Wednesday, July 29, 2015

2015 Week 30

Current Weight: 7.8 (today)
Weekly Change: +1.6

I warned you this was coming. And in some ways, I probably expected it. Any increase in carbs brings with it an increase in water retention. This is why low-carb diets work so well and then people gain right away when they eat carbs again. The nutritionist told me the ratio (like .1 pound for every 10 grams) or something, but I don't remember that figure right now. Best case scenario, I could keep eating at this level and maintain. Maybe I would be stronger at the gym and star seeing some muscle development. But I was almost at the ten pound mark this week, and I don't like that.

So my new plan is to make it through this weekend. I have a four day family reunion. Who does that? That will involve eating out, picnics and many snacking and drinking opportunities. My plan is to still hit my numbers. I will still be sleeping at home with access to my protein supply. I will just have to plan my days well. Once I make it through the weekend, I need to lower my numbers. I am going back to 1796. The last time I was losing weight (April) I was eating 1700-something calories.

1796 calories = 151c/140p/70f

I am ready to make some sacrifices. I want to see that scale move down. This is lower carbs than I have had in quite a while, but I am always running out of fats and just sitting around eating sugar candy, so I'd rather fill the food with more wholesome choices that include natural fats!

The drop in carbs should get these two pounds off of me right away. Then I am really hoping to see some movement downward!

I am also going to start a new lifting program in August. And maybe start working on my running plan a bit more. I have two workout partners that I am still working things out with, so more details on that to come.

Monday, July 27, 2015

I'm Scared

I have used my new Macro numbers for five days and one of those days I was at Jen's birthday party and didn't even hit the new higher numbers. So in five days, I am guessing that I have eaten maybe 2000 calories more than I was last week. And my scale is up. Two pounds.

  • I know that I can not have gained two actual pounds of fat. I would have had to eat 7000 extra calories.
  • But I didn't.
  • I know that it is probably just an increase of carbs that hold on to water. 
  • But I don't know if that actually ever goes away. Without limiting your carbs.
  • I know that if I am eating at a surplus (and really any extra carbs) I should have all this extra energy and strength.
  • But I don't. I am tired. I need a nap every day. And I feel weaker than ever.
  • I know that I won't gain another two pounds in the next five day.
  • But I am scared.
  • I know I probably need to go back down in calories. Probably to somewhere around 1700-1800. That's the last place I was that I was losing. 
  • But I still want to eat all of the food. 
  • I know I have a family reunion coming up this weekend and it's going to be hard enough to stick with my higher numbers. So I don't want to cut them way back yet.
  • But it's coming.
And here's a cute photo from Jen's birthday celebration!

Aren't we cute?

Friday, July 24, 2015

My Week in Workouts

I nailed my workouts again. There's one thing I have just become insanely consistent with and that's my workouts. I burned over 2700 calories this week. Not counting what my muscles burned on their own! I did two days of running a couple HIIT routines and four weights. I can see improvements with my workouts, muscles coming out of hiding and seconds or more being shaved off my runs.

Saturday I did a 20 minute spin bike routine I found on Pinterest. It make the time fly by having something new to work on. But I wasn't working as hard as I might have wanted. Seated sprints just aren't my favorite, and maybe I should have mixed that up with the standing hills. Then I did an arm routine that I just love. Quickly makes my arms burn from all angles.

Sunday I wanted to run in the morning when it was nice and cool. But when I got up it was raining. So I waited around all day and went right before the sun was setting. It was still 85 degrees. And humid. Dan walked behind me to make sure no bad guys got me, and because I wasn't sure if it would be dark by the time I was done. It wasn't I could have done this on my own. I ran the first mile (11:26) not my fastest. But then I was so warn out. I made myself run .15 and walk the other .10 of every quarter mile. I got going pretty fast, and I am thinking I'd like to try the whole three mile run with these speed intervals some time. Still, this was my fastest 5k in years!

Monday I met Erin and we tried drop sets. You go as heavy as you can for the first part, then immediately (no rest) drop to 50% to 60% of the weight and do as many as you can. I don't love these. I imagine it should look like this: 100x8+60x25. But I can't ever crank out 25 because I am so tired from the 8. It does push us to do more weight than we might usually try for, but I am not sure always increasing is the best thing for me.

Tuesday I met Tracy. And I had so much hope because it was nice and cool and I had just run a great 5k a few days ago. But it just wasn't happening on Tuesday morning. I had to push us to hit the first mile without stopping. It must have been the 93% humidity. I didn't even feel like she was holding me back, I just couldn't go any faster. We ran the whole first mile and it was more than a minute slower than Sunday evening. Is it just that I hate mornings?

Wednesday I came home from work in the evening and took a 20 minute nap. Lately I have really needed a nap in the evening. This has never been the case before, so I have to assume it's from the early morning workouts. Then I got dressed for the gym. Got in the car. And could not make myself go. I went to the grocery store instead. I was grouchy all evening. It ended up being my rest day.

Thursday I made myself go in the morning. As punishment for skipping Wednesday night. And because I was worried that I would find too many chores to do Thursday evening at home. Knowing that Erin and I lift weights on Friday morning, and that she picks the lifts, I wasn't sure what to do. But she never likes to work shoulders and I feel like my triceps could use extra work, so I concentrated on those areas. And I threw in some hill intervals before hand.

Friday I met Erin again. This morning she claimed she might not be able to do these morning workouts much longer. But once you get going, it's not so bad, I got up four mornings this week. Yes, I am tired. But I just need to go to bed earlier. I am not doing anything productive after 11 PM and usually not even after ten. Our plan this morning was to do a mini pyramid (just three levels, low-high-low). We started on squats, and on the second set, my knee started hurting. Pretty badly. I stopped legs immediately. It mostly just feels like it needs to pop, but it won't. My knees pop all the time, but not being able to pop it is pretty uncomfortable. I am hoping that it is something that works itself out in a day. It was smart to stop though. I would rather good knees than nice quads. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

2015 Week 29

Current Weight: 6.2 pounds (Tuesday)
Weekly Change: +.4 pounds
Total 2015 Loss: 11.8 pounds

Total loss since April 22nd: 2 pounds

I was right that the five I saw on the scale last week was just a dehydration weight. I'm lucky that this week wasn't higher. For most of the week, I have seen a seven on the scale and not the six that reappeared Monday.

In three months, I have lost only two pounds. Something in wrong with that. I have been super-good about tracking my macros. Here's the things that could be impeding my losses:

1) I am estimating too much. I go out to eat a lot. I don't weigh everything. The cooks and restaurants don't weigh everything. But in the last few months I actually feel like I have gotten better at eating in and bringing my lunch. So I am definitely not estimating more than I was in April.
2) Untracked bites. I definitely have a taste of Dan's food here and there. I'm not doing it as much as I was this winter. But I saw a big change when I passed a no-bite rule.
3) I am not eating the right amount of calories. The right ratio is just a guessing game. And people often have to tweak their numbers to get everything right. Plus, I have really increased my cardio game in the last three months. I am running more and usually putting in six workouts a week.

Every time I have changed my macros I see a loss on the scale. Even when I move them up. So that's what I am going to do. At one point, I had talked about going to maintenance numbers during the summer. I need a mental break from making so many sacrifices and I thought I would be closer to my goal. I can't believe that 1830 calories per day are my maintenance numbers. Especially, since I burn over 2500 a week. But essentially, I have been maintaining for the last three months. If I am going to maintain my weight, I might as well be eating more calories.

In the past I have used the calculator on the iifym website. But I have read in several places that here's the formula you should use if you want to lose weight:

Body Weight x 10-14 = Daily Calories

Use 10 if you don't work out at all and 14 if you work out like a madman. I feel like I probably fall in between there somewhere. So I am going to with a 12. I am currently eating at about 10.4. From there, you can do a macro split in several different ways. I am moving my protein up from .8 (of body weight) to .9. And my fats from .35 to .4. I already feel like I have enough carbs to eat, and some days I run out of every other macro-nutrient and just eat skittles. Therefore, I don't want to just increase my carbs. So as of today, I am going to try these new numbers:

2100 calories = 158p/210c/70f

It's quite an increase. I will try it for two weeks. It's 270 more calories per day. So technically in two weeks it is only possible for me to gain one pound. But maybe the change is just what I need. And maybe more calories will kick my metabolism into gear. And maybe the additional carbs will get my strength increasing again. And maybe I will just maintain for another two weeks, but I will be eating more doing it and therefore I will be happier.

Here are the few stipulations I have: First, I need to eat a piece of fruit every day. I am getting 25 more carbs and that is the perfect amount for an apple. That should be my afternoon break. Or my breakfast. Second, I have to work out six times per week. I don't get to move to the 12 bracket and then start skipping workouts. And third, I need to be perfect about hitting these numbers so I can really see if they work. That means meals that are trackable and cutting back on bites.

Honestly, 2100 calories really scares me. I have never eaten that many. But here goes nothing!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

All About Those Arms

Lately I have been all about the progress pictures. Mostly because the scale is not moving. It was down just a teeny tiny bit each of the last few weeks. But ultimately, I weigh the exact same thing as I did in the middle of April. Maybe a pound less. On a good day. Or two when I am dehydrated it! And I work too hard for nothing to change in the last three months. I don't think my waist is any smaller and an inch here or there rarely shows up in pictures.

I feel good about where I am. I feel like I look healthy and my clothes all fit. I wore shorter shorts this weekend and saw my reflection in the mirror. I didn't hate it. That is a good feeling. To feel confident in who you are. And to know that you're are doing everything you can to only get better.

But once in a while, I make a progress photo that really makes it all worth it.

This is a three month difference. I have lost one pound. And I highly doubt it all came off of this one arm. But look at the difference!! The entire arm has tightened up. I have more definition. I don't have those flabby wings. As much. My shoulder has a muscle. Even my arm holding my phone looks good. I have that dent separates my shoulder from my bicep. I have always wanted that dent!

So when I think nothing's happening. And that I'm stuck. I need to remember that something is happening. Something even better than the number on the scale.

I am getting muscles!

I typically work some part of my arm four times a week. Lately I have been loving lower-weight (which still makes my arms shake) and higher-reps, like 50-100 on each body part. If I use super-heavy weights I can only do 5-8 reps and then I feel like I am not as sore or working my muscles as hard.

But I have also been trying to mix it up. Doing pyramids lets me do just one set of ten at the highest weight I can go (as opposed to three.) Or doing drop sets lets me push myself hard for 5-8 reps and then drop down to something I can do more of. But my favorite things to do are rotations of the same muscle. So I do three shoulder exercises (overhead presses, upright rows, side raises) ten times each and then rest a minute. Five times. My arms are shaking by the end and often I can't get the last rep out. If I can, I need to increase next week. I have great shoulder and tricep routines for this. I need to build a bicep and back  circuit. For legs I am more likely to go heavy and be done quick.

My July goals were to really work on pull-ups which I have always said are my ultimate fitness goal. But turns out good arms don't really help your pull-up. That's all about your lats. And I have been trying to add in push-ups and pull-ups once or twice a week to really work those muscles. But they're just so dang hard.

Still... it's worth it! Think where I could be three months from now!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend Victories

1. I hit my numbers all three days this weekend. We had a BBQ for my workmates, as it was one of the gals last days, and I planned perfectly! Even got to enjoy a serving of chips and dip and a hamburger (no cheese, but who even notices the cheese). Then we stayed busy playing games and I sent all the goodies home with people!

2. I still have leftover hamburgers for the next five days. Sometimes you have to cut your bun off a little bit to make your numbers fit. You still get the same great taste.

3. I ran all by myself on Sunday evening (well Dan walked behind me in case any bad guys were on the trail) and I did my fastest 5k in forever. I  shaved 31 seconds from my time. Taking me from 40:07 to 39:36. I am slowly getting faster. I love pushing myself. I am thinking once a week I should probably run by myself to see if I can do better. It was hot and miserable, but I still ran better than all those morning runs. I am just not a morning person.

4. I had a pretty relaxing weekend. Spending too much time sitting on my porch. With this Meow! In fact, I'm not sure I got anything else done. Read a book, and relaxed.

5. I found a great deal on my favorite protein powder so I stocked up. Dan only let me get as many as I could carry. But I am thinking about going back. I can go through a tub in a month, and I like to vary my flavors. So maybe just two more...

6. We tried out a new coffee shop in town. It was okay, but Dan loved it. It reminded him of Seattle coffee. Which is probably why I didn't love it. But I'm willing to go back, they have crepes!

Friday, July 17, 2015

My Week in Workouts

Another perfect week of workouts. I'm definitely getting my time in. I just don't know if I am pushing myself hard enough. I am definitely sore. But I haven't really gained any strength in the last few months. I am still doing the same weights that I was doing when we finished the Simply Shredded program. And in some categories, that I just don't make myself do regularly, I have lost strength. I am running one day a week and making myself add HIIT one day per week. I also do a warm up mile every Wednesday. I try to plan a kickboxing class in once a week or a Spin class if the other doesn't work. This gives me about two hours of cardio. I guess that's enough. I am just brainwashed into thinking I need to be running every day if I want the body I had as a runner. And I think I proved that false this week.

Saturday, I had to work all day. Dan wanted to make some evening social plans. Probably because just out of habit. But I asked if we could please just skip socializing and come home and get things done. I haven't had time to get things done around our house and it would be good to be home for an evening. I also was concerned about skipping my workout and not hitting my macros perfectly. So we stayed home and I got a good workout done around the neighborhood.

Sunday, I ran a mile to warm up. Miles on the treadmill are so hard. I know I would/could go faster than that outside, but I don't want to push myself too fast on the treadmill. I guess I'm trying to save up all my energy for the end. But I feel like I could run at a stead state for one mile at 11 minutes, and yet, I want to quit after three. Then I did some weights, trying to pick things I didn't think Erin would want to do on Monday. Here's another problem with not having a plan, and only meeting her twice a week.

Monday morning we met bright and early. It was my day to design the weight routine and I killed our arms. I am trying to get better about doing pushups and then I did high rep burnout routines for shoulders, biceps and triceps. I think she liked it. But she was concerned she wouldn't be able to lift her baby later.

Tuesday, I met Tracy for our morning run. I think I was dehydrated. I had a horrible run. I needed to keep quitting to walk. It wasn't super hot out yet, but still 93% humidity. By the time I was home I was completely wiped out and my whole body just felt warn down and sore to the touch. I was completely dizzy at storytime, almost quitting at one point. And I was a bit delusional when driving to lunch. I drank a ton of water and ate a carb-heavy lunch and I started to feel much better. Still, not even our worse run!

Wednesday, I worked out in the evening. I did my normal, warm up with a mile jog. Fastest warm up mile I've done. Then did mainly legs. Plus pull ups and push ups because my July goals have me concentrating on those two thing. My legs were very sore. 

Thursday was finally my rest day. Because I wanted points in the challenge, I thought about doing a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood. It actually wasn't 100 degrees for once. But we got busy preparing our house for a work party, and I never got around to it. That's okay, rest days are important too.

Friday, I met Erin at 7am again. This was her first Friday joining me and her first time making but twice in one week. It was her turn to plan the workout and she chose abs and legs. She never chooses legs. And mine were dead from Wednesday. So I did light weights and high reps. In a way it helped to move them around. And it was good that she got me to do abs because I never do that on my own. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

2015 Week 28

Current Weight: 5.8 pounds (Tuesday)
Weekly Change: .4 pounds
2015 Loss: 12.2 pounds

I may have been dehydrated on Tuesday morning, but I am not going to take that into account. I was over joyed when I finally broke through to the five pound marker. I mean, .4 pounds in a perfect week, is not great. It's hardly average. I am just happy that it is actually moving down. If I only lose one pound per month, at least I will be at my goal by December.

And as I proved in yesterday's post, my body composition has changed so even though I am still seven or eight pounds higher than my all-time low weight, I still look just as good. But my goal for this week was to have a "perfect" week and I did. And to have a loss, no matter how small, and I did. So it was definitely a success. I'm happy about that.

So I have decided to leave my macros where they are. For the next few weeks. Maybe I will lose another pound. Maybe two. I have a family reunion and a vacation scheduled at the beginning of August. After that, I may re-evaluate. But eating a little more food makes me the happiest this time of year.

My goals for this week:
1) Another perfect weekend. That makes such a difference.
2) Work on getting my "home" life organized so that I don't feel so stressed and thus tempted to skip the gym.
3) Work out six times.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How Far Have you Come?

This morning I was at an even lower weight. Finally seeing that five on the scale. And it made me so happy. Then I met my friend Tracy for our Tuesday morning run and it was a disaster. I don't know if I am dehydrated or exhausted or what, but it was awful. It was 93% humidity and I was dripping with sweat. But it couldn't have just been the weather, because it was me who needed to walk over and over. Ultimately, our time wasn't that much worse than it had been, but it just wasn't a happy run!

It got me to thinking of running in years past, and I was looking through old pictures for a Transformation Tuesday post. And I came across what I consider to be my smallest and best looking photo. I wanted to compare to where I was today. And let me say, I am very impressed!

Left: 29 years old. July 2009
Right: 35 years old. July 2015
Left: Goal Weight (or maybe a pound or two lighter). 
Right: Five pounds from goal. 
Left: Able to run six miles without stopping. 
Right: Able to squat 115 pounds and curl 20s. 
Left: Eating 1300 calories a day. And not sure how long I can keep that up. 
Right: Eating 1830 calories a day and feeling like I could go on like this forever. 

Overall Assessment:
I actually think that my face looks slimmer in today's photo and I know my collar bones are showing, whereas they don't seem to be in the past photo. It could be the way my arms are pulled back though. That also prevents me from comparing my arms. And I never took flexing photos before. Probably because I had nothing to flex. My waist is just as skinny and my hips might even be a bit skinnier now. Although there is still that one pair of pants that don't fit comfortably. My legs are most likely a bit bigger now. The running did a nice job of toning down my massive legs. That's probably why those pants still don't fit. 

But I always thought this photo was still so far away. It's always been kind of my goal to get back there. I get hung up on my flaws too often. Even five or six pounds seems like it will take months and months. And what I am most afraid of is that I have gotten lower before and then just gain it back. But I keep trying to reassure myself that I have found something I can stick with. I know how to eat scientifically now, as opposed to what magazines are trying to sell as a quick fix. It still seems like a lot of work to do the rest of my life. But that's just how it is I guess. I accepted that a long time ago. But the thing is, I think I am back to my smallest. Even if it's not the lowest number on the scale, that doesn't even matter. 

And I'm in this for the long haul. So excited to see where I could be in another six years. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekend Recap

I had a near perfect weekend and I loved it. I woke up weighing less Sunday morning than I did Friday morning. And although, I forgot to weigh in this morning before I had already gone to the gym and had a few glasses of water, I am certain the good work is paying off.

Friday I had the day off of work and I got in a good workout and then had a productive afternoon.

I got a pedicure. I did some shopping and then Dan and I had plans to meet some of his friends for dinner. I ate an entire bag of beef jerky (three ounces) knowing that the Thai restaurant was going to feed me very little protein. But it turns out I over prepared. And I ended up 25g over my daily limit. Luckily I had plenty of carbs to make up for it, so though I don't get points in my Facebook challenge, I'm still giving myself permission it count it as a perfect macro day. Protein is a greater use of calories than carbs. 

After dinner with Dan's friends we waked to get ice cream because it's summer and that's what you do. Luckily I saved up all my fat and carbs and I got the kiddie serving. Then we headed over to some other "new" friends house for a game night. It was fun. I'm always looking to expand my social circle. We need more people to hang out with on weekends. Unfortunately it's odd to take photos of new friends. 

Saturday I worked. Which helps keep my eating in check. However someone brought in delicious bakery cookies. I held strong. 

I spent my down time searching Pinterest and designing my new backyard patio. 

Usually I like to have social plans on Saturday evening. Dan wanted to call some people and see if they wanted to have dinner. But I needed to mow the lawn and eat healthfully. So we stayed in and got things done and I felt much better about relaxing on my actual weekend days. But boy it was hot and I was exhausted after that. 

I had Sunday off from work, but Dan didn't. We had a light brunch together, and then I headed to a great workout. Then I relaxed the rest of the afternoon. In the evening I picked Sammie up and we hung out. First we hit up Sonic for ice cream. She got a shake and I got a diet cherry coke (10 calories). And I felt just as satisfied. 

Man it was hot out. But we spent the rest of the evening at Dan's cool library. And then we went to chipotle for dinner. Because I can get a lot of protein and she loves tacos. 

Then the weekend was over and it was time for Monday morning workouts and another week of work. 

But I am feeling so good about my tough choices and excited for even lower numbers. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

My Week in Workouts

Nobody can argue that I haven't been hitting my workouts. I had another five good workouts this week. I did a good mix of everything and should be seeing improvements any minute! My workout time for the week was 5:31 hours and I burned 2355 calories.

Saturday was the Fourth of July and I actually used it as my rest day. We were headed out of town with friends, and I knew I needed sleep if I was going to drive for three hours. I got up at 8:00, but was easily talked in to going back to sleep. By the time I woke up again it was time to get ready. 

Sunday I wanted to skip the gym again. I base so much of my day around getting to the gym and I grow tired to having to do that. The rest of the world was just relaxing on their long weekend. Drinking beer and sun bathing. But I have bigger goals than that, so I went. I was short on time by that point, but I did some good weights and felt good about it.

Monday I had the day off for my half-birthday, but I met Erin at the gym at 7 AM regardless. If I want her to create a habit with me, I am going to have to commit to it as well. She created a workout for us, and we got five moves done in a pyramid format. I actually worked on increasing my Single Leg Leg Press and my Chest Fly weight. My goal is to completely fatigue on the third set.

Tuesday morning I met Tracy. It was gorgeous out and almost cold. Our route started out on a hill and she needed to walk before we even made it to a mile. But after that, we ran almost the entire thing. This gives me hope for our "run all three miles" by the end of July goal. We just need to skip that hill. It was our fastest run yet, 3.1 miles in 40:56, which is just around a 13:12 pace. I would be happy if we ran the whole thing at 13 minute miles, so we really don't have far to go at all. I think I might add one running day by myself where I try to push myself a bit.

Picture missing as it is on my old phone. I refuse to run with my new phone, as cement - phone collision is what went wrong last time.

Wednesday I was scheduled to meet Erin at the gym after work. But things didn't work out for her to make it there. I went anyway. Dan has to work Wednesday evenings, so I don't feel guilty giving up an hour or so. I ran 15 minutes of treadmill sprints, dand followed up with a full-body workout.

Thursday I took another rest day. It's my usual rest day. I have felt really super tired lately. And we celebrated my uncle's birthday in the evening. I have to brag on myself, even though I wanted pasta and burgers like everyone else got, I chose grilled salmon. And it was actually delicious. Then we walked down for ice cream, and instead of getting my own, I ate three-five bites of Dan's blizzard. I counted it as 1/10th of a small, but it was probably less than that. But I got to enjoy a few bites and didn't ruin my day.

Friday, I had the day off - I work this weekend. And I wanted to sleep in. But at 7AM people were next door cutting down a tree. It ruined my whole morning. I would doze off and be woken up again several times. Eventually I got up and did productive things and finally dragged myself to the gym. Spin bike cardio and all arms today. Plus a little flexie!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

2015 Week 27

Current Weight: 6.2 pounds (Thursday)
Weekly Change: 0.4 pounds
2015 Loss: 11.8 pounds

I am certainly glad about the "lowest weight of the week" rule right now. My weight has been up since this weekend, even though I didn't think I ate that poorly, I ate a lot of sodium. And it hasn't had a chance to get back down yet. This morning I was at least three pounds heavier. Which is concerning. But instead I am going to concentrate on the fact that less than a week ago, I was lower than ever before. (This time!)

Here's the thing: if I want to see improvements, I need to have a perfect week. I can't have a bad day every weekend. That is enough to throw me off for the whole week. I can't tell if my numbers are working if I can't be consistent for two or more weeks.

On the other hand, maybe I am okay with just maintaining through the summer. I get to enjoy ice cream treats, eating on patios, salty chips and hotdogs. And when September comes around I can really buckle down and focus on my goals.

Or I could be at my "goal weight" come September and that would make me super happy. So I guess I better buckle down now. I am determined to have a perfect week. And weekend. No going over my numbers. No swapping. Hitting them head on.

And hopefully I will be able to report a loss for the week. No matter how small. And not have my scale keep jumping around on me.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July Goals

Everybody knows that July doesn't actually start until after the Independence Day holiday weekend is over. But technically, it's already a week in, and I haven't even made any goals for the month. It's time that ends.

1. I want to have 28 perfect macro days. That only gives me three cheat days. I think I've really only used one. I would say that this whole weekend was a lot of estimating and juggling (I used protein for extra carbs) but the numbers all came out okay the other six days. I need to stop estimating so much too. But that's a whole different goal.

2. I want to be able to run three straight miles by the end of July. I just need to get my running friend on board. Or make myself do it alone. Three 12-minute miles would be my ultimate goal. But I'd be happy with however long it takes me.

3. Of course I want to keep lifting three times a week. but since 10 pull ups are my long-term-life-goal, I need to work on pull-ups every week. Sometimes going heavy. Sometimes doing a lot. I don't do them much because they are so frickin' hard and I never get any better. But that's about to change. Right now, I can do one at 70 assisted pounds, and more like 10 at 100 assisted. Hoping to better both of those numbers. I did this one this week already, so things are looking good!

And here's a little transformation Tuesday 4th of July edition. Last year to this year.

It's hard to compare. The skirt masks my legs so much. But I know last year, I never would have worn a tight tank top. I was super worried about my tummy flab. And I am sure my arms are looking better! Kicking ass and taking names, one day at a time!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekend Recap

I had a lovely LONG weekend. I did a bunch of things. I can't say I enjoyed every minute of it, but I loved not being at work and I am now wishing I could have four day weekends all the time!

Thursday evening I got off of work and wanted to kickstart the weekend with a baseball game and firework show. Hello Summer! But it was raining all day. And even though the rain held off and the game went as scheduled, we decided to skip it and plan something safe indoors. So we went to dinner with this one!

This is her "look nice and let me take your picture for my new phone" face. Obvs!

Then we headed over to Barnes and Noble to play in the toy section. Mommy built a beautiful Lego house and Sammie and I built the biggest tower we could before we knocked it over. Two or three times. Then we played with plush puppets and educational toys. It was great fun! Not Summery at all though.

Friday was a holiday, since the 4th fell on Saturday. I woke up early and got my workout done. Ate healthy all afternoon. Got some projects done around the house. And relaxed a bit.

On Friday evening we went to my mom's house for a BBQ. Somehow it ended up being my mom's work friends and Steve's friends and it was really awkward and awful. At one point Dan and I took a walk and ended up at my aunt and uncles, talking to them for an hour instead. Her neighborhood has a good fireworks show, but that is it.

This is going to look so good as a transformation picture from last Fourth of July and then as a mid-point picture next year!

Saturday we went up to my Dad's lake with our friends Owen and Emily.

It was a bit odd. We've never spent the Fourth at my dad's or with this family. But new adventures, I guess. 

We had fun swimming and playing yard games and indoor games and watch the Royals game, eating hotdogs, and watching a wonderful firework "contest" on the lake.

Sunday, I got up late. Wanted to skip the gym but remembered I'd feel better if I went. And did some meal prepping. I threw more than a pound of chicken breasts into the corckpot with a jar of speghetti sauce. It will make meals for the whole week. 

This is how I keep track of the macros for such a thing. Little notes. All over.

Sunday afternoon we went out to the McGeese Farm. I think they missed us during the holiday celebrations. We swam in the kiddie pool and grilled some food. 

This picture warms my heart. I hope they are always best buddies.

And I hope someday I can teach her how to smile like a normal person!

Monday I took a day of vacation. it was my half-birthday. I celebrated with a donut. Duh!

Then I had a pretty productive day. Scheduled some repair work on my kitchen ceiling, called in about an insurance claim we want to make on our roof. Got a good workout in. Took a great nap. Finished a book. Started a new one. Went shopping. Ate at Lazlo's for dinner. And took a lovely walk with Dan afterward. 

Now I am so tired!

Friday, July 3, 2015

My Week in Workouts

I had another great week in workouts. I am getting all my sessions in. I am just wondering if I am pushing myself hard enough. I feel like I should get a weight-lifting plan to work on. But Erin can only commit to once or twice a week and it's hard to work around that. This week I did six workouts. I burned almost 3000 calories. But I also went 400 calories over my limit last Friday, so that didn't help.

Saturday I really wanted to do a BodyCombat class, but all classes were cancelled at the gym because they were doing instructor training. So I went to the gym and do my own cardio. Someone on our Facebook page posted this cycling workout, so I did that and followed up with some arm weights. 

Sunday, I was strapped for time, and planned to mow the lawn. But as I started, I could barely see where I had been. And I was doing the fastest growing part. So I knew I wouldn't be able to see/mow the shortest parts I did the whole back yard (20 mins) and then I went in and did a shoulder burnout with my 10-12 pound weights. 

Last week, Erin said she wanted to come back to the gym with me. I told her I was doing mornings and she claimed to be on board. So she met me at 7am on Monday morning. We did a full body workout I planned for us (we're going to take turns picking). But it takes so much longer with a partner. So we didn't get as much done as I'd hoped. 

Tuesday morning I ran with Tracy. We seem to be getting slower, but it was a miserable morning for a run. Eighty percent humidity with zero wind. Doesn't get much worse than that. In July I am going to suggest we come up with a plan to get better at running. I'd like to say we'd be able to run the whole 3.1 miles, but that might be too lofty if I'm trying to push someone else. 

Wednesday, Dan works in the evening so I used that time to go to the gym. My July goals involve incorporating more cardio into my workouts without doing an hour of steady state cardio. So I did a mile run to warm up, did a shoulder and bicep routine and then did another mile. By the end of that, I wished I was doing sprint intervals instead. Also, my heartrate monitor froze at 153 beats per minute. The calories per minute kept changing, but obviously something was wrong!

Thursday I took as my rest day. 

Friday I am off work for the holiday, so I went to the morning BodyCombat class with Gretchen. I miss her. I haven't taken her class in almost a year. It was packed and I was dripping sweat. But an hour and 600 calories just flew by. 

Now my plan is to keep my diet in heck as I head into the holiday weekend!