Thursday, May 17, 2018

Fake Half Marathon Update

We have finished four weeks of our Fake Half- Marathon training. Officially, that is one-third of the way through. And we're still working on it!

But Tracy wants us to slow down a little bit. As you can see, each week repeats once. She'd like us to repeat it three times. So a third week of 5 miles, then three weeks of 6 instead of two. 

I guess that's okay. There's no rush.

But I have already learned a couple of things:
  • I will probably never do a Half-Marathon on my own. The runs I do alone are pretty awful and the ones we do together and usually great. 
  • I am really excited that our pace seems pretty consistent no matter the distance we are running.
  • I really think we'll be able to continue through the whole plan.
  • However, it is taking up a LOT of my time. 
  • I don't lift weights any more. 
So if we're re-doing the training plan, maybe I should think about adding three weight days a week. Does that mean I only take one rest day? Or does that mean I cut out one of the runs? There's just not enough time to be a long-distance runner and a buff-ass lady!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Weekly Weigh-in: Reverse Diet Week 1

Starting Weight: 10.3 pounds
Week One Average: 11 pounds
Week One Lowest Weight: 9.8 pounds
Macros: 1901 calories (132p/215c/57f)

After my first week of this reverse diet my weight was up. That's probably to be expected. More carbs equals more water weight. Nothing major. It was very consistent all week. Though I did see a nine once.

I had planned on repeating these numbers for a second week anyway. So nothing is changing this week. However, I wanted to have 14 solid days, and I actually didn't track anything on Mother's day. So I might do 14 more days. Or I might re-evaluate next week.

If my weight is up more than half a pound (which it is this week) I don't want to increase. I don't need to rush this. I am already starting a lot higher than I did last time. I really just have a few steps until maintenance. I'm thinking it will go something like this 1800 --> 1900 --> 2000 --> 2100 --> 2200 --> 2250 --> 2300 --> ???? And though the sooner I get to eating 2300 calories the yummier, there's no rush.

I have to say, I have been hungry all week. I think it's because I imagined jumping into this reverse diet and suddenly getting to eat all this delicious food. When really I got an extra 100 calories, mostly protein and carbs, so I get to eat a half a yogurt. It didn't really equate to lots more food. It might also have to do with a really busy work-week and me being on my feet all week and being exhausted and therefore actually hungry.

But I did stick to my numbers. Except Mother's Day.

So that's where I am. Eating a little bit more. And the same weight. So it's working.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Crazy Busy Weekend

I feel like I never sat down this weekend. It was so busy and crazy and fun.

Friday night we had our annual Staff Association Mini-Golf tournament. I won Most Holes in One (three of them!) and got a $5 gift card to Dunkin Donuts! We had after-golf drinks at a bar, and I knew I would want to eat snacky foods. I did such a good job getting all my protein in during the day, that I got to have nachos for dinner. They weren't that good, but still...

Satruday morning I slept in just a bit, but still got up and got my workout in while Dan went and got us breakfast. We ate on the porch and then got to work. We've been working on our yard and garden for a few days. It seems to have exploded last weekend while we were away for Sadie's birthday party. So everything was overgrown, weeds needed pulled, mulch needed to be spread, my hostas needed replanted. Everything.

It took a long time but I got the flower beds looking great and the lawn mowed.

I needed to clean the house Saturday as well.

But first I went shopping. I want new clothes to wear.

Sunday morning Tracy and I were up early to run. We did our five miles again. This time we met on my favorite trail heading out of town. I haven't run on it for years. It was a bit chilly and a chance of rain the entire time.

I struggled just a little bit around mile four, but she was feeling great and talked me through it and we held to plan. I am ready to go to six next week, but she wants to repeat this training week again. Which is fine. We're in no hurry to get to 13. I mean, after all, there's no real half-marathon. We might as well take our time.

Then our mothers came over to our house for a Mother's Day luncheon. It's a nice way to get them both together at one time. But it was exhausting getting the house and lunch ready. But doesn't this new outfit look cute!

They left about 5:30 and I managed to take a thirty minute nap, before Dan and I headed to target and the grocery store to get ready for the week again. 

Like I said, I don't think I sat down this weekend. I won my fitbit weekend challenge. Just look at all those steps!!

Friday, May 11, 2018

My Week in Workouts

I had kind of a sucky week. I mean, first I was just way too over worked at my job. And I told myself I would get all my workouts in none-the-less, but it just didn't happen... and then Tracy wasn't as enthusiastic as she has been in the past... anyway...

The week started off amazingly. We did our five mile "long run" on Saturday morning, bright and early. It was the furthest Tracy has ever run. And she did great. We did the whole thing 3:2 intervals and our pace was just around the same 14:00 that we have been running lately. I love that we can add distance and not slow down.

Sunday I was busy with Sadie's birthday party in the afternoon, and I got up early. But I just did not have the energy in me for a good workout. I set out for two miles. But I called it a day at one. I did a few arm weights, but I was running out of time. So it was kind of a wasted workout, but at least I did something.

Monday I ran on my own. And it wasn't too bad. My time is really slowing down on my own. I used to average more 12:30 or less when I ran alone. And lately, I have been sliding more to the 13:30 range. It makes sense that I would adapt to Tracy and I's speed. But I am running more than ever. You'd think that would help me in some way. But Monday I was also on my feet for five hours giving presentations at a local school. So my legs were worn out, and I was physically exhausted.

Tuesday I took my rest day. Which was good because I literally worked from 8 am to 8 pm.

Wednesday I met Tracy for our assigned 3.5 mile run. She wasn't hydrated enough. And it was warm. And she asked to walk a few times when we should have been running. It didn't ruin our time too much. Maybe I was even pushing us harder than normal. But she struggled. And she seemed to be pulling away from the idea of training for this half-marathon. Or she wants to stretch it out more. Or something. Maybe it was just a bad run. Or maybe she's out. But what I have learned is: I won't ever do 13 miles alone. But I really want to run seven one day! Soon!

Thursday I was supposed to do two miles, but my mom wanted to come over and bring me some things for the garden, so I ended up just planting and mulching and digging. And it wasn't really a good workout, though everybody I say this to says, that's the definition of Cross-Training. 

Friday I told myself I would get up and do the two miles and weights. But I didn't. So I am getting my three runs in. But I am not doing anything else. No weights. Nothing. And it is angering me. And I hate to devote all this energy into running if it doesn't go anywhere.

So we're at a bad place. But we're doing five miles again on Sunday and hopefully the weekend will help all of us re-energize.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Reverse Diet Take Two

Monday,  I started an official Reverse Diet. A reverse diet is when you methodically increase your calories (and macros) in an attempt to eat more, fire up your metabolism, fuel your workouts, without actually gaining any weight. You do it slowly. Consistently. And scientifically.

Two summers ago, I did a reverse diet from 1660 calories to 2275 over the course of 19 weeks. It was amazing. I learned so much about my body, about weight/fat loss and about eating more. Read all about those results here!

I am starting a lot higher this time. I was eating 1800 calories for all of April. And I was losing. Very slowly. But even though I am not at my goal weight, and in fact at least ten pounds away from it, I want to eat more food for the summer.

So yesterday I started.

Last time, one thing I learned was that I should increase faster at the beginning and slower toward the end. That's something I am going to use this time.

Here's my plan going in:

May 7th, I increase 100 calories, from 1800 to 1900. I am going to stay there for two weeks. I am still in enough of a deficit that I should lose weight, but as long as I am not about 12 pounds from goal, I will increase again.

May 21st, I will increase from 1900 to 2000 and hold again for two weeks. At this point, I should still be at a deficit, but I may not see any loss. I want to have two solid weeks at 2000 before I increase. The last two weeks of May are really hard work wise, so if I slip up, I have to start my two weeks over again. I think this is a good reward for sticking to the plan.

Two weeks later I will go up to 2100 calories. I will hold there for two weeks again. Then I will start increasing just 50 calories per time. I will be getting closer to my maintenance numbers. And I would really like to see what they are.

But it requires precision.

Why am I doing this? I am not where I want to be weight-wise. Some times I think I am crazy. Here's the thing. That's true. But I am not willing to cut more calories. I am not willing to do what it would take to lose the last ten pounds. So my choices are stay the same weight and eat 400 more calories per day. Which during the summer is my favorite thing to do: ice cream dates, popsicles, margaritas! Or I can cut down to 1600 calories and be miserable, probably fail a whole bunch and maybe lose 5 pounds.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Sadie's Birthday Weekend

We had another great spring weekend. Friday night Dan and I had a low-key (healthy) dinner out and then I ran some errands trying to get presents bought for our Mothers and our Sadie.

On Saturday morning, I got up early and ran five miles with Tracy. This is the furthest she has ever run. It is so exciting to push her. Running with a friend is so much easier than running alone. I can't wait to get to seven+ miles. I also love to start my day with such a good workout.

Home by 9:30, showered, Dan and I grabbed breakfast and headed out to Jennifer's house. She and Ryan needed to get the house and yard ready for Sadie's birthday party. So we were on girl-duty. We spent four hours playing in the yard, jumping on the trampoline, having a picnic...

playing with the hose...


reading books...

well, some of us.

And then Dan and I got home and worked on our yard a bit (time to turn on the sprinkler and fire up the mower!) and then relaxed with some healthy, at-home Cinco de Mayo fun.

Sunday was Sadie's party. We showed up early to help decorate and keep Samantha occupied.

Sadie had perfect weather for her 2nd birthday party.

She enjoyed eating her cake and getting a present or two.

She did not like people staring at her. Just like her second-born mama!

I ate a healthy amount of pizza, salad and this delicious cake. And burned enough calories running and jumping and following these two high-energy kids around all weekend, that it all balanced out.

Happy Birthday Sadie.

Friday, May 4, 2018

My Week in Workouts

This was a hard week. And I am not even certain why. My chaotic May work-life starts next week, but I was super-tired this week. Maybe just thinking about everything I have to do. Or maybe it was the weather. It was rainy and dreary for several days, plus warmer in the house, which always makes it harder to sleep. I took too many rest days. But that's okay some times.

Saturday I started with an active rest day: one mile walk with these girls.

Sunday I managed to get in a good workout that didn't involve any running. My shins and ankles were hurting quite a bit on Saturday and I was worried I wasn't going to make it past week two of my training plan if this is what I had in store. So I did thirty minutes of cycling to try and loosen up my legs and then this full body weight circuit.

Sunday I also jumped on the trampoline for like three hours. My fitbit registered 6000 steps, but they were so sporatic it didn't count it as a workout. But that's about three miles of jumping!!

Monday I needed to run 3.5 miles. But I don't love half-numbers, so I just went to the gym and ran four. It was super windy and storms were blowing through. I was more excited to catch up on Grey's Anatomy than deal with the wind outside. But it was a hot one inside. And though I muddled through, it wasn't anything great. 

Tuesday was my planned rest day. Though I almost talked myself into doing something since I had just rested on Satruday. But the rest days are just as important as the run days. So I didn't. I used that evening to catch up on laundry and dishes and watch The Greatest Showman. (WOW!)
Then Wednesday came along and I had this idea to mix up my workout to three running days and three weight lifting days. And only have one rest day a week. And really get buff this summer. And then I feel asleep in my chair (yes just folded over) from 6:30-7:30 and I decided sleep was more important. 
Thursday, Tracy and I were scheduled to run together - it had gotten moved from Wednesday because of the rain. But it was still rainy all day Thursday and we almost pushed it back. But despite the weather app, there didn't seem to be any lightening, only misting. So we committed to running our 3.5 outside together. And it didn't rain on us at all. It was perfect weather. Somehow our pace was a bit slower than usual. I had a side pain most of the run (I think I drank a protein drink to close to run time. Lesson learned!) 

I could have gotten up early on Friday to do my two miles around the neighborhood. But again, I think sleep is what I needed more. 

Next week is CRAZY at work. And I know I am going to be tired. But Tracy and I have Saturday and Wednesday planned. I will get something done on Sunday morning for sure. Monday I actually get off work early, and though I am going to be tired from six hours of presentations, I am determined to get my own run in. So Thursday is probably where I will struggle. Perhaps I can reward myself for a perfect week...

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Weekly Weigh-In

Starting Weight: 12.2
Week 1 Average: 12.4
Week 2 Average: 11.3
Week 3 Average: 10.5
Week 4 Average: 11.0

Well, this week my average was actually a gain. Which sucks. But I did get off track a bit early last week, and it's taken all week to get back under control. 

Here are some good things that happened weight-wise in April:

  • I saw an eight on the scale. That's the lowest I've been this year. 
  • As of this morning I was at 10. So From April 1st to May 1st I technically lost 2.6 pounds, which is satisfactory.
  • I had at least three very consistent weeks of eating. 
And here's my plan for May:
  • I am going to finish this week with 1800 calories. Then starting next Monday I am going to start a reverse diet. 
  • No I am not where I want to be to start this. But if I am not going to be losing weight, I want to be eating more.
  • And I still believe that I could lose a few more pounds if I take this reverse slow enough.
  • Next week I will bump it up to 1900 calories. I have to have 14 perfect days in a row. Then I will analyze and bump up again. 
  • I think I could get to 2300 calories per day with all the running I am doing and still not gain any weight. 
  • So for the next nine weeks I will still technically be in a calorie-deficit. 
I am disappointed that I haven't hit that "goal weight" but right now I am more interested in seeing what I can push my body to do. And eating more food!

Monday, April 30, 2018

First Spring Weekend

We had a great spring weekend. Well Dan didn't, he had to work. But I did. And all the people I got to spend it with did as well.

Friday night, I had a date night planned with Dan. I ended up running with Tracy after I got off work. We did our "long run" for the week. Four miles. But we were still done early enough to grab Mexican food afterward. And I didn't have a margarita. And I counted out my twenty chips and ate a healthy amount of chicken and rice and salsa. I love when I can eat out and walk away feeling good about it.

Saturday we did Samatha's first Charity Walk. She was super excited about this. I think she thought she'd see her friends outside of school. But there were way too many people and it wasn't organzied well enough. She was disappointed with the actual walk. But we raised money for the Backpack program (sending food home with low-income kids) and we went out for donuts afterward. So we still won.

Saturday afternoon I got my first pedicure. My feet needed some tender loving care. And they're ready for sandal season now. I've promised myself a pedicure every two weeks if I keep following the fake marathon training plan. Feet that run that many miles, need love.

Saturday evening we went to see the new Avenger Movie with some friends. I planned my day so well around popcorn, but I always eat more than I think I will. Or really, I don't know how to measure. A sick kid ruined our post-movie-ice-cream date, so it turned out okay.

Trying out a new Mustard Cardigan

Sunday I got up, had breakfast with Dan before he headed to work, got a workout in, prepped some chicken for the week in my Instant Pot, did some laundry and headed out to Denton to see my girls. We jumped on the trampoline and played outside for several hours. It was warm and windy. By the time dinner came around, we were filthy and looked like we'd played outside all day. A healthy dinner of burgers and pickles (and oh yeah, air fryer fries) bathtime, bedtime stories and then chatting with my friend Jennifer.

The weekend goes so fast. Just like time.

Back to work today. With a To Do list fifty miles long. Both at home and at work. I know Sadie, it makes me sad too!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

My Week in Workouts

I had a perfect workout week. We're in week two of fake half-marathon training. Nothing new there, but putting in the work. I did all my accessory days. I am kicking-ass at this.

Saturday, Tracy and I met in the morning for our first "long run". It was only four miles. I am pretty used to going four miles, but she's only done it with me once. I was really proud of how she did. Our pace is the exact 14 minute miles it is when we do three. And she felt great afterward, which really boosted our confidence that we could do this. 

Sunday was leg day. I ran 1.5 miles on the treadmill to warm up (and round out my monthly miles). It was fast. I was hot. Then I did a lot of light leg work. And my legs were sore for four days. I may need to reconsider that. Or get more consistent.

Monday, three miles was on the calendar. I did them by myself. I had a great book to read. It was awful. I couldn't get into a rhythm. My legs were so sore. And my time was so bad. But I got it done.

Tuesday was rest day.

Wednesday I ran with Tracy. Three miles faster than ever. Well not ever, but in a while. Usually I slow us down because I don't want her to get worn out, but today I let her dictate the pace and it paid off. Some are good runs, some are bad runs.

Thursday was supposed to be two miles plus arm weights. I did the two miles, and then needed to get dinner started and never got around to the weights. But I cut twenty seconds off my two-mile neighborhood run. I like the consistency of this workout. Same track every week. All I can do is get better. Theoretically.

Friday I was supposed to meet Tracy at 6:15 for a morning run. But I could not sleep all night and had an upset stomach. By 3:00, I texted her that I needed more sleep and I'd have to skip. She was going to go sometime during the day, but never got around to it. So she agreed to meet me after work. Another 4 miles for us, but it was warmer and windier than it has been. We still held that 14-minute-mile pace with our 3:2 intervals. I am excited to see if we can keep that up as we keep adding miles.

I sure wish my training weeks lined up with my workout week reports. But not everything can be reported on Mondays!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Weekly Weigh-In

Starting Weight: 12.2
Week 1 Average: 12.4
Week 2 Average: 11.3
Week 3 Average: 10.5

There's a 0.8 loss for the week. I'll take it. It's very slow going, but at least it's going. And like I mentioned yesterday, I saw an eight on the scale this weekend, so I know I am doing something right. Even if it's another week before I see that again. 

Besides a random cheat day on Saturday (where I don't think I went much over my calories, but I definitely had a lot more salt and fat!) I have been really consistent. I've been hitting that 1800 calories and eating a lot more fruit. I have at least two servings and sometimes three a day. Which is so much better than I was doing before. I'd skip fruit in order to have yogurt or toast or anything to get more protein in. I haven't had any trouble hitting my lower protein, and sometimes I even go over it. 

It is a bit exhausting be so perfect for so long. Like I go one full week with perfect macros and then I think I deserve a splurge. Well, a splurge gets me right back to the 11 pound mark. And it all starts over. I have to have week after week of perfect numbers if I want to keep it moving downward. 

Monday, April 23, 2018

Spring has Finally Sprung

I feel like we have turned a corner here. We finally had a nice weekend. Where it was freezing every minute or snowing. I finally had two days off in a row. With Dan. I don't think that's happened since early March.

We didn't get much done. But we did do a little bit of early spring yard work. We had good luck with the water in our basement last year, when we brought in a bunch of dirt and sloped it away from our foundation. But it seems to have eroded away again. So we bought some more. Eventually we need professionals to come in and actually grade the backyard so it doesn't slope right toward the house. But this is an easy $15 fix, whereas I am sure there's will be a couple of thousand.

I bought myself new flowers, which has really made me in the best mood.

Being outside reminded me I want to buy a new grill. The one I have stopped working last year. Well, it works, but the igniter stopped working, so I have to throw a match in there to get it to light and that's super scary. So I just don't. And the grate has been rusty for years. I can't find one to fit, so I just cover it with tinfoil. I got my grill the first summer I owned my townhouse: 2006.I can get a brand new little three burner gas grill at Home Depot for $99. And I think I will. I can't wait to have grilled steak again.

Tracy and I finished up week one of fake-half-marathon training with a rainy run early Saturday morning. It was just 4 miles, but she hasn't run 4 in forever (since I made her do it once with me last November) and she felt really great afterward. I was most excited that we had the exact same pace at 4 miles as we do at 3; we're not slowing down. It was just the motivation she/we needed to push forward another week.

Week two is just a repeat of last week. Nothing new. Three miles, three miles, two miles, four miles. Next week we'll start getting into pushing ourselves a bit.

I did a bunch of online shopping. Which might require me to return a bunch of stuff. But you don't know if you don't try.

The weather is scheduled to be beautiful from here on out. Well, the next ten days. There's some overnight rains. But sunny every day and 60s or 70s. I really need to get outside and enjoy it before Summer Reading prep goes into full effect next week! You know I hate May.

I returned from my run on Saturday morning at my lowest weight since Mid-August: 8.4 pounds. I felt like I had really been consistent and was really proud of myself. I let myself splurge a bit with Chinese food for dinner. I know it was high in sodium. And I have been paying for it the last two days on the scale. But I know I will get back to the 8s again!

Friday, April 20, 2018

My Week in Workouts

Well, I only worked out four times this week. But I only had one day off since last Friday too. So I guess I should be happy I got something done. And it was all running.

Saturday I worked, so no kickboxing and nothing else.

Sunday I worked for four hours -- all standing up! Four hours of setting up tables and chairs for a volunteer banquet, and then taking it all down again. That was quite a workout. But I still managed to hit the gym afterward for four miles on the treadmill. I watched Grey's Anatomy while I did 3/2 intervals. I tried to be very consistent with 5.1 mph runs and 3.7 mph walks. Consistency is something I struggle with, and am hoping these cold runs on the treadmill will help. I ended up with a pretty fine time.

Monday, I started training for my fake half-marathon. Day one called for just three miles. Which is less than I have been running. So I decided to switch things up and do 4/2 intervals. Man, I really struggled with this. It wasn't that the 4 minutes were too long, it was just hard. I wasn't going faster and my pace was slower than some 3/2 runs. It's such a strange thing.

Tuesday I needed two miles and then some weights. I went back and forth on if I should go to the gym or stay in. It seemed silly to drive to a trail to just run two miles. So I decided to just run around the neighborhood. I also thought I should just run the two miles - no intervals. But my neighborhood is extra hilly and I am not used to that. I ran the first .77 miles but then I needed a break. I took two more little (probably 1-2 minutes) breaks to walk the uphills on mile two. But I am exited that I found the perfect one mile lap around the block. I have to repeat this workout every week, so my hope is that I will get faster and eventually just run it all. I finished up with biceps and shoulders in the basement.

Wednesday, Tracy and I met for our three mile run. It was brutally cold. It felt like 33 degrees. And thirty three in April feels just as cold as seventeen in December. I wore two pair of pants, my sweatshirt and my earmuffs. Hopefully this is our last cold weather run for the year. Regardless, it ended up being a pretty good run.

Thursday I had social plans after work, but I arranged it so my rest day fell on that day.

Friday is always a rest day.

And that was my week.