Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Weigh-In Wednesday

Average Weight: 10.2 pounds
Constant Weight: 10.2 pounds
Weight for the last month: 10.2 pounds


Except that day after the wedding, when I had eaten some salty popcorn and it was up to 10.8. But back to 10.2 the very next day. And then just briefly this morning, I saw a 9.6 but it was just teasing and jumped on up to 10.2.

Almost like it's broken. It's a bit ridiculous. How can anyone's weight be so incredibly stable?

My plan was to increase macros on Friday. But that didn't actually happen. I haven't been hungry enough to eat that much right now. But it might actually be that I didn't increase my fat grams enough (thanks to my faulty gallbladder!) but it's hard to eat just carbs and protein. So I fill up my fat grams and then I just want to be done eating.

My average intake for the week was 1725 calories - 109p/203c/54f.

So actually under what I was eating before. And before I wasn't consistently eating 1900 anyway. So I am just still maintaining. And I guess that's the point.

I just wish that constant weight could be more around five pounds from my goal.

But I am feeling strong. I am glad to be back to lifting. My running is on schedule for my fifty mile goal. It is cold here, but I haven't just curled up in a ball and given up for winter. So my spirits are high.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I have good out-to-eat plans. I plan to stay on track, enjoy the weekend, and relax. I am looking forward to Christmas and decorating and celebrating. That's pretty bizzare for me. Usually I am dreading the holiday season ahead.

More food makes you happier!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Thankful for Audiobooks

Recently, I have been listening to audio books as I run. And I really think that is what has helped the most with my "long-distance" running plan. Running for over an hour really has a mental barrier. But when I tell myself that I'm just going out to listen to my book for an hour, it seems more manageable.

I used to think I needed the songs to break up my run. But I found myself playing even more mind games with counting the songs, or telling myself that I just had to run until the end of the song. Honestly, with a good book, I can just concentrate on the voice and listen to the story and suddenly my RunKeeper app is breaking in with a cue to walk now!

Here are some books I have really enjoyed running to lately:

Cover image for 4 3 2 1

I am currently reading this one, but it got me through a PR setting 5 miler this weekend. I love a book with a good 'catch' and this has a great one. Each chapter has four parts. Four different lives the main character could have lived. How each decision changes the outcome.

Cover image for All the missing girls : a novel

This was one of my favorites this year. Its a pretty average psyhcological thriller. A girl in a small town goes missing and all the usual sespects are questioned. But even stranger: another girl went missing ten years ago and never turned up. And the two have a lot of similarities. But the real catch in this one is that it's told in reverse. It starts out 15 days after she disappears and reveals the story back to the day she goes missing. 

Cover image for Be Frank with me

This is my favorite book of the year. It's about Frank... who is a bit different. He lives with his mother, a reclusive author who is out of money and needs to write her next great novel. Alice, is sent from the publishing company to help Alice with her book. But ends up babysitting Frank more than anything. Their relationship is perfect. I love Frank and even after I finished the book, found myself wondering what he was up to today. 

Cover image for Ill will : a novel

I found Dan Chaon this year and I am glad I did. This was the second book I read by him this year, and I am eager to read more. I would classify this is Psychological Thriller. Like Gone Girl, it's not a mystery exactly, but it's fast pace and makes you think. I don't even remember what this one was about, but I couldn't put it down. 

Cover image for The tea girl of Hummingbird Lane

On a completely different note: The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane is a great read about a Chinese woman who is forced to give her daughter up for adoption and the tea that keeps them connected.

*Librarian side note: I copied these book covers off of our library catalog. I have no rights to them. But I hope you get a good suggestion!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Dance the Night Away

Saturday we had a wedding for one of our friends/co-workers at another branch. It was a very traditional wedding that lasted all day. You know the kind: church at 2:00, reception to follow, wait around for the bridal party to show up two hours later, eat snacks, they arrive, eat dinner, watch video, watch them do 25 dances with certain people.

But then the fun comes: the dance party!

And I happen to have some pretty fun dance-party librarians in my crew. Plus I married one. You know librarians really get a bad rap for being boring and lame.

But we danced for hours.

It was an entire second workout for my day. In a dress. With my hair down.

And the next morning I woke up and my body hurt so much. I don't know it was the dancing or the BodyCombat class or the weights I had done for the first time in forever.

But even my feet muscles hurt. And I wore very sensible shoes. But it almost felt like I pulled my arch muscle,

No worries, I powered through and was able to accomplish my Five-Mile Sunday run. With a PR, none the less.

I am fueled by dancing. That's for sure.

Friday, November 17, 2017

My Week in Workouts

I had a pretty good week. I got five workouts in. Only three of them were running. I am right where I should be with miles.

Saturday I made it to BodyCombat class. It was a great class, I stayed through until the end and did abs and everything. There was one tough leg track, but it left my legs very sore. For four days. Actually maybe six. They're still sore!

Sundays in November are for my "long runs"! Don't I sound so much like a runner when I say that. My goal is to do a five mile run each Sunday. It seemed like great weather for a run and I tried to pick a trail that was more uphill to start, but it was just a tough run all around. I didn't love my pace. I didn't love how difficult it was. But I do love that I can just go out and do five miles. That is an amazing feeling. 

Monday I worked at night and had planned to run three on my own after Dan went to work. But it was so cold and damp, and I didn't want to get out of bed at all. But I talked myself into the gym instead of a run. My legs were so tired (from BodyCombat) that I didn't even run on the treadmill. Just some slow walking and some arm weights. It felt good to lift. That workout - and wandering around with no plan - what made me commit to Wendler again. 

Wednesday after work, Tracy met me for a dark run. It wasn't too cold. But she was still dragging for her Whole 30 efforts. So we just did three miles and we kept to 3/2 intervals. When I have to do all the talking, it is quite a bit harder, and the three minutes seem to drag on and on. But I am glad to have her along. 

Friday morning was downright balmy. Fifty-five degrees. I overdressed with a light jacket and ended up taking that off midway through. It was also damp. Humid I guess. I was soaked with sweat by the end. As much as I hate waking up to run, I like getting this workout out of the way while the rest of the world sleeps. 

I am excited to start my weight lifting plan next week. I am 28.8 miles into my 50. After this weekend I could be at 35. I am feeling good about that. Here's to another good week. And eating more food!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Weigh-In Wednesday

Lowest Weight: 10.2
Weight all week: 10.2


Fifteen days of pretty much perfect macros. A few days where my protein was too low. A few days with some estimating. But at least 12 perfect days. And my weight has been 10.2 all week. I mean, almost comical that it will not budge. I've tried the "hold the shampoo bottle to make it go up a couple pounds" trick. It does. Then it returns to 10.2. To mock me.

So the question is: if I am going to weigh 10.2 pounds for the rest of my life, do I try to eat more food? It would help me build muscles with my new weight-lifting plan. It would be more enjoyable over the holiday season. All in all, why wouldn't you want to eat more food? And even better, what if I actually got the scale to move by increasing my intake?

So assuming my scale doesn't budge Thursday or Friday morning, I am going to start a little reverse diet on Saturday. The same day I start my new lifting program. I'm going to start small... and possibly stay there a long time. For now, I am only committing to step one of this process:

Current Macros: 1900 - 140p/222c/50f
Step One: 2000 - 147p/233c /53f
Step Two: 2100 - 153p/244c/57f
Maintenance Macros: 2200 - 160p/255c/60f

It doesn't seem like that much. But one hundred calories really isn't. We'll see if anything happens. Plus, I should probably get away from just staying under my carbs and protein, and try to actually hit them every day. Time to buy more lowfat milk and fruit!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Never Any Time: a new plan

I need a new lifting plan. I can't just go in there and do a few arm weights one day and a few chest weights a week later. But the problem is: there's just never enough time. I'm doing all this running. Some of my planning has to be around Tracy's schedule. Plus I like to have two rest days. I love BodyCombat too much to skip it permanently. 

But excuses won't fix these problem. So I might have to make some different arrangements. Rest less. Do two things in one day. Get up earlier. 

There are three great programs I have done before: Simply Shredded, Stronglifts 5x5 and Wendler 5/3/1. Simply shredded is a great beginner program. And probably where I am again. But it is a four day program, and if I am pressed for time at the gym, that's probably not the best fit. I loved Stronglifts. It's short and only three times a week. Which might be a perfect fit. But it has you squatting every single day. And that's going to leave my legs dead for all the running. I very much enjoyed Wendler and the mathematical equations that tell you how much to lift each week. But again, that is a four day a week program, which I just can't commit to.

This is what I can commit to right now:

But what if I didn't think of the week as seven days. I am not sure if there's anything scientific about getting all four weight-lifting days in during seven days. What if it took me eight. As long as I keep the pattern going. 

So for the first week I'd do:
Saturday - shoulders
Monday - squats
Wednesday - chest

And the next week I'd do:
Saturday - deadlift
Monday - shoulders
Wednesday - squats


So I think I will start this Saturday. And we'll see if I can commit to a plan. And if I can get my muscles started back up again. I think this will be my starting point:

Shoulder Press 25x5 / 30x5 / 35x5+
-- DB press 5x10
-- upright row 5x10
-- side raise 5x10
-- rear delt machine 5x10 

Squats 45x5 / 50x5 / 55x5+
-- leg curl 5x10
-- leg ext 5x10
-- single leg press 5x10
-- sumo squats 5x10

Bench Press 55x5 / 60x5 / 65x5+
-- push-up 5x5
-- pec machine 5x10
-- cable tricep press 5x10
-- tricep extention 5x10

Deadlifts 45x5 / 50x5 / 55x5+
-- pull-ups 5x10
-- lat pulls 5x10
-- bicep curls 5x10
-- single cable curl 5x10

Monday, November 13, 2017

My Week in Workouts

A little late getting this one out, I have been having awful luck getting photos to load off of my phone. Either I am going to have to try a different blogger app, or find a different way to get photos. Some days it just doesn't give me an option to load photos from my phone. And some days it does. So I keep trying the next day. But it's been five days now. So I had to go about it a more difficult way. Anyhow, here's my recap of last week's workouts. Once again, lots of running.

Saturday morning I skipped BodyCombat to meet Tracy for a run. Shocking... I know! It was chilly, but we were in the zone and didn't mind it too much. We're pretty happy with our 3/2 intervals. I keep trying to push her further or harder, but we always come back to those.

Sunday I made it to the gym. I ran an interval mile (11:48), I did some fairly easy (got to ease into it) back and chest work and then I jogged a whole mile straight (11:43). I am trying to use these treadmill miles to work on speed. So during my interval run I kept all the run times under 11 minute miles and all the walks at a consistent 17 minute pace. I don't have that consistency outside. It was rough -- my fastest interval mile pace has been around 12:20, so this was quite a bit faster. But I will need to work on it to get it to be more natural. Then I wanted to work on endurance by jogging the whole second mile. Interesting how close the times are. The best news: I figured out a way to log these miles in my Runkeeper ap so I don't have to keep two tallies for the month.

Monday evening, Tracy met up with me for an after-work, in-the-dark run. The trail we've chosen is pretty well lit, and we both had two-three lights on. We saw several people out on the trail, and since we were together, I never felt in danger. It runs right by major streets, so although I would never go alone, it's not too bad. I pushed her to run 4 miles. She was excited and did great. Our time wasn't great, but it wasn't awful. We followed the 3/2 pattern. I could have kept going. 

Tuesday I headed back to the gym after work. I wanted to do thirty minutes of  4/2 interval running just to mix things up. I like not having to go the whole three miles some times, it makes me feel like I can push harder. But it wasn't as fast as I had hoped it would be. Then I walked for another ten minutes because I was waiting for election results to come in on CNN. Then I thought I'd go lift some arm weights. But every where I went, people we using the things I wanted, and I had no real plan. So I wandered around aimlessly, until I just sat down and stretched. 

Wednesday and Thursday ended up being my rest days. Which is okay. My body needed a rest.

 Friday, was a work Holiday, so I didn't have to get up. But I agreed to meet Tracy at 8:30. It was so cold. I think it was 23 degrees and felt like 11. I got warmed up, but I was never hot. I'm not certain I know how to dress for real winter running. I keep adding layers. Of cotton. Which I don't think is the right answer, you can over heat. But I don't ever get hot in winter. I am just not built that way. Even if my head sweats a little in that hat... Also, Tracy was on day five of Whole 30 and had zero energy. I had to push her through this whole workout, which meant a little extra walking, me doing most of the talking, and a slightly slower pace.

My running total is 17.6 miles for the month. Since I am 1/3 done, I think I am right on track. We've got plenty of evening runs planned and nice weather is in store for this week. I am trying to decide how to add a lifting routine to all this running as well as how to bring back that lunch-time powerwalk/sprint thing I did a few times last year. So much to figure out!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Weigh-In Wednesday

Lowest Weight: 9.6

My weight has been insanely consistent this week. It sunk down to 9.6 pounds once, but other than that, hovering around 10.2-10.4. That's it. No change. I forget how steady it can be when I eat the same amount of carbs.

On the other hand, it's completely annoying me that I am eating so "well" and it is not budging. Remember, I am trying to eat in a range of macros (Fat: under 50, Carbs: 200-222, Protein: 120-140) staying under 1900 calories. My averages for this week were: Fat: 49, Carbs:201, Protein:106, Calories 1669.

So going off the premise that 2200 is my maintenance level, I underate 3700 calories this week. I should be down a pound. But I know that isn't how it works. I had a bad day a week ago (Halloween) where I ate way too many untracked candies. And maybe I will see a two pound decrease soon.

I am honestly considering doing a quick reverse at the end of November, to get myself back to maintenance. I would stay there through the holidays and then cut again when the New Year comes around (after my birthday!) If I am not going to lose weight anyway, I might as well be eating more. But I hate to maintain at 10 pounds from my goal. That's just so far away. I'd rather start the new year five pounds from my goal.

So for now, I am giving these number another perfect week to get things moving. I just haven't seen that Seven (where I usually feel stuck) since August. And I haven't been there consistently since June. There are still eight weeks left of this year. No need to coast. You can make great progress in eight weeks.

Monday, November 6, 2017

November 2017 goals

I set a goal in August to "run more" or "devote more time to running" And I certainly did. I had been running only once a week with Tracy, so about 12.4 miles for the month of July. In August, that bumped up to 33.5 miles. Almost three times more. I was really proud of that, so in September, I set a goal to do 35 miles. Just a little more than I had before. I knew I was going on vacation, and that would put a damper on my workouts. I didn't know I would also get a cold. But I pushed through, and was able to make it to 35 miles. Plus I got a couple of 5 mile runs in. So for Ocotber, I set the goal to get all the way to 40. Again, illness took me out for a bit, but I stuck it out and made my 40 mile goal. I also crossed off another goal: a 10k!!!

I figured that November would come around and I'd be cold and ready to head indoors and set some new goals. I want to get back to lifting. So I figured I try one of my favorite programs. But apparently the running-bug has a hold of me. And I am finding myself rationing all the reasons I should set another running goal for the month.

  • There are several holidays that I have off this month: Veteran's day and two Thanksgiving days, plus one day of vacation I am taking. So I have four days that I can run during the day.
  • Sure, it's dark after work, but it's still nice enough that I can do that thing where I run/walk on my lunch break.
  • I am going to allow treadmill miles to count. I haven't done that the last few months. The past few months I've done all my runs outside, which let me compile them with RunKeeper. But this will let me complete my goal even if we have a cold/snowy November. And it might also get me to the gym more often.
  • Then I discovered that I could manually enter the treadmill runs into RunKeeper, and that made my statistician heart so happy. 
  • Then the other night, Tracy sprung on me that she might like to run more in the evening. I could run so much more after work if I wasn't alone out there in the dark!
So I am setting a lofty goal:

Fifty miles in November!

Friday, November 3, 2017

My Week in Workouts

I worked out four times this week -- and they weren't all running. Most were running. But not all. I actually broke my pattern and got something else in there.

Saturday I made it back to BodyCombat! It had been seven weeks. Vacations, working weekends and illness kept me from my favorite thing. But I didn't forget you BodyCombat. Unfortunately they had just had a new launch, and then they are tied to that new music for two weeks. We were just on the first week of it. And I am not a huge fan. My calorie burn is always a little lower when I have to spend half of class figuring out what I am doing. But I will be ready when they bring back the old favorites. 

Sunday I ran 6.2 miles. Because that was one of my goals for the month of October. I am still proud and amazed about it. I wrote all about that here.

Monday was the last day I had to run for the month. I needed 2.8 miles, but if I was going that far, I might as well just do 3.1. It was miserable out. Windy, cloudy, cold. I was a little sore from Sunday's run - though not as much as you'd think. Maybe it was actually the squats from Combat class. I am used to running. I am not used to much else. But I wanted to be curled up on my couch eating soup, not running down the trail. But I had goals, and I met them. Forty miles done for the month of October!

I took Tuesday off to go Trick-or-Treating with some of my favorite kids. I took Wednesday off because I didn't feel well from all the sugar and crap I ate on Halloween. Plus I needed a day to re-evaluate my life-goals. Plus I wanted to go shopping after work and there's only so much time to get everything in. 

Thursday I was planning a trip to the gym, when Tracy texted to say she couldn't run Friday morning. So we met up after work. It was dark and cold, but I had Tracy to run with me. We used three lights to light our way, and ran along the well-lit path I found. Three miles passes so easily when I have someone to talk to. I might have her convinced to do one evening run with me each week. I don't get much faster when I run with her, but for the winter, just keeping up some mileage would be the goal. And I can't do it alone. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Weigh-In Wednesday

Lowest Weight: 10.2 pounds

This has been my weight pretty consistently this week. I am not sure why it's up a bit from last week, but it could be the added carbs I put in. It could also be my cake-eating-untracked days.

Plus Halloween came around and I pretty much celebrated like it was Christmas and ate whatever I wanted. And the whatever I wanted was candy. Lots of candy.

And then I had a high-fat out-to-eat meal, that I actually thought was fairly healthy until I got home and looked it up. And last night and today, I am not feeling well. Mainly in my gallbladder pain area. So I am excited to see that when I kept things low-fat, I was feeling good. And maybe I can control it with diet. Plus, I have always wanted to have a medical reason to eat-healthier. Now I do.

I am in such a sugar-coma right now that I keep thinking I should cut out sugar from my diet. But I am also so addicted to it, I can't even imagine where I would start with that. Probably, NOT having another starburst off the breakroom table as I leave for the day. That's step on. Then maybe skipping all the candy I have at home.

But then there's the whole issue of substitute sugars. Like the skinny caramel latte I had for breakfast. It was sugar-free. But laden with a bunch of other chemicals. Oh boy!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Return of 10k Karrie

I did something BIG this weekend.

I ran 6.2 miles this Sunday. That's a full 10k. I haven't done that in seven and a half years.

Seven years ago: June 2010. I ran the Havelock 10k. I trained for it. I hated it so much. Brandy did the whole thing with me. She talked non-stop, in order for me to never stop running. It was humid and miserable. I had hardly slept the night before. There was too much pressure to spend weeks and weeks training for something. For it to all end in an hour.

Or 1:26:46

But this year, there was no race. There was no sleepless night. There was no humidity. There was no pressure. It was just me, as much time as I needed to get it done, my audiobook and my favorite fall trail.

I followed my 3:2 run interval pattern. I ran at an easy pace so that I would have enough left in the tank. I didn't think about running for six miles. I just thought about going out on a walk for 90 minutes. I knew I would be done before that.

And I was.

I was done in 1:22:51

Almost four minutes faster than I did it seven years ago. When I ran the whole thing. And had been training and practicing and working on running faster. I'd say the weather, sleep, and pressure were the big difference. That's why I hate running races. Why put yourself through that? Just run when it's fun. But just maybe, I am getting a little bit faster.

And maybe that interval pace is the key. The key to being able to go as long as I need. I think I could have run a few more miles. I didn't have anyone to talk to, and my book wasn't even that good. Imagine how long I could be out there with better entertainment. Those intervals keep the mental game of running in check. It's a lot different to tell yourself: Go, and don't stop for 90 minutes! vs. Go, but take a little break in three!

I think it's probably also helped with the physical game of running. I have had no injuries since I increased up my mileage in August. I went from running about 12 miles a month to 33 to 35 and now to 40 this month. And no over-use injuries. It's just good for your body.

Don't get me wrong. The weight isn't just melting off. My clothes aren't fitting any better. But it feels good to set goals and to achieve them. I'm very proud of myself!

Monday, October 30, 2017


Eating healthy is hard. And maybe I'm not doing it right. So don't look over here for motivation. I haven't had real scale movement in almost two years.

But I've been doing this long enough to know this: it is a life long journey, so live your life, and eat cake.

That's what I did this weekend. I had a perfect Friday. It was the first real cold and freezing day of the year. We stayed home, made healthy meals and watched Stranger Things. I love a Friday that stays on track. I think that sets the tone for the entire weekend.

Saturday, Dan had to work, I worked out. I ate fairly healthy and then we went to my Aunt's house for the game. There were a lot of snacky type things. I managed to eat smartly, but I didn't track exactly, and I didn't hit my protein. But I also didn't eat dinner and am sure I stayed under my 1800 calories.

On Sunday, I had a birthday party to attend. Again, I ate sensibly, but untracked and most certainly didn't hit my protein for the day. When the cake came around, Jennifer let me know it was okay to pass. But life's too short to pass.

Yes, you have to make sacrifices. Yes, you can't eat cake every day. But life happens and you shouldn't have to say no. A small piece of cake isn't going to undo everything for the week.

I love this quote. I am stuck at a place where I would love to weigh 5% less. But I am not willing to miss out on the birthday parties, and pumpkin patches and fun times with my friends and family to be that weight.

It's just not worth it.

And if I have learned anything along this journey, this is the most important thing. That number doesn't define your happiness. But sharing donuts with Samantha, the ones with the extra high frosting, that just might!

Friday, October 27, 2017

My Week in Workouts

I spent my whole week running. I have a lofty running goal for the month, and I took 12 days off due to a nasty cold and gallbladder pain. As I was starting again after that, I thought there was no way I'd be able to catch up to my 40 mile goal. But now that I've started it, and made a plan, I see that it's possible.  But it is all I have time to do.

Plus, the time change is a week away, and after that, I won't have time to run after work. I will have to come up with a whole new goal for November. So while I have the time, the health, and the light, I ran a lot this week.

Sunday I slept in too late and I was pressed for time between eating brunch and meeting the girls at the pumpkin patch. So I was proud of myself for sneaking in this 45 minutes to run a 5k. My speed has been getting better every run I have done since being sick. I am pretty much back to my 'normal' pace. I like to be in the under 13:00 minute pace, but generally, that equals a really good run. I am still doing the 3:2 intervals, but my pace was good.

Tuesday I actually had an easy run. Yes, I said easy. I needed to do four miles. I got off work at 5:30. The sunsets at 6:34. By the time I am changed and drive to my side of town, I can't get started until 6:00. I asked friends on facebook where the lightest trail was in town, and they came through. There's a great trail (only great because it's along a road and lit well, and not surrounded by trees) right off of my favorite (lined by trees, nowhere near the road and poorly lit) trail. I knew I would have plenty of light for the first 35 minutes, so I ran one mile out and back, and then another 5 minutes out and back. Then I explored the "new" trail. I was able to run until I was done at 6:55 and still had plenty of daylight. My normal trail would have been pitch black by this point. But the more important part of this run was how easy it was. My four miles was over and I easily could have kept going. I was able to catch my breath on every walk interval. I ran the three minutes at mostly 11:00 minute paces. I made good time. This was my fasted (by almost 2 minutes) 4 miler I have done.  Sure, the weather was on my side. It was after work, which is always better. But it was just an all-around confidence boosting run!

Thursday I had to do three after work. Same story: off at 5:30 - start at 6:00. The difference was it was 33 mph winds and felt a lot colder. I didn't want to run on the open trails, I needed the trees for a barrier. But luckily, I only had to run three miles, which saved me 15 minutes. But it was definitely shady in some area. And I mean that literally. It wasn't easy, even with the trees. The wind held me back a lot and my pace suffered. I wore the wrong shoes (not my normal running shoes) but I knew I didn't have time to go home. And I forgot my running belt. Luckily, I had a sweatshirt in the back seat, because I needed that! I am just proud of myself for getting it in. My couch was much more tempting.

Friday morning - winter arrived. It was freezing (felt like 21 degrees out there) but Tracy was waiting for me. And thank goodness she was there. I wore two pairs of pants, long sleeves and a sweatshirt, plus earmuffs and gloves. It was the wind that really did it. I can run at 21 degrees no wind, but yikes! We agreed to do 4:2 intervals because it's time we start pushing ourselves. However, I pushed the wrong workout (or had it programmed incorrectly) and we ended up doing 4:1. After about two sessions, I didn't think I would make it. She encouraged us to keep going. We lowered out pace a little on the runs, but it was still tough. But soon we were half way done and then three-quarters and she just kept talking and I just kept wishing we could stop and walk. It was one of those times when I am super-happy to have a partner to push me. I never would have kept going with that pattern, let alone gotten out of bed this morning.

I have nine more miles to make it to my goal of 40 for the month of October. I am going to do a 6 miler on Sunday. That was another goal I had. And since the 4 felt so good last week, and I did a couple of 5s in September. I am ready to go for it. Sunday is going to be good weather, and I am just going to take it nice and easy. Three miles out, three miles back. Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Low-Fat Gallbladder Healing Plan

I need to get back to an eating plan. I can't just wing it week after week until I decide if this gallbladder is staying or going. I am going to attempt to do lower-fat. When I tried that the last two weeks, I still ate more fat than I was eating before. So obviously, just eating what I want, won't work.

I have still been eating the same foods I always eat. For the most parts, I just haven't been adding as much protein to every meal. I don't want to get as full as I usually am. Though it actually seems like my side hurts the most in the morning -- when my stomach is completely empty. Which doesn't make any sense with my gallbladder, which supposedly works the hardest when it's digesting fat. You can see why I am confused.

But even without the gallbladder issues, I see the scale move more when I have consistent low-fat days, not low-carb days. Which is also odd and confusing. But my body doesn't seem to work like other people's bodies.

I mean, most people with faulty gallbladders lose weight because their body doesn't digest the fat - it just goes through them. Why can't that be me? Why can't even my bad gallbladder work right?

But for a while, I am going to try this plan. Low-fat, higher-carb (which I am really trying to fill with at least two fruits a day) and average protein. I am going to give myself ranges. This is new for me. 

Maximum Calories: 1898
Protein: 120g - 140g
Carbs: 200g-222g
Fat: 50g max

I am going to try to pick up some low-fat cheese. Other than that, I don't eat a lot of fat. Peanut Butter is probably the only thing I would miss. And eating out. That's the hardest. They use a lot of fat out at restaurants. But as it gets colder, I want to make more meals at home and hunker down inside. 

I am also drinking a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar. I don't know what I think this will do. But it's supposed to be a good detox of your entire system. I mix it with a large flavored water and I hardly taste it. I've read that there are a lot of benefits to it, but it's all very holistic, which I don't know if I believe or not. Anti-aging? I mean, can it hurt? Yes! Your esophagus and your tooth enamel. But I think I am drinking enough water with it. And not drinking a ton of it. Is it working? Who knows.

As of today, I have had four good days with very little pain. I am not sure why. The vinegar? The lower fat? And I am feeling like I can beat this ridiculous little organ. Or I can wait until the holidays are over.