Friday, July 20, 2018

My Week in Workouts

After taking a week off of working out while I was on vacation and my family was visiting, I was right back to it this week. It was so hard to get back into a routine. Every day I would get off of work and be so tired. I either had to will-power my way to the gym, or one day I let myself take a nap first. It's not easy to establish a routine. Even when it was so common just two weeks ago. But I did workout six times this week. And hopefully, I am back into some sort of habit.

Saturday I started with a BodyCombat class. It was so hard. But so great at the same time. I stayed for about 50 minutes of it and then planned on doing some weights. But I couldn't get going in the weight room. I started with Bench Press and my back kept spasming. So no laying down for me. I didn't want to do too many legs because I was fearful of the soreness and someone was using all the 12 pound weights, so I did a few reps of things and called it a day.

Sunday I met Tracy for a morning run. I was struggling. I can't believe how much I could regress in a week. Or how dehydrated I must have been from a week of bad eating. Or what those extra five pounds were doing to me. But I was dragging. Tracy on the other hand was having a great run and had to push me to keep going. That's what running partners are for!

Monday was my one rest day for the week.

Tuesday I wanted to just go home and sleep after work. I argued with myself the entire way home, where I had to change clothes. I fought my booty from sitting on that couch, and closing my eyes. But I made it there. I didn't make myself run. Just an easy mile and a half warm up walk and some weights. But lots of weights. And it made me sore for days.

Wednesday I did go home and take a nap. But then I went for a walk with Dan after the sun started to set. I wanted him to get me to walk a 15-minute mile. But he couldn't. Though he can walk faster than that, he doesn't really know what pace is a 15 minute mile, and my little legs just did not move that fast. I don't understand it. I have longer legs than him. I was stepping at the same time he did. Left-right-left-right. But he was going further. So he has a longer cadence I guess. But how to you improve that? That could be why I just don't get faster at running either. My legs won't turn over. Anyway, even though I couldn't walk as fast as I wanted, I still did three miles. And worked my hamstring and butt muscles more than usual.

Thursday I went right from work to gym. Even though I didn't want to. I did a fun little HIIT workout on the treadmill: .08 run / .02 rest for two miles. I forgot my towel and was dripping with sweat. Then I did another weight routine. I am currently working on mixing low and high reps on different body parts.

Friday morning Tracy met me bright and early for three miles. The weather was pretty nice and we both felt pretty good. I am feeling thankful for her meeting me in the early mornings. We all know I couldn't get out of bed without her!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Weigh-In: Six Weeks of Summer

Current Weight: 11.6

When I returned from my vacation last week, I was up to 18 pounds. And even though I had a few heavy meals with my family, my weight continued to fall all weekend. Yesterday and today I was back in the 11's, putting me even lower than I was when I left on vacation.

I am happy with that. Knowing those seven pounds were all from excess water and sodium.

However, I don't want to continue reversing from here. I want to take these next six weeks to do something different. Some kind of calorie-cycling thing. Where I enjoy summer, two or three times per week, but also reign in my eating on the other days. I don't need ice cream every night.

I feel pretty good with 1800 calories. I know my weight responds to that. But I also know that in order to celebrate summer, I need an extra 200-400 calories. So most of the week, I am going to stick to 1800 and then two or three times a week, I will let myself have 2000-2100 calories. If I was on the high end of that (three days at 2100) I would still average out to around 1925 per day which should allow me to lose a pound every two or three weeks. Or at the very least not gain any.

I have six weeks until I leave for my summer vacation: Denver. I think in six weeks I could make some good strides. Maybe be closer to 5-7 pounds from my goal. Have some more muscles. Run faster.

This is the downhill side of summer. Teachers are starting to talk about going back to school. The kids have four weeks left. My work is calming down. This is my favorite time of year. But it's also a good place to start making some changes. To start seeing some improvements.

Maybe I can try to reverse again in the winter!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

My Whole Body Hurts

For the last four days, I have been on vacation. My Uncle Mark came to visit from California and the whole family loaded into a large van and drove across the state. I haven't been working out. I have been eating whatever I want. And I have been drinking less than half the water I am used to, because I can't pee every hour on a road trip.

It was a relaxing trip. I didn't have to drive. And we spent one whole day floating down a river!

And I have gained seven pounds. Yes, seven!

And though I am back at work now, my uncle is still in town, and we're still eating out and "celebrating!" He leaves on Saturday.

It will be a full week between workouts for me. And it will be a full week of untracked eating.

And my whole body hurts. My rib cage hurts. I would guess it's the junk food, or an over abundance of sugar. Maybe the alcohol we've had. Or not enough water cleaning out my system.

And my gall-bladder has bothered me the last two nights. Which I know is from excess fat.

If this isn't reason enough to eat healthy, I don't know what is.

This is how vacations go though. He will leave Saturday and I will get back to business. I have six weeks before my next Summer Vacation. And I am set on really buckling down getting a bit of fluff off.

While still enjoying what is left of summer!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Weigh-In: Reverse Diet Week 8

Starting Weight: 10.3 pounds
Starting 2000 calories: 9.7 pounds
After Four Weeks of 2000 calories: 12.4 pounds
After a 10-day cut: 12.2 pounds

These numbers don't show much, but here's a quick recap. After four weeks of eating 2000 calories and slowing increasing my weight every week, and then having a weekend of eating out way to much, my weight crept up to 15 pounds. I quickly put on the breaks and cut back down to 1800 for ten days. My weight got back down to 10.2 at it's lowest point. So I think it's safe to say I got all the carb bloat and salt out of my system. 

Then the Fourth of July came and I told myself I could enjoy the 3rd and 4th and eat what I wanted. The third I went to a BBQ and had some treats, but still stayed under 2000 calories. The 4th did not go as planned at all -- car troubles -- and we eneded up hardly celebrating at all. That day I didn't even hit my 1800 calories. I didn't hit my protein either of those days either. 

Today I am back to 1800 calories... but tomorrow I start a five day vacation. My uncle is coming to visit and we are floating down a river. Tomorrow is my half-birthday and I am celebrating in Omaha with friends and dinner with my family. 

I think that I could see good results with maintaining my weight if I ate 1800 calories a day for 4-5 days of the week and then picked 2-3 days a week where I ate 2100 or so. On the other hand, I was really trying to get up to eating 2100 every day. Or even more. And still maintain my weight. So perhaps I'll get back to that soon. If I'm not tracking perfectly (which I won't be on vacation) it's just really hard to say what's happening with my body. 

Either way, I am happy to see that the scale lost those five pounds of water weight I was holding on to. And I am feeling pretty comfortable with my bicep muscles, even if I am sitting at ten pounds higher than I would like to be!

Friday, June 29, 2018

My Week in Workouts

I worked out every single day this week. And am feeling pretty good about it. I am hating all things running right now, but I am seeing improvements in my muscles again, which makes me more happy.

And even though I have been eating lower-calories for five days, after the initial bloat and salt disappeared, my scale's been holding tight.

Let's get back to focusing on the muscle.

Saturday I had to work. Which was good. It made me skip kickboxing. Which I needed to do. To rest a weird knee thing. But I came home after work and mowed my whole overgrown lawn. I actually mowed it faster than ever before. Which makes me think, I am faster when I can see where I am going.

Sunday I got up early to run with Tracy. It was a tad cooler but still just as humid. We were plugging along so great the first half. She was doing most of the talking, but yet still going fairly fast (34:20 on our first half - or 13:43 pace. Anything under 14 is a good pace for us in this weather!) But somehow, Tracy hit a wall at the turn around. I have never had to be so peppy and motivational in my life. She immediately wanted to switch to 2/3 intervals, but we were doing just fine. So I pushed her. But soon she was dizzy and falling apart. I had to all but carry her back the car. This run was my breaking point. I don't love running enough to push someone that much. We aren't getting faster. It's not getting easier. Why are we doing this?

Monday I had the day off and hit the gym first thing in the morning. I didn't feel like running again, so I did 20 minutes on the spin bike and followed it up with weights. I am enjoying mixing it up with 5x10 reps on some lifts and 5x5 in others. I felt strong.

By Tuesday I was ready to run again. This time on my own. It was the last cooler (85) day we're going to see for a while and I was excited to see what I could accomplish alone. I hadn't run alone in over five weeks. Part of me wanted to do five miles. But it's been a while since I pushed myself and it was hot. So I told myself I would start with four and if I felt fine when I got back to the start, I would tack on another mile. Boy, this was a disaster. I was breathing hard the first interval and couldn't get into a rhythm. I paused once to catch my breath but that didn't seem to do any good. I let myself walk way more than the assigned two minutes. I was going slower than our Sunday run. Alone. Turns out I can only be motivational when I am pushing someone else. And then oddly, my book stopped talking and I had to restart it. Apparently my running app paused and my heartrate monitor stopped as well. I really went 4 miles, but .5 of it wasn't recorded. And this picture doesn't do my disappointment justice. 

Though I usually take Wednesday as a rest day, Tracy texted Tuesday evening, asking if I wanted to run. This is when I broke it to her: we can't run five miles anymore. It's too hard. Let's just get better at three miles. She took it well. And agreed we'd work on better our three mile time. So we ran Wednesday morning in the 98% humidity. And things were good, we pushed ourselves and our time was solid. 

Thursday evening I hit up the weights again. I've been doing a full body routine for three weeks now. Three times a week, though I might have missed one or two workouts. I haven't added a ton of weights, but I do finally see my bicep popping out again. It has been a while. I'm pretty happy it has decided to show up for the rest of summer! Plus I did one mile on the treadmill at a good pace for me. I am going to try to bump that up by .25 miles while holding on to that speed. 

Friday morning, Tracy and I were scheduled for three miles again. I made the suggestion that we try to run the first mile straight, and then transition to our 3/2 intervals. She immediately hated this idea. And then agreed to try it. But she wasn't into it and demanded we stop at a half mile. Then we walked more than we needed to and that first mile ended up taking more time than if we had done the whole run 3/2.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Weigh-In: Reverse Diet Week 7

Starting Weight: 10.3 pounds
1900 Average (week three): 9.7 pounds
Macros: 2000 calories (140p/227c/59f)
Week One Average: 10.3 pounds
Week Two Average: 10.6 pounds
Week Three Average: 11.2 pounds
Week Four Average: 12.4 pounds

So this was my average through Saturday. My weight was stuck all last week around 12 pounds. And then it started slowly creeping up until it was 13, 14 and then 15 yesterday morning. So the average doesn't look horrible. But I needed to put a stop to it. 

So this week I am back to 1800 calories. Two days in now and I was back down to 12.2 this morning. So I am hopeful that the salt and bloat are gone and maybe I could lose another two pounds before the holidays start next week. 

Yesterday, I had the day off of work and it was really easy to stay low in calories. But today I woke up hungry and have already eaten half of my daily allowance. I have plugged everything in to My Fitness Pal, and my only snack is a scoop of peanut butter. Not even any toast to go with it. 

Because I hardly raised my fat grams (thanks to my wonky gall bladder) I hardly had to cut those either. The cut was all carbs. And now my three servings of fruit is really taking a toll on me. I am determined not to skip my afternoon orange just so I can have some cookie dough tonight. There will be plenty of treats next week. 

This week is about cutting things out. Making sacrifices. Showing myself that I can do hard things. 

Monday, June 25, 2018

Reverse Break

Yesterday I hit fifteen pounds.  I know I can eat 2000 calories and not gain weight. So I know it's not the Reverse Diet.  But I've been eating 2000 calories for four weeks now and I've gained five pounds.

It's the fact that I follow the "diet" all day or most of the week but then I think: I'm not on a diet, I can eat whatever I want! So over the course of the last weekend I ate a:
  • Delicious French meal of Poulet à la crème with a Nutella crèpe dessert. 
  • Chinese food including crab rangoons.
  • Chips and salsa AND a margarita. 
What is wrong with me. That's the kind of thing I have once a week. Not every night. For a week. 

I can't keep going this way. And next week is the Fourth of July. And then my half-birthday. And then a family vacation. 

So I'm going to halt the brakes on my Recerae Diet. I'm going to do a week detox. Or a super-mini cut. I don't have many social activities this week. I have eight days until the July holiday celebrations begin. 

I'm going back to 1800 calories. Or less this week. Just to get back to a number on the scale I'm semi-comfortable with. And after that, I might consider holding at 1800 during the week. Or five days a week and then allowing myself a few extra calories on a few special days just to enjoy summer. 

I'd like to continue this Reverse. To see how many calories I can continuously eat and still maintain my weight. But I need to be consistent with that number. There's no room for error. 

Saturday, June 23, 2018

My Week in Workouts

I had a fine workout week.  Last week I got six sessions in, this week I only got four. It all balances out.

Saturday I started the week with a Combat class and some weights. Last week, after Combat class I had a lot of pain. It went away during the week, but came back a little during class. I am thinking I should take a couple weeks off of class. Even though I love it so much. It didn't hurt again this week. But a week away might do me good. I also tried some lower weights, higher reps and boy were my muscles burning.

Sunday I took a real rest day. We drove to Columbus and back for Father's day. I didn't even get 5000 steps. It's the most sedentary I have been in a month. It was great!

Monday I had the day off of work and Tracy and I planned our five mile run for that morning. It was already 80 degrees. And the humidity was awful. We ran 3/2 on the way out and 2/3 on the way back. Tracy wasn't feeling great. But we did just fine. 

Tuesday I went to the "small" gym afterwork. I had this goal to run miles on the treadmill, but when I get there, I am so tired I just walked and did weights. I have been trying to mix up the moves I do for each body part. There's not a lot you can do besides bicep curls (though dumbbells and bar feel very different) but there are so many shoulder and leg things you can do. My triceps have been burning all week. 

Wednesday I rested again. I had an hour between work and a social event, I told myself I would run three miles around the neighborhood. But when I got home I was so tired, I decided a thirty minute nap would be even better.

Thursday evening, I met Tracy for three miles. It was perfect weather. It has been raining all week, so it's cool and overcast and damp. But it was a good run. 

Friday I was busy all day. I had the day off but it was filled from morning to night. I would have had to get up earlier than work to get my workout in, and without anyone waiting for me, that wasn't going to happen. So I took a third rest day. 

Thursday, June 21, 2018

We're Not Going to Run a Half-Marathon

It's time we faced the facts. We're not going to run a half-marathon.

I could be really negative here and say why we're failures. But I have written that three times and erased it, and it isn't who I want to be.

So here's the positive spin:

I don't want to run without Tracy and I don't seem to be able to push her enough to get past five miles.

We're not improving. Despite running three times per week. In fact, some weeks we regress. We have to switch from 3/2 intervals to 2/3 sometimes.

This summer has been so brutally hot, with no warm-up and we're not adjusting to it well. Plus, I don't want to get up a 4 AM when it's cool enough.

I think we're better off focusing on getting faster at our three mile and five mile runs.

Maybe we should even try to run the three miles with no intervals.

Though I'm sold on interval running. I give it 100% credit for keeping us injury free on all the runs we do.

So it's time to say it out loud. No half-marathon for us this year.

I haven't told Tracy yet. I think she'll be happy.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Weigh-In: Reverse Diet Week 6

Starting Weight: 10.3 pounds
1900 Average (week three): 9.7 pounds
Macros: 2000 calories (140p/227c/59f)
Week One Average: 10.3 pounds
Week Two Average: 10.6 pounds
Week Three Average: 11.2 pounds

I have been at two thousand calories for three weeks now. Here is where I really expected it to start steadying off. But it's still climbing. Or the average is climbing. It seems to be pretty steadily bouncing from 10-12 pounds, which is giving me the averages between 10 and 12. It just depends on if I have more ten days or more twelve days. 

And I still haven't been 100% consistent. 

I have really considered doing some calorie cycling where I eat 1900 all week and then allow myself to have 2100 on the weekend. Or even a bigger spread: 1800 x 4 and 2200 x 3. But I haven't actually put that into practice yet. So I guess I will just keep thinking about it. 

I am not increasing again. I will do a fourth week. I want to see some movement downward. And I really want to get back to the ten pound average. But it is not time to cut. Two thousand is not my maintenance place. According to my fitbit I burned 2450 per day (ranging from 2119 to 2861.) Which means even 2400 shouldn't make my scale move. So I need to stick with it. It will work. Trust the process. 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Just Weighing In and Working Out

If it seems all I have time for anymore is weighing in and working out. That's pretty much true.

I have been working a LOT. I had outreach events (where I take the library on the road) two weekends this month, plus I work one weekend. And work has been crazy. I get at least 8000 steps just showing up and helping people. 

But I have had time for fun too. We've had some BBQs and Picnics and days at the park with the girls, and evening trips for ice cream. But pretty much, I work and workout and weigh-in!

This week I did something active every day.

I started the week on Saturday back at BodyCombat class. It was amazing. And I missed it so much. Then I cut out to do weights. My knee was hurting, so I took it easy on the squats. My knee ended up hurting all day and I had to ice it after a work event. 

Sunday morning we were up early for our five mile run. It was hot and humid and I was covered in sweat. We did 3/2 intervals on the way out and 2/3 on the way back. I was doing just fine, but I couldn't convince Tracy that she was fine too!

Monday I had the morning free and I hit the gym for a one-mile walk and weights. I wasn't feeling it. I was super sleepy. But I got it done. 

Tuesday evening I came home and mowed half of the lawn. and then I did some quick weights until I had to meet Dan for dinner. 

Wednesday was supposed to be my rest day. I have arranged my Summer schedule so I only have to workout one evening a week (the evening that Dan has to work!) This keeps my other evenings free for when people invite us out for Summer Fun! But turns out people don't just call me every day and want to do fun things. It feels weird to just sit at home and rest. If I'm going to listen to my book, I might as well walk around the neighborhood. And if I'm going to walk, I might as well aim for a 15 minute mile, and if I can't walk that fast with all the hills, I might as well just run the downhills! And suddenly, I'm working out! 

Thursday I had another lunch workout. It wasn't as great this week. I was strapped for time (I had a meeting I had to be at right after lunch and couldn't be late.) Plus I didn't have my lunch packed (because I wasn't going back to the same location, and would my lunch have to live in my 110 degree car?) So I just kept watching the clock and not giving it my all. I kept thinking, I should have taken my rest day this week! All those things make me feel like it wasn't the greatest workout. But oh well.

Friday I was up early to meet Tracy for our three mile run. It wasn't bad at all. It was already eighty degrees by six o'clock in the morning. But I didn't feel like it was awful. And our time was fairly good. I haven't had a chance to talk to Tracy yet, but I am pretty certain our half-marathon isn't going to happen. And I think we should work on getting our 3 mile faster and therefore our 5 mile faster. And maybe next year when we're doing five miles in more like 12 minute pace, we could think about adding more. 

I burned almost 3000 calories this week. And the scale showed me some sympathy for one day. And then it said, just kidding! Work harder!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Weigh-In: Reverse Diet Week 5

Starting Weight: 10.3 pounds
Week Three Average: 9.7 pounds
Week Four Average: 10.3 pounds
Week Five Average: 10.6 pounds
Macros: 2000 calories (140p/227c/59f)

I finished my second week with these macros, and again my weight jumped up just a little bit. There are two reasons for this: Girl time of the month, and I didn't hit my numbers perfectly. So I'm working on them again. I have to hit them seven days in a row to get a real idea of what's going on. But that's the problem with this game, there's no wiggle room. I can't over eat 500 calories, because theirs no cushion. And once I actually gain a pound, I can't lose it eating this many calories. 

The problem is all the summer fun social events I have. Two thousand calories doesn't mean eat everything you please. It means have a dessert. Or maybe a drink. Or maybe just some chips. But that's not a free-for-all. 

Not that I've been eating a ton of calories. Just not hitting my protein. And having an extra drink and dessert. 

But I've still got to get it reigned in. I've been at the 10-11 pound range the last few days. And I was really hoping it had more to do with the time of the month, not the extra carbs I've been enjoying. 

I might want to think about carb-cycling if I can't enjoy summer with what I have available. Maybe I should go lighter on my macros Monday-Thursday in order to have some extra for the weekend. 

Something to think about. 

Friday, June 8, 2018

My Week in Workouts

I had a great week of workouts. I got in six sessions: three runs and three weight days. I even had to make myself take a rest day. Since there's not much new to say, I am just going to post all those for you to take a look at:

And then talk about the only workout that I really cared about this week: Thursday.

I think I mentioned my gym was bought out by a chain. And I really don't like the atmosphere of my gym. It is super-crowded and the customer service went down hill. But the one upside is I can use the second location in town.

And this second location is really great. I mean, it's minimal. But my own gym is sort of top-of-the-line: tennis courts, racquet ball courts, inside and outside pools, day camps, kids clubs, swim teams, etc! And this second location: no kids, no wet locker rooms, just lots of treadmills and weights. Which is exactly what I am looking for.

And it's right by one of my libraries. The one I am at every Thursday! I have used it a few times on my way home. And I like it. So I wanted to add a Thursday lunch workout because I am trying to get in a new routine where my summer nights are more free. Thursdays are the best days for me, because I am right by the location and my lunch isn't quite as structured. But events kept getting in my way.

After three weeks, I decided to bite the bullet and just go. Who cares that I had a kids' program in the afternoon and I was worried about looking disheveled. I look disheveled because I have kids' programs! I didn't have any plans to take a shower after my workout. So I knew that there would be no running and no laying down (bench presses!) But it was easy to do a 10 minute hill-walk, that got up my heartrate, and then followed with a full-body weight session with no sitting or laying. That kept my heart high. And I got a great workout in 40 minutes. Add a bit of stretching, eat in the car, and you're good to go.

I am excited to be able to add this to my weekly routine. Here's what I am looking at:

Mondays - Rest day
Tuesday - Two mile treadmill + weights (PM)
Wednesday - Rest day or run with Tracy after work
Thursday - Lunch weights
Friday - Three miles with Tracy (AM)
Saturday - BodyCombat + Weights
Sunday - Five mile run with Tracy (AM)

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Weigh-in: Reverse Diet Week 4

Starting Weight: 10.3 pounds
Week Three Average: 9.7 pounds
Week Four Average: 10.3 pounds
Macros: 2000 calories (140p/227c/59f)

I bumped my calories up this week. And my weight jumped a bit in response. It's to be expected. And I am not worried about it. I have been enjoying the extra 100 calories. 

Unfortunately, the weekend came and I spent Friday - Sunday not really paying too much attention to my calories. That can really mess up a process. And currently, my weight is a pound or two higher. But that could also be hormonal. 

I imagine I will stay here another week or even two until I can get it to balance out again. I don't want to increase again, until I can get my average back under 10 pounds. 

Sometimes 2000 calories isn't as much as you think it is. I have yet to fit any ice cream in!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

My Week in Workouts

This was a terribly busy week for me. I didn't work as many days -- thank you Memorial Day, but I never sat down. I got 12,000 steps just working.

I started out the week working six days in a row. So I took Saturday as a rest day.

Sunday morning I met Tracy for our five mile run. It was a hot one: already 86 degrees in the morning. We ran our 3/2 intervals down to the half-way point. Then we stopped there to get a drink and take a small break. We were pretty warn out from the heat, so we decided to run 2/3 on the way back. Our pace was slower, but we got it done. This fast and high heat has really zapped us.

With my day off for Memorial Day, I hit the gym for some weight training. one mile on the treadmill and then I superset the weights. Getting me through this workout fast and out to the pool!

I had Tuesday off because I worked the weekend. It was a nice overcast but humid morning. I decided to try my hand at power-walking. After a tough five-mile run, we thought maybe we'd throw in the towel and become walkers instead. I wanted to see if I could keep up a 15 minute mile pace just walking. I really couldn't. Every five minutes I would have the app tell me my pace. If it was 15:04 I would jog a little to get it under 15:00. I probably jogged 30 seconds, six or seven times. But it seemed better than jogging three minutes, ten times! And I got a great calorie burn. 

Wednesday, I met Tracy after work for another hot three miles. There's not much to say. Just putting in the mileage. Hoping it gets easier at some point. 

Thursday I skipped weights because we had a big work event. I was so exhausted after work, I just came home and laid on the couch. 

Friday morning. Same story. We did get our pace back under 14:00 minutes which gives me hope that we're adapting to the heat. But, not much. 

Lots of running and a little weight lifting. I do seem to be improving some of my weights, so maybe even the one-to-two-to-three times a week I am getting it in is making a difference. But I hope to get more consistent when I get into my actual Summer routine.