Monday, May 26, 2014

Summer Slim-down Week #1

Current Weight: 24.2 pounds
Weekly GAIN: .2 pounds

So I am going the wrong way! Disappointment indeed. I thought that things were going alright. I was maintaining my calories last week, even if I wasn't getting as many workouts in as I needed. I was even down two pounds somewhere near the end of the work week. But Summer Reading came and with it came a work party, a walk to Sonic for shakes, drinks after work one day, and then Memorial Day weekend fun (birthday party, movies with friends, a bit of popcorn, more drinking, BBQs.) And my workouts for the week looked like this: Spinning, Weight Circuit at home, casual walk for ice cream, Weight circuit at the gym, Combat. So I worked out five times, but it didn't add up to 3000 calories.

And as busy as work is bound to be this week, I am determined to have a much better week. Same goals as last week:

1) Eat an average intake of 1600-1800 calories.
2) Always fall within this range. No saving to use later. No going over.
3) Burn at least 3000 calories through workouts.
4) Stop eating cake!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Summer Slim-down 2014

Current Weight: 24 pounds

I have taken some time off. From everything. From counting calories. From blogging. Even from working out. That's when things started getting odd. When I was skipping the gym several days in a row. And of course, weight just crept on. That's what happens.

But that break was exactly what I needed. I ate some crap food. I had time to work in my garden. I did a bit of socializing. I had days where I just came home and sat on the couch.

Now I am ready to get back to recording my calories. I am ready to start reporting my weight (albeit: awful) and I am ready to get buff for summer. Well, it might be too late to actually be buff in time for summer, but it is not too get started.

It is never too late.

I just have to work harder now. But I've eaten enough cake this weekend to deprive myself for at least three days!!!

Here are my goals:
1) Eat an average intake of 1600-1800 calories.
2) Always fall within this range. No saving to use later. No going over.
3) Burn at least 3000 calories through workouts.
4) Stop eating cake!

Now this is not the best week for me. Historically, this is the worse week of my life. Summer Reading starts Friday. This is usually the time of year when I skip the gym to go get ice cream or margaritas. And I am not gonna lie, we have a margarita night planned for Wednesday. But I have done enough skipping lately. And if I can make it through this week, it will be just the push I need to tackle the summer head on.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

My Doctor Doesn't Care

I went to the doctor today. It was time for my yearly exam. Which luckily I have been able to avoid for two and a half years now. The last time I went was January 2012. I had just gotten engaged and I was desperate to lose weight. I convinced my doctor that something was wrong and she finally caved in and sent me to a dietitian. The dietitian taught me two things: 1) Eat more things. 2) Stop complaining unless you haven't lost a pound in a month of hard work.  Then she charged me over $100 for that advise. The eating thing I could get behind. Who doesn't love being told to eat more. Though I do struggle with eating more healthy calories and not just more empty calories. That weight loss is super slow, stop complaining thing takes a while to sink in. People always use the phrase You didn't gain it over night, you won't lose it over night. But the truth is, I can gain five pounds over night... or a why can't I lose it that fast?

Anyway, back to my doctor story. I say "she finally caved" because, for years I have been complaining about my weight to her. I have made her test my Thyroid. Twice. She tested my iron levels for some reason. She made me take a pregnancy test (I guess that could stall your weight loss). And finally, she allowed me to go see a specialist. This year, I probably weigh exactly what I weighed last time I was there. Maybe a few pounds lighter. And do you think she said anything about my weight?


Just like she didn't say anything about it for the five years I was quite over weight and getting heavier. Or all those year before that when I was slightly over weight.

I have a theory. Doctors are so worried about causing anorexia or other eating disorders that they aren't allowed to mention weight issues to a women.

At least not under the age of thirty.

Though now I think it must be forty.

I guess she doesn't think it's important. I have no health problems. I have good cholesterol. Good blood pressure. I am not pre-diabetic. One hundred percent perfect bill of health.

But it seems like it should be something we discuss.

As it is, it seems like my doctor just doesn't care.

And I wish she did.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Bit of Happiness Waiting for Me

A few weekends ago I tackled a home project that has made me happy every day since and I hope continues to make me happy every time I arrive home. I painted my interior garage door. it has inspired me to do so many more things. It's amazing what a little coat of paint can do.

Here is semi-before picture. In truth, there used to be a screen door attached to this. I broke it on the very first day we moved in (trying to hold it open too much). It needed a new spring, but I didn't really understand why you would have a screen door on your garage door. Dan wanted to remove it that week, but I told him to wait. Maybe there was a reason. Now, a year and a half later, we have never wished we could let is a little air from our garage. Ever. So I let him take it down. With that, meant I could finally move the boxes that were holding it open. Suddenly, I had this white boring and kinda dirty wall staring at me. I knew immediately that I wanted to paint it.

I went to Home Depot and asked what "reject" colors they had that I could get for cheap. There was this blue shade that looked a little Easter Egg-y for me, but it was only $2, so I thought I would try it. Originally I had imagined something really bright, like Teal. But I kind of like how simple and calming this turned out. 

I even used putty on the frame to fill in the holes from the screen door. And some other patching I needed to do. Did these people hang Christmas Lights on their garage door too? It looked so much better. But I knew that I wanted to try and replace the brass door knob with a dark one. I actually spray painted this with an Oil Rubbed Bronze paint from Rustoleum. It was so easy. And now I am making lists of things I can spray paint around my house.

I think it looks so fancy! I am super happy with it. And like I said, it makes me smile every time I pull in to the garage. Now I am wondering what I should do to that step and rough patch beneath the door. Obviously it gets kicked a lot, but I can't paint it white without painting the entire front wall of the garage. 

I also want to add some writing. My hope is that it will say Bienvenu a la Maison at some point. I just need to decide if I am going to try and hand letter that, or buy a decal. Also, I want a great organizational system to line that wall. But that's probably far in the future!

For now, I am more than happy with the bit of happiness waiting for me every time I arrive.