Monday, June 30, 2014

Skinny Meg Challenge Week #1

Current Weight: 24.2 pounds
Weekly Loss: 0.6 pounds
Weekly Low: 21.4 pounds

I had another consistent week. I thought that things finally started happening on Saturday when my scale actually jumped down two or three pounds. But then Saturday evening I had a BBQ and it was up again on Sunday morning. I thought that I ate really well at the BBQ (one hot dog, a serving of watermelon, a serving of chips, a few pretzel bites, and a bite sized decadent dessert.) What got me was the alcoholic punch I drank three glasses (at 200 calories per glass). I should have skipped that! I did burn 3100 calories this week. Plus, I went on a casual 25 minute walk on Sunday that I didn't even add (but that should have pushed it up to 3300 calories burned). Oddly, I skipped the gym on Sunday because I had already reached my goal - that's not the point! But also because I was pretty warn out from high intensity workouts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I am ready to get back to it today.

 Here were my weekly stats:
I am starting a new Challenge today! I have signed up to do a 12-week challenge with famous weight-loss blogger: Skinny Meg. I have joined an accountability group on Facebook. And along with 1500 other people we are committed to healthy eating and working out for the next twelve weeks. There are challenges along the way and ultimately a weigh-loss winner at the end. I have no thoughts of actually winning the weight loss prize. I lose weight slower than anyone in existence. But I need some accountability. I am hoping that this gets me going. I am also hoping that it gives me some people to talk to about calories and healthy meals and restrictions and working out, because I don't have many real-life people to talk to about these things.

A lot of people in her challenge are counting Macro-nutrients rather than calories. I am not ready to make that jump. I feel like a calorie-counting expert. And although switching things up might be exactly what I need, I can not wrap my mind around what to eat to get my carb/fat/protein ratios to work out correctly. Here are my goals for the next week though:

1) I must get my protein higher. I tried the macro-fit calculator and it told me to eat between 140-170 grams of protein per day. I have tried on several occasions to average 100 grams per day... and I always fail. How in the world would I get it up to 140? My goal for this week is to aim for 100 again. I've heard that't the most important aspect of Macro counting anyway. It's hard to eat many carbs, if you spend all your time and calories eating protein. Plus I like protein, so it can't be that difficult.

2) I want to try to increase my intake calories. Yes. You read that right. My goal is 1800 this week. Of course I want to do this with healthy foods. Not candy bars. But this does mean I can indulge in almond butter and hummus and cheese and not feel guilty.

3) I want to raise my burn to 3500 this week. 1800 - 500 is a net calories of 1300. That seems healthy.
Here is my workout schedule:
Monday - Spinning (45) + stair climber (15)
Tuesday - BodyPump (50) + Elliptical (20)
Wednesday - Spinning (45) + stair climber (15)
Thursday - Rest
Friday -BodyPump (50) + Elliptical (20)
Saturday - Combat
Sunday - BodyPump or Combat

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Six A.M.

Today was the last day of the Yoga-Abs class they were offering (pool-side) at 6:15. It's also going to be the last Abs class I attend for quite some time. They're moving my regular Sunday class to a different time. And it doesn't work so well for me. So I made sure to get up this morning and take this as my last chance. I am planning on writing a comment card that says: I didn't even LOVE the class, and I still got up to come, because that is a GREAT time for workouts!  Today we seemed to do even more yoga than before. I just cannot get into that. I don't need to let my soul drift and my spirit feed the energy. Or whatever. I probably do need to stretch more. But, you know, like after I do a hard workout. I still burned almost 100 calories more than last time: 370. I think more of what we did was standing up. I tend to burn at least three more calories per minute, just standing versus laying down. In fact, sometimes when I am laying down, my heart rate monitor thinks I am dead.

It was a great morning. After class I hit the spin bike and did my own thing for 15 minutes. By then, I had beefed up my calorie burn to 540 and I could go home. I have a rule about not leaving the gym until I get over 500 calories.  It was only 7:25 and I had plenty of time to get ready for work and then go out for breakfast with Dan.

Usually I don't like a big breakfast, but I was super-hungry. We had bagels. Which was also perfect, because it had to fuel me through a busy morning and no lunch until I got off of work at 2:00. I was pretty tired when I pulled in to work at nine this morning. But the rush of storytime and all the crowds kept me going pretty well.

I think I could get used to working out in the morning. But this every once in a while thing makes it very difficult. I went to bed early last night and probably got six to seven hours of sleep. But that's still not enough. I can only fall asleep so early. Which is another reason a routine would make it easier. Dan thinks it's ridiculous to get up that early. And I know that I am throwing off his sleep schedule by having my alarm going off at 5:30. But as I explained to him today: I have too many things I want to get done in life, and I am going to have to start getting up earlier to accomplish them all.

I have the afternoon (well, after 2) off and I am so looking forward to it. I hope the sunshine holds because I am ready for my first trip to the pool. Tonight I have a lot of yard work to get done, so essentially another workout planned. We're having a BBQ this weekend and the lawn needs to be mowed to perfect croquet form! My two workouts today will make up for the fact that I didn't work out at all yesterday and instead ate Ice Cream for dinner!

Ahhh, Summer!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Black Bean Veggie Wrap

There's a local restaurant in town that we LOVE to go to. Way too often. Lazlo's for those of you local! Everything is good there. But Dan really likes to get the Veggie Wrap. It's like a black bean, rice, salsa, cheese, onion, sour cream wrap. And it is delicious.

But I figured it was something we could very easily make at home. So I got the ingredients together. For the most part those were all things I had around the house. I boiled the rice (2 servings) warmed up the black beans and drained them. Mixed about 3/4 of the can of beans with my finished rice. Add a few tablespoons of salsa and a couple rings of diced red onion.

I warmed my burrito sized wraps for 15 seconds each and then loaded my rice mixture into the middle. I added a squirt of ranch dressing (I think they probably use a real smooth sour cream, but I love ranch! And the ranch I have is so low calorie.) Dan added cheese and jalapeƱos (fresh from the garden!) to his. I skipped those, because I don't like peppers and didn't need the added calories from the cheese.

It was super easy and delicious. Like usual, my wrapping skills could use some work! Dan declared it even BETTER than the restaurants, because of the peppers. We'll definitely add these to the rotation. Maybe they can replace black bean taco night, because I am pretty tired of that!

My wrap had about 425 calories. I probably could have used healthier wraps. And brown rice. But I love my white carbs. I thought it was worth it. Plus I had enough calories to enjoy an ice cream sandwich later.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Slim-down Week #5

Current Weight: 24.8 pounds
Weekly Gain: 2.2 pounds
Total Gain: 0.8 pounds

I warned you this was coming. Unfortunately I wasn't rewarded with a surprise this morning. My weight was down a pound or so; I guess that's something. But the random gaining I did this week, despite a near perfect week, did not completely disappear. I am still holding on to hope that it will fall off soon. I am hoping it is one of these reasons: 1) Hormonal weight fluctuation, which should be gone in a day or two. 2) I worked out a lot, and have started really lifting weights again. There is some theory of the body retaining glycerin stores when you've been working it hard. 3) My body is C-R-A-Z-Y. Well, I am not hoping my body is crazy, I already know that! I am just hopeful that's the reason it didn't let me lose weight this week. Here's how everything turned out:

I made my goal of 3000 calories. Easily. In fact, I probably burned more than that 3200. I did not count anything for the 30 minutes I spent playing Ultimate Frisbee. My heartrate monitor kept disconnecting at those distances. I also was spot on as far as my intake calories. 1100-1200 seems perfect.

So I am stumped as to what went wrong.

I just need to keep it up!

So here's to another week, just like this one!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Consistency with No Reward

I have had a great week. My caloric intake has been spot on: 1427, 1405, 1800, 1492, 2060. I have worked out Monday, Tuesday, a bit Thursday and again Friday and Saturday. I have been making great choices: skipping ice cream, eating tacos (without cheese) instead of cheese covered nachos, passing on margarita invites, eating at home most of the time, and getting up early to make it to the gym when nobody was meeting me there! I have been drinking a ton of water, and not really so much soda.

And you know what my scale has done this week to reward me? Nothing. It start at 22 pounds, went up to 23 or 24 and yesterday morning mocked me with a 26! I keep telling myself that number is hormonal, and as soon as this week passes this weight is going to just fall off. Or maybe my body doesn't know what's going on, and as soon as it realizes I am serious, that weight is just going to fall off.

I was feeling so hopeful earlier in the week. After I made it two days without any pitfalls, I felt really committed. Like, hey I might be able to do this thing! Two days doesn't seem like a long time. But for me, who had been having trouble committing to a full day of healthy eating, it was pretty successful. Now I have made it through five great days.

And nothing.

But I am holding out hope. Mostly, because I have had a great week. And I only felt deprived once. I loved that Dan and I did things to be active together. I took some enjoyable classes this week. Without meeting anyone. I ate some delicious and easy throw together meals. Dan even made me Peanut Butter toast once. When I came home from an eleven hour day at work starving. I have felt proud of myself. I have been consistent.

And I was hoping for big movement on the scale.

In the opposite direction.

But I am still hopeful. It has to come some time.

As long as I continue to make smart choices. And keep working.

It will start falling off!

Friday, June 20, 2014

That Time I Played Ultimate Frisbee

Here's the thing: I am not into sports. I would say that I like to work out. And I like to be active. I like to (make myself) try new things. And I would love to live a more active lifestyle. But I am a perfectionist. So if I am not going to be perfect at something, I don't want to do it. And I surely don't want to do it in front of other people. Who will judge me.

Dan LOVES Ultimate Frisbee. Most of this life, before me, he was involved in some kind of pick-up game group. He knows several different groups that meet on several different days. Every one is welcome kind of thing. But since he's met me, he's probably played less than 20 times. I am not sure why this is. I probably keep him entertained enough. Plus, with his work-one-night-per-week and have game-night-with-his-friends once per week schedule, that only leaves a couple nights per week that we can actually see each other. But I wouldn't mind if he went while I was at the gym.

Then last night, he asks me if I will go with him. Dan is very independent. He doesn't need to know anyone to join in a group of people. He doesn't care what people think of him. He doesn't need to scope out a situation before hand like I do. But I thought that I could like this sort of thing. I needed to get a workout in. I like games. But I would only know two people (Dan and his friend Brian). And I had never played. And remember, I am not sporty. This idea terrified me! Hello Jr. High P.E. class. At one point I was actually in tears, explaining to Dan the horror of P.E. And how I actually refused to let someone "pick-me" for a team, and instead picked my own team, of people who wanted to play for fun, and not like it was life-or-death, which is how most boys in Jr. High see sports. I feel like I revolutionized my Jr High PE class. And it still brings tears to my eyes because I am so passionate about people making other people feel valued.

Anyway, back to my story... He convinced me to come. I was terrified. But I stepped out of my comfort zone.

Dan convinced me this wasn't "league play" where they take things real seriously. In fact, he kept refering to it as A party where they burn calories. Those are two of your favorite things!!!

I played one game. They were really nice to me. I was pretty good. I mean, realizing that this was my first game EVER. And that I don't throw a Frisbee much. And I hardly understood the rules. But I made a few good plays. They actually threw it to me, which was probably more than the Jr High boys ever did. I actually threw it to other people. Successfully. We won. And then I was done. Once I was out of the way they really stepped up their games. One game probably took 30-45 minutes. I wasn't as worn out as many of them. Probably cause they were doing more sprinting and diving and maneuvering. But I like to think it's cause I am in such good shape. I mean they needed breaks! Please, it was only a half an hour! It was 90 degrees though.

But I was disappointed that 1) I was the only girl and 2) the only new person. Dan and Brian made it sound like new people join all the time and bring friends. And maybe they do, but not last night.

What I would love to do is get my own friends (and some of Dan's) together and play. I wish I could make that a once a week thing. Cause I could have burned a lot of calories, had I stayed out there longer. And I could have had fun doing it.

Instead I walked to Dan's mom's house (a few blocks away) and refilled out water bottles and chatted with her. And didn't burn many calories at all. And then watched Dan play the rest of the night.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Return of BodyPump

At the start of this year, I proclaimed 2014 the year I learn to really lift weights, get buff, and stop worrying about losing weight. The not worrying about my weight thing didn't really work too well. And soon I had gained ten pounds. Ugh! The getting buff part didn't really work well either. My flabby arms are still staring at me. As I type this. One thing I have done well this year, is actually learn to feel comfortable using the free weights in the weight room. There was a time at the YMCA where I did the weight machines. They didn't have much impact. So I was determined to use free weights this time around.  And Lift Heavy. And not be embarrassed by the boys around me. I am feeling good there.

This is what I love about using the free weights:
  • It is so flexible. I can go at 6 in the morning (I don't!) I can go at 2 in the afternoon (sometimes.) I can go at 9 at night (most likely.) I can go at 6:15, which means right from work, without wasting time waiting for a class, or using vacation to get off early.
  • The time flies by. I break my routine up into ten minute segments. I repeat it three times. I don't even realize the ten minutes is over.
  • I intersperse it with cardio. Which means I burn more calories and the cardio flies by too. Ten minutes on the stairmill, three times? Way less daunting than thirty minutes on the stairmill.
  • I already know all of the moves from going to BodyPump. So I don't need to learn new things, or watch videos. I know at least five things to do for each body part.
  • I can do it at home. I have five pound, ten pound and twelve pound weights. That's about all I need right now. 
This is what I don't love about using the free weights:
  • It's hard to make myself do it. 
  • It's hard to make myself stay the whole time.
  • It's hard to make myself increase weight.
  • It can still be a little intimidating.
  • It only burns about 500 calories in an hour. Which is more than BodyPump (450) but less than Combat (600-700) and why opt to do something that burns less calories?
  • I know people who only lift weights for an entire hour. I don't know what they're doing. Resting? If you're lifting heavy weights, you should be fatigued after a minute. You don't have 60 muscles to work. 
  • So therefore, if I lifted properly, I would probably be done in twenty minutes. And then I need something else to do. 
  • Since I am not doing it consistently, I am not seeing results.
So I decided it's time to go back to BodyPump. My ultimate goal would be two Pump classes per week plus one session in the weight room. But for now, I am going to work on getting back into a BodyPump routine. Cause it is hard.

The first day of course, I went super-light and could barely walk the next day. I went a few days later and did everything exactly the same. I was much less sore the second time. This week I went again and increased a few tracks. I am sore, but only in a good way. I am hopeful that I start seeing results with this again. I feel like at one point, BodyPump was enough to give me muscles. It just takes consistency. Like everything else. I also have to be dedicated to increasing. I become real stagnant about the weights I am using. Every week something needs to be increasing. That's my goal right now.

I also realize that I need to burn more than the 400-450 calories I burn in a Pump class. So I have been adding on an additional 10-20 minutes of spinning or stairs at the end. It burns an additional 200 and I feel much better about a 600 calorie work out!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Slim-down Week #4

Current Weight: 22.6 pounds
Weekly Loss: 0.6 pounds
Total Loss: 1.4 pounds

Well, as I probably said last week: at least it's headed in the right direction. Which is actually really lucky after the week I had.
1) I stopped logging my calories by Thursday, which is usually a sign that I don't like to admit what they are. 
2) I ate nachos three times last week. Maybe four. 
3) All that sodium and junk food really had my weight up by Friday morning. I was staring at a 27 on the scale, and that was making me very sad. And scared. 
4) At least then I knew I needed to turn my weekend around. It was sort of like a wake up call!
5) I didn't get to the gym enough. I missed my Sunday session. Which left me about 600 calories shy of my 3000 goal. 
6) But I did spend my weekend making better choices and drinking lots of water to flush out that sodium.
7) And I got two BodyPump classes in. And by the second one, I could walk again!

So now I feel like things are going well and I'm headed in a good direction, not a downward spiral. 

I had today off from work, which allowed me to get some things done, including a nap. Plus start my week with a 600 calorie cardio session. Even if it did take me all day to make it to the gym. And I had to play several mind games to keep myself on the equipment. 

Here's what the rest of my workouts look like:
Monday - cardio room
Tuesday - BodyPump
Wednesday - mowing/yard work
Thursday - cardio room
Friday - BodyCombat 
Saturday - BodyPump
Sunday - Abs + BodyCombat 

Friday, June 13, 2014

500th Post

Wednesday was my five-hundredth post. I had noticed that this was coming. And I was disappointed that I hadn't been blogging more consistently during the build up. And then it fell on Wednesday when I was already two days late for a weigh in. But I just knew I couldn't skip it all together. It must be celebrated. Five hundred is a big deal. And that's just this blog. Think of all the weeks/years/posts I did in my running blog! On the other hand, I don't have anything special to write about. I did a weight-loss recap recently enough. And it's not like I am doing stellar (or even doing) anything about my weight right now.

Looking back over the last (almost) three years, I am exactly where I was then. I have twenty three pounds to lose. A lot has happened over the last three years. And I have seen that I can lose twenty of those pounds. But I have also seen that I can gain them all back. Sometimes within months.

I really need to get focused. And stop making stupid decisions. Like nachos. Three days this week. I can not love nachos that much.

Work has been so busy. I worked well over 40 hours this week. I have had no time to cook or meal plan or even shop for groceries. And then I think I need to celebrate my success, so next thing I know we are at a restaurant. And I am not making smart decisions. Because I just survived two programs. Or got the highest storytime attendance. Or started a stellar staff association!

But today is a fresh start. I have a three day weekend. I have talked my dad into celebrating father's day down here, rather than up in Columbus with his junk food. My Friday morning Combat class is back to 8:00 so I can make it to work afterward. And my hair is long enough that I can pull it up and not look like I was just at the gym! Life is good.

But three years from now (and 500 posts later) I don't want to be at the same point. I want to have a blog about maintaining weight. I want to be showing off all the new clothes I need to buy. I need to make a change for good.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Slim-down Week #3

Current Weight: 13.2 pounds
Weekly Loss: 0.8 pounds
Total Loss: 0.8 pounds

Getting there s-l-o-w-l-y but surely. Plus I had two extra days this week. I was dog-sitting on Monday morning and then I actually forgot (!) to get on the scale Tuesday morning. Still, headed in the right direction. Making hard choices. Working my tail off. Probably not doing enough of any of that.

So this week I am going to step that up. The first two days of the week I have done great, and plan to keep on with that plan.
Monday - Mowing
Tuesday - BodyPump + Cardio
Wednesday - Spinning or Circuit cardio
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Combat
Saturday - BodyPump and BodyCombat
Sunday - Rest (father's day!)

This should easily get my over my 3000 calorie burn goal. I really need to watch those calories in though. I say I am making tough decisions. But that means getting the small ice cream cone. Or only eating one doughnut. In all actuality I shouldn't be eating any. But sometimes I just feel like summer is slipping by and I am not celebrating. And of course, I equate celebrating with food. I should probably work on scheduling walks in the park, baseball games, bike rides, pool time, etc... as my summer fun. But what fun is the park without ice cream and the pool without fruity drinks ;)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Yoga-Abs Class

They are offering a new class at my gym this summer. On Thursday mornings at 6:15, they are mixing that great abs class I have been taking on Sundays with BodyFlow. And best yet, it's pool side. I wanted to try this class for a variety of reasons.

First, my gym tends to offer 5 am classes or 8:30 am classes. So that means I can get home from my workout two hours before I need to get up. Or I can miss work. Here's the thing: NOT EVERYONE WORKS AT 8:00. The world tends to forget that. Especially the gym. Obviously this schedule is geared for 8 am workers, and stay-at-home-moms. And nothing in between. I have written comment cards. It does no good. The same is true after work. If you don't get off at five o'clock, good luck making it to any classes. Anwyay, I wanted to reward them for offering a class at a more reasonable time. Ideally,  I would love  a 6:45. But beggars can't be choosers. I will take the 6:15-7:15 class. And it was full. Which is great, because maybe they will see that huh? people don't need to be done with their workouts by 6 o'clock? Or even better, stay at home moms will get up early? It was fuller than they expected. It was great. But it was early.

Second, I love that abs class. My abs always hurt the next day. The thirty minute class flies by. And suddenly I have burned 250 calories, working on my abs. It is great to have before another class. Or before/after a cardio session I did on my own.

Third, I had never tried BodyFlow. I know that's strange since I am such a big fan of the Les Mills classes. And there was a time when I did yoga once a week. I have heard good things about it.

But ultimately, I was disappointed. I burned 277 calories. Which means, the yoga portion only burned 27ish more than abs alone would have. I didn't feel like the yoga was very challenging. I did love being by the pool. But that meant we were lying on cement. Which is even more uncomfortable than gym flooring. And I had to get up at 5:40 to accomplish this.

Counter-point #1: I wouldn't have gotten up in the morning to do something else, so it was 277 calories I wouldn't have burned otherwise.

I may be talked in to doing it again this week. I do love the abs portion of it. And it's early enough that I could actually get 30 minutes of cardio in afterwards. We'll see if Steph is interested in trying it out. Otherwise, I am going to have a hard time being up that early.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Rain Delay

There was no weigh in this morning. I have been dog-sitting for the last five days. I am at my mom's house. There is a scale. But not a reliable one. It has been a stressful week. And weekend. There is one thing that I absolutely hate: not having any time for myself. I feel like last week was the busiest week of my life at work (literally, it was. Summer Reading is all downhill from here!) and then instead of having a weekend, I had dog chaos. I am not sure what made it so bad. Part of the problem was that I also had to "grandma-sit" because everyone was out of town. So I had to visit grandma several times. Planned around her (ridiculous) meal times. And her odd falling-asleep times. Plus my sleep was interrupted several times by dogs that aren't used to living with me. Or are just overall annoying. I kind of had an awful weekend. I fought too much with Dan. I was in a bad mood the entire time. I didn't get anything done at my own house. I have no clean laundry. I missed my gym class on Saturday. Ugh!

I did turn things around on Sunday. I got to class. Things got slightly better. I didn't sleep great last night either. But at least my mom comes home today.

Dan is going to resign me from that position. At least watching her boyfriend's dog too. That one is the problem. That one is not used to me. That one needs to be let out too often. And encouraged "to go!" That one doesn't communicate with me, and causes messes. And can't have treats because it upsets her delicate tummy. But I feel like a bad person for saying I can't do it any more. Especially since I am still willing to do it for my mom. And her dog that does know how to co-exist with me. So Dan is going to tell Steve that I quit. Because I am too scared. And when I am stressed out, it ruins his life too.

I thought things were going pretty well last week. But I know I ate too many calories over all. I made some really hard decisions. I made some sacrifices. But it wasn't enough.

Also, I didn't have a very intense week of workouts.  I worked out five times. But they were all kind of wimpy. I did a Spin class on Monday (which surprisingly never burns as many calories as I could burn on my own.) I did half a combat class on Tuesday and then left to do my own thing in the cardio room. Where people don't die of heat exhaustion. Wednesday was a walk/hike around a park where I remembered walking just doesn't burn any calories. Thursday I got up early and did a new yoga/abs class. Also, not burning any calories. Friday I rested. From what I don't know. I just didn't have time with work/dogs/life. Saturday I ran out of time. Sunday I finally got a great Combat class in.

I'll do my official weigh-in tomorrow. The calories are a bit high for me. The burn was a bit low. The stress level was through the roof. And I haven't been sleeping well. But I thought I was doing pretty well. So it will be interesting to see what the scale says tomorrow morning.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Where Have You Been?

I haven't been a very good blogger lately. I have a million excuses: work is crazy, I am dog-sitting, there's nothing new to write about. Or three! That last one's really the big one. I feel like my life is kind of at a stand still right now. I know I need to get focused. I know what I need to do to get focused. It's nothing revolutionary. I just need to buckle down and do it.

I have been doing fairly well this week. I tried a new class (more on that in another post). I have been logging my calories. I have been making good choices... if you consider "I'll just have a small ice cream cone" a good choice over "I'll have the large delicious, staring-me-in-the-face shake!" Some people might actually choose not to have a doughnut even though it's National Doughnut day. But those people don't know how to live. Instead, I had one... now I am moving on to my banana!

I have been logging my food. Doughnut and ice cream included.

I have worked out four days this week. Today is my rest day and then I am back at it again tomorrow.

I walked out of a BodyCombat class because I am so sick of how hot it is in the classroom and how they refuse to buy more fans. And how these two or three girls like to take our corner by the fan, but then they don't like to turn it on and use it.

We have been enjoying the weather lately. Wednesday Dan and I went walking around a park/campus area. I went to a baseball game with my friend Brandy last night. We really enjoyed sitting and talking in the gorgeous evening. The ball game wasn't so good.

Like I said above: I am dog-sitting and made a few bad decisions when it came to the cookies in my mom's cupboard. I ate some! They are just packaged cookies. Totally not worth it. Dog-sitting is stressful. It's not just her dog (who I love to death) but also her boyfriend's dog. She's a good dog, but we just don't have a routine down. So there have been accidents in the past (crossing my fingers none today!) and missed sleep. But I make $40 a night, and I need to tell myself that's worth the stress. And free cookies!

Work is also really awful right now. I had seven programs this week. It was exhausting. But I didn't cop out and head to the margarita store. Even after Dan suggested it.

Lots of rambling here. But it's hard to focus all your thoughts when you really haven't been blogging much.

I will try to be better.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Slim-down Week #2

Current Weight: 24 pounds
Weekly Loss: 0.2 pounds
Total Loss: Zero

First I was up a pound or two and things got scary. So then I really felt like I hunkered down for the week. I made tough decisions. I ate pretty healthy. I worked out as much as my schedule would allow... mostly. And by Saturday things were looking pretty good. Maybe even a pound or two down from last week's weigh in. But the scale's a bitch. And she decided to stay stuck right at that 24 this morning.

Like I said I did a good job of working out this week. My goal was to burn 3000 calories. I knew I probably needed six easy sessions or five hard sessions for this to work out. I made Monday Combat (600), Tuesday mowing (605), Thursday walk (370) Saturday Combat (699), Sunday Abs (240) and Combat (554) for a total of 3068. Pretty perfect.

I also thought that I ate pretty well. But I am having a hard time keeping track of my calories. I do it for a couple of days and then I lose steam. I used to do so well at that. I think I went six months without missing a day. That's a big goal for me this week. Log everything.

And get another 3000 calories burned.

And be at 22 pounds next week. Things have got to start moving.