, you increase the weight the next day you do it. So if I was successful at 5x5 at 65 pounds on rows on Tuesday, the next time I do rows (Sunday) I would increase to 70 pounds.
  • Eventually, I will not be successful. Then you try again at the same weight. Until you are. 
  • There's actually a deloading phase. So if you aren't successful for three tries, you're supposed to lower your weight and try again. 
Here's what we're doing a little differently:
  • We're adding on triceps, biceps, push-ups, pull-ups and planks. The program says that it reaches every body part. But the truth is, if we don't do pull-ups we won't be able to do more pull-ups. Same with push-ups and planks. Those all seem to be a use it or lose it exercise. 
  • We may have to do some weights several weeks in a row without a deload phase. Only because it's harder for women to increase five pounds as fast as it is for men, and that doesn't necessarily mean the weight is too heavy, we just need longer to adjust.
  • Our plan is to do this Tuesday (evening) Friday (morning) and Sunday (afternoon). It's a good compromise on me not wanting to give up my evenings and Erin not wanting to get up early. 
  • We've committed to six weeks of this. But if we like it we can keep going. Or we can add on different exercises. 
We've done two days of the program (so all of them!) but you have to start really light to let yourself build up. So far we like it. It is easy to get through; we're doing 5-6 exercises a time. So far, it's quick enough that I can add 20 minutes of HIIT at the beginning and it makes for an hour workout. I think building up weight is a great idea. It gives me a break from the heavier weights I was trying, so things like my knee and start feeling better. It also ensures we use perfect form. It's still 25 reps, and we're doing squats three times a week. So that's a lot more squats than my legs are used to. I am hoping to see some improvement in my leg muscles as well as my running speed. We're definitely excited to start a new program and that excitement is what I need right now, because I was feeling like I was in a slump!

And I made a chart!!

Friday, August 7, 2015

My Weeks in Workouts

I missed last Friday's recap of all my workouts, so I have two weeks to make it through. It's probably not that exciting. But I like to have a recap for myself. At least I don't bore you with this every day!

Saturday I got an hour and a half workout in. I built a fun circuit that included breaking up my cardio into ten minute segments. It went fast and suddenly I had well over an hour.

Sunday I wanted to attempt a planned interval run. I ran .15 of a mile and then walked .10. I did that twelve times and the three miles was over. Since I ran by myself I started later in the day. Too hot and quite a hard workout. My goal was to run all my intervals at less than ten minute miles. I started out pretty fast (8ish) and got too exhausted. That's a pretty good time though. I'd like to try this workout again b

Monday I did a 20 minute HIIT routine in the bike. Followed by some weights. And then I wanted to watch a show on TV. So I stayed for thirty minutes. Might as well burn a few calories while wasting my life in television. 

Tuesday was my rest day. 

Wednesday I did yard work. And burned some calories. 

Thursday morning I met Tracy. It was the last chance we'd have to run our whole 3.1 miles without stopping. And we did it. Very slowly. I knew we needed to slow down if we were going to make it through the whole thing. It's funny that it wasn't even my best time and I ran it all. I can run faster when I get walk breaks. But slow and steady wins the race, right?

Friday was a bunch of weights. Knowing I am going to start a program, makes me want to try out every single thing I am not going to do for six weeks. My knee hurt by the third set on the leg press. That worries me a bit. It doesn't hurt in normal life though. So that's a plus!

Saturday I got up and got to BodyCombat before I had to be at all day festivities for the family reunion. I had to leave 15 minutes before class got out, so I walked a bit beforehand to get the full hour workout.

I also played over an hour of Funitmate Frisbee with my family. I didn't wear my heartrate monitor. And I was wearing sandals. But it was a great workout and I was sweating a lot. I wish Dan and I could get a group to play this weekly.

Sunday we had our family reunion in the park in David City. I needed to be out the door by ten am, so that meant up at 8 to workout. My alarm went off, but since we had been up past midnight with family at our house, I pressed snooze and let myself sleep a bit more. I figure the two hours on Saturday was good enough.

Monday I had the day off from work. And we only had dinner plans with out of town relatives. But I could not get motivated. I was so worn out from the weekend. I finally dragged myself to the gym at 4 in the afternoon.

Tuesday I worked 11-8 which included a pool party with 1000 kids. So I knew I needed to workout before I went to work. I tried out the StrongLifts program on Tuesday. I needed to know if it was something worth talking Erin into doing with me. I started by walking 20 minutes, a bit of running a bit of hill walking. I still was done with enough time to throw in triceps. And then leave early. It was a find plan. My heart just wasn't in this workout.

Wednesday I ended up taking another rest day. I just could not get motivated this week. I was tired and didn't have a gym plan. That makes it hard to go. So I just stayed home one night. And enjoyed myself.

Thursday I met Tracy again. It was miserably hot. Ninety-six percent humidity. Talk about running through a swamp. How can it be any more humid? It would be raining. And even then, it wouldn't be that bad. We allowed ourselves two walk breaks. I probably could have kept shuffling along this time. It was her foot that held us back. But honestly, it felt good not to be the one needing the break. Her kids go back to school next Thursday, so we're not certain if our schedule will continue on or not. I wouldn't mind not having to meet her every week. But it definitely gets me up and running.

Friday was my first day of StrongLifts with Erin. The plan is all about gaining strength and it is very detailed about when and how often to increase. So we are instructed to start really low. Like usually, just the bar. However, we're not brand new to lifting, so we did start a bit higher with squats. We may be regretting that soon.

Phew, that was a long two weeks! I am excited to be back on a plan. I will get that detailed out for you soon. I am hoping to really see some strength gains in the next six weeks!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

August Goals

In all that hubbub of finishing up Summer Reading and partying with my family, I never got around to doing a July Recap or listing any August Goals. I actually met my goals pretty well in July. I had three simple goals: 1) Meet my macros 28 day - Check. I think I did that. But it's hard to go back and check. I only remember missing them once during the 4th of July, once for Jen's birthday. So many 29 days. On the other hand, I upped them for the last two weeks, so no movement on the scale and easier to hit. 2) Run three straight miles. And I did. On the 30th. With Tracy. You'll hear more about that in my workout recap, coming tomorrow. 3) Work on pull-ups every week. Check. I definitely added them back in to my weekly routine. I have not gotten much better at them however.

So for August.

1) Beginning tomorrow, Erin and I are going to commit to the Strong Lifts 5x5 program. We are going to do it three times a week for six weeks. It has very set rules that tell you when to increase and when to remain. As long as my knee doesn't go out on me, I am set with a new workout plan.

2) I have two running goals: I want to run four miles without stopping. But I also want to get my 5k time down. to under 39 minutes. Right now I am hovering between 39:40 and 41:00, with 39:36 being my fastest. In the next four weeks, I hope to shave at least 36 seconds off of that, even if I don't run those three miles without walks.

3) Stick with the 1794 calories macro break down for three weeks. Hit those numbers. Every day. If those are working, keep it up. If not, go lower. As much as it will pain me.

Random photo of me at work. Looking skinny!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

2015 Week 31

My weight was honestly ALL over the place this week. I can't even give you a number because it varied so much. Thursday morning I was actually down a pound, back to 6.8 pounds from goal. For one second I thought, maybe I can eat this much and lose weight! But after the weekend and the extra carbs and alcohol, I was looking at at least 14 pounds from goal. Two days of regular eating and drinking my weight in water, and I am back to about 10 pounds from goal today.

I really like reporting my lowest weight of the week because it's just as representative as whatever random number shows up on Wednesday. But this week, the data is a little skewed.

I've got two days of my new lower macros under my belt and I have hardly noticed at all. I still get an evening treat and am feeling plenty full. I have even eaten out once (Monday night) for a final family reunion event. I did have to sit and watch as the entire table had three rounds of drinks for happy hour. I had none. And gave my fries to Dan.

But I am willing to make sacrifices. I've had a pretty easy summer of enjoying some pretty good treats. Not all the treats. I would weigh 400 pounds if I ate all the treats. But enough to say I had a good summer. So now I am ready to get down to business and lose these last ten to twenty pounds.

Yesterday I started a new lifting program called StrongLifts 5x5. It starts out pretty easy. So for now I am easing into it and still adding other things. It is only a three day lifting program, which gives me time to run and do BodyCombat. But I also don't think it works my smaller muscles enough, so I am adding in an extra arm day. My legs however, it works plenty! I will outline the whole program later. But for now, here's my future workout plan:

Monday - Rest day
Tuesday - StrongLifts
Wednesday - Spin + Arms
Thursday - Run
Friday - StrongLifts
Saturday - Kickboxing
Sunday - StrongLifts + HIIT

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

So Many Things to Say

I have been so freakin' busy lately. Last week was the wrap-up of the summer reading program. Which meany chaos everywhere. I don't think I sat down. It also involved a party I throw every year for 60 volunteers. Pizza, water balloon fights, games and fun. I factored in one slice of pizza for myself and then kept myself busy the rest of the evening. Side note: whenever people wondered how I could plan a wedding so efficiently for 150 people, I kept reminding them that I plan parties for teenagers all the time. Weddings are so much easier. I would love to be an event planner some day.

That wildness came to an end Friday afternoon, when I got off early for a four day Family Reunion, entitled Speicherfest. We started with drinks and appetizers...

And basically the eating never ended. I hit my macros Friday, because I had control of the first two/thirds of the day, but after that I didn't really try. Even if I was at a picnic, and ate a ham-filled sandwich, and skipped the fatty salads, I had no idea how much I was eating and what was actually in all the things I did eat. 

It was a stressful weekend. One of the events was games at our house, which meant that I had to clean every square inch. So if I wasn't busy at work, or home, I was at the gym. I did not let that fall away. But blogging fell on the back burner. I will have to do a two week workout recap this Friday. 

After nine days of what turned out to be "maintenance" macros and two days of not counting, yesterday I returned to "cutting" macros. The last time I lost weight I was eating about 1780 calories. Yesterday, I returned to 1794. I am hoping this two week break was exactly what I needed to refocus my goals. I'm also stuck at this plateau and I need a running jump to get past it. I am planning on holding to these numbers for three weeks. I am sure I will see a slide down on the scale (it was up pretty high yesterday due to un-tracked weekend eating). But I want to see a consistent decrease. If after the three weeks is over, I do not see a half pound loss each week, I am going to cut another 25 calories a week until I get to a point where things are moving again. 

I am also starting a new lifting program. I "tried it out" today to see if I liked it. I am not sold on it yet. But more to come on that. 

Now back to my ridiculously long to-do list thanks to being gone for three days from work and having the end of Summer right around the corner!