Tuesday, June 30, 2015

One Year Transformation

One year ago today, I joined a challenge with the blogger SkinnyMeg. Through that challenge I have met a group of about 40 ladies that have changed my life. The group started as a large 1000 person facebook forum. Then smaller challenges were formed and eventually, the 40 of us went out on our own. They have offered me so much support and advice and friendship. I have been on a "weight-loss journey" for a long time now. I know how to do this on my own. But these ladies, my Fit Sisters, keep me going more days than I bet they know.

Today, was officially our one year anniversary. This weekend I had Dan take some photos so I could compare. One year's progress.  I can see a change, but I don't feel like the change actually shows all the work I have put into this year.

In one year, I have:
  • worked out 245 times.
  • that I remembered my heart rate monitor.
  • for 239 hours, 11 minutes and 49 seconds.
  • that's almost ten straight days.
  • burned over 103,000 calories.
  • that's almost 30 pounds.
  • lost an actual 22 pounds.
  • learned an entire new way of eating (or counting).
  • eaten far more calories than in years past.
  • though many less carbs.
  • grown some muscles.
  • become a morning workouter.
  • learned to use the buff man room 
  • and the squat rack.
  • run with a new friend.
  • bypassed my previous "happy weight".
  • completed a 12-week lifting plan.
  • twice.
  • fit into a smaller size of jeans.
  • broken up with the scale for an entire month.
  • worked with a macro-nutritionist.
  • had a squirrel move into my kitchen.
  • made some life long fitness sisters.
  • changed my life.

Monday, June 29, 2015

My Week in Workouts

I had another great week in workouts. I am getting all my sessions in. I am just wondering if I am pushing myself hard enough. I feel like I should get a weight-lifting plan to work on. But Erin can only commit to once or twice a week and it's hard to work around that. This week I did six workouts. I burned almost 3000 calories. But I also went 400 calories over my limit last Friday, so that didn't help.

Saturday I really wanted to do a BodyCombat class, but all classes were cancelled at the gym because they were doing instructor training. So I went to the gym and do my own cardio. Someone on our Facebook page posted this cycling workout, so I did that and followed up with some arm weights. 

Sunday, I was strapped for time, and planned to mow the lawn. But as I started, I could barely see where I had been. And I was doing the fastest growing part. So I knew I wouldn't be able to see/mow the shortest parts I did the whole back yard (20 mins) and then I went in and did a shoulder burnout with my 10-12 pound weights. 

Last week, Erin said she wanted to come back to the gym with me. I told her I was doing mornings and she claimed to be on board. So she met me at 7am on Monday morning. We did a full body workout I planned for us (we're going to take turns picking). But it takes so much longer with a partner. So we didn't get as much done as I'd hoped. 

Tuesday morning I ran with Tracy. We seem to be getting slower, but it was a miserable morning for a run. Eighty percent humidity with zero wind. Doesn't get much worse than that. In July I am going to suggest we come up with a plan to get better at running. I'd like to say we'd be able to run the whole 3.1 miles, but that might be too lofty if I'm trying to push someone else. 

Wednesday, Dan works in the evening so I used that time to go to the gym. My July goals involve incorporating more cardio into my workouts without doing an hour of steady state cardio. So I did a mile run to warm up, did a shoulder and bicep routine and then did another mile. By the end of that, I wished I was doing sprint intervals instead. Also, my heartrate monitor froze at 153 beats per minute. The calories per minute kept changing, but obviously something was wrong!

Thursday I took as my rest day. 

Friday I am off work for the holiday, so I went to the morning BodyCombat class with Gretchen. I miss her. I haven't taken her class in almost a year. It was packed and I was dripping sweat. But an hour and 600 calories just flew by. 

Now my plan is to keep my diet in heck as I head into the holiday weekend!

Weekend Recap

I had a really good weekend. Both food-wise and fun-wise. I was a pound higher this morning than I started the weekend, but that might be some kind of water weight, because I am also super sore. I saw a very very slightly lower number on the scale on Thursday and that gave me extra motivation to work hard and stick to my plan this weekend.

Friday, I worked a half day and my friend Jen came down from Omaha. We had a "Girl's Night" whatever that means to mid-thirty year-olds. I worked out in the morning, and ate loads of protein all day in anticipation of margaritas. We went shopping. I used peer pressure to get myself to buy some things I have wanted for a while (cute plastic outdoor plates!) but don't actually need. Then Jennifer met us for margaritas and dinner.  

After dinner, despite being super full. We did some more drinking (they did, I was the DD) and more shopping. Jennifer thought it would be hilarious if we all tried on the same dress.

I felt super-full. And I spent 100 extra carbs (which is about 400 extra calories) but I hit my protein and fat perfectly. And besides a bit of salt weight, I hardly saw a difference in the scale on Saturday morning. It was a really fun time. I wish we could do more girls-night events!

Saturday I had to work in the evening. Which put a slight damper on my day. But it also helped me get a bunch of things done. Dan and I got up pretty early (early for him, normal for me) and went out for coffee/breakfast. Then we came home to eat on our porch and my neighbor cat appeared. I don't know if I've mentioned this cat. But she belongs to the neighbors. She is the best cat in the whole world. We would adopt her if they would let us. She used to come over and visit us almost every day. Between Dan and Sammie we named her M.M. Peach Paw (the M.M. is for Meow Meow). Anyway, I hadn't seen her for nine months. I figured she had probably gone to kitty-heaven. Dan said he saw her a few months ago and though, and she didn't even remember him. But as soon as I saw her, I called her name, she looked up and me and bounded over meowing excitedly. Then she stayed on my porch for a long time. I didn't want to get up and go inside in case it's the last time I ever see her. Or maybe it was just a dream.

Eventually, I had to get something done. So I got up, told her to hang out as long as possible and to come back tomorrow. Then I went around the house. When I returned, she was gone. Maybe she's a kitty-ghost! I got some things done around the yard, which makes me really happy. I have so many over grown bushes and gardens. I got my power tools out and went to work. 

I ate some healthy meals. And then was off for a work event. It was a nice low-key, productive day. I like that. 

Sunday, I got up and worked out. I tried to mow the lawn, but it wasn't quite long enough to see where I was going. The lawn doesn't understand that I have a workout schedule and I can't just fit it in anywhere it needs me to. My next opening isn't until Thursday. I hope it can wait!

Sunday afternoon, I had obligations to paint wine glasses with my family. These are for our upcoming family reunion. This is pretty much exactly what we did for our Rehearsal dinner margarita glasses. So we're kinda experts at the polka-dots!

Sunday evening, when I arrived home from family time, Dan had plans with some friends. So I had the whole evening to myself. I read a book. Relaxed on my porch (no Meow Meow) and tried some new snacks.

Someone posted about this Jif Powdered PB on facebook and I had to try it. It has better macros than PB2 (less carbs!) and I thought that it would be tasty. It was not! I tried it with apples and on toast. I didn't finish the snack. It might be okay in a protein shake. It has no added sugar and I think that makes it taste bitter or sour. Sad.

And I probably spent too long staring at my muscles. If only I could get that extra fat off of them. They'd be amazing!

Friday, June 26, 2015

My Week in Workouts

I had a great week. I worked out 6 times since last Friday's post. And I burned around 2,700 calories. I forgot my Heartrate monitor for one day, so that is an estimate. But aren't they all! I was so sore for the first part of the week. I did a good mix of cardio and weights. And I am feeling pretty good about my muscles.

Friday after I posted, I went home and mowed the lawn. This was a good cardio workout and I deserve credit for it!

Saturday was weights. I would have liked to do Combat, but I hadn't lifted weights since Wednesday, and I just can't skip that many days in a row. I had a really good burn for an arm day. So I am thinking I must have pushed myself pretty hard. But it could also be that I warmed up with a mile run. 

Sunday I did a leg workout before we headed out to Columbus. That left me in pain Monday and Tuesday. I don't know what it is about my leg workouts lately. I'm not really increasing weights. So is my form just becoming perfected? I'd love to start seeing more results in my legs, so bring on the soreness. I guess. Also, here's the day I forgot my Heartrate monitor. I estimated about 400 calories, but it might have been higher that that. 

Monday was a frustrating day. I went to spin class in the evening and ALL the parking spots were full. I didn't have time to keep driving around until someone left, so I left the gym. I ran some errands and then headed back later when I knew it would be more empty. I made myself do some HIIT on the spin bike, since it was a cardio day. It helped a bit to flush out my legs, but they were still sore. Then I did a great shoulder burn out. Just shoulders. Lots of push-ups and then those four moves, 10 each, five times. No resting between the moves. I started at 10 pound weights and had to go down to 8 eventually. But look at that shoulder definition!

Tuesday I met Tracy for another run. I made us run the entire first mile, albeit slowly. Then I felt like we took very few walk breaks. And they were only like 20-30 seconds. But we still finished our 3.1 miles slower than last time. It's hard to not push myself every time. But it's probably good for me too. I still burned over 500 calories before 7:30AM!

Wednesday was rest day. I hadn't had one since a week ago Tuesday. My body was so sore Tuesday after my run that I was looking forward to it. But by Wednesday evening, Dan was at work, and my soreness was gone and I was wishing I could work out, but I didn't.

Thursday I worked a half day and told myself that I would sleep in and workout in the afternoon. But thing just kept coming up and I never got there. I didn't feel as guilty on Thursday. In fact, I was trying to talk myself into taking Friday off too. Crazy how your routine can be changed so quickly. 

I did make myself get up Friday though. And I did leg weights. I did the single leg Leg Press again. The one that made my butt cheeks sore for days. Hoping that's the exact workout my glutes need to become perky and amazing!

Erin says she's going to start joining me for two days next week. I told her it has to be from 7-8 AM. So we'll see. She also wants to do full-body days, so I will need to rework my plan. But who am I kidding, I have no plan!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

2015 Week 25

Current Weight: 7 pounds
Weekly Change: 0 pounds

This wasn't a great week. So no change is to be expected. I ate at least 1000 extra calories on Sunday. I have been up a pound or so since that feast. I have been spot on with my workouts though. When you're not eating back your calories or working out for more calories, there's not a lot of wiggle room. You eat what you're supposed to eat every day and the process works.

I do need to have a completely consistent week though. Jen is coming down for a "Girls Night" on Friday, and I had originally thought I would allow myself to have a cheat day. But I wasn't intending on getting so off track on Father's Day. So I hardly deserve a cheat day already. But I don't want to pass on all the treats (read: alcohol) either.

I am feeling like my life is more put together this week than I was last. The sun has actually come out, and most of the rain is out of the forecast. I have repair men scheduled to do some things around my house (now to find the money to pay them!) I have two half days coming up this week. Thursday I hope to get some things done around the house and yard. And Friday is just fun with the girls. I'm not sure what we'll get up to, but just chatting with them gives me something to look forward to!

I've been really good at working out three mornings a week. But I find my sleep is really lacking. I can only get myself to go to bed about an hour earlier than before, and I get up two hours earlier. I am so dead tired all day. And usually just want to come home and lay on the couch... which isn't exactly the point of freeing up my evenings. I know I need to make sleep a priority. And I really need 8 hours.

Also my body is so sore lately. It's impacting my job. I am taking a rest day today, but I know as soon as I lift weights again, I won't be able to walk or lift my arms. I need to look into a recovery pill. Some people swear by them, some think they're a waste of money. But I can't keep passing off all my physical tasks (like setting up 50 chairs) to my middle school volunteers.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Transformation Tuesday - Mascot Edition

Every year the Lincoln Saltdogs come to visit the library. Homer is my favorite Saltdogs player, obvs, so I always get a photo with him. I remember absolutely hating last year's picture. My belly stuck out, my arm cellulite is in full force and I wasn't happy with where I was. It wasn't even my heaviest. I should have photos 40 pounds higher than that one on the left. Still, I was looking forward to creating a better picture this year. 

This is just one year's difference. 

I tried to dress similarly. But that shirt is too big (maybe from being washed and worn for a whole year) but probably because my belly has shrunk. Maybe my shoulders too. My pants are a size smaller. I know I have more muscles, but it might have been odd to flex! I can also see my collar bones, which is something I never noticed before. I am about 20 pounds lighter on the right.

I am not where I want to be yet. I can't wait to see what the next year brings. How much can I change my body in the next 12 months. 

I'd say the biggest difference for me is direction. Last year I was lost. I was gaining weight, I didn't know why. I didn't know what I could do to control it. Starvation was the only thing left and nobody wanted that. Now, I know what I am doing is working. It's a lifestyle that I can continue with for years and years. It doesn't leave me crabby or deprived. I spend less time at the gym and I get more results. 

I'm proud of my changes but so looking forward to the future!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day Fatty

Father's Day weekend is always hard for me. I actually resent being forced to celebrate someone. And my dad is the king of making you feel guilty if he doesn't feel properly celebrated. Which he hasn't since I stopped spending the entire week there. Since I was in college. And probably had a job and such. I should have put my foot down years ago. But I can't. And I feel guilty. And with that guilt comes a lot of emotions that usually get solved with food. Unfortunately, being married doesn't make it any better. It actually makes it worse. Because now I have two people, with completely different life styles, to entertain and keep happy. To say I married someone the exact opposite of my dad is an understatement.

The whole weekend wasn't bad. But Father's Day was looming most of the time. I actually took several hours off on Friday so that I could relax and do Summer Fun things. Then I scheduled a guy to come look into fixing that hole in my kitchen ceiling. I got off at 2:00 and was hoping to spend some afternoon time at the pool. But the construction guy said he'd be there between 3:30 and 4:00 so that kind of blew my day. I did get a good nap in. Then when it was cooler, I mowed our lawn and we got caught up on some yard work that has been lingering for the last month. It has been so wet that we couldn't get things trimmed and moved and replanted. And finally, we felt like we were on top of things again. I actually mowed down two of my gardens, they were so over run with weeds...or maybe plants. Who can tell!

These were hiding in that mess somewhere!

All of this activity kept me so busy, that I didn't have time to eat all my snacks or even notice how hungry I was. So we went out to a Mexican dinner and I got to eat all the food and enjoy it!

Saturday I slept in, got to the gym and had a pretty relaxing day. I made it to the pool for an hour, got a bunch of chores done around my house, got a father's day gift purchased and managed to cross a bunch of things off my to-do list. That always makes me happy.

Well, Hello Back Muscles!
In the evening we went out to the McGeese farm to see our friends. I let myself get too hungry and ate too many chips. But other than that, I brought my own grill-food and managed the day pretty well.

Sunday is when things went down hill. I got up early and worked out. Was starving so I ate two breakfasts. Then we drove to Columbus to spend the day with my dad. He wanted to go to Valentino's (Pizza buffet) I did such a good job just having one piece of pizza, cottage cheese, a bread stick and a dessert. It seems like a lot when I write it, but imagine how much I used to have a buffet. So much! Then we saw Jurassic World. I skipped the popcorn, but helped myself to three handfuls, when the bucket was passed my way. We did some tasks for my dad (mostly Dan helped him with some tasks he's getting too old for) and it was about time to go home. Then my dad wants to take us to Dairy Queen. It was hot and chaotic and busy and I had to send my order along, so I just chose a small blizzard. Do you know how many calories are in a small blizzard? 660 calories. And 97 grams of carbs. That's half my day in carbs. Not to mention the pizza, breakstick, popcorn, etc...

By the time we got home at 8:30 I still hadn't eaten dinner. And was actually hungry, because ice cream doesn't feel you up. I had grilled chicken in a wrap. I tracked it all. I was 1000 calories over my daily limit. If that doesn't make you feel ill, I don't know what. I did meet my protein, but I also met way too many other things.

The scale was up this morning to punish me. And now I am back to work. I hate "working" weekends as Dan calls them. The only thing I can do is get back on the truck. Or wagon. Or whatever. I have been killing the workouts lately. I have to hope that an extra 1000 calories doesn't do too much harm. I just hate feeling this way on a Monday.

Friday, June 19, 2015

My Week in Workouts

I'd say this has been a pretty good week in workouts! I worked out five times. I burned 2312 calories. That's not my highest, but I also did a lot of work at my actual job. I did lots of weight, a Combat class and ran. I'm becoming so well rounded!

Saturday I was up early because Dan had to work and I was meeting my Dad for lunch. So I didn't have time to fit my BodyCombat class in. I did some weights instead. I am thinking I need to sit down and write a plan, but right now I am enjoying mixing everything up. I really like doing these pyramid sets where I get harder and then easier. It makes me feel like I can really push myself on set three, because I only have to do it once. The thing is, if I don't write down a plan, I don't make myself increase much. I have no notes like: Leg Curls were easy, start at 90 next time. Though it's pretty clear that Leg Press was not easy, and I had to stay at 230. I didn't do a lot of exercises, but I did a lot of quality ones. 

Sunday I took the afternoon BodyCombat class. In general, I don't like waiting until 1:00 to take a class. But Dan had to work, and it was that or make myself run earlier in the day, and I never got around to that. Plus, I had missed it on Saturday. And I couldn't do weights again. So I went. I love the instructor and she acted like she missed me so. They all asked what I had been doing? Mixing it up! But they didn't ask what that meant. So I didn't have to explain that they all look exactly the same, and I am 20 pounds down. And building muscles. 

I was dripping in sweat. Even that up close picture doesn't do it justice.

Monday I took a rest day. I worked a weird shift, had an exhausting program and just needed to relax a bit. I absolutely hate missing a Monday. But I convinced myself that I need two rest days a week, it's not wrong to let Monday be one of them. 

However, that mean Tuesday I had to skip the rest day and workout. I knew I would need to go in the morning, or I would convince myself that I had worked too hard on with all of our programs on Tuesday. So I got up early. I did lots of weights. All arms. But none too hard.  This seems to be more of an endurance workout than building. I think a mix is good, but I am not getting any stronger. 

Wednesday I was so exhausted that I slept in. But I still made myself get to the gym in the evening. I did a leg day and my legs were shaking at several points. More pyramids, with a few arm-burnouts thrown in! My back has been bothering me a bit (thank you shop vacuuming my basement for hours!) so I skipped using a bar on my back and stuck to machines. I did single leg presses (mostly cause I was too lazy to load enough weight for both legs). I could feel it using my glutes more than my quads, but figured that was alright. On Thursday my glutes were on fire. It was a good pain though. Rock-hard booty, here I come!

A few weeks ago I made a new running friend. A co-worker who works at the downtown branch saw me running on the trail and asked if I would run with her some time. I have wanted a running buddy, because I think running is so mind-numbingly boring without someone to talk to. So we finally got around to setting up a time. We met Thursday morning at 6:30AM. It was warm and sticky and had very little breeze. She introduced me to a new trail and it was enjoyable (read: flat!) She runs a tad bit slower than I do, she likes to take more walk breaks than I do. But the time flew by. We were talking, I checked my phone a few times, and then it was over! 

I don't know her well enough to cancel or complain. So it's a perfect combination. She does much more of a walk/run approach, which is fine. I did say I was trying to build up to running three straight miles and maybe a run/walk approach is what works best for that. Myself, I usually try to go a little bit longer than I went the week before, so two straight miles, then 2.25 miles, etc. But our time was pretty good for all the walking we did. I don't think we did much above a 12:00 mile times, at least never when I looked. But I was busy chatting. 

Friday I took my second rest day of the week. Though I have a half day today, so I may end up mowing the lawn and doing my yard work today. Finally we have had two days of sun and no rain (well it rained for an hour yesterday, but then dried up). I am thinking my ground might be dry enough to do a little digging. I haven't even planted a garden yet... and at this rate, I probably won't.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

2015 Week 24

Current Weight: 7 pounds
Total 2015 Loss: 11 pounds

The good news is: I lost those vacation pounds. Fast. The great news is: I lost those May pounds as well. The spectacular news is: I am now the lowest I have been on this journey. Once again. However, I am basically right where I was April 10th. It's a bit disheartening that I am the same weight after nine HARD weeks of work. But I am still working. Regardless.

I have been really tired lately and my entire life is in disarray. I still haven't folded the vacation laundry. And I still haven't cleaned up the mess you create when you return home from vacation. I have bills and such that need to be paid. My lawn work has gotten away from me, and I absolutely need to call some repair men to get things done around my house. I just feel like I have no time to even call, let alone wait for them to come over. I have spent lots of quality time with this little girl though... so I'm calling that a win!

Her parents are dealing with a much bigger problem in their basement than we are. And all of their free time is spent hauling away carpet and still trying to dry up the floors. The whole world has flooded and it's just depressing. We haven't even gotten to start summer yet. Despite the rain and house problems, work is crazy. And I seem to remember that being the case until the third week of June, then we hit our stride and things get better.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. It has rained for 24 hours, the sun is out, and I have my first half day of work scheduled for later this week. I had wanted to use it sitting at the pool, but I might have to meet some repair guys and spend it working in the garden.

My mom says "if you have too much to do, you'll just have to give up going to the gym one night a week." Wha???

Here's my workout plan for the week:
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Weights: Arms
Wednesday - Weights: Legs
Thursday 5k Run
Friday - Weights: Full Body
Saturday - Body Combat
Sunday - Weights: Full Body

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Bit of Progress

How I know I'm progressing, in five easy steps:

1. This morning, I'm working my arms in the buff man room. When I realize there are like 4 buff guys in there. All talking to each other. Grunting and throwing weights on the ground cause they're so tough they can't do one more rep to put their weight down nicely. And I don't even care that I'm the only girl. And using like a third of their weights. I'm still doing it! I've come a long way in the last six months. I wouldn't have even gone in that room. Let alone stuck it out when they over powered me.

2. I take flexies in the mirror at the gym now. Cause I might be a bit embarrassed if someone came in and saw me, but it's a risk I am willing to take.

3. And I wear leggings and don't care that my jiggly bits show. Because they are definitely less jiggly than they used to be.

4. Finally, for the first time in forever, someone actually noticed my body changing. An adult volunteer that I see every week at the library, mentioned to me that I looked like I was losing weight. So even if that scale isn't moving (I weigh the same right now as April 10th!), apparently all my hard work is starting to show. My friends Jennifer and Ryan often mention that they notice it, and they see me all the time. But it was weirding-me-out that nobody else seemed to say anything. Usually my customers and coworkers are so nosey!

5. And I answered so graciously, "thank you!" Because it was about time someone mentioned it!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Perfect Weekend = Perfect Results

I have really hunkered down on my macros since returning from vacation. And that includes this weekend. I had social outings every single day, Friday through Sunday, but I managed to track everything and stick to what fit.

On Wednesday, I went in to panic mode and cut my calories. I was desparate and I wanted those vacation pounds to vanish.  I posted this on my facebook page. And immediately the girls swooped in and pointed out that I didn't need to be drastic. The pounds would come off on their own with a little time and water. And in the process, one of the girls convinced me to actually eat MORE carbs. I can't argue with more yummy food, so I upped my numbers on Thursday. And stuck with those through the weekend.

And I woke up lighter than I have ever seen the scale. I mean, who knows what it said in May, but lighter than I was April 30th!

So in the five days since vacation, I have gotten rid of those five vacation pounds (which is a super win) and the two May pounds! I am feeling great! And I have gotten to eat 30 more carbs a day, which is some yummy stuff, or an apple!

The truth is, following my numbers over the weekend, really does make me so happy come Monday morning. Weekends seem to make or break the entire process.

And I had a fun time doing it:

Friday evening we had a staff association event at a vineyard. They had pizza and wine and music and a light drizzle. We didn't have very many staff show up, but it was a good time with the ones that did. I skipped all the wine, who wastes carbs on that! But did plan for the delicious pizza!

Saturday I found sugar free Hershey's syrup and enjoyed mixing up some chocolate milk, just like my childhood. Except this had a lot of protein!

I spent most of Sunday morning right here on my porch. It is the only thing I would miss about my house if I chose to sell it. Which I am highly considering right now. Because I hate all the time and effort and money we spend on it.

Sunday evening I picked up Samantha and had hours of fun with her. We visited the library and did crafts and computers and played games and looked at books. Then I allowed her to choose where we had dinner, which I knew would be Raising Canes. I usually refuse to go there, because who eats only chicken fingers except three year olds. But I had two and made them fit. And she was so happy, it was worth it!

Friday, June 12, 2015

My Week in Workouts

Ugh! So first, I thought I posted this weekly recap before I left for Georgia last Friday. But maybe that was in my early morning delium and when I returned I saw that it was still in my drafts. So earlier this week, I started to add my workouts from this week, just to make it a two-week edition. When I went back in today, all the pictures were there, but no writing. So now I have to start over for a third time. If it's rush, let's not dwell on it!

Sat, now like two weeks ago, I took a BodyCombat class. I just love it. I am so torn by the idea that in April, when I did all HIIT workouts (which I mostly hate) I lost four pounds and in May, when I mixed things up and took classes I loved, I gained four pounds. I understand the science behind short intense workouts. But this class is a LONG intense workout. I am buring almost 10 calories per minute and that includes a 10 minute ab/stretch, plus the four minutes of standing around before hand. This is a killer class, and I can't quit it.

Sun I did a longer warm up on the bike and then I did a full body weight mix. I also discovered these awesome muscles existed and I was super-pumped about my progress, until that whole scale thing happened on Monday.

Monday, the scale made me super mad. But instead of crying and eating nachos, I went for a run. And I shaved almost two whole minutes (1:53) off my last 5k time. So obviously the scale doesn't understand how to measure my amazingness.

Tuesday. I made myself take a rest. 

Wednesday morning I got up early and did an arm workout. A lady running around the track saw me trying to take a selfie in the mirror and came in and insisted on taking a picture of me working out. It was akward. But she kept saying "be proud that you're doing this!" and she's right!

Thursday was my last day in a gym before vacation. I knew I needed to work legs, because my hotel would never have a squat rack. However, I didn't want to be in so much pain when I had to move through airports and sit on planes. It's so hard to plan. I did a pretty neat pyramid routine when I went up in weight each set and then back down. The middle one definitely challenged me, but I knew it would get easier. And the first and fifth set was more like a warm up and cool down. I might make an entire plan like this.

Friday we were busy in airports, decorating and celebrating all day. No workout for me, but it was only my second rest day of the week, so I earned it.

Saturday, I meant to get up early and didn't make it. So it was my first rest day of this second week. Oops.

Sunday, I made sure to get to the hotel gym. They had a cable machine and several weights, but only in five-pound increments. I put something together that I was pretty proud of.

Monday I was back in the hotel gym and forced to use the treadmill. My legs/feet/shins really hurt from all the walking we'd been doing around Athens (in flip flops) but I still made myself do some sprints. I did five minutes of running sprints (20 seconds on - 40 seconds off) and then five minutes of hill (30 seconds steep, 30 seconds flat) alternating until I got 30 minutes. Then I did a few shoulder exercises, because I hate to not use a weight!

Tuesday I meant to run around a park by Amy's house, but I slept in and it was already warm. Dan and I walked over a mile to get coffee and check out some shopping by her house, but I only burned 100 calories or so. Essentially, rest day two for the week.

Wednesday I was back home and my yard was a jungle, so I skipped the gym to mow. In the 99 degree heat. Yuck. But I got it done, the yard looked much better and I burned over 500 calories. 

Thursday I let myself sleep in. That was a mistake. And I ended up spending all evening vacuuming my wet basement. It wasn't exhausting, but I was just sitting on the wet floor, so it wasn't a workout. Rest day three. 

Friday, I got up at 6:00 to head to the gym. Got dressed. Noticed my back was sore from all that hunched over vacuuming. Laid down on the floor to stretch. And fell asleep until my alarm went off signally it was time to work. Oh well. My body needed the rest. But I am back at it tomorrow!

Hitting publish before I lose everything!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Our Vacation to the South

Time for a little recap of my weekend trip to Georgia. It was a pretty great vacation. We were gone for five days, four nights. I didn't feel like it was too short or too long. It was pretty relaxing and we got a lot of things "done". I did gain five pounds. But I am still hoping that's all water and carb weight. I was down two of them this morning, hoping for another two by tomorrow! Fingers crossed.  We don't take a lot of vacations. Maybe two a year. So if I end up gaining one pound per trip, I'd be pretty pleased with that. I think I can gain a pound by looking at a piece of cake.

We left super-early on Friday morning. The plane took off from Lincoln at 6AM. So we were up and heading to the airport around 4. I don't think I slept much that night. But I took a brief nap on the airplane.

We arrived in the Atlanta airport at 9:00 local time. Which means, before I would have arrived at work back home. I tried to take selfies and Dan made fun of me. You think he'd be used to be by now. 

We had to wait an hour for our ride to get to the airport. We spent that time trying out the local coffee. It was alright. But I can't be sure it was sugar-free, as it tasted just like Dan's. 

After an hour and a half drive to Athens, we met up with Dan's mom, step-dad, step-aunt, and step-grandma at a local southern style restuart. I got a nice grilled chicken sandwich. Right on track for the day. Then I made Dan try Cheerwine with me. I have heard of this sourthern soda before, but never tried it. Basically it tastes like cherry 7up or maybe flat Fanta. Not calorie free either. This was the last soda I drank down south. How could you live someone without Pepsi products?

That afternoon, Dan's mom and I headed over to the Rehearsal Dinner hall and set up for the meal. It was a pretty cool old building (well they all are). They were a pizza and pub type style. All wood tables, which she insisted on covering with table cloths and candles.

Then we headed back to the hotel for a quick nap and a shower. I hate doing my hair when I travel. There is no way to pack my own shampoos, hair straightening or curling gels, etc in those travel sized bottles. So I usually don't try. Also, I had no clue what the humidity would do to my hair. I did pack my straightener.

The rehearsal dinner was my favorite part of the wedding festivities. There was unliminted beer, bourbon and wine. It was too hot and stuffy for me to drink those things though, so I made Dan order me something fruity from the bar. I got this delicious pinapple vodka, coconut vodka, OJ, grenadine and peach schnapps drink. Yum... I had three. Plus a glass of wine with dinner. And a few drinks of all the bourbon people were trying. Mixed with the fact that I haven't had alcohol in like six months, no wonder it was a fun night!

My mother in law was pretty stressed out by the evening, but after a few cocktails she was willing to selfie with me!!!

The thing I love best about my mother-in-law is that she has true friends, from high school. My mother never had friends. She might see her "high school friends" once a year, when they all planned to get together. I have always liked that Janet as always put friendships first. That is a big priority in my life as well. 

After the bride and groom left early, we hung out with Janet, and her friends, and a few groomsmen for quite a while longer. Here they are toasting each other! I hope this is just like my friends at their children's weddings... you're reading this right?!?

Saturday I let myself sleep in. I usually am up several hours before Dan and can put that to use in the gym. But we didn't get up until 10. By that time I wanted to get out and see the town. However, nothing opens in Athens until noon. Apparently they mean it when they say it's a college town. 

Joel had us try his favorite coffee shop: Jittery Joes. We hated it. Luckily there was another one in town as well as a starbucks. Dan ended up really liking the coffee at Walker Pub and Coffee. We sat outside and ate bagels and drank coffee, and talked to our Lincoln friends who happened upon us, for quite a while.

Then we walked around the University of Georgia in Athens. It was beautiful. And shady. And not much different than other campuses.

They do have this beautiful fountain. And Dan actually let me take his photo!

And of course, we checked out their library. But I don't have much interest in academic libraries.

Then it was time for Ice Cream. I've been to a Ben and Jerry's before, but you can't pass one without partaking. Real Ice cream! Not on the plan!

That night was the wedding. Back to the hotel to get ready. Tried straightening my hair one more time. This is the dress I ended up going with. It was comfy, but I wish I hadn't spent so much money on it. I will be able to wear it again, but we didn't take nearly as many photos as I thought we would. And the photographer spent very little time making us look right. 

Obligatory photo of the two of us!

Dan claimed we were not allowed to take selfies at the wedding, so of course I explained that we most certainly were. My favorite part of the ceremony was that the bride walked in to A Whole New World from Aladin. I really like when they put their own spin on the wedding. Other than that though, all repeat after me and God bless us stuff. 

A brief moment of family photos. 

First Dance

Cute Decorations. She's a writer. So there were book themes everywhere.

They left to a sparkler send-off. I didn't get a very good picture, but I could see how a neat one could turn out. 

The wedding was over by 9:30... which is always a bit weird to me. But the bride and groom were going out drinking with their friends. So we tagged along. For about 15 minuntes. Until we realized that we were the oldest people in the bar... by at least 5 years.

So we left. And tried out the cookie store that is open until 3AM and keeps their cookies in a warmer. Best. Thing. Ever. 

Sunday, I got up early and worked out. And then Amy came to Athens for lunch. We walked around and shopped at all the little boutique type places. 

Then we went to the most pathetic Farmers Markets I have ever been to. There were no farmers. Just a few vendors. And this was the "live music"!

That evening we played trivia at a pub type place. It was fun. But we didn't even come in third. People really know a lot of crap. 

Monday morning I woke up early, hit the gym again and came back to the room and woke up the sleepy heads. We had breakfast and then headed to Helen Georgia. We floated down the Chattahoochee river in innertubes. The weather was 90+ degrees, but the water was 55. It was freezing. But as long as you stayed in the tube, it was nice and relaxing. 

Then we hurried back to Atlanta where I for to see my first Braves game. It's my goal to see all the MLB stadiums. I think this makes 9-11. There are more than 30 to see. 

Tuesday, Amy went to work and left us alone to explore Atlanta. We walk a mile or so to try out a local coffee shop. It was great. 

Then about lunch time, Amy called to say she cod get off work early. She took us to a delicious taco place where I was so enjoying my margarita and nachos, I didn't even snap a picture. 

She took is to the airport Tuesday evening and we arrived home by 11pm. 

Like I said, it was a pretty good trip. Relaxing. Plenty of things to do without feeling rushed. For to see some family and friends. We'll probably never visit Georgia again. The south just isn't our thing. You know I love my Pepsi. But I think it's safe to say, I had a great time!