Friday, April 20, 2018

My Week in Workouts

Well, I only worked out four times this week. But I only had one day off since last Friday too. So I guess I should be happy I got something done. And it was all running.

Saturday I worked, so no kickboxing and nothing else.

Sunday I worked for four hours -- all standing up! Four hours of setting up tables and chairs for a volunteer banquet, and then taking it all down again. That was quite a workout. But I still managed to hit the gym afterward for four miles on the treadmill. I watched Grey's Anatomy while I did 3/2 intervals. I tried to be very consistent with 5.1 mph runs and 3.7 mph walks. Consistency is something I struggle with, and am hoping these cold runs on the treadmill will help. I ended up with a pretty fine time.

Monday, I started training for my fake half-marathon. Day one called for just three miles. Which is less than I have been running. So I decided to switch things up and do 4/2 intervals. Man, I really struggled with this. It wasn't that the 4 minutes were too long, it was just hard. I wasn't going faster and my pace was slower than some 3/2 runs. It's such a strange thing.

Tuesday I needed two miles and then some weights. I went back and forth on if I should go to the gym or stay in. It seemed silly to drive to a trail to just run two miles. So I decided to just run around the neighborhood. I also thought I should just run the two miles - no intervals. But my neighborhood is extra hilly and I am not used to that. I ran the first .77 miles but then I needed a break. I took two more little (probably 1-2 minutes) breaks to walk the uphills on mile two. But I am exited that I found the perfect one mile lap around the block. I have to repeat this workout every week, so my hope is that I will get faster and eventually just run it all. I finished up with biceps and shoulders in the basement.

Wednesday, Tracy and I met for our three mile run. It was brutally cold. It felt like 33 degrees. And thirty three in April feels just as cold as seventeen in December. I wore two pair of pants, my sweatshirt and my earmuffs. Hopefully this is our last cold weather run for the year. Regardless, it ended up being a pretty good run.

Thursday I had social plans after work, but I arranged it so my rest day fell on that day.

Friday is always a rest day.

And that was my week.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Weekly Weigh-In

Starting Weight: 12.2
Week 1 Average: 12.4
Week 2 Average: 11.3

This was a good week. I was extremely consistent. I ate all my meals at home during the week and then chose wisely on the weekends. And I was rewarded for it. I love when that happens. 

I hate when it doesn't. And I need to remember that just because it does, doesn't make my week "better" or worse. It just is what it is. 

But it does help that I was super consistent this week. Hit all my numbers. Didn't take a bunch of random bites of things and didn't eat out at a bunch of restaurants that are hiding their calories. 

I did see the elusive 9 (albeit 9.8) on the scale this Sunday. It hasn't returned since. But I am hopeful that it will be a constant player any day now. 

Or even better, that I will skip it altogether and head straight to the eights. Or sixes!

Definitely going to stick with the 1800 calories this week. Enjoying those extra carbs, even if I am filling them with oranges and apples and bananas.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Fake Half Marathon Training

For quite a while I have felt like my workouts have been kind of stagnant. Though I love kickboxing, there is no way to improve or beat yourself at it. The same goes with spinning. I can try to work harder, kick better, but there's no ultimate kickboxer medal and no way to measure my effort.

Ever since I quit running (retired from racing) I haven't had a real fitness goal. Sure, I want to be able to do pull-ups, I'd like to squat my weight. I can get better at lifting. And I have followed some plans, and I have gotten better. But I don't have any interest in doing a lifting competition. (Never say never!)

But I do contemplate coming out of running retirement to do a half-marathon. And then I think that's crazy-talk. And I go back and forth.

What has made me think this is a possibility, when it never has been before:

  • Run/walking these intervals really makes me feel like I could go that distance. I've done that for 80 minutes. I could probably go another 80. I no longer see running as an all or nothing sport and that gives me some mental clarity. 
  • Tracy wants to do a half-marathon some day and having someone to run it with, at my own speed, is definitely a plus. 
  • I think it would be cool for Samantha to see me do something like that. You don't have to be "sporty" to try new things and be the best you can be. That's a good life lesson.
What I worry about:
  • I don't want to get to that place where I wish a bus would hit me just so I could stop. 
  • I don't want to spend all my time running and not doing any weight lifting. Because I do care what my arms look like and having stronger legs would make me a better runner.
But then I found a really basic beginner training plan by Hal Higdon

It's basically what I have already been doing. Running three to four miles several times per week and then running a longer run on the weekend. I started this last October when I did four and then five and then six. I had hoped to do seven this May. 

But I love to follow a written out plan, so I am going to do it for a while. More importantly, I'm getting Tracy to do it along with me. It will allow me to see if we can train for something like this, if we can both devote enough time to it, and if we/she can get faster if we actually put in the work. And ultimately if I am dreading it I know I won't need to waste the money and register for any real races.

So for the next six or seven weeks I am in Fake Half Marathon Training mode. 

Not that its really anything different than what I have been doing. And if I was doing it alone, I would start on week three or four. But I am doing it with Tracy and I think it will be fun. And still no commitment of a real race. Wait, fun?

Friday, April 13, 2018

My Week in Workouts


This was a crazy week at work for me. I didn't have two days off in a row. I worked 50 hours this week. I had three special events/presentations. It's been cold and snowy and too chilly to be outside. And I got three workouts in. It's to be expected.

Saturday I worked, so I started off the week with a rest day.

Sunday was Easter and it was snowing outside. But we didn't have to be at our family gathering until 11:30, so I got up and worked out in the basement. I warmed up on the spin bike for 20 minutes and then I did biceps and shoulders. I did 100 each of bicep curls and side raises with the ten pound weight. My arms were dead by the end. I really need to get back to working on my arms. Shoulders and biceps are really the key to having strong looking arms. I should work them twice a week. And they were actually sore the next day.

Monday I had planned to run after work. It was supposed to be 51 and sunny. The nicest day of the week. But that didn't happen. The forecast was wrong and when I got off work it was 32 and cloudy. Too cold for the outfit I packed. So i went to the gym instead and did four miles while I watched TV. It was hot and brutal in there. I did 1:4 intervals, hoping to spring the one minute at a 9-minute-mile pace. But that was too fast for me. Eventually I lowered it to 10-minute pace. My stomach was upset and my whole body hurt.

Tuesday I had to skip to get everything done around my house I don't get done without a weekend.

Wednesday, Tracy and I ran outside, even though it wasn't too warm. But we bundled up again. Where did this second winter come from?

Thursday I worked a super-long day so I took another rest day. It was the only day the temps got above 50. Thanks work! And Friday I was busy from morning to night.


Finally I had a Saturday off again, and I spent it at BodyCombat followed by some chest and back work. Oh I just love that class.

Sunday was cold and drizzly. So I had to take my four mile run in to the treadmill. I feel like my running should be getting stronger/faster/better so I tried to really beef up my intervals. I started with 8:2 and that went fine, so I tried another 8:2, again success. The next one was really hard, so I settled for 6:2 and then I just kind of fell apart. By the end I told myself I would do normal 3:2 but I think a couple were just 2:2. I'll try those again. Maybe I started off too lofty.

Monday I was determined to have a better week. So I got up before work and did a spin/arm workout in the basement. I did twenty minutes on the spin bike (the computer needs a battery so no mileage) and then did 100 reps of bicep curls, 100 reps of side raises and 50 reps of upright rows. (10+10+5)x10. My arms were burning. But they weren't too sore (like they were on Easter) so I might need to add a few extra reps in next time. Or pull out the 12 pounders. Also my heartrate monitor was dead. Even without my electronics, I am proud I got this one done.

Tuesday I got off work early and it was a beautiful day - short sleeves. I did 4 miles with a 4:2 interval. I thought that would shave a minute or two off my run, but it doesn't seem to. My book was super boring and this run was a struggle. But I think I will find a better book and try a 5:2 next time.

Wednesday I met Tracy for our three-mile Wednesday run. I can really tell that I am getting faster than her again. I tried to speed us up and she got a side stitch. So we slowed down a bit. It was still a little fast than we had been doing. I will keep trying.

Thursday I worked all day, so I took my ONLY rest day of the week then.

Friday I had the day off and it was so nice outside. Almost too nice. I wasn't used to running in that heat. I'm not complaining. I like the heat. I just have to get used to it. It started off really well. I was doing 11 minute-mile intervals; I felt like I could run forever. But then I turned around and the wind and the heat and I just hit a wall. I wanted to call it quits at three, but I powered through to four - even though I set out to do five. My heartrate definitely shows how hard it was...

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Weekly Weigh-In

Starting Weight: 12.2
Week 1 Average: 12.4

Well, I don't have any excuses, but I do have an explanation. My week was crazy. I worked 50 hours and did a great job of eating right and skipping all the cookies on the breakroom table. And then when all my programs and special events were over, I felt like I should celebrate. And ended up eating five cookies on Friday. FIVE!

I went three days eating none and then decided five would do on Friday. Of course, dinner came around, I am out of calories. I can't fix it. So I just eat cheese pizza with the girls.

One day isn't going to ruin me. And I got right back on track. But it can ruin your weigh-in for a couple of days and therefore your weekly average.

But I have had a good week since then. Eating at home with lots of fruits and vegetables thrown in. And skipping the cinnamon rolls on the break room table this week. Luckily for me, someone else ate all those.

And my scale has been slowly sliding back toward the single digits. This morning I almost saw it before it bounced to ten. But any day now with good consistency. I just can't throw it away this weekend and then start again next week.

That's a habit that I need to get away from!

I have more to tell you about gyms, and marathon schedules, and instant pot recipes. But it will have to wait for another day!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

I am so behind

I have been trying to upload photos from last Friday's workout post for the last five days. And that has me way behind and now I can't catch up and I have lots of things to post about, but no time to do it.

But I will. Soon!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Weekly Weigh-In

Average Weight: 12.2 pounds

My weight is not playing nice. But I started a new plan to eat more, more whole foods, less sugar and I need to give it time. I am trying to eat out less, but that's a hard thing to measure. I know that is a downfall of mine: estimating calories. And I am trying to do no untracked bites. I do have a bad habit of tasting things of Dan's or just having "two chips" that I never track. I know all those things can add up.

Hopefully these small changes will lead to some actual results!

Otherwise, I guess my only option is to accept that I am going to weigh this weight forever (!?) and start working on getting stronger and changing my body composition without trying to lose weight. If I can't lose weight at 1800 calories, I don't know what's wrong.

Maybe I should just do that. It's not like I am uphappy with how I look. It's not like I am unhealthy at this weight. I would love to eat more calories. The idea of eating 2200 calories right now seems amazing. And not worrying about why the scale just stays the same every single day.

I would like slimmer legs, but maybe that would happen with more running, which would be easier because I am eating more.


Monday, April 2, 2018

April 2018 Goals

Despite the 40 degrees highs and the snow on the ground, I am so ready for something new. Spring, where are you? I have two months until Summer. And I have plans. I know you shouldn't put timelines on weight loss. But I need to lose ten pounds in the next two months so that I can reverse up this summer and eat all the food.

But first things first...

April Goals:

1. This month I am going for 55 miles. More than last month. Just gotta keep getting better. I also want to do a six mile run this month. So that next month I can do a seven mile run! But it's got to be nice outside. So we'll see if mother nature ever plays along. This Sunday they are saying 29 and freezing rain. So this won't be the week. But some time in April I will get a 10k in.

2. I'm going to try 1800 calories. I mentioned this last week. I want to eat more fruit. It has been good. My weight isn't coming down, but I really like having so many carbs. I mean, that could have been Easter Dinner and the Friday macros I didn't even count. Even though I am filling my new calories with bananas and clementines and grapes and apples, it seems more enjoyable. Hopefully the amount of calories and the more whole foods I am eating will help a little. We'll try this for a few weeks and see.

3. I always always always drink 96oz. of water a day (3 - 32oz bottles). But I am going to make an effort to get that up to 128oz. One more bottle. Some days I do this, but not always. So that's my goal. That might get things flushed out too.

4. I need to take measurements. I haven't done that in forever. Hopefully I will see some changes even if the scale isn't my friend.

I am still working at getting 8 hours of sleep each night. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. Six days last week! I definitely feel better. But even if I am lying in bed for 9 hours, I don't always get 8 hours, so it's hard to set a goal to get 7 days a week.

I've also been going hard at packing my lunch. I still eat out about once a week. But that's it! Eating at home is definitely going to help my weight. Less guessing is best!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

March Recap

Geez. I feel like March was a bust. It's not true. I've definitely did stuff in March.

I had four main goals:

1. Run 51+ miles. I ran 53 miles,  so I was a winner there! I am proud of my mileage. But only did one five mile run. And most of

2. Do an ab challenge with my Fit Sisters. But I spread myself too thin and couldn't finish out the ab challege or pushup/pullup challenge. I mean, there's only so many hours in a day. And I have to work 8 of them and sleep 8 of them.

Sure sounds like there are a lot of wasted hours...

3. I tried Intermittent Fasting and it just wasn't for me. I could probably write an entire post here. But I did it 14/18 of the first days in March. I ate from approx. 12-8 and then I fasted from 8pm to noon the next day. It wasn't *hard* on most days. I just skipped breakfast. Sometimes I was hungry, sometimes I wasn't. Here's what was hard: I do not control my lunch break at work. So once I couldn't eat until 12:45 and my lunch was from 12-1, so I stuffed my fast my last fifteen minutes. Sometimes I work until 8pm and it's hard to not eat after I get off of work, or to eat enough during my work day. Sometimes Dan wants to go to breakfast, and that's kinda out the window. Quite often I had to cram a bunch of food in around 7:45 when I would have prefered to wait until 9 or 10.

And most of all: I didn't see any results. Weight was falling off. And that was pretty much my goal. Or to feel like 1700 calories wasn't too limiting. Which wasn't really an issue. So I quit. But at least I gave it a try. I could try it again some time.

4. And finally, I cut my calories to 1700. From 1900. I did really well. I hit them 27/31 days and like 16 in a row at the beginning of the month. And you know what happened to my weight: NOTHING. So what's the point of eating less food if nothing is going to happen?

So, I didn't make any progress on the scale. I didn't get my life all sorted out or anything major. But I did run 53 miles. And do some abs. And try fasting. But I am ready for a change!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

My Week in Workouts

My life is dedicated to running now. Which is what happens when I set a goal of 51 miles. It's not like I saved them all for the end. I spaced them out just fine. But 51 miles is over 12 miles per week and if you're doing only 3 miles at a time, that's four days devoted to running. And it doesn't leave time for much else.

Saturday I had to work. So I started off the week with a rest day. I missed Combat and that always makes me sad.

Sunday was cold and rainy. I wasn't feeling like running, but I had to get those miles in. I told myself I would try something different: 1/4 intervals. Running only one minute out of every five. That doesn't sound too hard. But I had to sprint that minute. Which to me, is around 6.0-6.5 mph (9-10 minute per mile). And it wasn't too bad. My heartrate stayed up, the time passed quickly, and even though it wasn't my fastest 4 miles, it wasn't even my slowest.

Monday I took another rest day.

Tuesday I got off work at 3:30 and it was warm enough to head outside. Three miles on my own.

Wednesday I met Tracy after work for three more miles. Just as we started, it began to rain. We thought about turning around for about the first half-mile. But then it stopped. It began again during the last half-mile. Maybe it was always raining in that area! And for the first time: I had to stop mid-run to pee. I mean, I probably would have held it if there wasn't a Runza right there. But sense we turn around at Runza, I paused my app and went inside. My bladder needs some help. Or I need to not drink after 4pm.

Thursday I finally got to do something indoors. But it involved running one mile straight (11:20 - haven't done that in a while) and walking a half mile to warm up and a half mile to cool down. Then I did chest and back weights.

Friday I needed to finish out the remaining miles. I only needed two miles, but I went for four. Because #overachiever. And also I wanted a full workout. It was a beautiful 60 degrees. Those perfect heartrate intervals make my Type-A heart happy.

So as you see, I took two rest days and ran each of my five workouts. But I got 53 miles this month! Part of me is ready for something else. But most of me realizes that April and May are going to be my glory months of running. Before the awful heat of summer comes.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Weekly Weigh-In

Cut Starting Weight: 12.6 pounds
Week 1 Average: 11.7 pounds
Week 2 Average: 11.1 pounds
Week 3 Average: 11 pounds
Week 4 Average: 11.4 pounds

Well. Disappointment all around.

It's one thing to lose .3 pounds week after week after week. But to see if turn around and head back the other direction. No thank you.

I tried this 1700 calorie thing for four weeks. Now I am going to try something else. I mentioned it yesterday, but I will say it again. 

I am bumping back up to 1800 calories. I am lowering my protein just a smidgen. I am keeping my fat the same. I am only increasing my carbs -- by about 40. My goal is to eat more fruit. In general I eat about a piece a day. But I find I need to save my carbs to get enough protein, and then I hoard them to enjoy with desserts (with fat!) By not increasing those things, I only have carbs. Which is fruit or candy or bread. I want to eat at least three servings of fruit a day. 

So that's my goal for a while. When I find myself having toast at night, I will know it's time to switch things up. I am modeling this a bit on the Weight Watcher's model that fruit should be point-free. Nobody gained weight eating fruit. 

We'll see. I need to clean up my diet a bit. I never want to have to remove sugar or anything crazy like that. But maybe this will be a minor tweak that will get the scale moving. Plus, more food!

Monday, March 26, 2018

What Weekend?

I had to work on Saturday, so it hardly seemed like a weekend to me. And I have to work next Saturday, so I have the same story on repeat. It gets exhausting not having two days off in a row. And this week I am working more than 40 hours. Which is even more exhausting. We're short a staff person. I guess that's the problem.

But I did get some workouts done this weekend. I did laundry so we'd have clean clothes to wear. Dan did some dishes. We tried out a new restaurant called Salsaritas. It's basically a Chipotle, but with better chips and worse chicken.

And I got to decorate eggs with the girls.

Sadie is at such a wonderful age. Everything is new to her.

She wants to do everything Samantha is doing - which is everything I am doing!

She has no idea how to play paper-rock-scissors, but it doesn't stop her from playing along. She follows us around during Hide-and-Seek. She dances her heart out during every dance party. She's amazed at life.

And she loves Dan more than me.

But she's starting to understand that I am where the fun is. She's willing to leave mommy to follow along to whatever I might have planned.

She gives me hugs and kisses because she's just a sweetheart.

And this one is growing up too fast. Still thinks we're best friends. Still wants me to play with her all the time. But understands complex puzzles, math and even reads on her own.

On a different note: my weight is exactly the same. One month of eating only 1700 calories. With maybe 3-4 imperfect days thrown in - but not like 3000 calorie days. And I am exactly where I have been.

Starting this week, I am upping my macros again - might as well eat more. But I am only increasing carbs (and actually lowering protein a little.) My goal is to eat a lot more fruit. I am keeping my fat low, so no more cookies are going to fit in. I am hoping that cleaning up my diet just a little will help. Or just eating more fiber. Or more carbs in general. Maybe my runs will feel easier.

Anyway, just keeping you in the loop! I've got to try something different!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

My Week in Workouts

I was not as enthusiastic about my workouts this week. I worked a lot and the weather was dreary. I got four workouts in, but nothing record-setting.

Saturday I got to start off the week with Kickboxing. I always love that. Then I cut out early to do some shoulder and ab work. And all the 10 pound weights were being used. All of them. I need a new gym. That is so frustrating for me. That I can't do a workout when I need to. Plus, there was hardly any place to use free-weights. So I used the twelve pound weights, but couldn't do as many reps as I wanted. And squeezed in somewhere, between people.

Sunday I needed to run. And I needed to do it before noon. And I needed it to warm up outside. And it never did. So finally, I talked myself into going to the gym to fun four on the treadmill, which is almost as hard of sell as running five in 30 degree weather. I tried out my new shoes. They gave me a blister.

Monday I needed a rest day. I hadn't had one since last Tuesday.

But then I took another on Tuesday.

Wednesday I met Tracy for an outdoor run. It was above 40 degrees but it was chillier than I expected. Where is spring?

Thursday I worked from 9-8. I call that workout enough. But also my third rest day of the week.

Friday I had the day off, and was planning to meet Tracy at 9:30 to run. At the last minute she bailed on me. But I made myself go anyway. I wanted to do 4 miles. But despite the 48 degrees, it was just cold and damp. I was miserable. I couldn't get my breathing down. The minutes just dragged on. I wasn't running fast, but the wind was brutal. The whole thing was just awful.

So besides, the 40 minutes I kicked and punched things last Saturday, I didn't have many great moments. This coming week is looking a bit better. If we can make it through the cold weekend. But I also have 14.2 miles left to run by the end of the month... so I will mostly be doing that.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Weekly Weigh-In

Cut Starting Weight: 12.6 pounds
Week 1 Average: 11.7 pounds
Week 2 Average: 11.1 pounds
Week 3 Average: 11 pounds

It's just freaking melting away as you can see. *sarcasm* And today I am back at 12.4, so really no change. I had an off day Sunday. Not awful, but not tracked. And then I was so super hungry last night, that I allowed myself to go over. I wasn't eating chocolate, it was cereal and popcorn. 

So I can't say that I have been 100% consistent. But I have been using these 1700 calorie macros for three weeks now. Every calculator I have looked at says to lose weight I should be between 1750-1800. And I don't want to go much lower. 

So do I just keep waiting. Hoping something gives and finally my body releases something. 

Or do I try something else. 

On the other hand, my best friend Jennifer told me I looked slimmer this weekend. Sure, she's been gone. But she's seen me several times since she's been back. And I've weighed the same amount since last August. AUGUST. 

That is ridiculous. It doesn't seem to matter how much I eat. So why do I limit myself. 

Why am I obsessed with being lower than this?

Why will it not move. Like if I starved myself for three days, then would the damn thing budge. One measly pound? Or would it just jump back to 12 when I ate again. 

I am usually pretty good about not letting that number dictate my mental health. And I still am. This is just my once a week place to vent. 

I burned so many calories last week. I did really well on my eating. I tried Intermittent Fasting for 6 out of 7 days last week. There were two days with a lower number, but then it disappeared. 

What if I really tried to mix it up and ate a lot of carbs and less fat. Or less protein. What if I just ate fruit for three days. What more can I do?

Monday, March 19, 2018

I Live a Lucky Life

I took a day of vacation this last Friday and had a three day weekend. But it was cold and rainy. And I didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted to. I wanted to get a massage. But I didn't schedule that ahead of time. I wanted to get my tire repaired in my car - this would require me to walk home, and it was cold and rainy. I wanted to get a pedicure. But again, cold!

Thursday night I literally slept for 12 hours. I must have been catching up from life. Then I was tired all day. Like I couldn't keep my eyes open. I dragged myself to the gym, thinking that would give me the most energy. But sitting there doing bicep curls, I could have closed my eyes and taken a nap. It ended up being a wasted day off. But I needed the sleep.

Friday night we did go to a sports bar to watch some March Madness. We had fun playing Quarter Mania Keno and trying out all sorts of ways to win, by only spending five dollars.

Saturday I made sure to get up early. I hit kickboxing class. I went shopping. I had been wanting to try on some new running shoes and some cropped capris.

They did not fit like I wanted them to. But now I know.

Pants are just too skinny legged for me. So even though this pair is way too big for my waist, they won't pull up over my calves. That's why there's all that extra material at my knee. I am going to have to make my own. 

Saturday evening, we tried out a new Mexican restaurant close to our house -- like walking distance close. It was good. They haven't gotten their liquor license yet, so I couldn't do the Margarita test. But the chicken enchiladas get a thumbs up. Walking distance could be dangerous. No outdoor seating though, which is my number one requirement come May.

Sunday morning I got up and planned to run five outside. It was going to be a high of 55 degrees. But it just never got there. Or it was a damp and windy fifty degrees. I ended up running inside on the treadmill. These are my new running shoes (not the ones I tried on this weekend) but the ones I have been waiting to run in until the snow is cleared. I got a blister running four miles on the treadmill. This is only my second blister in all my running career. I feel a little like I have arrived. They're the style my PT told me to get last year. I haven't had any pain since I started running in them... until this month. I think it was time for new shoes. However they have discontinued these, and I am trying to stock up while they're phasing these out. Despite the blister, I had no hip pain running this weekend.

Then Sunday afternoon we had the McGhee's Annual St. Patrick's Day party. Corned Beef and Cabbage. Fun with my girls. And jumping on the trampoline in the rain. It was perfect!

This one knows how to take the pictures now!

This one knows how to look goofy in pictures. 

And this one knows how to pose perfectly, just like I taught her!

I live a lucky life!