Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Simply Shredded Plus Week 1

We really loved the 12-week Simply Shredded program. But there were a couple things we wanted to change. There were certain moves that we just couldn't stand; it could have been because we didn't know how to do them right. Most importantly, Erin wanted to condense it down to three days so she could be away from her family less. I was interested in that as well, because I was missing Combat class. There is no way I can do a 4-day program and still make it to a class. They just aren't scheduled at the right time, or I would have had to give up Friday night to do lifting. So we're going to try this plan for the next 12 weeks. We will have a heavy leg day (Thursday), a heavy arm day (Tuesday), and a full-body day, which maybe won't be as heavy (Sunday). I will do one Spin class (Monday), one Combat class (Saturday), and one 20 minute HIIT day after full body day. We will follow the 12-week plan with three phases (8-12 reps, 6-8 reps, 4-6 reps). Though I have to say, I love the first two phases a lot more than the third. I always felt like I was going so heavy my form wasn't perfect. Maybe this time around my form will be better all around and I'll be able to increase weight more on that phase. Here's how we started:

Arm Day: I started by myself, because Erin had a sick baby and I hadn't worked out for a couple of days and I was eager to get started. I was pretty reserved with my weights because I was alone (and didn't want to get stuck with a bench press bar on my chest) and it had been so long since I did 12 reps, I wasn't sure what I would be able to do. Arm day is basically made up of all of our favorite arm exercises and well as push ups (which are not weighted, but counted). I was impressed by how strong I was, and how often I was able to do all 12 repetitions (marked by an *.) We added a lat machine to replace lat shrugs, but I don't love that either. We may play around with the exact exercises we do each week.

Bench Press - 45 pounds*
Shoulder Press - 45 pounds
Tricep Extension - 12s (24 pounds)*
Bicep Curl - 15s (30 pounds)
Lat Machine - 60 pounds
Seated Row - 60 pounds
Push Ups (reps) - 50

Leg Day: I met Erin to do Leg Day weekend morning. It was really tough. But we were conservative in our weights and were able to do. I was literally shaking as we walked to our cars and my car. My hamstrings kept seizing up during the workout and they were sore for days. I don't know if we didn't warm up enough (we did five minutes of hills on the treadmill) or we just really worked them, but my legs were 'first-day-of-body-pump-dead'!

Squats - 95*
Lunges - 75*
Stiff Leg Deadlift - 65*
Seated Calf Raise - 45*
Leg Press - 155*
Hip Thrusts - 20*

Arm Day: I did another round of arm day this week with Erin this time. I was able to increase most of my weights, but was not able to get to 12 reps on any of them. My arms were already really warn out from doing this routine just two days before and then mixing BodyCombat back into the mix. We did a different Lateral machine this time, and I think I am going to replace that with the Pull-up machine in the future. Erin doesn't like that machine, but I am never going to be able to do pull-ups if I don't keep working on it.

Bench Press - 55 pounds
Shoulder Press - 45 pounds
Tricep Extension - 15s (30 pounds)
Bicep Curl - 15s (30 pounds)
Lateral Hi-Row - 90 pounds
Seated Row - 60 pounds
Push Ups (reps) - 50

Full Body Day: Full body day is supposed to be a good mix of timed, high-rep, lower weight things and some heavy weight things we have missed with the original Simply Shredded program. The step ups, slit squats and planks really got my heart rate up so that I was burning a lot more calories than a normal weight routine. And I was so sore in both my abs and my calves the next day that I know we were missing something in the old routine.

Planks - 1 minute x 3
Chest Fly - 10s*
Upright Row - 10s*
Tricep Kickbacks - 10s*
Split Squat - 15s*
Calf Raises - 30 seconds x 3 (with 18 pounds)
Step Ups - 30 seconds x 4 (with 15 pounds)

Monday, January 26, 2015

2015: Week 4

Current Weight: 14.8 pounds (Sunday)
Weekly Loss: 2 pounds
2015 Loss: 2 pounds

I am loving the new "lowest weight of the week" plan. My friend Jennifer made me promise last week (after reading my blog post about it) that I wouldn't get on the scale more than once or try to starve myself down for a lower number. And I didn't. in fact, I skipped weighing twice last week (sometimes I forget before I jump in the shower) and this morning when I got on and saw that it wasn't lower than 14.8, I didn't even register the number. I was just so excited at seeing that 14 on the scale. This is obviously, the lowest my weight has been in 2015. But I am only one pound away from being my lowest (recorded) weight of 2014. I may have been lower before my birthday in 2014, but I didn't post it because I wasn't working on weight any more. That was a big. fat. mistake.

A two pound loss is exactly what I needed. I have been working on these macros (from Paige) for 25 days now. If I want her to re-evaluate them, I need to do it before the 30 days is up. But in the last twenty-five days, I am actually down four pounds (albeit New Year's Eve Fluff) Even two pounds in three weeks is good enough. So I am going to keep working with these numbers and hope things keep working out. I think I know enough now to correct them on my own.

A big difference is the "no bite rule" I invoked this week. I should have written everything down that I passed on. Dan's rum and coke... Samantha's chicken strip... Dan's gin and tonic... Dan's mocha... Dan's rice... Dan's fries... Jennifer's fries... Samantha's fries... I imagine all those things, even if only 25 calories on their own, add up to 100-200 a day. That's 700-1400 a week. And that is half a pound. So if I am supposed to be losing a half a pound consistently, that's ruined. And the honest truth is: a couple of fries is probably more than 25 calories.

I must continue to make this my policy.

Because of my neck pain, I didn't get as many workouts in as I wanted. I started the Simply Shredded Plus lifting plan with Erin and my whole body has been achy, so we know that's working. Here's what my workouts look like this week:

Monday - Spinning
Tuesday - Weights: Arm Day
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Weights: Leg Day
Friday - Rest
Saturday - BodyCombat
Sunday - Weights: Full Body

Maybe, just maybe, I'll be my lowest recorded weight since December 2013!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Simply Shredded Week 12 and the Results

This twelve weeks just went by crazy-fast. I feel like we just started this routine. I cannot believe it was all the way back in late October. I definitely learned so much during this 12-week process. I feel so much more comfortable in the buff-man's weight room. I understand what each move is supposed to focus on, much more than I did just going to BodyPump for years.

Here is a recap of where I started and where I ended up. Now, do realize this is also the difference between 10-12 reps and 4-6 reps. Also, please note that at the beginning, we really had no idea what we were doing or what we were capable of doing. But it's still a great improvement. I know I am stronger though, because as we begin our next 12-week program, I am starting at much higher weights this go around.

Day 1 (Tuesday): Upper Body A. 

Bench Press - 28  --> 65 pounds 
Seated Row -  50 --> 85 pounds 
Seated Shoulder Press -  28 --> 55 pounds 
Tricep Skull Crushers -  18 total --> 20 pound DB (40 total)
Curl -  28 total --> 22.5 pound DB (45 total)

Day 2 (Thursday): Lower Body A. 

Squats - 65  --> 125 pounds
Deadlifts - 50  --> 115 pounds
Leg Extension Machine - 90  --> 135 pounds
Leg Curl Machine - 60  --> 150 pounds 
Calf Raise Machine - 35  --> 135 pounds

Day 3 (Saturday): Upper Body B.  

Assisted Dips - 120  --> 80 pounds 
Assisted Pull-Ups - 130  --> 90 pounds
DB Side Lateral - 10  --> 15 pounds
Tricep Extension Machine - 30  --> 55 pounds
Bicep Curl Machine - 20  -->  50 pounds

Day 4 (Monday): Lower Body B. 

Deadlifts - 50  --> 115 pounds
Leg Press - 100  --> 250 pounds
Lunges - 45  --> 105 (bar + 60)
Calf Press - 100  --> 290

And the whole plan looked like this. Can I also say how proud I am for sticking to something for twelve whole weeks? I never missed a workout. Sure, I did two on one day once. And things got shuffled around. But I did each and every one of them!

And were my 12-week results:

Starting Weight: 19.8 Ending Weight: 16.8
Total Loss: 3 pounds

But more important, I lost inches:
Waist: -1.5 inches (definitely the biggest change)
Hips: -0.5 inches
Bust: no change (luckily)
Thigh: -0.5 inches
Calf: -0.25 inches
Bicep: -0.25 inches

I think measurements are hard. I try to measure in the "largest" (smallest for waist) spot, but that could change. There wasn't a lot of change on certain things, but it was still something. And as I do another 12 week program, I am hoping I can see another 3 inch loss. 

And here is my only photo I am willing to share!

I don't notice much of a difference. Maybe my tricep fat/wiggle is a little tighter (I guess 0.25 inches tighter) but my muscles don't look any better. But I know they will. As I continue I will get stronger and smaller and I will eventually notice a difference. So I will keep working. It will be worth it!

I know I am stronger though

Thursday, January 22, 2015

No Bite Streak

I am going on day four of no bite untracked. And it is paying off. This morning I was finally back to a 16 on the scale, where I had been stuck at 18 since Monday. I am hoping that actually sticks around this week and I can see a 15 or (eek, best news ever) a 14 finally. It has to start moving. Now that I am playing by all of the rules. Look at these perfect no-bite streak the last four days.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday!

My biggest problem is: I haven't been doing much cardio.

I did make it back to BodyCombat last Sunday. The teacher asked if I was lost. Because it has been so many weeks months since I had been there. But I picked it up with ease. My back was really tight on Monday, but it felt good to really sweat again.

Monday, Erin and I began our new weight lifting plan. I will go over that more in detail soon. We worked legs on Monday and my hamstrings were so sore by the time we left the gym. It was bad news all day Monday. Tuesday and even Wednesday. But at least I know that leg day works. Tuesday evening we did arms. Everything felt really good.

Then I woke up Wednesday morning with a shooting pain in my shoulder/back/neck. It was awful. And it didn't get better all day. I was chugging down Tylenol, and I don't think it ever made a dent. At one point I think I was crying at work, I was in so much pain. Dan massaged it some when I arrived home. I think that made it feel better. I am not sure if it is a pinched nerve or a strained muscle. But I can barely move my head to the left and can only sleep on one side. I had hoped my muscles would relax over night and I'd wake up just fine, but I didn't. I think it's better today, but it's not great.

And both days, I have developed a low-grade fever about 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. Yesterday I thought it was my body trying to fight off the pain (does that happen) but now I am wondering if it is a reaction to the amount of Tylenol that is in my body.

I am working an 11-hour day today, and have activities at all times of the day, so no going home to rest it. Not that resting is any easier. It's going to hurt no matter what I am doing. I just wonder if I should be icing it... like maybe it's a pulled muscle from my workout.

This has taken me out of any workouts for the last two days. And although I had planned on going to BodyCombat tomorrow morning (my day off!) I don't think I will risk it. Unless, I happen to wake up feeling perfect. Then I am back at work on Saturday, which is good for my food schedule, but bad for my workout plans.

At least I can control what I eat. Which tonight means skipping the pizza I am buying for Library families and going home to eat my wholesome grilled chicken!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cheater, Cheater, One Bite Eater

Today I made a confession to my online accountability partners. So I think it's time I make it for you as well:

I am a cheater!

Even though I hit my macros every day, I ALWAYS have a bite that I don't track. Dan always has something better to eat than what I am having. So I let myself have one fry, one bite of ice cream, a couple M&Ms, a sip of his mocha, a taste of his burger, a sample of his drink.

I don't track it.

I don't weigh in.

I have no idea how to weigh one bite.

But I know I need to stop.

Every day I tell myself, "no cheats" and often, without even thinking about it, there I am, trying his coffee.

The other day I had a bite of his donut. I didn't have enough carbs to waste on my own. But let's face it, a bite of a cake donut is still like 1/8 of the donut. So I told myself I had to track it. 5 grams carbs and 1.5 grams of fat.


I am only cheating myself.

But I have vowed to stop cheating. It's not even the eating part, but the tracking. I MUST track everything that goes into my mouth. And if I don't know how to track it (one sip, one bite) then I can't eat it.

That's my vow. It's going to take dedication. And an awareness of everything I pick up. You'd be surprised how often someone lets me taste something, or how many times I pick up just one M&M because that won't hurt anything.

But it is hurting my progress.

And it stops now!

I just need to stop cheating.

Day one!

Monday, January 19, 2015

2015: Week 3

Current Weight: 16.8 pounds
Weekly Loss: 1 pound
Total 2015 Loss: 0

I am going to try something new with my weigh in. This is actually my lowest weight from the week. This week, it occurred on Sunday. I'm tired of having my weight be great all week and then jump up one day, especially for weigh-in day. It's not like I can't say I weigh this weight, even if today was 1 pound higher. It varies. Every minute of every hour. And I do weigh in every day, even though I shouldn't. So from now on, my current weight will be whatever my lightest weight of the week happens to be. Sure, I could have gained five pounds since that weigh-in, but I don't eat enough to actually gain that much weight and the scale really doesn't matter than much. Instead it will be interesting to compare my lowest from week to week.

Overall, I have only returned to where I was before my birthday celebrations. I am really really looking forward to seeing a fifteen this week, and hope of all hopes maybe a 14.

I have been following my macros perfectly. But this week my food scale started acting weird. First it wouldn't "zero" properly. So I had to turn it off any time I needed to add a new food to the scale (for instance: when making nachos, you add 20 grams of chips, then 100 grams of chicken, then 28 grams of cheese, and you hit "zero" between each of those so you don't have to add it together. But when I hit that zero button it would sometimes go to zero, sometimes 7, sometimes -4. Then I had an occurance where I added protein powder to a drink, something I do almost every day. I was sure the amount I added was less than 20 grams, but it said 34. I added a bit more and went with it. But I knew it was off. Then I took the smallest amount of peanut butter out of a jar and it said 40 grams (more than a swerving). I am pretty certain about serving sizes of most things, having done this precisely for over six months, and in general for years. I immediately went out and bought a new scale. I have compared so many things and the discrepancy is huge. This could have huge effects on my numbers. I may not have been eating enough (if it was too high) or I was eating too much (if the scale was too low). Either way, it will be hard to say it was working this past week.

We have been eating at home more, which is always good. I finished Simply Shredded this week and wrote up a new plan. I am excited to try that and see how it goes. I had a nice long weekend with beautiful weather. We got to spend time with two different groups of friends and spend some time outside. It's a short work week, and I am over my cold. Things are looking great.

Friday, January 16, 2015

A Slow Week

I haven't had much to say this week. I have been battling a bit of a cold and it has taken all of my energy. Breathing, you know. It's not over-rated. I haven't missed my weight lifting sessions, but I haven't done any cardio either. I have been in a funk with cardio lately anyway, and it has not sounded appealing.

I have a new plan going forward that is going to get me back to one spinning class and one BodyCombat class each week. That will keep me from getting burned out on those, but help me get my cardio in without just going home.

I have a three-day weekend coming up and the weather is supposed to be fairly nice. I am looking forward to getting so much done, although right now I am going to need to feel better for that to happen.

I have been hitting my macros perfectly this week. And yet the weight is staying right where it was. It's hard to see the same number every time I get on the scale. I keep hoping that I have a big change sometime soon. They say that weight loss goes through a stall and woosh pattern, something with water retention and how your fat cells deflate. I read an article once... that's the story of my life. So I just keep hoping that I will get on that scale and see a two pound loss.

For now, I just keep trying to breathe and counting every little thing that goes into my mouth. And I lift heavy stuff. Other than that, life has been monotonous this week. I think that's pretty typical for January. It's not very hopeful, we're smack dab in the middle of winter. But things will move on, they always do.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Simply Shredded Week 11

Week 11 already. I can't believe we are almost done. I am looking forward to changing things up. But I have really really loved this experience. Again this week, I stayed the same on most of my weights. I am just working on perfect form and doing everything correctly for six reps. 

Day 1 (Sunday): Upper Body A. I warmed up with 20 minutes on the elliptical machine. I didn't do any HIIT intervals, just a steady state workout, though I kept my heartrate high the whole time, which was something I wasn't sure I could do on the elliptical.

Bench Press - 55 pounds 
Seated Row - 80 pounds 
Seated Shoulder Press - 55 pounds 
Tricep Skull Crushers - 17.5 pound DB (35 total)*
Curl - 20 pound DB (40 total)

Day 2 (Tuesday): Lower Body A. Tuesday was my birthday, and Erin and I both happened to have it off from work. I didn't want to work out in the evening, so we met at the gym as soon as the daycare was open for Baby X. It was a great way to start off my birthday. I did ten minutes on the treadmill to warm-up and then we hit legs hard. I was there for an hour and things seemed really hard. I realized that this was the 8th day in a row I had been to the gym, so I called it a day after weights.

Squats - 115 pounds*
Deadlifts - 105 pounds*
Leg Extension Machine - 135 pounds
Leg Curl Machine - 150 pounds 
Calf Raise Machine - 135 pounds*

Day 3 (Thursday): Upper Body B.  We met late Thursday evening for arm day. This is usually the easiest day, mentally. Using the machines are kind of rote moves, where you just put the pin on the right weight and bust them out. But I was really tired when we were done and left without doing any cardio. Sometimes I am so cold I never remove my third shirt and don't get my heart-rate above my normal working day.

Assisted Dips - 80 pounds 
Assisted Pull-Ups - 90 pounds
DB Side Lateral - 15 pounds
Tricep Extension Machine - 50 pounds*
Bicep Curl Machine - 45 pounds

Day 4 (Saturday): Lower Body B. Saturday morning we were in the gym with a bunch of people. It feels so great to know what we're doing. I feel 100% confident that I could go in there on my own and do a bunch of reps. I am still feeling like my deadlift weight is limited by my arm/wrist strength, but boy do I feel that in my booty the next day. 

Deadlifts - 105 pounds*
Leg Press - 250 pounds*
Lunges - 105 (bar + 60)*
Calf Press - 270*

Monday, January 12, 2015

2015: Week 2

Current weight: 17.8 pound
Weekly Gain: 1.0 pound

My weight has been up all week, just around the 18 pound mark (from the 16 pound mark). So I actually thought this was a good weigh in this morning when I saw the 17. It wasn't until I looked back at last Monday to see that I had actually gained a little bit this week.

But it was the biggest celebratory week of my year. That's the strange things about birthdays. I went out to eat three times with people (my mom, Dan's mom and then just on my birthday). And there is always cake and desserts and wine. At least for Thanksgiving, you eat a couple boring meals and it's over. Honestly, three dinner celebrations is pretty low for me.

I didn't hit my macros perfectly. But I wasn't too far over. Then even when the celebrations we over (on Thursday) I still had a weekend full of estimating. My family came over Saturday evening for snacks and Reunion planning. I had saved most of my carbs and a lot of my fats so I could enjoy some snacks. And even though I didn't feel like I ate that much (and I skipped all of the three bottles of wine consumed) I felt sick to my stomach when they left. The next morning I felt just like I used to feel after a night of drinking. Hungover, I guess. But I had no alcohol in my system. Proving that perhaps my body just hates high amounts of fats and carbs. I'm happy to know I feel better when I eat healthier, or at least space my consumption throughout the day.

While everyone else had to get back to work last week, I actually had a really short week. And now, today starts my first full week back after the holidays. My first full week since the 15th of December. But it feels good to be back into a routine. I am looking forward to doing more cooking at home this week and hitting my numbers again. Without guessing everything.

We're also winding up our last week on the Simply Shredded program. We should finish next Sunday. So we've been talking about what to do instead. My weight lifting partner wants to be at the gym fewer times per week. So I am considering doing two weight room days and one BodyPump day. I hate to quit the great 4x/week pattern we have, but you can't deny that having a workout partner trumps just about everything else. So if meeting her gets me there three times a week versus not meeting her, than I am for whatever.

I have also been in a real funk with my cardio sessions lately. I can't get myself to stay after weights to do even 20 minutes. I just want to go home and curl up under some blankets. Even when I am already there. I think I might need to change it up a bit again. Back to spin class or kickboxing. So only having to do weights three times a week might give me some more free time for that.

Last year, I woke up from my birthday food coma at 14.2 pounds. I am only 3.6 pounds higher this year. Not that last year brought great weight changes, or at least not in the right direction, but I do feel that I did a lot less damage this year, I am not starting very far from last year, and I have a great plan going.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Birthday Review

I celebrated my birthday for the last four days. And I am happy to say: I came out about half a pound higher than I went in. I am really happy with that. And honestly, hope that part of it is gone tomorrow when I get back to eating real foods and not brownie sundaes.

I made a lot of hard decisions:
  • splitting desserts... with 4 people
  • sending a cake home with Samantha so I never ate any.
  • really wanting a pasta dish but getting a grilled chicken one instead. 
  • Only having one glass of wine, not three.
  • eating pure protein for several meals.
  • working out every day.
  • not dragging the celebrations out longer.
Sometimes when I make these tough decisions (like when I went to Saint Thomas and felt like I was skipping everything good) I feel really down about it. Like, why do I have to skip dessert/get up early to work out/not drink all the time, when everyone else doesn't. But I feel really motivated right now. And instead my mindset was:

I want that lower number on the scale more than I want that cupcake.

And that has made all the difference. 

I didn't take a lot of pictures, but here's what I have...

Happy 35th Birthday to me
Worked our every day of my five day weekend.

This is as wiggle-free of a picture I could get.

Samantha took this picture of me... pretty good photo skills.

Free coffee for my birthday!

One of many desserts I consumed.

Monday, January 5, 2015

2015: Week 1

Current Weight: 16.8 pounds
Weekly Loss: 1.2 pounds

I was really happy to see that loss on the scale this morning. I was at 18 pounds after Christmas (my last weigh-in) and then after New Year's Eve, which I pretty much ate and drank as much as I wanted (well, not wanted, but thought was okay) I was up to 18.8 pounds. After four days of dialing in my eating and getting back on track with my Macros, I was down to the weight I was maintaining through most of December. That's even the morning after my first birthday celebration. My mom took us out for dinner last night (even though I had planned on going bowling instead of eating!) and I ate so healthy. Steak, green beans, mashed potatoes (the indulgence). Then I got the free birthday dessert. Even though I only ate 1/4 of it, it still put me over my fat limit by 20 grams. Luckily I had enough carbs to make up for it.(You can do that every once in a while, and I would say birthdays are one of those times.) I went to bed with a water/protein drink, which is not my favorite way to end the day, but I am glad I hit my numbers alright. And I am even happier that it worked out on the scale this morning.

I would love, love, love to be another pound down by next week. Losing weight through my "Birthday Week"? Can macro-counting get any better?

I don't really like to get gifts for my birthday, but I absolutely love to buy myself things. Things I wish people would give me for my birthday, but nobody seems to understand what those things are. So today, I took myself shopping and bought two new pairs of workout pants (one pair is purple!) and a new sports bra. I am going to make myself go through my workout clothes and do some donating. I have a lot of cotton shorts and pants that I just don't wear. They're probably in a box in my closet. That's my goal for next weekend. Getting rid of one sack of crap a weekend should be my goal this year. (Last year, I had to donate five things every time the goodwill came around!)

I also got two new pairs of wool socks (because nobody got me socks this year!) and I love having warm feet, as well as a new mascara, because I love trying new beauty products. I have three days off of work, and it feels great. I am going to get a pedicure and try to be productive. It's just so hard when the temperature is 16 degrees. Wednesday, there's a high of 1!

My plan to battle this birthday celebration:

  • no alcoholic drinks.
  • no "celebrating" with food. I want to celebrate the friendships.
  • protein drinks and only going out to eat once per day.
  • lots of water.
  • sticking to my workout schedule. (Leg day with Erin on my birthday morning.)

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Simply Shredded Week 10

Week 10 did not include a lot of increases. I have been wanting to work on good form and really making sure I can do the weight perfectly. I might try to increase some things on week 12, just so I can see how high I can go, before we are done. I used an * to indicate which exercises I did six times. I plan to do this same weight next week though. Our days got messed up due to the New Year's Holiday, the gym being closed at a variety of times, and an ice storm that kept us from commuting to the gym. So we switched the order of our workouts. Not that it probably matters.

Day 1 (Tuesday): Upper Body A. We did Tuesday evening's workout at our usual time of 8PM and yet I really felt like it was pretty easy. I had worked all day, so there shouldn't have been any differences. I just felt really strong. Not like I need to increase everything. But moves that were really hard last week, definitely seemed do-able. Which is why I want to work on form and not increasing my weight every time. 

Bench Press - 65 pounds 
Seated Row - 80 pounds 
Seated Shoulder Press - 55 pounds 
Tricep Skull Crushers - 17.5 pound DB (35 total)*
Curl - 20 pound DB (40 total)

Day 2 (Thursday): Lower Body A. New Year's Day and Erin and I both had the day off. Unfortunately, we had a mis-communication and I showed up at the gym about 45 minutes before she thought we were meeting. I started with 10 minutes of walking on the treadmill and then when I realized she wasn't coming, I did another 25 minutes on the Spin Bike. I was worried I'd be worn out for weights, but I wasn't. On top of that, I wasn't well rested due to New Year's Eve, nor was I hydrated enough. I hate to get out of my routine. But I felt really stong and had a great day of lifting.

Squats - 115 pounds*
Deadlifts - 105 pounds 
Leg Extension Machine - 135 pounds*
Leg Curl Machine - 150 pounds 
Calf Raise Machine - 135 pounds*

Day 3 (Friday): Upper Body B. We filled up Friday night with more gym time. Cause we're just that cool! I was interested in seeing if doing Upper Body B's workout in the evening would be easier than when I usually do it on Saturday mornings, I wouldn't say I noticed a difference. It's always hard. I did all my pull ups at 90 pounds, which is quite possibly the only thing I changed this week. I finished with a quick 20 minute HIIT workout on the StairMill. 

Assisted Dips - 80 pounds 
Assisted Pull-Ups - 90 pounds
DB Side Lateral - 15 pounds
Tricep Extension Machine - 50 pounds*
Bicep Curl Machine - 45 pounds

Day 4 (Saturday): Lower Body B. On the contrary, we usually do this workout on a Thursday evening after work, so I wondered if doing it early on a Saturday morning would be any different. It was really about the same. I felt strong, but I could tell I was working hard. My legs were shaking. I still did 20 minutes on the Spin bike afterward. 

Deadlift - 105 pounds*
Leg Press - 250 pounds*
Lunges - 105 (bar + 60)*
Calf Press - 270*

Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's Time for a Resolution

Resolutions get a bad wrap. People either make really grandiose plans and fail immediately. Or they claim they don’t make resolutions because they won’t ever keep them.  The truth is, I really like resolutions. I love setting new goals and working toward something. It might be true that I have been working on losing weight for the last twenty (?) years. I might always be working on that. And just because I didn't achieve my New Year’s Resolution last year (being able to do a pull-up) I don’t feel like I failed. I worked all year at that goal. At first, I might not have been on the right path. I might have let my goal to tone up get in the way of holding my weight steady. Then in turn, I had to change my goal to losing that weight I gained. And now finally, toward the end of the year, I really felt like I got back on the right track for doing a pull up. 

I like resolutions so much I like to make them every month, which is why I do a monthly recap. Sometimes I make new goals every week. Just to keep things fresh! I do make resolutions that aren't fitness related. But I don’t keep blogs about them, so they’re harder to keep track of.

Anyway, on to my goal for 2015…

This will be the year I do one pull-up.  Maybe 10.

Oh that's the same as last year, you say? Okay! Keep trying!

I started keeping track of my food on My Fitness Pal. It doesn't seem nearly as intuitive as Lose It. But maybe I am just so used to doing it one way. So many people in the world use MFP and I have to be as smart as half of them, so I am sure I can figure it out. Right now it just seems really overwhelming. I have four years of food logged in Lose It, so it’s going to take a while to build up a base.

My goals for January are this:
1) Finish up the Simply Shredded Program. Take a week where we go back to a BodyPump class. We're eager to see how our muscles have changed. Then I am working on creating my own 12-week Simply Shredded program, that incorporates all my favorite things. 
2) Follow my macros from the nutritionist. For the entire month!
3) Lose five pounds. I don't want to admit that I have gained a couple pounds over the New Year's Holiday. I hope that drops off in time for my Monday morning weigh-in.
4) Increase my cardio to 4-20 minute + sessions a week.
5) Find ways to celebrate my birthday that don't involve food!