Friday, May 29, 2015

My Week in Workouts

I had a great week for workouts. I even had to make myself take a rest day on Tuesday. My body needs to rest. I still worked out six times. I burned 3,067 calories. That's almost a pound and doesn't even count all the calories my massive muscles are burning on their own afterward.

Saturday I made myself attend a BodyCombat class. And I remembered why I absolutely LOVE it. It was such a great workout. I stayed for the whole class, burned an amazing amount of calories and my back and biceps were sore for three days. That is the best arm workout I know. I think the perfect week of workouts includes: one Combat, one Spin, one Run and three Weight sessions. That's what I am aiming for right now.

Sunday I was ready for weights again. The gym was full and stuffy and kind of miserable. I needed to do Squats again, but after last weeks painful experience, I was sacred to do what I did last week. So I lowered my weight a bit, but increased my reps. And even though it was hard and I felt it a bit, I wasn't really sore the next day. So maybe something between?

Monday it started out rainy, but was promising to be sunny later in the day. I put off my run, while Dan and I had breakfast together and I ran a bunch of errands. Dan had plans in the afternoon, so I was waiting until 2:00 to do my workout. But it was a humid-soggy-mess. I went out to my favorite tree lined, nature trail and ran mostly in the shade. I was a sweating like a pig but I shaved five seconds off my last 5k, so I am proud of that. Right now my goal is to run a 5k once a week and see if I can get faster. And eventually run all of it. Which will make me faster for sure.

Tuesday I made myself take a rest day. We didn't have anything to do in the evening. I was well rested from the weekend, so I could have gotten up early. But it's good just to relax. And let my body heal from all the work I put on it. Starting next week, Tuesday will be my busy/program day, and I will want to just come home and do nothing.

Wednesday, I was up in the morning for a weight circuit again. I go back and forth on having some kind of consistent plan. As it is, I am doing so many reps right now that it would be hard to increase my weight. But I think what I am doing is working, and I am enjoying it, so I think I will just keep going with that.

Wednesday night it finally dried out and I had the opportunity to mow. Sometimes I feel like it's cheating to count mowing as a workout. But look at that calorie burn. Nine calories per minute is more than I burn with weights, spinning and any workout that isn't running or Combat. So I'd say it counts.

Thursday I thought about getting up early for a run. But when I awoke at 6 AM, it was pouring rain. I took that as a suggestion that I should go back to bed and use Thursday for a rest day. I had done two workouts on Wednesday after all!

Friday I was up for Sprints on the treadmill and Weights. I had to cut my workout short as I needed to be home early and didn't go any earlier. Oops! A gal in my challenge group has started doing a new weight lifting program (Sexy Sculpt) and every day there is one body part that gets completely burnt out. This week she does 100 reps and it increases every week. Crazy! Since I am liking the low-weight high-reps right now I thought that I would do a couple body parts like that today and then a couple heavy weights as well. It was brutal. The goal is to do them in as few of sets as possible. I was aiming for three. Then four. And ended up at five. Everything was burning half way through. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Holiday Hold-ups

I don't really have a weekend recap to share. We did a lot of fun things, but somehow, I have no pictures to share. And what is most important: this weekend my eating was not on par. I am disappointed in myself. And I wonder how I can make it through Christmas without slipping, but Memorial day (and most of Summer) is so hard for me. Here's a couple reasons why I slipped:

1) People do NOT serve enough protein at gatherings. I understand. Protein is expensive. But I need to eat about three servings of meat per meal to actually accomplish something.
2) I don't have any more of my favorite protein powder. I need to buy some. But I am trying to make myself use up what I have (and don't love) before spending another $40 on a container I will go though in a month.
3) I am tired of trying so hard, and just needed a mental break. A couple of the days, I just quit eating. Before I went over on calories or any other nutrients. But I didn't get my protein in. Sometimes I think you just need a break.

I did have three good workouts this weekend. Which makes me happy.

I did do some more shopping for a dress for this wedding. Which did not make me happy. I don't want to spend $75 on a dress just because it comes from a fancy store, when I can get the same dress (kinda) for $15 at a not fancy store. Sure, it's probably better material or something, but I am going to wear it once. Or maybe five times. But it's not like my jeans I wear every day. And I spend no more than $25 on them!

My order came in for this one, but I might not love it.

We celebrated Josie's 4th birthday on Sunday. I ate healthy with the BBQ food, but dinner was at 5:00 which is way earlier than I am used to eating. I let myself have cake, and stayed under my calories, but I didn't get close to my protein goals. Jennifer took all the pictures, so I don't even have any to share. Then we got home at 9:30 and I was hungry for dinner, but out of calories and also exhausted from the day. 

We went to my moms for a Memorial Day BBQ on Monday. I passed on all the dessert and fatty salads, but I came home needing 70 grams of protein and nothing else. I can't do much with that. So I gave up and called it a day. 

Now I'm ready to crack down on perfect macros for a week and a half before we leave on vacation. 

Thank goodness for a short week!

Friday, May 22, 2015

My Week in Workouts

I did five solid workouts this week. I let myself take rest days on Saturday and Thursday. I burned 2304 calories. This included two morning workouts and one failed run attempt.

Sunday I mowed my yard. That was a good calorie burn, a productive afternoon and a fine cardio session.

Monday I did a weight circuit in the evening that basically killed me for the rest of the week. I don't know if I haven't done squats in a while, or if I went extra low, or what. I did four sets of 10 because I was short on time, and I am so glad I didn't push for five. My legs hurt by the time I was done with squats and then they hurt for the next three days. Like in so much pain to walk, sit, stand, live. Worse than I have ever felt after BodyPump. It was just muscle soreness though, not like I had ripped anything. You can just tell. But Oh. My. God. It was painful and pretty much ruined my week. 

Tuesday it was raining and I needed to do some kind of workout. I decided that running my loosen up my legs a bit. But because of the weather, I would have to use the treadmill. I tried to watch a show on Hulu, but that didn't help to pass the time. I had wanted to jog the first two miles, but I just couldn't between leg-pain and sheer boredom I managed to run/walk the whole 3.1 miles, but I pretty much hated every minute of it.

Wednesday I got up early and did a good workout before I had to work a ten hour day. I did two circuits of ONLY arms because my legs were still dead. I warmed up with some hill walking and that just about killed me as well. But I was feeling pretty good about my arms. They are starting to take shape. I am really liking these lower weights, 10x5 circuits. I can mix them up and they don't feel stale. And I even make myself work things I don't care about, like back and chest.

I took Thursday off to really recuperate and by Friday morning my legs were feeling alright again. More like  normal soreness, rather than death. I did HIIT on the spin bike for 20 minutes and then a quick weight routine. I did make myself add in one leg exercise (leg press) but went super light just to use them but not kill them. Then, a flex break to check out my arm progress! 

The worst thing about the AM workouts is, I can rarely stay the whole hour. I always get to the gym with an hour to use, but because of the gym-time-warp conundrum, it never seems to work out. But I am really enjoying getting my workout done before the day starts. It even encourages me to workout on Fridays, which I really like too. I get to take a weekend day off, which is a luxury. 

I have to say, this is probably the best/most workouts I have ever gotten done during the week of Summer Reading. I am so eager to see what summer brings!

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Every week I meet my friend Jennifer for lunch. We usually try to rotate where we eat, but we are limited to about 10 places close enough to enjoy on our lunch break. I can usually find something to eat at almost any fast food restaurant; and it usually involves a chicken sandwich and a side salad. Some times I order completely off the sides menu. And sometimes I only order a main dish.

Which brings me to how we sometimes eat at Arby's.

I have calculated that the best protein for my carb buck, is to get the giant Roast Beef Sandwich at Arby's. They call it the Max. It has 560 calories: 45 proteins / 35 carbs / 27 fats. I don't any sides and it keeps me plenty full for the whole day.

But twice now, the lady who works there, has made fun of me for eating all that food. She has told Jennifer and I the same story about how her and her boyfriend split that once, and it was still too much food. The first time I tried to order it, she almost wouldn't let me. You don't mean the Max, that's almost a half pound of meat!

Here's the thing. Jennifer get's the Regular Roast Beef combo meal. With fries. Do you know what the nutrition is on that?

This meal, with a diet soda, has 740 calories: 28 proteins / 85 carbs / 33 fats. That is more than half my daily fat and carb allotement. And almost half of the protein. And almost 200 more calories than my meal. Do you see my confusion here? Why would you call me out for having a hearty appetite? 

I am not saying that my choice is better. Obviously, this works for Jennifer. She will always be smaller than me. She is aware that she's eating more carbs and fats, and she's alright with it. What I am saying: don't accuse me of eating too much. If anything, be jealous that I get to eat all this food because I probably get to go home and have a cookie too. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

2015 Week 20

Still in the midst of No Weight May! I keep having to remind myself that it doesn't matter what the scale says. Ever again. But it's not actually a feeling I can shake. And probable never will. I know what I weighed at every major life event and I don't want to stop now.

Work has been chaotic and awful lately, but I am powering through, extraordinarily well. There is so much junk food on our break room table right now, but I just push it all aside and eat what I brought from home. I haven't given in once.

I did have an off weekend for the first time in a month. Saturday I had to do the carb-fat swap, but technically that is allowed every once in a while. And Sunday I saved so many calories for Jennifer's birthday dinner, then didn't use them all, and by the time I was home I didn't feel like eating any more. So that day I was low on everything. Definitely better than being over and eating like an ass the rest of the week because of it.

May is always one of the hardest months for me to lose weight. It is my worst month for work. Plus I have birthday parties and memorial day and summer is starting and I usually feel like it is my right to just skip working out and sit on my porch with fruity drinks. We almost always have a margarita night right before Summer Reading starts. But I didn't plan one. And by moving my workouts to the mornings, I can't come home from work exhausted.

At the end of last May, after taking some time off, I weighed in at 24 pounds from goal. I am hoping at the end of this May, after kicking ass and taking names, to weigh in at 4 pounds from goal. A whole 20 pounds lighter! And with a whole "new" wardrobe. And a lot more confidence, even though I always have a lot of confidence.

I don't have a great picture to leave you with, but I hate to post without one. So here's me this morning, killing my arms at the gym.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Change of a Dress

That's a Sex and the City Reference. One of my favorite episodes. If you don't know it, we probably aren't really friends anyway.

This past Saturday I went shopping for a dress to wear to this upcoming wedding. Usually, I don't buy new clothes to go to weddings, I have a lot of dresses that I don't get to wear enough, so I just pull something out of my closet. But I really wanted to get a new dress for this occasion.

1) Because there will be family photos that will be on Janet's mantle forever.
2) Because lately I have been feeling like my clothes are kind of baggy and falling off of me.
3) Because it gave me a goal to work towards.

I have been putting it off for a while, and since I really want it to fit perfect, it's probably a good thing I didn't buy it a month or two ago. I had to go alone, which makes it hard to zip dresses up all the way, but it gave me a good excuse to take loads of photos. So here they are...

This was the first dress I put on and it was pretty tight. But it is nice and fancy, a great color and a size freakin EIGHT!!

I love this one. I don't know if it's too casual for the wedding. But I really like it anyway. They did not have my size and I think it would have looked even better if it fit perfectly, so I might order my size. I just love the color combination.

This one was okay. It's a nice dress that I might own, but nothing special. 

I love this color right now. This dress was so comfy, but the other tourquoise one is probably better for a wedding. I could just own this one for life though. 

Same with this one. Comfy, and I could wear in real life. But I don't know if I love the gold on the belt. And I own a lot of stripes.

This is cute, but had some weird boning parts in the bust. 

Cute, classy, but too clingy for me. Maybe a size bigger, but I didn't love it enough to try. 

So currently #1, #2 and #4 are my top choices. I need to do a bit more shopping and probably order that one in my actual size to check it out. Any thoughts?

Monday, May 18, 2015

Jennifer's Birthday

My weekend recap can mostly be summarized by Jennifer's birthday. We had a very low key Friday and Saturday. I finally got the lawn mowed Sunday after what feels like 20 straight days of rain. I did a bunch of dress shopping for Joel's wedding, but that's a whole different post. 

But Sunday was Jennifer's birthday! We didn't do a big party or anything. We just hung out with her and Ryan and Sammie. We played outside, did some exploring, made an interesting cake, and went out to dinner at the happening Denton Daily Double! 

All-in-all, a perfect birthday!

Preparing a cake all in one pan.

Decorating the cake with sprinkles and marshmallows

Blowing out the candles

Just hanging out a tree

Throwing anti-mosquito pills into the creek 

A perfect celebration with this one

In even better news, I felt so summery and confident in this outfit. I really know that what I am doing is paying off. I am stressed out that I can't weigh myself for two more weeks. I worry that the number won't go down enough. But I realize that this is why I am not weighing. The number doesn't matter. I mean look at this!!!!

This is what I have been working so hard for. This is all I've ever wanted. To wear these capris and look great. 

And a million dollars.

Friday, May 15, 2015

My Week in Workouts

I have been a busy girl at the gym this week. I am proud to report: I have worked out 6 out of the last 7 days. I did a total of 5 hours and 47 minutes. And I burned 2,873 calories. I took a group class. And I became a morning worker-outer. Admit it, I have made great strides this week!

Saturday and Sunday I got a weight workout in. I did my 3x3x3 plan on Saturday, but by Sunday I was getting bored with it. So I made up this 5x10 circuit and really enjoyed pushing my muscles further and longer than they have gone in a while.

Monday I managed to take a Spin class. I forgot how impossibly difficult it is to get out of work on time to change, drive across town and get my bike. But I made it with a minute to spare. I did have to tell my staff to take a message on a phone call, but hey I was off work, I deserve to leave. I burned 9.4 calories per minute in class. It seemed pretty difficult, I can tell I haven't done it in a long time. I really enjoyed using my spin shoes again, it works your legs/feet in an entirely different way. I don't ever bring my spin shoes when I just do 20 minutes on the bike.

Tuesday I took my rest day. Erin has cracked a rib from coughing too hard, and she has to recuperate for a while. That made it easy for me to come home and sit down. And fall asleep on the couch. Gloomy weather has me pretty tired lately. Also, Tuesday will probably be my rest day going forward. Summer Reading starts next week (can you believe summer is here?) and Tuesdays are my busy work days. Plus, Dan is working Mondays and Wednesdays evenings now, and I would like to see him some times.

So after skipping Tuesday's weight session, I decided to get up and workout in the morning on Wednesday. I did a pretty decent circuit. As you can see, there are certain exercises I just love to do, and just keep doing. I love to work my shoulders right now, because I think they could look great in dresses this summer. But I know I need to work legs, so I throw one exercise in there for good measure. Wednesday, it was the leg press machine. 

Thursday morning I was up again to do a morning workout. I did a repeat of Sunday's workout, except I added a few more things and did them all in one circuit, instead of two. I did not have as great of calorie burn. I never know if that's because I am so tired in the morning. I still think doing 50 bicep curls with 30 pounds, is better than doing 12 with 40 pounds. But maybe I am missing something.

I even got up early Friday morning (thinking I need to do it every day if I am going to make it into a habit) and went running. My goal was to repeat the 3.1 miles I did last week and see if I could run more of it, thus cutting down my time. I did! I ran the first 20 minutes (approx. 1.5 miles) and then did run/walk intervals until I reached the 3.1. It was a little miserable. But I am excited that I shaved 1:28 off my time from just last week. I was definitely running harder, so I must have been walking slower to compensate. 

Like I said, this has been a great week for workouts. If I had a scale I would expect it to be moving. But since I don't, I am just going to keep having great weeks until... well forever I guess!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

2015 Week 19

No scale this week. No scale this month. It hasn't been hard per se, because Dan has removed the scale from the bathroom. And the top floor. And has hidden it in the bat cave downstairs. I did have a moment of panic when our basement got a bit flooded and wondered if it was damaged. I mean, I can get a new scale, but I need to know the discrepancies between the two scales or I'll never know if I am at my lightest weight. And things like this are really important to me.

He assured me, it was not on the floor in the basement. And I have kind of looked around for it while I was mopping up the floor, but I didn't see it. And I didn't want to see it. He hid it really well.

I do think about it every morning when I am not using it. And it's nice not to have to remember to jump on it before I take a shower.

But I am not really certain what the point was. To prove that I can? To remind myself that the scale doesn't define me? Because if anything I am just more anxious about what it will say June 1st. I could get on and it will say that I am anywhere from 2 to 7 pounds to my goal weight. I will be ecstatic if it says 2, I will be sad and feel like I wasted a month if it says 7.

Maybe the point was: it doesn't matter. Like I have said, I would eat the same anyway. I would do the same workouts. The scale doesn't define me and it doesn't dictate what I do each day. So why bother?

Is my fitness plan working? YES. I have gotten a lot of compliments lately. Even from people who see me all the time. And here's a side by side from just one month ago to earlier this week. One month's progress.

It doesn't matter because I look (and feel) GREAT!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The 7AM Club

This morning I joined the 7AM club. You know, like where everyone meets at the gym at 7AM and you're supposed to think it's a party, but it's not. And really, it's the 5AM Club, where all the people who work crazy early go to the gym. Don't ask me why it takes people so long to get ready for work. It wasn't really a party at all. It was just me and some old retired guys. But at least I could do more weight than them. And it was empty enough that I could do circuits using the machines.

Here's the thing though: I don't have anything to do tonight. I could have gone to the gym. But, I am trying to become a morning worker-outer. I think my whole summer will be happier if I am done with my workout by 8 o'clock. And more importantly, can sit on my front porch all evening, sipping mock-margaritas.

I thought that it would be hard to get myself up. And I really wished that I could talk Erin into meeting me there. But she's out of commission for a while, and I really need to get this goal started. Next thing you know, July will be there and summer will be half over.

So I committed to a morning workout on my facebook group, and they kept me accountable. One gal even volunteered to call me! But I had no problem getting up. I'm tired no matter what time I have to drag myself out of bed. I had laid out all my clothes last night, so they were in a pile in my bathroom. I was able to get dressed and out the door in ten minutes, barely waking up Dan!

Then I walked for a .5 mile uphill for a good leg warm up. I followed that by two weight circuits. I have been enjoying just mixing things together. I am kind of bored with the 3x3x3 workouts. And part of me doesn't like to be told what to do. But on the other hand, I can't just do what I feel like doing all the time, and I can't see a lot of improvement if I just change it around all the time. I can be sore though! Here's what I did this morning:

This kept my heart rate high the whole time and I burned over 400 calories in the 55 minutes I was there. Then I headed home, got ready and even had time to make myself some breakfast before running out the door to a crazy day of work. But at least I know my porch is waiting for me when I get home!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Recap

I am so far behind. Everywhere. Not just blogging. My whole life is crazy right now. I never did a workout recap. I totally skipped weigh-in day last week. Just because I am not actually weighing didn't mean I didn't want to keep up with the weekly posting of goals and such. The good new is: I did work out five times last week and my basement dried out completely after the 100 year flood that occurred in our town last week. So win-win!

And I am feeling really lean lately. I started wearing my new 11/12 sized jeans last week. They fit so comfortably and I feel so confident in them. This weekend, I even got a new sized Medium t-shirt. My upper half has never been my larger size, but to be back in Medium shirts is a good feeling. I feel like things are working out, even if I have no idea what the scale is saying.

My weekend was pretty great, although I had very little time for myself. I really do like being busy. I have a lot of yard work things to do, but it is soaking wet everywhere, and nothing can be done right now anyway. So I might as well just hang out with friends and enjoy life.

Friday evening I picked Samantha up from daycare. I like getting quality one-on-one time with her. It's easy for us to hang out with her and return her, and her parents get some time to get some things done. Before Jennifer had a baby, I always told her I wanted a set day to hang out with her. We had a set day with our friend Brandy's baby and it really made our relationship stronger. Jennifer was never sold on the idea, but now that she's getting older, I think she appreciates some time off.

Samantha wanted pancakes, so pancakes it was. I logged everything in before I ordered it and made good choices. Unfortunately they weren't the tastiest choices, so we shared some things (she ate my yogurt, I ate one of her pancakes!) But I logged it all and it was all good.

We went shopping, played, pretended to drive my car, and then went to her house so she could show us the water fall that was happening from their sump pump. And play candy land. Which used to be one of my favorite games as a kid! We didn't own it, but my grandparents did. Which was probably why it was so much more fun!

Saturday morning I got up early and did my workout. I still had to make up day 2 of our 3x3x3 program. Erin had been sick on Thursday, and I skipped the gym thanks to a flood in my basement, and spending three hours vacuuming that up! 

I have really been noticing lately the definition in my quads. Generally, I hate my legs. They are where I store all my fat. They are jiggly, have cellulite and don't seem to ever slim down. No matter how much running I did at one point. But at the right angle, using the right machine, there they are. My quads. Working hard, taking names!

Saturday afternoon we spent getting our house ready for company. Dan had a lot of dishes to do, I needed to dust everywhre, and we needed to hit the gorcery store for all the Mother's Day luncheon fixins. Boy do I hate the grocery store on Saturday afternoons. People are so dumb. It's a good thing I take Dan along to make sure I don't punch someone. I have been known to leave my cart and walk out before. 

That evening, we went out to the McGeese Farm to help out with Samantha while Ryan and Jennifer got some things done. We did a bunch of exploring. Played a bunch and made dinner together (spaghetti, which I had logged earlier in the day!)

They're still Best Buddies!
I brought along my own dessert. I knew they had ice cream bars (like Snickers, Drumsticks and Twix frozen bars) so I brought along my own frozen treat. These are Yasso frozen yogurt (5g protein) Mint Chip bars. Samantha wanted to have what I was having and loved it so much I left one for her. They were delicious, and half the carbs and fats of whatever the rest of them had!

Lately, I've given Dan a run for Best Buddy status!
Sunday was Mother's Day. I find I am most thankful for these lovely ladies. Without them, I wouldn't be the great Aunt Karrie that I am today!

We had both of our Mother's over for lunch. Plus the rest of the families. I ate healthfully. I enjoyed one cookie. I skipped most of the fatty salads people brought. They stayed from 12 to around 5. Then I needed a nap. I woke up TWO hours later. Finally, I hit the gym last night and had a great workout. I didn't want to do my planned 3x3x3 day. So I picked some things I did want to do, and did a circuit of them five times (so 50 reps total). After that was over I made up another circuit. I could really feel it this morning. Part of me thinks I should make things up like this more often. But then I would probably never do lunges!

My arm muscles are coming along nicely!

The best part of my weekend is that my house is clean, I have left overs for lunches, our dishes are all done, our floors are all dried, I had a lot of quality time with that three year old, and I never missed a workout. Score!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

"You're Not Gonna Be a Runner Again. Are You!"

Yesterday I got an itch to go running. Here's why:

1) There's a girl in my Challenge group who is running her first Marathon and a lot of talk started happening around how we should all meet up and run a marathon together. Or even walk. Or just cheer.

2) I am coming up on my five year reunion of my last 10k and therefore my Running Retirement.

3) I started reading my Running Blog yesterday and it made me a bit sentimental.

4) I had just talked last week about how my blue pants fit better when I was running,e ven though I am at the exact same weight right now. And I get to thinking, if you want your booty and legs to slim down, you might have to add running back into the mix.

5) Then I was reading a blog yesterday (SkinnyMeg) and she was talking about how much better her arms look, thanks to lifting, but how her legs looked better when she used to run more. Specifically, less cellulite. And who doesn't want less cellulite?

6) And it was a pretty beautiful day yesterday, though rain was threatening the entire time. It wasn't until I got home that the downpour, tornado sirens, flooding and basement leaking began!

So after I got off work yesterday, I drove up to my favorite park (the one I used to run around when I lived out in that area) and I tried to run. Originally, my plan was to run until 1) one hour was up 2) I died or 3) it started raining on me. But then I decided just to see if I could do three miles and how long it took me.

I made myself run the entire first mile. I did it in exactly 13 minutes. I actually made myself slow down a bit because I wanted to have some steam left. Then for the next two miles, I ran and walked. I didn't have a lot of rhythm to it, mostly I started running whenever a new song started and then let myself start walking when the bridge of the song came on. I figure that's a 2:1 or even 3:1 ratio for run:walk. And I did both of those pretty close to 14 minute miles.

For not having run more than 20 minutes in almost a year, I'd say I did pretty well. I might try this once a week and see if I can improve my speed.

Ultimately, I feel like I could have run the whole thing. My lungs weren't really dying and my legs didn't hurt. I had a bit of a side ache. But mostly, I was just bored out of my mind. Had Brandy been talking nonstop, I might have been able to go a full hour. Maybe I should see what she's up to.

Then I locked myself out of my car - the key wouldn't turn in the handle, and I called Jennifer to come and get me. Eventually I got my key to turn, and she didn't have to rescue me after all. But while I was talking to her, telling her about my run, she says, "You're gonna become a runner again, aren't you!"

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Weekend Recap

Friday: Dan came down with the stomach flu and I was up half the night with a rumbly stomach. I was so worried that I was going to get the flu. Samantha and Ryan had it this week and if Dan could catch it from one of them, I sure could as well. I have way too much on my plate right now to get sick. So after very little sleep, I got up and wore my new (SMALLER) jeans.

Unfortunately these are the only pictures I could take because Dan was dying and I didn't want to turn on the main light. I hate getting dressed in the dark. Or just in the bathroom. Maybe I should get my own "Dressing Room"!

Friday was complete chaos at work. We got a new computer system for our library and of course none of us know how to use it and tons of things are messed up (letters went out telling everyone they had fines and over due books that they really didn't have!) So now everyone is calling and we don't even know how to check your account. Cray cray! Even worse, everyone has been bringing treats to help us cope. So there is cookies and candy and chocolate everywhere. After I gave Steph all of the donuts, she said "Why are you being so good lately? You're passing on everything!" And I have been. I enjoyed a couple squares of accounted for chocolate, but that is all.

After work we had a Staff Association Party lined up. We played mini-golf. It was sad that Dan couldn't make it (flu) but my team was pretty fun. We didn't win any prizes but we looked cool doing it.

After the tournament, we rented out half a sports bar and most of us headed over there for drinks and appetizers. I stuck with drinking diet Pepsi and not eating anything, though I was offered about 1000 calories off of other people's plates: nachos, onion rings, fried mushrooms, cheese sticks. I had snuck a quick bite of protein between work and golfing, but when I got home I still needed to eat dinner. This is the will-power I am talking about. It's amazing.

Saturday I decided that lawn-work would be my workout. I needed to de-thatch my yard. This means use a lawn rake and really get down deep to all the crap hidden in there. This was a LOT harder than I thought it would be. I cleaned all of this mess out of a six by 20 foot section. My hands hurts and my back hurt. It took me at least 30 minutes, but my heartrate monitor stopped somewhere in there. I don't know if I was too far away or what...

Then I sat on my porch and enjoyed the day. And practiced using my timer app on my phone.

Later I got cleaned up and Dan and I went on a little date. I pulled out some capris to try on and these are the first ones I tried. I don't think these ever fit me. I remember buying them small and thinking I would be in them soon. Then that summer was over and I was never that small again. Now they fit great. And I am going to wear them as much as possible until they are too big!

We ended up at Whole Foods, because what says love more than eating outside after picking all the protein off of the hot bar?

Sunday morning I got up early and headed to the gym. I did a warm up on the spin bike and then finished my 3x3x3 week 3.

But I spent the first several minutes trying to get my heartrate monitor to connect. And it never did. So now I don't know how many calories I burned and I hate that.

After the gym, I got some groceries, so we could have lunch at home on our patio. We love to sit on the front porch. And I love that I can have such healthy sandwiches.

Later in the day, I tried on some shorts. These were the smallest shorts I ever wore. I only remember wearing them to Jen's 30th brithday party. Two years ago, I tried them on and had a goal to wear them to her 33rd birthday as well. I tried them on that day, but ended up going for something else. I guess these are my goal shorts. And they fit. I'd wear them today. Maybe this year they will be too big for Jen's 35th birthday!

Sunday night we went out with our Sunday Night Movie club friends. This means we meet for dinner (Lazlo's) see a movie (The Avengers) and then get drinks (Cliffs). I planned my whole day around half a pub club and half my fries. I passed on all the popcorn at the theater and then just had a diet soda at the bar. Nobody seems to care that I skip the alcohol, but I always wonder if they secretly think I am pregnant. No, I just have some big goals for this year!

Another perfect Macro weekend. I can't say if I weighed less, because the scale is off limits right now. But I am currently enjoying the non-scale victories of having all my smallest summer clothes fit perfectly. Looking good in clothes is really the only thing that even matters!